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Story Notes:

Stubbornstain was kind enough to let me do a story for him! Please check out his stuff both here, and deviantart. He also admins a discord server so if anybody wants to join the Macro Den let him know and he will hook you up.

Hope y'all enjoy, and had happy holidays!

Most pets spend the vast majority of their lives waiting, at least when their owners are not around to play with them and give them attention. Charlie's life was no exception. From the moment he heard the strange, thunderous mechanical vibrations coming from outside of his owners living quarters, he knew he was going to be alone for another few hours, at least.

Charlie hated hearing the loud, unnerving sound that was emitted from his owner's strange device. Whenever he heard it, it signaled that she was going to leave him for a long time. He was unsure of what exactly the device was, all he knew was that it was bigger than his owner, and she sometimes referred to it as a 'car'. Or at least, that is what she had tried telling him several occasions.

His owner, 'Mama' as he had learned to call her, tried telling him lots of things. She would point at herself, and say any number of meaningless phrases. 'Mama', 'owner', and any number of strange sounds that seemed to refer to herself.

Mama pointed to other things as well, and tried to teach him what they were. Currently, he was on a 'table' in a 'bedroom'. He knew a few other things as well, but actually saying the word aloud was almost impossible for Charlie. His own name was the only other thing he could pronounce other than 'Mama', but even then Mama seemed disappointed with how he said it. Try as he might, he could not figure out how to maneuver his tongue to make the unusual sounds Mama did.

As per usual whenever Mama left in her 'car' almost every morning, Charlie found himself alone. The home Mama provided for him was much different from the one she lived in. Aside from Mama's home being hundreds of times bigger, her walls were different from his. Charlie could see through his walls clearly, and they felt smoother than her walls. Sometimes, the strange glowing orb that illuminated Mama's 'bedroom' would seemingly catch on the normally clear walls. It hurt if he tried to stare at it for too long, and Charlie would be forced to blink and look away, rubbing his eyes in pain.

However, something was abnormal about this particular morning. Mama had clearly been in a hurry, as she had failed to fix the 'bed' that she slept on. The sheets were a mess, as if she had just hopped out of bed, put on her clothes and ran. Before she had left however, she had remembered to remove the waste basket than Charlie used to relieve himself. However, she had forgotten to replace it, leaving a gap in Charlie's home. A hole in the side of the glass home that led to the top of a 'table' in Mama's bedroom.

Charlie frowned. His little legs carried him forward to the edge of his home, where the hole was. He could feel that outside of the glass house, the air was noticeably cooler. He was unsure as to why this was, but he found the air much more breathable. Any thoughts of remaining in his enclosure leaving him as instinct took over, Charlie wandered out of the glass home, breathing in deeply.

The air inside of his glass home was stale, and stuffy as it was sealed off from the rest of Mama's house, save for a few holes at the top of the house. By comparison, the air outside of his enclosure was fresh, and smelled nice. He filled his lungs to maximum capacity with as much of the lovely air as he could, and exhaled loudly when he had had his fill.

Looking around him, he took note of the top of the table he was on. He had lived here for weeks, but not once had he been able to explore the table that he saw every day from behind his glass prison. Mama would sometimes take him out, and he would see the rest of her house. Usually she walked too fast for him to remember much of what was around him, however. Walking across the table, he realized that his owner had forgotten another thing that morning, with him on the table.

He had no idea what it was, save that Mama seemed to treasure it above all else. She would often hold it up to her ear, and begin speaking at it. She seemed to really enjoy doing so. Charlie knew not why. Taking a closer look at the device, Charlie realized that the device seemed to be constructed of the same material as his glass home, albeit it was not clear. It did however have the same texture as his glass home, and the light coming in from a 'window' nearby refracted off the surface.

The device was just a little taller than Charlie were he to lay down next to it, and in the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges. Unusual to say the least. Curiously, Charlie stood on top of the device, and looked down at it. He could see himself in it.

Waving at himself, Charlie laughed as he saw himself waving at smiling and laughing back at him. He was having a very fun time, until the device suddenly activated.

The once black glass erupted with bright white light, that blinded Charlie, and the whole thing began to vibrate very loudly. Charlie yelped in fright as the thing shook against the table, and he fell backwards on the table.

