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Story Notes:

Don't try to locate Prosperity in Virginia -- I made the name up, taken from a movie I saw.

I have taken quite a few liberties with geography, in both states, so also don't try to locate any of the places or names I use, they are all fictitious. ;)

This story is the third in the Melissa Munday Trilogy:

Bubblegum Bitch

Lisa's Revenge

The Adventures of Eloise

This story will be more enjoyable, and understandable, if you have read the first two beforehand. It will run concurrent with the last few chapters of Lisa's Revenge,

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story has sexual content. If you are under 18, please exit now.


Author's Chapter Notes:

Young people on dirt bikes have their fun interrupted by the state police.

But Eloise Penbrook, a friend of Melissa Munday's from Pennsylvania, escapes.

Then gets a surprise in the woods, by Stony Creek. 



Tuesday, July 3, 2018:

By the side of a destroyed rest area that had been hit by a small delivery truck Sunday morning, a group of young people were taking a break.

They had dirt bike motorcycles and the boys, as well as a couple of the girls, were roaring up and down the long grassy hill behind the rest area.

But one of the group, a girl named Eloise Penbrook, recently moved to Virginia from Pennsylvania, was sitting by herself relaxing in the shade of a group of trees behind the collapsed building.

This girl was from Sunken Valley, and lived only a block from Mellissa Munday, of dubious reputation. They had been friends all the way through school, from first grade through twelfth. Eloise had always wanted to live in Virginia, and was able to move there after graduation.

Eloise was very petite and only stood four feet ten inches tall – just one less inch and she could have been legally classified as one of the “Little People.” She was very attractive and her limbs were proportionate. Her long thin face had an innocent look about it, which belied her true personality. Withal, despite her faults, Eloise was kindly and understanding, if a little naive. She had short, wavy brown hair and brown eyes, and she smiled a lot, which endeared her to most everyone she met.

Contented in the shade of the trees watching her new friends, Eloise decided she wanted to talk to Melissa, so she called her on her smart phone. After a couple of rings, her friend answered.

“Hi, Eloise, it’s good to hear from you.”

“Hello there, Melissa, how’s everything? Are you working?”

“Please, Eloise, don’t use such language,” then they both had a big laugh.

“Same old Melissa.”

“To answer your question, Eloise, I’m not. I’m going to Penn State in the fall, going after a doctorate in chemical engineering.”

“Good for you, Melissa. I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you, Eloise. Anyway, I earned a sizeable scholarship, have a lot of money saved, my mother is semi-rich, with hopes of getting richer, so why should I work, on my last summer to be free?”

“I understand. I got a job, working as a teller in a bank, in a little town called Prosperity, in Virginia. I start training in two weeks. They’re still doing the wiring and mounting cameras, and so on, at the branch bank.”

“Virginia, huh? You always wanted to move there.”

“Yeah, and I, too, have quite a bit of money saved, enough that I was able to move down here and live, until I find an apartment. Right now, I’m at a motel, but that is costly, so I’ll have to find an apartment soon. I’m not smart like you, Melissa, besides, college is too expensive.”

“It is that.”

“Right, now, I’m out with friends. We’re taking a break. Say what’s that yelling I hear, Melissa?”

“My mother’s upset about something. I hear your new friends in the background. You always did make friends easily, Eloise. I always had trouble, because of my obnoxious personality. But you always put up with me.”

“You just say what you think, Melissa. Some people would call that honesty.”


“Hey, Melissa, guess what?”


“I bought a motorcycle?”

“You did what?”

“Yes, I bought a small, I guess you’d call it, motorcycle, he, he, and my friends and I go out riding. We’re out now, taking a break.”

“Eloise I’m surprised, but I shouldn’t be, considering it’s you. What kind of people are you hanging out with, anyway?”

