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As promised, here is the poll for Nick VS Highschool BONUS Chapter selections! If you are confused as to what is going on, I made a promise to create three extra chapters in the event of hitting 250 reviews on my story Nick V Highschool, and this is a poll to select what those chapters will entail.

You are allowed TWO votes per person, no more and no less. You are NOT allowed to cast BOTH votes to the same option. You MUST vote for TWO different chapter options. You can either email your vote to me at giantess9669@gmail.com if you do not have an account on this site, or if you do, you can leave your votes in the reviews (please do not add ratings to votes, only add a rating when in regards to the criticism of a bonus chapter!)


Below is what a vote should look like:

I vote options A and B or I vote options 1 and 2


A vote should NOT look like this...

I vote the first and last options or I vote the option in the middle


Be specific when casting your votes. Any votes that are confusing, or are not grammatically legible WILL be ignored.

If you are emailing your vote to me, please add the subject "casting my vote" so that I can organize the votes more clearly!

With all this in mind, here are the possible choices for bonus chapters! Read over them carefully, and make your decision wisely! I will only make THREE of the options, and that's not going to change.


Bonus Options


1. In this chapter, Nick and Kaya and Chloe engage in a three way. Chloe takes advantage of Kaya's domination/vore fetish and swallows both Kaya and Nick whole. Kaya and Nick would then have sex inside of Chloe's gut, as Chloe masturbates


2. In this alternate ending, Chloe grows 60 feet tall after drinking the growth serum inside GenetiCo, but instead of becoming enraged, she remains in FULL control of her actions, and goes on a vore spree across the city as she takes advantage of her new size!


3. In this chapter, Bridgette and Nick decide to spice up their sex life with some anal play. Bridgette will end up anal voring Nick.


4. It's a shame that Zelena never successfully ate Nick... but what if she did? In this chapter Zelena SUCCEEDS! She'll successfully capture Nick, and finally devour him, putting an end to his life as he slowly digests inside of her (this option does not host scat)


5. In this chapter Bridgette and Abigail decide to get kinky, and Nick get's caught right in the middle of it! After getting caught between both woman's breasts as they embrace, the two end up tossing him back and forth between their mouths as they make out. The question is... which one will end up with Nick in their stomach? ;)


6. In this chapter, Abigail decides to indulge her fantasies with Nick. After getting extremely horny, Nick ends up being shoved up her snatch as she uses him to pleasure herself!


7. In this alternate ending, Zelena rises from the dead! She drinks Auron's growth formula and grows 70 feet tall and goes on a crushing and voring RAMPAGE across the city, forcing it's citizens to bow before her, or DIE!


8. In this alternate ending, Kaya get's the cure instead of Nick, and the two end up 'interacting' with eachother at opposite heights (would include some feet and mouth play, all gentle)


9. Susan returns from the dead! She kidnaps Nick for herself, where he is forced to worship her giant feet and enormous ass! Once it's all said and done, she cannot allow him to tell anybody, and she anal vores him to live the remainder of his days inside her colossal anus!


10. In this alternate ending for Kaya, Peyton succeeds in swallowing her whole! Enjoy a chapter with extensive mouth play, some foot play, and a little digestion as Kaya loses all hope inside of Peyton's gut! (this chapter will not host scat)


These are all the options! (There's a few more I could have added, but I felt they were to similar to a couple of the others)

These choices were added based on the most loud spoken emails/reviews that I recieved. This is the final list, and I will not be adding any more.

Remember, only THREE of these options will be chosen as bonus chapters, so CAREFULLY CHOOSE the chapters you want.

Remember, you CAN NOT VOTE TWICE FOR THE SAME OPTION! You MUST vote for two of the options. The reason for this is because I'm not certain enough people will vote to make the poll interesting, and I want to spice up the diversity of the votes a little bit. BOTH VOTES MUST BE CAST!

I will post an update chapter on January 3rd with the final results! Thanks for reading, and vote away!

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