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A continuation from Dance with Fire, set in NotSirk MAJOR/Minor universe. I highly recommend reading his story to better understand this New World Order and all. Dance With Fire may be interesting, but I'll try to develop it without too much call back, for new reader's convenience. I'll try to put out a chapter every Saturday.

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Published: February 03 2018 Updated: February 22 2018

1. Farewells by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3677 words)

First chapter for my longest project here, by far. I'll count on you to tell me where the chapters aren't clearl, since english isn't my native language !

And by the way, reviews are appreciated!

2. Fly away by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (4030 words)

Chapter two is out a little early, because why not right? Chapter three should also come out a little earlier next week, because I'll have a very busy Saturday...

Also, whatever you thought about the story, leave a review, it's always heplful ! :)

3. Meeting the driver by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3807 words)

I know, I know ! I said it would be only one chapter every saturday... but I felt like writing this one earlier, and then I felt like posting it earlier so... well, there may be a second chapter out Saturday, so enjoy this one !

Leave a review if you liked the story (or felt some part of it may be improved ^^) !

4. Frustration and acquisition by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (4214 words)

Finally a Shannon's chapter. it contain lesbian sex, humiliation, watersport and scat. You've been warned !

As always, leave a review if you feel like it :) !

5. Settling in New Orleans by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (4380 words)

A dreaded transition chapter... still, it contain some Izzy and Shannon's mails, forshadowing for the Great Lindsey vs. Giant Gator Rumble and other little nuggets, I think.

As always, let me now what you thought about it in the reviews !