“Melissa, these are good kids, every one of them, and they are respectful, although a little wild. Right now, we’re at a rest stop that looks like it has been hit by a truck, closed and broken down. Most of them are down by a creek and some of the guys are racing up and down the hill, I just hope that the police don’t catch them…hold on, somethings happening… oh, my God…”

“Eloise, what is it?”

“Got to go…”

While Eloise was on the phone, several state police cruisers had pulled into the parking lot, and some officers ran down over the hill to corral the kids on bikes, while some stayed at the top, blocking all escape with their vehicles.

All Eloise could see was the police directing the kids, many of whom were still under age, to the top of the hill. She couldn’t see the parking lot, or any of the area above. Eloise was mostly hidden from everybody where she was, back in amongst the trees, but she would be discovered if they decided to search the area. So, she quietly walked her bike, sneaking under the caution tape, and found shelter in a darkened area that had been an empty space under the shelter, made necessarily by the steep slope the building was built upon.

She felt a little guilty not going out and giving herself up, but what good would it have done anyway? Nothing she could say or do would help her friends. Besides, she hadn’t been breaking the law, and messing the grass with her bike.

Eloise waited a long time, but there was still activity at the top of the hill. She could hear talking, some of it loud, but couldn’t make out many words. After a while, Eloise wanted to leave. She hadn’t heard anything from the parking lot for several minutes, but she was afraid – what if one of the officers was still up there?

Cautiously, she came out of the darkened space and crossed back under the caution tape. She listened carefully, but still heard nothing. Yet she was afraid. Eloise decided to stay in the trees, and walk her bike down to the brook that the guys had said was at the base of the hill. It was steep, for someone walking a bike, and she fell a couple of times, but finally made it to the bottom, hoping there was a path along the brook.

There was one, so Eloise carefully walked along the path, downstream, towards Prosperity, a new town that had just been established, looking through the trees, to try and see if there were any of her friends, or the police, still up at the top. But she could not see the parking lot, and, although Eloise heard nothing, she was still afraid of exposing herself.

She had not gone far when she saw a badly dented metal barrel, one of those fifty-five gallon jobs, lying in the creek, bubbles forming around a gash in its side.

What alarmed Eloise was that sprayed on its side was a biohazard logo.

“Sick, gross,” Eloise said to herself. “I wonder if the authorities know about this?”

Walking a little further she came to the clearing where some of the kids had gathered at the bottom. For a short space she was exposed, but had to risk it. Looking up toward the top of the hill she could see or hear nothing, but that didn’t mean nobody was up there, out of sight range.

Eloise was glad when she was past the clearing and back in the woods.

When she felt she was safely out of hearing range, Eloise got on her bike, started it, and rode as silently as she could.

She hadn’t gone a mile when she had to pee.

“Darn,” she said, getting off her bike. “I was hoping to make it to the next rest area, when I got back on the road at the bridge. Some fool destroyed the one we stopped at.” Looking around she saw the highway far up above her, at the top of an embankment.  “If anybody is walking or bicycling along the edge of that road, they could see me squatting.”

Then she looked down at the brook and slid down the bank and found a quiet spot, an area hidden by trees from the road.

Eloise was dressed in a white short-sleeved top with a thin tan spring jacket and loose-fitting light green slacks.

Looking all around she pulled down her slacks and her panties and squatted.

Eloise had been holding it for a long time, and she sighed in satisfaction at the relief she felt, as she peed into a gap between the stones below.

Suddenly Eloise heard something below her, what sounded like something small coughing, sputtering and hacking, as she finished urinating.

Eloise’s eyebrows went way up. Then she heard what sounded like a human voice, diminutive and shrill, but definitely human, “Cough, hack, ohhh, ohhh my, where am I, what happened, ohh, what did you do to me? You peed on me. Who are you.? Where am I?”

The girl gasped in astonishment, stood up, quickly pulled up her slacks and panties, and stepped aside.

Her mouth wide open in wonder, Eloise looked down at the strange little creature at her feet.


Chapter End Notes:

Next: What Eloise found by the creek.

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