Charlie covered his ears as the thing shook at vibrated. It was unbearably loud to his tiny, delicate ears. Even when he used his fingers to plug his ears, shutting off the sound from his mind, the vibrations of the device were more than enough to make his teeth shatter and bones shake. He fell to his knees, not understanding what was going on. Charlie quickly returned to his glass home and hid from the device, hoping it would shut itself off.

After several seconds of agonizing sound, the vibrations ceased. Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. It made no sense to him. Why would Mama value such a terrible machine? What compelled her to hold such a thing to her ear?

Charlie shook his head. Mama was very big, and very strong, and also very smart. She probably did something with the device to make it play only pleasant sounds. More pleasant that her voice perhaps. Charlie became saddened upon realizing that he would be waiting a very long time before Mama came home. He was about to lay down in his glass home, when the horrendous vibrating resumed.

Charlie quivered as the device continued to vibrate. He covered his ears once more, and made loud noises with his mouth, trying to drown out the sound. It was not enough however.

Charlie couldn't wait for Mama to come home, and take the vile thing away. But it would be several hours before that happened, and he could not wait that long. Desperate, Charlie ran back towards the device, covering his ears. He had seen Mama touching the glass part, presumably that was how she operated the device.

There were several different colors on the bright screen, with different symbols on them. Charlie had no clue as to which one would shut the vibrations off. On the bottom of the screen, were two lights, in the shape of circles. One circle was green, with an unusual symbol on it. The other circle was red, with the same symbol as the green light, but this symbol had a line going through it.

Green was a prettier color, Charlie thought, and he desperately tapped the green circle several times. To his delight, the vibrating stopped. But another noise erupted from the device.

"Oh dear! Someone answered the phone." An voice said. The voice was unfamiliar to Charlie, and while it was similar to Mama's, it sounded slightly muffled. "I thought you said that nobody was home?" The voice continued.

"Nobody is." Another voice, that sounded farther away said. But Charlie recognized the voice instantly.

"Mama!" Charlie cried, grateful to hear her.

"Someone is on the line!" The first voice said. "It said 'Mama'?"

"Mama? Oh god, Charlie?" Mama said, her voice suddenly full of concern. "Mom, give me the phone! Charlie somehow got out of his cage!" There was a bit of shuffling, and Mama's voice suddenly became much louder and clearer than before.

"Charlie? Honey is that you?" Mama asked, worried.

"Mama?" Charlie said. He was soothed by her use of his name. He had no clue what she had said afterwards, but it didn't matter, she was somehow talking to him, and had made the terrible vibrations go away. That was all that mattered.

"Yes, it's me!" Mama said from the other end. "Stay right there honey, we're coming to get you."

"But why? He's at home, safe-" The other voice said, distantly.

"He got out of his cage mom! He might hurt himself!" Mama shot back. There seemed to be a bit of bickering between the two.

Charlie was confused. He kept saying Mama's name, hoping she would pay attention to him. As her voice slowly got more and more distant, Charlie grew worried. What if they buzzing came back from this device? And furthermore, how did Mama get into the device? How was she speaking to him?

These questions would most likely never be answered, Charlie realized. He'd probably forget them sooner or later.


A few minutes later, Charlie became acutely aware of the loud, powerful mechanical purr of Mama's 'car'. Charlie perked up, listening intently. He had hoped that Mama would be on her way, but he had been unsure.

To Charlie's delight, he felt minute rumblings on the table, as he always did when Mama was returning from wherever she went during the day. The strange device had stopped buzzing and vibrating, and it seemed to be staying that way for the time being, nonetheless Charlie treated it with caution. However, Mama's booming footsteps shook the little thing slightly on the table.

He was worried at first that this might cause the thing to begin buzzing once more, but any fears of that happening quickly dissipated when the massive wooden structure that swung open and shut when Mama wanted to enter the bedroom suddenly moved.

Mama appeared from behind the structure, with a frown on her face. Behind her was another person, whom Charlie did not recognize.

