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So, it's a place for me to write short fetish stories (usually one-shot) about a lot of potential interactions. I already know what I want to write for the second chapter, but if you've particuliar ideas, don't hesitate to tell them :) !

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Published: January 06 2018 Updated: January 20 2018

1. Nine is a great number by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 17] starstarstarstarstar (1498 words)

Adrien will finally have sex with his new girlfriend Johanna... sadly for him, things turn quite litterally witchy !

2. Why you shouldn't bother a pregnant woman by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1587 words)

Second chapter with Johanna. There will be more with her down the line, but remember that you can requests things if you want :) ! Also, i'll edit the tags when i'll come home

3. Fortune reversal by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1406 words)

And here's the story requested by Leylagts. I hope you'll like it, I felt inspired :) !

4. MAJOR/Minor: C'me here cutie! by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1455 words)

A short stories in the MAJOR/Minor universe, rather dark when you think about it...

5. Mayday! Mayday! by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (899 words)

A rather short story, but I may expand on it later on :) ! it's also a story for rabbithole ^^

6. Models come in all sizes by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1359 words)

This one is for lancealot501, but I hope you'll all enjoy it nontheless :) ! 

7. Are they big enough now? by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1184 words)

This one if for The Micro Giant (and i'll add to whom some stories where written later on, I swear!). there will be at least another one tomorrow for you, by the way :) !

8. I hereby pronounce you Goddess and sex-toy! by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1072 words)

A new Johanna's chapter, enjoy !

9. Muscle Mountain by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (652 words)

A shorter chapter than usual, but I hope you'll still like it. Based on The Micro Giant idea !

10. Aunt Suzie is an ass... by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (1137 words)

A special chapter for diesel. I hope you'll enjoy :) !

11. I was tall once... by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1061 words)

That's a chapter which contains some really BBW, so if it's not your taste, you've been warned. it's for NewB92 !

12. Don't touch my Stephen! by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (973 words)

A new chapter for Aunt Suzie and Stephen... and a Strawpoll for you guys : http://www.strawpoll.me/14863356

13. Lena's lover by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 0] (1208 words)

What, a new Johanna's chapter when it's the one with the least vote in the srawtpoll ? Well... yes, but only because it should have come out days ago, but I couldn't make it because of IRL problems... Anyway, Aunt Suzie's stories will get their own story thread, with revised and expanded two chapter next week and at least a chapter three, don't worry.

Also, this chapter is mostly Giant content, with some Giga female at the end

14. Belly Dancing by Kurogane335 [Reviews - 1] (1541 words)

I've written it on a chromebook where I can't correct spelling mistakes because fuck Chromebooks I guess, so I'll try to come back and correct it when I'll get my computer back. Sorry for the inconvenience