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Diana has an extraordinary power, she can shrink anybody she touches to just an inch tall. The power comes at a cost however… a cost that puts her morals to the ultimate test as she fights to learn between what’s right for her… but wrong for all that cross her path.


(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


This story is an original creation, and all text is of my own creation. If anything seems similar to another work, it is by pure coincidence.

There may be graphic descriptions within this text, and if you feel disturbed at any point, it's recommended you stop reading. I am not responsible for any damage done mentally, you are responsible for your own mental health. Again, if you begin to get disturbed while reading, please do not continue!

Story Tags/Categories

I have added all the tags that I think will end up in this story by the end. This does not mean the tags are final. Some tags may end up being removed, or even added depending how the story goes. I have chosen the tabs initially to help give me a sense of direction on which this story will take.

You have been warned, thus any complaints regarding the tags will be ignored.

Enjoy the story

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Published: January 01 2018 Updated: January 01 2018

1. Chapter 1 - It's Ok To Kill Criminals... Right? by Frizzle [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3223 words)

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My newest story. I'm still working on Their Little Secret, don't worry. Also, this statement is pointed towards PIXIS. Just want to let you know Pixis that though this story takes place just after Nick VS Highschool, it doesn't host spoilers. This story leads into Nick VS College, hence why it's coming out before Nick VS College does. 

Nick VS College will be released shortly after Volume I off this story!