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Like every morning the sweet giantess Chrissie would wake up with a huge smile on her face. Although many would consider there be nothing to really smile about this didn't matter to her, she would always smile in the morning a she was genuinely happy.

Much like every giant Chrissie was much, much larger than the average human. She stood at an impressive thirty-six feet and she wore a light blue dress that she had made herself. She didn't wear any shoes as she preferred to walk around barefoot. Her long hair was a golden colour and her eyes were emerald. Despite the fact that she was an adult a twist of fate had given her the mind of a small child. There were normally disadvantages to this but she saw none of them as this allowed her to a happy person despite the fact that she was amongst the last of her kind. The Macro Plague had wiped out practically every giant in the world, the only other giant she knew about was Alana who she currently lived with.

That was not the only person that she lived with. She also had a man named Remy who was currently asleep by her side. He was a very intelligent man who always dressed as if he were of a higher birth. She knew not to wake him just yet as he would get very annoyed with her and likely moan as well. He would refrain from shouting at her as he knew that it was likely to make her cry. She did consider him to be her best friend and now she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Also in Chrissie's possession was her beloved puppy that she had named Remy Jr. after her best friend. He was only small and had the same golden hair that she did, in her mind he was the most perfect puppy in the world. If she could she would cuddle him all day and not stop giving him kisses. They both loved each other dearly and it seemed like nothing could break them apart.

"Ok everyone, wake up!" said a voice that was fairly loud. This caused Remy and Remy Jr. to stir from their slumber. Remy Jr. in particular didn't mind as he saw Chrissie and this caused him to bark with excitement. Remy on the other hand groaned as he slowly woke up from his dream.

The next thing that Chrissie saw was Alana stepping toward her, she was a giant much like Chrissie but was around sixty feet tall and had much larger muscles. Thanks to her work as a lumberjack she maintained her muscles without the need to exercise. She had tied back red hair and blue eyes that made her look pretty, even now as she was approaching her forties. She had allowed Chrissie along with Remy and Remy Jr. to live with her for the time being. She enjoyed having Chrissie and Remy Jr. around but didn't particularly like Remy as he was a human. She didn't outright hate him but was not particularly fond of him.

"Come on Remy Jr. let's go get some breakfast," said Chrissie. Her stomach began to growl which was a clear indication that she was hungry. Remy Jr. did bark a few times in response but she noticed that Remy was still trying to get to sleep. She giggled to herself as she nudged him. "Remy, you can't go back to sleep, it's morning now."

"Five more minutes," replied Remy who still didn't want to wake up. However, he felt Chrissie's fingers wrap around him and he was quickly lifted up. He opened his eyes and saw her smiling face and he knew that any chance of him going back to sleep had been thrown out of the window. "Ok I'm up!"

This caused Chrissie to giggle again and she finally saw Alana standing not too far away from her. The larger giantess did cross her arms and she waited for Chrissie to get out of the bed. She had both Remy and Remy Jr. in her hands as she walked up to Alana and looked up to her.

"Are you ready for breakfast Chrissie?" asked Alana. She even squatted down so that she was at the same level as the smaller giantess.

"Yep and so is Remy and Remy Jr.," replied Chrissie. "They're so hungry that their stomachs sound like monsters." Her stomached groaned again and she giggled. "There, it happened again."

"That was your stomach Chrissie." She did smile and rub the smaller giantess on the head. "Come on now before the breakfast gets cold."

Chrissie made sure that she had a firm grip on Remy and Remy Jr. as she got out of the bed and followed Alana to where breakfast was prepared. It smelled very good and if she wasn't feeling hungry before she certainly was now. She sat down on her chair and made sure that Remy and Remy Jr. were also on the table. They went to where they needed to go so that they could also have their breakfast.

When everything was done and the breakfast had been fully eaten Alana and Chrissie cleaned up. Unfortunately, the larger giantess couldn't stay for much longer as she had to deliver some lumber to a village that was a few hours walk. This did disappoint Chrissie but she was told that Alana had the day off the next day and that they could have some fun. This made the smaller giantess very happy.