Mama was a full figured young woman, with wide hips, thick thighs and light brown hair. She had a very motherly, kindred appearance about her that put Charlie at ease, especially whenever she smiled. At the moment however, Mama appeared very worried. Upon seeing her beloved pet outside of his terrarium, Mama immediately gasped and rushed towards Charlie.

"Charlie!" Mama squealed, grasping her pet with her hands. Lovingly, she hugged him, pressing Charlie's tiny body against her enormous, soft bosom. "I'm so sorry I left your cage open."

Charlie had no clue what she was saying, on account of him not speaking her language, and his ears being blocked by what had to be several hundred pounds of tantalizing breast flesh. Her chest was warm, and inviting. Charlie could feel the steady, powerful beat that was her heart pulsing within her.

"So that's Charlie?" A heavily muffled, feminine voice said distantly.

Mama turned around, with Charlie still snuggled against her chest. She blushed prominently upon realizing her mother was watching her cuddle with her pet in such a manner. Mama withdrew Charlie from her breasts, and held him up to her mother.

"Mom, meet Charlie!" Mama beamed. She ruffled her pet's hair affectionately. "Charlie, say hello!"

Charlie simply sat in Mama's hand, looking at the woman who Mama was holding him up to. She looked very similar to Mama. Like Mama, she was full figured, with soft features and a warm demeanor. However unlike Mama, her face was adorned with a few wrinkles, and her hair was not quite as vibrant as Mama's. She did smile like Mama, Charlie noticed.

"Charlie, say hello!" Mama repeated once more, snapping him out of his gaze. She was a bit more forceful this time, urging him to do something. Charlie was confused. What did she want him to do?

Looking back at Mama, Charlie was perplexed to see her looking at him both pleadingly and firmly. He cocked his head, confused. Behind him, the other woman was chuckling.

"Nice try Olivia, but I don't think he can speak." She said.

"He can!" Mama shot back. "Charlie, say hello, just like we practiced honey." Mama said.

Charlie gave her a blank expression. After a few awkward moments of silence, with him showing no understanding whatsoever of what she wanted from him, Mama finally gave up. She sighed.

"Let's just get lunch ready mom." Mama said dejectedly.

"Aww don't feel bad honey. You tried you best." The woman told mom as the two giants left the bedroom. Lacking a shirt pocket for Charlie, Mama settled for placing her pet between her breasts for safekeeping.

The woman seemed off put by what she perceived as a rather lewd action, but gave it no further thought. She chalked it up to kids these days.

The footsteps made by the pair were incredibly loud, at least to Charlie. Furthermore they sent tremors coursing through his spine. Charlie instinctively nuzzled against the breasts that held him in place, soothed by their warmth and softness. Mama noticed this, and perhaps with a fair bit of self-pity stroked his face, her own way of telling him she was not mad at him.

Charlie was glad she wasn't. He didn't like it when Mama was angry. It was hard to guess under her affable nature, that she possessed a scary side. He wondered if the other woman was also nice like Mama. She had nearly made Mama mad. Then again, perhaps it had been Charlie's fault?

As Charlie contemplated whether or not this newcomer was friendly or not, Mama set about preparing a meal for herself and her mother, with Charlie in tow. As she reached for plates, ingredients and drinks, her breasts pressed against Charlie rather roughly. As Mama was reaching for a glass from a top shelf, she failed to realize that she was smothering her pet, until he cautiously called out her name.

"Mama?" He said, with a distinctively distressed tincture in his voice. Realizing what she was doing, Mama quickly set down the glass she had just grabbed, and quickly soothed her pet.

"Hush now sweetie." She said softly, stroking him with her finger gently. "I'm sorry."

Charlie cuddled against her finger, happy to receive some attention. Mama giggled at this playfulness, ruffling his hair once more. Charlie protested her withdrawing her finger, but relented when she firmly, but very carefully pressed her breasts against him, lightly squeezing him, asserting her dominance, albeit lovingly.

"Not now Charlie," She whispered, releasing him from his vise "Later."

Charlie understood, and allowed her to continue her task unhindered. He watched with interest as Mama skillfully prepared something delicious, wielding utensils far larger than he was with ease. The rich aroma of freshly cut bread, and sweet onions made Charlie's mouth drool.

