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Story Notes:

Yup, I am back with another story. *smirks*

This is a special story dedicated to my best online friend, SyxSeralyth on Twitter and DeviantArt. (Be sure to check out her stuff.) I know it's not very good, but I tried to do my best on it. Thanks for your concern. 


Disclaimer: This story is not to related to any real persons or any places in the world. This story is entirely fictional as it has no relations to any ethnic, racial or religious groups. This is entirely for entertainment purposes only! All places, people and thing are the property of their respective owners. I am not involved with these. No copyright infringement is intended. All Rights Reserved.

One faithful day, the Omega Goddess was looking out the balcony of her palace, as her people wandered about, doing their daily business. Then she began to get an idea. An idea that would benefit her in the long run. Then she remembered the Demon Goddess, Syx, who has helped her over a lot of hardships. Unlike other demons, Roberta put lots of her trust in her. They were great allies and often traded a lot on different occasions. They both gave the tinies a good torture in many ways....

On that same day in the Omega Realm, Roberta, the Grand Omega Goddess was in her throne room, torturing three arrogant peasants that were arrested by the guards for causing and disrupting the peace in her realm. “You ungrateful brutes have dishonored the peace we have come to achieve here and I will not allow you three to disrupt that peace. For your crime, I deem you to be shrunk down to size and /you are to pleasure me at all times!” Roberta spoke in an angry tone. Then she sent a wave of power from herself and the three peasants were reduced to bug size. Roberta picked them up and placed them in a cage. Then, a mysterious demon portal appeared, and to her surprise, her best friend, Goddess Syx came to visit her. “Hey Roberta, how's it going? It has been awhile since you came to my demonic realm.” she said as she spoke in a calm tone as she was just devouring a tiny captive. Roberta held up the cage with the tiny men and flicked the cage hard afterwards. Syx smirked at the Roberta and was impressed with it.



Then she started to get an idea. She figured that the two of them would have some fun on the other universe, where the Earth resides. Omega Goddess Roberta marveled at this idea, and since the men she imprisoned disobeyed her, she gave Syx the cage, whereas they were terrified of the young Demon Goddess as she started to torture them and imprison two of them in her jewelry and the last captive in her mouth, savoring his struggles on her tongue before swallowing him. Roberta then giggled at her a bit and discussed on how they would be able to take over the entire universe together. “Hey, Syx sweetheart, how would you like to dominate the universe together with me?” Roberta spoke with excitement in her voice. Goddess Syx smirked and said back to her, “Perfect, I would love to. In fact, we should do it together, my friend.” Roberta smiled evilly, “I knew you would understand. Now shall we go?” They both agreed in unison, changed their clothes and transported to the Earth, where their visit will be a fatal one... for the people there.


On the Earth, people were going about their daily lives as usual, enjoying the peace granted to them, until a giant portal appeared in the sky. The people started to get frightened of what would come out of it. At first, nothing happened but after a few minutes or so, a pair of gigantic legs with a gigantic red boot appeared from it, *BOOM!* and the people started to get scared, then another gigantic red boot came out. *BOOM!* a gigantic woman appeared out of it, and she was wearing a sexy, red dress and some red, beautiful jewelry. The people started to stare in awe at her beauty. Ten minutes later another high-heeled boot came from that same portal, with a LOUD crash to the ground, frightening the tiny people below, as they continued to watch as another gigantic, sexy black high heeled boot came down and hit the ground, crushing a few tiny earthlings under her massive high heel boots, leaving quite a smear. Then the woman, dressed in a black dress, raven colored hair, glowing red eyes, and boots appeared to look demonic and evil. The woman joined up with the other woman in a red dress and they began their rampage.


“Wow, so this is the Earth. There are so many small, people here.” Roberta said with a sinister smile on her face, as she grabbed a handful of screaming tinies and handed them over to her friend, Syx. The young demon goddess,, took some of those people and started to devour one of them. She took another and placed the little person in her cleavage, smashing him completely, as he could not handle the pressure of of them. Roberta, however grabbed a few cars and crushed them flat as they started to escape from her, so she used her mighty ass to crush them flat. “These pathetic humans are no match for us! So fragile and weak! Ahahaha!!! Let us demolish these worthless pests, sister!” Roberta sneered as she continued her rampage over the entire city, knocking over lots and lots of buildings. Syx agreed with her as she sat on a building as she too grabbed a few cars and picked them apart and smashing them flat. She even sealed some of the people inside her favorite ring and ruby necklace. After awhile, the two sister goddesses got bored and decided to enlarge themselves to really have fun using both of their powers, speeding up the process.


