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Greetings Giantessworld. Welcome to my first story. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, and I think after 9 years of lurking on this site, its finally time for me to post something. I have never really written a true erotica or fetish fuel before, or something that truly expresses this fetish, but I decided to use this story as a test to see if I truly have any sort of creative juice in me.

Firstly, to note none of these characters of course, real, and one of the two main characters will not be of age. I have never seen a rule about this on Giantessworld, but have on Giantesscity. As such, I will not be posting this story on that forum, which is a shame since I would like to.

Let’s be real, most of us come on here to get our rocks off, I know I have, but sometimes I find stories here that I find wonderful to read through. My hope besides improving my writing is to try and make a story that people will want to continue reading. Stories by authors like Jacksmith and Minuss are truly great, and I wish there were more GTS authors that could hold up to their level of quality.

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough. If you’re here for some growth, it’ll be a few chapters before that happens, and thus hinting this will be a growth themed story. Enjoy!


Samantha considered herself a competitive person.

                Of course, becoming an older sibling meant that she would have to compete for the rest of her begrudging life. The day her little sister Diane was brought home, she had lost the primary focus of her parent’s gaze, and the rest of the worlds, at least that was how she felt. People quit laying eyes upon the talented 10-year-old, her good grades (For being an Elementary Schooler), talent with the Piano, and her skill at soccer were all brought to the wayside for the brat with brown hair her parents brought through the door.

                Samantha didn’t hate that she had a sister now, in fact, becoming an elder sibling was one of the most exciting things that ever happened in her life. Samantha was now competing for the most important thing in a young girl’s life, attention. There was nothing more that children wanted than attention, and that motivation was just what Samantha needed.

                Growing up was tough though.

As the next three years of Middle School rolled by, Samantha found herself excelling further and further. She was the star of the school, and heading into High School, was held to the highest pedestal she could have. Her body was beginning to blossom, showing the signs of developing curves, her smooth and creamy skin on display as her legs kicked every game winning goal in the soccer games, and her grades were the top of the charts.

However, it seemed that affection from her parents would be more difficult to obtain than that.

Diane and Samantha’s parents were both rather busy. Their mom was a stay at home financial advisor, so she spent most of the day at a desk on a telephone with papers. And when she wasn’t working, she tended to Diane as the young girl grew out of her crib into a proper bed. Samantha would get an occasional glancing “good job” remark from her mother, but never the praise laundered to people of her social status in her age group.

                Her father was even worse, and left the house for extended periods of times on business. He worked as a Pilot, so his time away from home was often, and without reception. His schedule of very little sleep left him no time to see his daughter’s accomplishments. Samantha stopped being frustrated by her parents when she entered High School, where she decided to simply be independent. By then, Diane was beginning kindergarten, and thus the footsteps her elder sister had taken were to be followed to a higher standard.

                Samantha was rather frustrated when her parents didn’t acknowledge Diane as they didn’t with her. She had felt all that time she spent vying for their approval was wasted, upheaved by the sheer mediocrity and…normalcy of her younger sister’s existence was spent being shoved aside by her own family’s ignorance. She slaved for years, through High School as well, growing more beautiful and more intelligent, more sought after. And still her parents were ignorant. When she got accepted to Brown, her parents congratulated her, and then went about their lives. The spark Diane’s birth had brought them had faded out, and Samantha was merely another blip on their radars that they had to work to feed.

                When Samantha entered her Junior Year of college, she received a phone call one cold November morning. It was her sister, in tears. Diane had rarely ever called her, as she had moved to school and attempted to not interact with her family as much. All her attempts to compete for her parent’s affection were fruitless endeavors that were for her own personal gain. Now the paths she strutted were for her and only her. The only approval she needed was her own, thus she found no need to call home or check on her sister, whom was constantly left with babysitters or a hodgepodge of cousins or friends that the family trusted but weren’t even too close with.

                That was likely why the phone call of Diane alerting Samantha about their parents perishing didn’t faze her too much.

                It was a lot to process for the now 21-year-old. One minute they were sitting at their jobs, calculating bills, driving 200 people to a destination through the air, another minute they were on their way to Aruba for a vacation where in an act of irony, a bird flew through the engine, knocking it and the plane out of the sky and to a fiery conglobation of slag and metal into the ground below. There wasn’t a sole survivor. The home had been called, and the poor orphaned 10-year-old was the first to receive the news that her parents were gone.

                Samantha wasn’t sure how to respond to her sobbing sister, whom told her she had to come home for a while, as her closest living relative over the age of 21, she was to be her temporary guardian. Not wanting to miss school, she found herself at an impasse. She could continue to live impartial and hand Diane to the state and maybe see if she could end up with a grandparent, but knew deep down that ditching her sister purely on the faded ashes of her desire to be noticed was not the path she should walk. So, when she received the call, she was on the next bus from Providence to Cape Cod, where she lived.