Mama spread some kind of sauce over the bread with a knife. She dipped her finger in the sauce, and licked it, moaning in pleasure as she savored it.

"Mmmmm." She rumbled. Bringing what remained of the sweet sauce on her finger down to him, she enticed him to lick. Not hesitating, Charlie licked her finger clean of the sauce, loving the taste. When he was finished, and gave her finger itself some love, she ruffled his hair for good measure. "Good boy Charlie."

With that, she resumed her sandwich making process, placing the ingredients together with expertise. Charlie noticed that she made her sandwich extra large, at least compared to the other, slightly smaller one she had made, presumably for the other woman. Mama had a slight bit of pudge on her belly, admittedly. Whereas Charlie was in phenomenal shape, on account of his active life style, Mama was a bit softer. Not fat, but plus sized, perhaps. She was gorgeous either way.

She chuckled, rubbing her tummy happily as she snuck a stray slice of ham that she decided not to put on her sandwich.

"Don't snitch on me Charlie!" Mama whispered playfully. "Mom's been trying to get me to lose a bit of weight."

Charlie had long since gotten used to her speaking to him, whilst expecting no response in return. He usually just nodded, or smiled whenever she looked at him, or hoped for an answer. While she never got mad at him for not responding in her own weird method of using sounds to communicate, she did seem to encourage him to do so. She had been ecstatic when he finally managed to say 'Mama'.

It would be nice to be able to make her that happy again, Charlie thought.

Finally finished with the meal she had been working on, Mama brought the sandwiches to the dinner table, passing one to the other woman, who was waiting there expectantly.

"Is it proper to have it sit at the table with us sweetheart?" The woman asked, pointing a finger at Charlie.

"His name is Charlie mom." Mama said firmly. "And he's not going to bother you or anything like that."

After this brief exchange, Charlie mostly just blanked out. It just now occurred to him, what with the incident from earlier with that strange object that vibrated, that Charlie had forgotten his breakfast. Mama had laid him out some food in his glass home, but he had forgotten to eat it.

As a result, he was rather hungry. He eyed Mama's delicious looking food with envy, in awe of how much she could swallow with just a single bite. His stomach growled aggressively.

He realized that it might be some time before Mama returned him to his glass home, by that time his breakfast would have soured. And it would be a bit before Mama would feed him once more.

Instinct taking over, Charlie gently began to poke the massive, soft structure that was Mama's breast, trying to get her attention. She seemed too preoccupied with her current conversation to notice anything however.

Charlie tried poking harder, to no avail. He thought of saying her name aloud, but realized he'd never match the volume Mama and the other woman were speaking at.

Charlie's hunger was growing. He felt empty, and he could feel himself becoming more light headed by the second. If he did not get any food soon, he might vomit, and he didn't like to think of what her reaction would be if he did so on her chest.

Taking a big risk, Charlie gently placed his finger nail on Mama's breast, and scratched her.

The sensation of him doing so was evidently enough for Mama to take notice, as she frowned, and turned her attention to Charlie, who looked at her guiltily.

"Charlie?" She said. "Something wrong?" She asked.

Charlie did not know how to respond. He tried waving at her, but she didn't seem to understand the notion.

"I told you he would interrupt Olivia." The other woman said from across the table.

"Sorry mom." Mama said quietly. "But if you'll excuse me, I'll see what he wants."

Mama carried Charlie into a separate room. Charlie thought it was similar to the bedroom, albeit much larger with much more unusual beds that Mama didn't sleep in for some reason. Perhaps it was because of the strange design of these beds. Then why would she even have them?

Mama had her own name for the strange bedroom, however Charlie did not spend much time here. As such she decided not to waste time trying to teach him. Most likely because the name was longer than 'bedroom' and it had taken some time for Charlie to even comprehend that much.

Regardless, it was not where Charlie wanted to go. He was glutton for some of the delicious meat that Mama had prepared for herself and the other woman.

"Something wrong Charlie?" Mama asked, fishing Charlie out of her chest in order to speak with him properly. She held him in her open palm so that he had some liberty of movement, but was very careful to keep her hand steady so he would not fall.