For the time being after Alana had left the hut that they lived in Chrissie decided to take Remy Jr. out so that he could have a run around and have some fresh air. Remy was offered a chance to join them but he wanted to sleep again and he also wanted to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

This did disappoint Chrissie a little but she did still like the fact that she could enjoy some time with her favourite puppy. Remy Jr. was barking and running around in her hand, he seemed to like being in her presence and this made her happy as well. The grounds around the hut had no trees and were simply fields with a forest that wasn't too far into the distance. She was told not to take Remy Jr. there as she was likely to lose him and that was one thing that would greatly upset her.

"Ok Remy Jr. go get the stick!" said Chrissie in a very excited voice. She had picked up a small stick that she didn't realise was too big for the puppy. He still stood on the ground with excitement as he looked up at her and wagged his tail. "Go get it!" She then threw it quite far but the puppy still ran as fast as he could toward it.

It only took Remy Jr. a few seconds to reach the stick but when he grabbed onto it with his mouth he couldn't move it. It was too heavy for him and was actually much larger than he was. If he was a fully-grown dog it would still be very unlikely that he would have been able to move it. He began to whimper as he knew that his efforts wouldn't be enough to move the large branch.

However, his nose did begin to pick something up, it was an odd scent at first but as he began to focus on it he looked around to see where it was coming from. He did spot Chrissie walking toward him but that didn't stop him from continuing to sniff the air. Slowly he began to follow the scent and when Chrissie saw this she looked at him with some confusion.

"Remy Jr. what are you doing?" asked Chrissie but she didn't get much of a response from him as he continued to follow the scent.

It was almost like he was in a trance but eventually the trail did end and he couldn't believe his eyes. Standing before him was a bright light that was in the shape of a doorway. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. Gut instinct was telling him to move away but something inside of him was also telling him to walk through the light. The scent seemed to be coming from it.

Chrissie also noticed this and she looked at it in wonder. Like the puppy she had no idea what it was but she did think that it looked pretty. She was enticed by the light and she couldn't stop staring at it. One thing that she did notice was Remy Jr. stepping toward it, his snout came into contact with the light and disappeared. Soon as he moved further into it more of him disappeared until eventually the small puppy completely disappeared.

It was only then that Chrissie realised what had happened and she began to panic as she couldn't see her beloved puppy anymore. She quickly moved closer to the light in hopes that she would find him, instead there was no sign of Remy Jr. at all and this made her feel panicked.

"Remy Jr. where did you go?" asked Chrissie with some panic in her voice. She was looking around but she still couldn't see him. However, she did notice something that she thought was odd. The source of the light that looked like a doorway had begun to grow in size. She watched with amazement and with seconds it went from being large enough for Remy Jr. to fit through to being large enough for her.

Chrissie stared at it for a few moments and she knew that the only way to find her lost puppy was to go through this doorway to wherever he went. She was a little hesitant at first but she knew that if she didn't she wouldn't find him again. A life without her puppy was something that she couldn't even consider so she quickly stepped into the door way and it seemed to close behind her as she stepped through to the other side.

The world that Chrissie stepped into seemed to be different from the one that she had just left. She was used to being a giant in a world filled with tiny people but now the opposite seemed to have happened. She found herself in a place that where she felt very small, everything around her was gigantic.

She thought that she was in some kind of house but despite it's size it still looked very different to what she was used to. There was furniture that wasn't simply made out of wood but were also cushioned which would help for comfort. There was a large black box that was fixed to the wall and she stood by a sofa that was several times taller than her. It was easily around a hundred and eighty feet tall and it only added to how small she felt.

On the wall behind the sofa she did spot something that she thought was odd. She could see heads mounted on the wall but rather than being animals like a deer or a bear instead they were lizard like creatures. She did think that they looked scary and quickly averted her eyes. She thought that they were monsters that might try and eat her, their size seemed to match the scale of the rest of the room.

But despite Chrissie's intimidation she knew that she still had to look for Remy Jr. She knew that if he was scared in this environment then the puppy would be absolutely terrified. She wanted to find him as soon as possible and then go back to Alana so that she could continue to enjoy her day.

Suddenly Chrissie began to feel something that seemed to be like tremors. She wasn't sure what it was exactly but it did make her feel scared, she thought that a monster was coming and she wasn't sure whether she should hide or stay. The choice was taken away from her when she turned around.

