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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

this chapter is an exposition chapter, the good stuff will happen soon.

Todd lived a rather uneventful life. A life that no one else could stand, but he could handle the tedium of this life because he didn't know anything else. In all his life, most days were the same: get up, go to school, come home, play  video games, go to sleep, then repeat until summer. Even summer didn't change it much, just replaced school with whatever lame job he had chosen to earn more cash to buy more games. Todd lived like this for so long, today would make 16 years.

That's right, it was his birthday, but you wouldn't be able to tell. He didn't get giddy at the thought of his birthday, as he had no friends, in fact, he only had enimies. On top of that, his mother had died years ago, leaving him with a deadbeat father, who was usually too drunk to realize what day it was. Todd didn't expect anything, he just got out of bed, got dressed, ate a bowl of cereal, and headed out the door to get on the bus. As he got off the bus, he approached the delapidated old public school. How did the school even get this way? The entire thing was dirty and falling apart. Well, aside from the football field. The school had a god awful football team, so the state decided they weren't worth much more funding. All anyone of authority seemed to care about was football. Agrovated, Todd walked to class, continuing his usual schedule. The day seemed to trudge by slowly. Regardless, it did end eventually. 3:30 approached and Todd walked to his bus, sitting at the very back, where no one would even attempt to talk to him. He put his earbuds in his ears, listening to his music and staring out the window, waiting to go home to continue his redundant cycle of life. About 20 minutes passed, and the bus had finally dropped him off at his stop. He walked into the house, stepping into his bedroom and dropped his bag on the floor beside the door he had just opened. He was about to shut the door and sit at his desk for a round of PUBG, when he happened to catch something out of the corner of his eye. A small box wrapped in bright wrapping paper wit a red bow on it and a note under it. Todd leaned out the door and shouted to his father.

"Dad, did anyone come by today?" He questioned.

"Wha?~" his dad said in a drunken stooper. Well, he obviously knew nothing, so there was only one way to find out; the note. So, Todd cautiously lifted the note from under the small box. The note itself read:


Dear Todd Stryder, 

You don't know us, but we know you. We know how hard your life can he, so we decided to throw you a bone just this once. This will help you escape from the torture that is routine. We hope you enjoy, and remember We're watching.

"Throw me a bone?" Todd mumbled to no one. He then reaced for the box, unwrapping in, to display a cardboard box. He opened it, with only a single pill, resting inside. Having nothing to live for, Todd decided to trust the pill. He soon regretted the descision, as he fell back, onto the bed, falling unconcious.


Chapter End Notes:

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