Charlie was able to understand what she meant. Whenever she spoke, often he could not decipher her individual words, but recognized the sound it make in completion. 'Something wrong' spoken just before his name meant that she was wondering if he needed something, like water, or if he was in pain or ill.

Yet there was no system for showing his desire to eat. Usually she just filled his glass home twice a day at a set time, so he was never really hungry. As such Charlie never needed to show that he was to her. Now however, he was hungry. Dreadfully so and with no way to tell her.

He tried poking his own stomach, to no avail. Mama looked at him quizzically, cocking her head in confusion.

"Does your tummy hurt?" Mama asked. She was not bringing him back to the other room to get food, and she appeared confused still.

Charlie's stomach rumbled. Taking a deep breath, he tried his hardest to remember something from one of the various lessons Mama had tried getting him to learn from. He recalled her vague instructions from weeks ago, and opened his mouth.

Mama appeared very surprised when he began producing very strange noises.

"Hooonnngggeee." Charlie bleated. "Uuuuuuuuunggggggggrry."

The sound was unnatural to both himself and Mama. He tried getting his lips and throat to work together to produce the sounds Mama made seem effortless.

"Huuuuunnngry!" Charlie said, focusing less on getting the sounds of the word correct, and just on speed. To his pleasant surprise, Mama's face lit up in both shock and delight as she comprehended what her pet had just said.

"Hungry?" She asked, to which Charlie nodded furiously.

"Hungry!" Charlie exclaimed, mimicking the word. His pronunciation was a little shaky, but the word was absolutely distinct.

Mama squealed happily as she felt more proud of herself as well as Charlie than she thought possible. She hugged Charlie tightly, laughing.

"I'm so proud of you!" She beamed, smothering Charlie with her titanic bosoms. "My little Charlie said his first word!"

Charlie was confused by her actions. He had expected her to respond by getting him something to eat, but was very happy she was so pleased by his actions. He could not hear her laudation of him, as his ears were sealed off by her flesh, but her voice seemed to be very happy indeed. Wondering what she wanted, Charlie nuzzled her mammary, placing an affectionate little kiss on Mama's sensitive breast.

This snapped Mama out of her praise, and she finally removed him from her chest. She returned his kiss in kind, placing her plump, full lips on him, smooching him lovingly. Her lips casually forced Charlie onto his back in her palm, letting her smother him with affection.

"Let me get you some food!" She said breathlessly and excitedly over her kisses. "My little Charlie is hungry after all!"

Practically sprinting back into the room with the other woman, Mama had an enormous smile on her face as she beheld her pet with great adoration in front of the other, older woman, who appeared perplexed by Mama's actions.

"Hey mom? We're going to need to give Charlie his own place at the table. Because Charlie, you are?"

"Hungry!" Charlie said, the moment Mama stopped talking.

This came as a great surprise to the older woman, who regarded both Charlie and Mama with disbelief. Seeing this, Mama's smile became ear to ear. She cheered loudly, placing Charlie on the dinner table so she could prepare something for him to eat.

"I must admit Olivia." The older woman said, regarding Charlie with a newfound respect. "I didn't think you could do it."

She carefully nudged Charlie with her hand.

"But this little guy really is something because of you." She said. Mama returned with a bright red fruit, that she knew Charlie loved. A strawberry.

"Here you go Charlie!" Mama said joyously, placing the entire fruit in front of her pet. "You've more than earned it."

Normally she would give him a small slice of the fruit. An entire strawberry was very large to someone of Charlie's stature; however, she was more than adamant in believing he deserved every bite of the delicious treat.

Charlie's eyes bulged, and his mouth watered. Not waiting for Mama to potentially change her mind, he dived at the strawberry, his little hands removing bits and pieces of it as he stuffed them into his mouth.

"Come now, he should still have some table manners!" The older woman exclaimed as Charlie made such a mess, spurting strawberry juice everywhere. Mama laughed it off, eating a strawberry off her own from the bag that she had.

As Charlie ate his feel of his favorite food, he could only imagine what other treats he could get if he learned even more words. While the effect would most likely be lost over time, and he couldn't expect a strawberry every single time he said something right, he could still try.

And for now, trying his best tasted good.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed Stubbornstain, and everybody else who read!

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