She found herself looking at a pair of incredibly large flip flop clad feet. Slowly she began to look up further as she could see the legs of a person. As she continued to look up further and further she eventually reached the torso and then eventually the head. Chrissie could see that she was looking at a giant woman much like herself and this caused most of her fear to disappear.

This giantess made Chrissie look like a doll in comparison. Where Chrissie was thirty-six feet tall this giantess easily reached three hundred and fifty feet. She was wearing a white tank top with black shorts and flip flops. She had relatively short black hair that looked a little spikey and her eye was a grey colour. One thing that was striking about her was the fact that she was missing an eye. There was a large three clawed scar that went over where her right eye used to be. She also had a few scars on her arms and she didn't seem to be too thrilled to see Chrissie standing there.

Before the smaller giantess could say a word, she felt the larger giantess quickly grab her and lift her off of her feet. This was the first time that Chrissie had ever experienced such a thing and she couldn't help but find it fun. The one-eyed giantess didn't seem to be as thrilled with this as Chrissie was as her annoyed expression had yet to change.

"Hi," said Chrissie in her usually cheery voice. This didn't seem to change the demeanour of the larger giantess who continued to glare at her.

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my home?" replied the Larger Giantess. Her voice was sharp and angry and it seemed to scare Chrissie a little.

"M-My name's Chrissie." There was some fear in her voice but she still didn't think that she was in danger. "What's your name?"

"What are you stupid or something?" There was still some anger in her voice but it had subsided. However, she did notice that Chrissie was beginning to well up, before she could say another word Chrissie began to cry. This caught her by surprise and she wasn't sure exactly what to do now. "What are you doing?"

"Y-You called me stupid!" She was crying a lot and the larger giantess couldn't help but regret her actions. "I'm not stupid, I try my best." She continued to cry and the larger giantess sighed.

"Ok I'm sorry that I called you stupid." She seemed more annoyed by the situation than anything else.

"Do you mean it?" She began to wipe her tears away as she looked at the larger giantess. It still seemed odd for her to be handled like this but she did find it a little fun feeling her feet dangle in the air.

"Yes, I mean it." She walked to the sofa and sat down on it, she still looked at Chrissie who seemed to have returned to her happy self. "I think we started off one the wrong foot Chris. It seems obvious that you don't know who I am. My name is Sammy and everyone calls me Sammy The Kaiju Slayer."

"Can I call you Sammy? It's much easier for me then the other thing that you said." The truth was that Chrissie didn't know what a Kaiju or a Slayer even was. For this reason, she thought that Sammy was a much easier name to remember.

"Yeah sure. But you still haven't answered my question. Why are you here?" This time her voice wasn't as angry and was much calmer. This made Chrissie feel much more at ease with Sammy.

"I'm looking for my little puppy. He went through a bright light and I followed him, then I find myself here in this giant house. Now I'm meeting a new friend." This made Sammy look at her with some confusion.

"You're saying that we're friends now?" She was very confused with what was happening and she looked at Chrissie again.

"Of course, I know your name and you know mine so that means that we're friends now." She began to giggle. "I've never had a friend as tall as you before."

"That's only because you're so small."

"I'm not small, I'm really big. I'm a giant." This made Chrissie bob her tongue out as she didn't think that she was small.

"Wait what?" This was when Sammy noticed that Chrissie was much bigger than other people that she had seen. Practically everyone she had met since she was a giant was only around an inch and a half tall in comparison to her. Chrissie on the other hand was roughly the size of a doll in comparison to her which caught Sammy by surprise. "You are big, how did you get big?"

"I grew like everyone else did." She giggled as she thought that this was funny. "I'm still growing too."

Sammy didn't say anything as she was more confused than ever, she knew that Chrissie was indeed much larger than any other person that she had met. She didn't think that anyone besides herself could get that big and this only added to her confusion. As far she knew she was the only person who had grown during the experiments but she wouldn't put it by the Government keeping secrets from her.

"Can you help me please," said Chrissie. Her happy demeanour seemed to change to that of worry. "I lost my puppy, I saw him go through the pretty light as well but I still can't see him. Can you help me find him, he's very special to me?"

"Err," replied Sammy as she wasn't sure what to say. She could see that there was something off about Chrissie and she didn't want to upset her again. If finding the puppy was going to be the fasted way to get some peace then she was will to do it. "Sure, I'll help, just give me one moment." She looked up to the corner of the room. "Zero can you hear me?" There was nothing for a few moments until they heard a calm voice.