Moments later, the two goddesses have grown to immense size and together, they decided to take matters into their own hands and Roberta had another idea. “Allow me, sister...” Roberta smiled as she cloned a city and sealed them into a couple of gold brooches, handing the one to Syx and kept the silver brooch for herself. Syx was very pleased at Roberta's gift of a city. She definitely cherished it as a special part of their already stronger alliance. The Omega Goddess Roberta was pleased at her friend and her gift. Next thing they both knew, they grew to quadruple their size, becoming bigger than the continents. But before taking the Earth, Roberta suggested that they take a relaxing bath in the Pacific Ocean. Deciding it would be fun to cause a lot of destruction, the beautiful Demon Goddess went along with Roberta's suggestion.


The lives on the Pacific Ocean was about to get a little shaky as two extremely large goddesses sat in the water and played around as the insignificant ships got frightened and feared that they were just playthings of them. Roberta noticed a small cruise ship sailing next to her and started to pick it up with her massive hands, examining the ship before devouring the tiny ship in one gulp. Everyone aboard, died from her stomach acid, causing her to pet her stomach. “Yummy, that was delicious!” Roberta said as she licked the ship's remains. Then a large cruise ship was also on the water, however, Syx stared at it a bit, as the people started to scream at the top of their lungs of the massive Demon Goddess looked down on them. “Hahaha, these insignificant bugs cannot escape me! I shall devour their ship!” She sneered as she grabbed the cruise ship and scanned it over a bit as the tiny mites of ship passengers screamed in fear of her. She tossed the ship into her mouth as well and swallowed it in one gulp! “Oooh, that was very good! She cooed to herself, tapping her belly. Then the navy and army came to assault the titanic goddesses, but they devoured the tinies and their ships in one fell swoop...


The two combined their powers yet again and instantly, they became so huge, the Earth appeared as the size of a marble to them as both of them gazed upon the tiny planet. (At this point, they were ENORMOUS) Roberta had an idea that would benefit. She took the marble-sized Earth, cloned it and fashioned it into a pair of pearl earrings and gave them to Syx. “Thank you, Roberta. It is beautiful.” she spoke in a friendly, cheery tone. Roberta said, as she blushed. “You're welcome, my favorite sister.” giving her a big, long hug.


Lastly, Roberta decided to take the sun and moon and took them for herself, fashioning them into a pair of earrings for her to wear. Syx, staring at Roberta's new sun and moon earrings, admiring them and chuckling. “They look nice on you, dear.” she said. Satisfied, they returned to the Omega Realm together. Millia, the Advisor, welcomed the two goddesses back to the realm. “My Goddess, I have finished preparing the chamber for you and your guest.” says Millia. Roberta asked, “Did you capture any tinies for us to play with in the Torture Chamber? She nodded and said, “Yes, my lady! I have decided to add extra ones for you two to torture!” Roberta replied back, “Excellent, Millia! Thank you for your hard work!” She smiled back and left the two. “Syx dearie, shall we go? Roberta spoke. Syx nodded and followed Roberta to the chamber.


Before they went to the chamber, they stopped by Roberta's Chamber. They entered and she went to her bed and pulled out a special box from under it. “Here, you go, my sister. We have been best friends since childhood, and you have helped me more times than I have known so have created these just for you!” she said to the Demoness, handing her the gift. Syx, with an evil smile on her face, thanked her ally in arms and opened the box, revealing a pair of Spiky Platform boots, with cages below the platforms. In her own wicked way, she smiled very happily. “Wow, these boots are awesome! It's just what I wanted!! I love you so much, sis!” she said she gave Roberta a small kiss after putting them on. Roberta started to blush brightly, said shyly. “I-I'm glad you liked them, sweetie. Shall we head to the torture chamber to crush some more tinies and cities?” Goddess Syx nodded and finally, they headed to the torture chamber, where there were the little buggers awaiting their execution from two of existence's awesome goddesses, as they started to kill them off and made them suffer greatly....and this lasted for hours....until it was time for Goddess Syx to return to her realm as she said farewell to her best friend, Omega Goddess Roberta, awaiting for their next meeting...



The End


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