                The crystal blue waters of the ocean were quite refreshing for Samantha. They were different whenever she was at home no matter how many nice vacations she had gone on. Her father’s occupation granted small reliefs where her family could go on exotic vacations, but their exhausting lifestyles left them mainly sitting usually by a pool with a substance in their hand and then the birth givers passing out merely hours later, leaving the kids on their own. Not even an island in the Bahamas could make her feel comfortable. Home was truly a blissful place for her.

                Samantha had never felt a negative thought about herself. She never felt fear for her image or her social standing. She had learned to accept it. She had to accept that her parents loved her, even if they did a bad job showing it. She didn’t need their approval, but she knew now without those caregivers that Diane was going to have it rough for the next while. She wasn’t even 11 yet, and she had a long way to go, puberty to undergo, growing pains to endure.

                The next three days were a whirlwind. Lawyers, paperwork, funeral arrangements. They decided to make it private, get it over with quicker. The less Diane had to see, Samantha figured it was for the better. For all intents and purposes, there was no reason for the lawyers to not accept the elder sibling as Diane’s legal guardian. Their inheritance was given to Samantha, with a portion for Diane when she turned off age. It wouldn’t last forever, working middle class Americans of course, but it would be a nice start for the two girls. Diane would move schools only a state away, and Samantha couldn’t help but feel bad for her as she watched through the back window as their old house shrank away into the sunset as she drove her dad’s, now her, car back towards her University.

                So now with her sister in tow, and a new responsibility under her belt, Samantha felt something change, she felt that sense of competition come back, but it was different now. It was more like she had to set an example. She wanted to be the prime jewel of humanity for her sister, to show Diane how being independent had brought her to where she was today. At age 21, she was already set up to be better off than her parents. Samantha was sad of course that she would no longer be able to speak to her parents, but it wasn’t as if they were a huge part of her life. She cried a bit of course, it wasn’t like they were bad parents, she just wished they could have told her how proud they were of her, if they truly were. Maybe being sucked into your own vortex of self service and daily trivial duty was just a doomed trial of the human sentience.


                Samantha was grateful the news had broken so close to the end of her semester. It made the transitional period from sister to guardian very seamless for her. She brought Diane and her four suitcases into the apartment, and helped her set up her new room. Samantha lived without roommates, as her Sophomore year resulted in her friends being accepted to go abroad next year or into a Sorority.

While she found both of those ideas enticing, she found herself unable to go through with either. Sororities were too cliquey to her and an overall cesspool of alcohol and lost brain cells, whether it be from hazing or parties, or just the sheer amount of similarity between the modern day to day lives those girls lived. And going abroad reminded her too much of her father, a man whom to his death flew and flew back, travelled, and never seemed to learn. She felt her studies would be hampered as such with such a distraction, and as such opted out of going to Barcelona (Where she applied and was accepted rather easily).

Living alone was easy for Samantha. She had always felt like she had lived alone. Even in High School there were some nights where she would make dinner herself and leave the leftovers for Diane, but it was the realization she would have to take care of her when Diane was done with school for the day that things would have to change. Her class schedule would have to be altered, and she would likely have to get a tutor for Diane. She didn’t however want to leave the girl alone, and make the same mistakes her parents did. A boiling responsibility was bubbling up inside of her, and she brushed a long blonde lock of hair out of her face as she looked around her now livened guest room.

Calling it a guest room was a stretch now since the guest in it would be living there permanently. She had gone to her landlord and shoved a check and a letter explaining her situation, which was greeted kindly and the process of her new roommate was accepted graciously. Samantha was glad her landlord had even pushed the check back, smiling and saying Diane would be fine being rent free for a few months. People like that made Samantha think society wouldn’t be so dull sometimes.

The guest room had been converted to a typical 10-year old’s room. The walls decorated in pink posters with one or two bands and a celebrity or so. iPhone cases littered the desk, a collection that Diane had acquired over the years. She bought cheap 5-dollar ones when babysitters took her to the mall but found that she never particularly was attached to one. The frugal playfulness of the mind of a younger girl constantly shifting its preferences, and thus was never satisfied. The bedsheets were a nice contrast, being a dark shade of blue, breaking the stereotype of pink that Samantha expected 65% of little girls to have. Stuffed Animals and other frivolous novelties decorated the walls and floor nearby as clothes were thrown strew in a half open closet.

On top of the bed was the rooms occupant, curled up in a little ball. Diane’s eyes stood out, being dark hazel, grey like the skies. Her brown hair tied in a ponytail as she sniffled, tears dripping down her face as she noticed her big sister standing in the doorway, admiring how much she had done on her own. Samantha walked over and sat next to Diane, her more voluptuous and yet athletically firm frame casting a ray of darkness over her younger sibling as she pushed blonde hair out of her face. Her hair never would quite stay put, and it often hid the crystal blue spheres that adorned her face.

“You decorate fast” She finally said as she stared at the wall, allowing for her younger sister to scoot quietly over to her. Samantha looked down at her “And you’ve gotten quite big the last few months”

“The doctor said I’m 4’4” Diane said quietly “If you can call that big…” She sniffled quietly “I miss them”

Samantha opened her mouth to say, ‘I don’t’ but quickly shut it, realizing that was not the right thing to say in the current situation. She quietly lowered her hand down and began to stroke her smaller sibling’s brown hair.