"Yes, Ms Sammy," replied the Voice. "How may I help you?"

"Zero there seems to be a puppy on the loose inside of the building. Can your scanners find it?"

"I will check Ms Sammy. One moment please."

"Who said that?" asked Chrissie. She began to look around as she expected to see a person at any moment in time. However, the fact that she could see no one but Sammy did catch her by surprise.

"That's Zero," replied Sammy. "He's an artificial intelligence who basically keeps an eye on me." He could see that Chrissie was confused, she wanted to ask what an artificial intelligence was but she couldn't pronounce either word.

"What's that?"

"You don't know what an artificial intelligence is?" This caused Chrissie to shake her head. "You know, he's a computer."

"What's a computer?" She was becoming more confused with each passing moment as more things were being mentioned that she didn't understand.

"Seriously you don't know what that is?" She wanted to call her stupid again but decided against it as she didn't want to upset her again. "Let's just say that he's not a real person, he's just a very helpful voice."

"My scan is complete," replied Zero. "I have detected what you describe as a puppy several metres away from your current location. It is a little to your right Ms Sammy, is there anything else that you need?"

"Not right now thank you." She looked toward where Zero had told her and she did see a little something on the ground. It had been below her notice but she could see that it was a golden colour. Chrissie could see it as well and she began to get excited.

Without wasting much time Sammy got up from the sofa and placed Chrissie on the ground. She watched the seemingly tiny woman run toward the gold spot on the ground. It only took a few seconds for her to reach it and as she expected she could see Remy Jr. who seemed to be having fun by himself. But when he did see her he quickly got up to his feet and began barking at her with glee.

Quickly Chrissie picked up the puppy and began to hug him. She had been afraid that she was never going to see him again but now that he was back in her arms she was very happy indeed. Sammy did watch on as she didn't know how to really react to the situation. She was happy that Chrissie had her beloved puppy back but she didn't know what to do with her now. She couldn't release Chrissie out into the city as she might cause a panic despite being nowhere near as large as a kaiju.

"Remy Jr. I'm so glad that I found you," said Chrissie as she continued to hug away at the puppy. He seemed to be enjoying himself and she knew exactly how much strength she needed to use for the hug. "And you're going to be so happy when you see that we have a new friend." She then turned him so that he was able to see Sammy who was still squatting down. Her size did terrify the small puppy as she was bigger than any living creature that he had ever seen before. He began to whimper and he turned to her as he was too terrified to look at Sammy.

"I don't think he likes me," replied Sammy. She didn't seem too amused by this but she was used to people being afraid of her so a scared puppy was no big deal.

"He loves you really, he's just a little tired from all the fun that he has. All the hugs and kisses he gets are very tiring." She had an idea pop up in her mind. "Why don't you hold him for a minute? I'm sure that he'll love that."

"That probably isn't a very good idea."

"Please, he loves you really." She put on her own puppy dog eyes and it cut through whatever emotional armour that Sammy was wearing. The larger giantess lowered her finger and gave a sigh.

"Fine but it probably won't end well." She felt Chrissie place the small puppy on her finger tip before she brought up to her eye. She could see that Remy Jr. was still afraid but he seemed to be warming up to her. She could see his finer details now that he was closer and she heard him bark a couple of times. "Hi, err Remy Jr. is it?" This caused the puppy to bark once. "I'm going to take that as a yes." She looked at him for a little longer and she did begin to think about the dog that she used to have when she was younger and how heartbroken she was when he was hit by a car. She lowered him back down to Chrissie so that she could grab him. "Don't lose him again, he's very precious to you."

"I know and I'm so happy that I have my Remy Jr. back." She smiled and gave the puppy a small hug. This he seemed to like.

"Ok now that you've got your puppy back you can go back to wherever you came from and leave me in peace."

"But there is no bright light. It is how we came her before and I don't know if we can get back without it. Have you seen it at all?"

This caused Sammy to grumble as she realised that she was going to have to deal with Chrissie and Remy Jr. for a little while longer. She had no idea what bright light Chrissie was talking about but she did know it was the key to sending them home. For the moment the world would have to deal with housing two giant women.

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