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Predators were attacking humanity for ages. These are bloodthirsty giants whose eat people. When they appear, people die.

Alexandra is such predator. She hates killing people and she can't accept who she is. She is unhappy. One day she had heard about love and she wanted it. When Alex met Dominic - teenager with interesting preferences - she even more wanted stop be herself. Despite some problems they liked each other. After that, her life had completely change to better. But it was still long way...

Rated: PG
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Adventure, Breasts, Gentle, Vore Characters: None
Growth: Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes
Word count: 39495 Read: 16202
Published: December 05 2017 Updated: January 16 2018
Story Notes:

It has written in first person point of view. In fact, here is giantess point of view and human one. Story is focused on feelings of them.

Here is only one full erotic short scene. Engilsh in this story is surely not perfect, but I write as best as I can. I promise. By the way it is my first story in english.

Please forgive mistakes, if they appear - say - I'll try repair.


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1. Beginning, Day I by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 5] (908 words)

2. Day II by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1793 words)

First real meet giantess and small man. Enjoy!

3. Day III by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1393 words)

Here is vore scene. It's only i have to say, Enjoy!


4. Day IV 1/2 by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (2150 words)

This day would be too long for one chapter. Here are very brutal (in my opinion) scenes of death and slaughter (crush and vore). More serious chapter this time, but important. I forgotten to add that in this chapter is erotic scene too, but no long or important. If you don't like erotic scenes, just pass it.



5. Day IV 2/2 by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1569 words)

In this chapter Dominic and Alex play with each other.

Just enjoy.

I translated it faster than i supposed.

6. Day V by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (3674 words)

This is a long chapter. It could be boring because here doesn't happen any amazing things. Alex is examinated by doctors. However I think you'll like it.


7. Day VI by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1074 words)

Short chapter where Alex first time helps somebody and has her first work.


8. Day VII by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1670 words)

In this chapter Dominic hasn't featured, Alex know new man, who is quite important despite he will be rather rare in story.

Short chapter. Enjoy!

9. Day VIII by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1298 words)

This day Alex... comes to school. 

I am glad I translated it quickly. Enjoy!

10. Day IX by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1977 words)

In this chapter Alex is in school again but it's not everything, there is also some action. I translated it more carefully this time so I have hope it has been (even) correctly written. Enjoy!

11. Day X by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1576 words)

Alex is in school again, but it is last time. This chapter is rather more serious. Here is next action. 


12. Day XI by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1249 words)

I translated this day quite fast. This day is more cheerful.

I have hope I didn't make any bigger mistake.


13. Day XII by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (4344 words)

Finally! Hours of work on this chapter has ended. Sometimes I make very stupid mistakes, but forgive me please. I try to write correctly.

Anyway, this chapter is longer than others. Here is mainly fun but Alex also learnt something important. Enjoy!


14. Day XVI by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (2750 words)

It took longer than I supposed, but you have it. 

In this chapter Alex has next challenge which she has to face against. Here is a breasts motive. I think you'll like it. Enjoy.

15. Day XVII by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (2925 words)

Original chapter was shorter but I upgraded it. I thought it would be poor day.

Anyway, here is erotic scene. I added it. And here is also much breast motive. I warned.

I have hope You will have some fun.

16. Day XVIII Grand Finale by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (6406 words)

I know, it took quite long, Forgive me. 

It's the longest chapter of whole story. Only here, Alex learnt true love. Here, she meets with her biggest challange. It's not last chapter, two short ones have left to end. Here is not too much tenderness (it is only in beginning), mainly action. I have hope you'll like it. Or even love. Would be great! Anyway, enjoy!

17. Day XX by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1201 words)

In this chapter you will get know what will be in sequel. More or less.

chapter. To be honest, here happens nothing interesting without that here are Eric. Dominic, Alex and Adrianna together. 


18. Day XXIII End by Miszczu21PL [Reviews - 0] (1538 words)

So... it's end. It took few days because I was working on sequel, I write when I have ideas. Know I have many ideas.

Short chapter where are scenes of tenderness and teasing. and also... something cool.