“It’ll take some adjustment. I’m going to go talk to my advisor about classes, so I can spend some time with you” She said as she looked down at her sister.

“But don’t you have school…? And a boyfriend? And friends?” Diane sniffled “I’m just a burden…I don’t want to annoy you, just like mom and dad” She sighed.

The older blonde stayed tight lipped, her teeth nibbling on the edge of her mouth. She took the time to think as she realized just what a unique perspective in those very moments that Diane had compared to her. While Samantha had went out of her way trying to vie for her parent’s attention, to show her how excellent she was, Diane thought the opposite of herself, only being annoying and a pain. Dumped off her parent’s radar like she didn’t matter, or simply another stepping stone in the frugal pool of humans that adorned the earth.

“But I didn’t really stay close to you either” Samantha shrugged.

“Yeah…that’s why I’m surprised you took me so fast” Diane exclaimed as she sniffled, her face lifting out of her knees.

“Well aren’t you my sister? I can’t leave you with Grandpa, he’s going senile!” Samantha giggled quietly “Besides…I’m still here, and I’ve done a lot of growing up the past few years.”

“I haven’t grown at all” Diane said with a pout “I’m short”

“Not that kind of growing silly. Not every girl can be 6’2” like me” Samantha exclaimed “I mean growing here…” She said as she pointed to her forehead “Life hits you hard kiddo…sometimes you have to role with the punches. We all deal with things differently. You’re young and you’ll experience puberty. It’s a rough life and life isn’t fair. I wish mom and dad paid more attention to me, but I worked to try and get them to notice me. And now you…you’re left in an unfair spot. They just up and left us, not of their own choice of course. So now you gotta grow up without that motivation yourself. I had their attention to work for but now you must find some goal to grow up with yourself. You get what I’m saying?”

Diane hesitated “I... Think so?” She said after a few minutes hesitation.

“Look I promise things will be different. I’m going to talk with another Lawyer tomorrow and call the school and get you registered quickly. I know it will be hard to make some new friends and all but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles kid.” Samantha explained.

She leaned over and kissed Diane on the check before getting up.

“Speaking of cookies, how about I order us some pizza and cookies and we can watch cartoons?” The elder sibling smiled as she looked down at Diane, who nodded gratefully at her with a slight smile.


The next few weeks felt like a blur as the girls accommodated to their new lives. Samantha’s class schedule for the next semester was reworked to include more early classes, as Diane’s 5th grade class got out at 2:30 PM, she would just simply pick her up when she was finished with her class. The entirety of the beginning of January was them adjusting to the schedule, and soon Samantha had reworked her driving routes in the city. It was nice to finally have her own car, and not have to worry about taking the bus to get to class. It was only 50 dollars to get a sticker for the school campus lots, and that was something she could easily afford.

The taller blonde had to admire how fast the lawyers worked because all bonds, estate, fees, and ownerships of her parent’s possessions were dealt with in a swift manner. While it would take several months to move the proper details and cash into place, her parents passing was soon swept up in a blizzard of other tasks Samantha had to take care of.

She got into the habit of shopping with Diane after she picked her up, so they could always prep dinner for the next week ahead of time. Since her younger sister went to bed early, after she went to sleep, Samantha would go to the library after 8 PM (Usually when Diane chose to pass out) and study. There she would be able to socialize and keep up her normal life. She had a few friends at school that had an ample amount of free time and were happy to babysit her sister for a paltry sum since they could avoid the public seating of Brown by simply staying on Sam’s couch watching Diane and making sure she stayed out of trouble.

Samantha was very into fitness, still playing soccer on the off chance she had a moment, and brought Diane to watch her in one intermural game at her school. She was happy to see Diane clap and cheer when she slammed the ball into the net with the clock hitting zero, knocking over another player by accident and helping her up. Diane had gotten so into Soccer after that first week watching her play that she decided she would start playing at school as well, and that gave her something to do during the early weekends of her new life, and thus giving her opportunities to make friends and allow Sam some more free time.

Things were going very smoothly. Samantha and Diane were bonding more than when their parents were alive. It seemed Diane’s approval of her sister’s finesse at simply living life and keeping herself healthy was providing the influence that Samantha thought her sister needed, and providing Diane with the attention for her well-being that she had been so turned away from was a brilliant dependency for the two girls.

The remainder of January passed, marking 2 full months since their parents passed, and on February 1st, just as the girls would be so ingrained in their new lives, arguably happier, change would come once more.


Again, apologies for the lack of size related content in this chapter. I felt getting to know the characters in a brief span of time would be more suited to a summary such as this. I don’t like for things to just happen, I want there to be reasons. It should be about 2 chapters at most before any growth happens, but if you enjoyed it, I appreciate Reviews telling me what you liked and even how to improve. Or even just being marked as a favorite. Hopefully the premise caught your attention.

Anyways, see you guys again soon! I’m going to try and update this story fairly frequently. I’m not quite sure of the length yet but I would like it to be around 20 or so chapters, but who knows! See you guys in the next installment!

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