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Story Notes:

It has written in first person point of view. In fact, here is giantess point of view and human one. Story is focused on feelings of them.

Here is only one full erotic short scene. Engilsh in this story is surely not perfect, but I write as best as I can. I promise. By the way it is my first story in english.

Please forgive mistakes, if they appear - say - I'll try repair.


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Hey everyone! My name is Alex. I have short blond hair to shoulders and green eyes. I like good fun, music and each cakes.
I want to write here - together with one person -  how my life have changed. I will tell you that story.

I dwell in underwater apartament together with my friend Adrianna. We are predators. What is predator?
Predator is a giant, who eat people. Yeah I am a giantess, no kidding. I have 200 feet height. Do you think is this cool? I don't know.
I am jelaous because of people have many things which i don't have, and they can do what I can't]. They can driving, skiing, go camping, they have many holidays.
With time I learnt accepting who I am, at least I was thinking so. One day I realised I was totally wrong about that. Better  I'll start from beginning.

Few years ago, our life with Adrianna was going on about killing, have fun or just sleeping. I was killing people, because I had to eat. I wasn't like it at all but I didn't have choice. One day I met a man, who told me about "love". He said it is affection myself to second person and people have "love" and they can love each other but I didn't know what that really mean. I wanted know what it is. Sometimes I was catching walking couples and I was asking them: what is love. I didn't get anything without screams and "please mercy me". When I pleased them to show me, they was always escaping
Then I met another man, who said: "It means counts somebody more than myself". I didn't know anything more. 
One day Adrian just gone. Without word. I was feeling even more lonely after that. I didn't have anybody without her. Surprisingly it was supposed to change.
Everything began one spring day...

Day I

It was April, medium town in France called Radrais, about 10 miles from coasts of Atlantic ocean. It was my first visit in that town.

Pretty, sunny day. Good for walk.
It would be just a great day if... was not me.
I went across a town, doing loud steps. 
I dressed my favourite black hoodie and jeans without trainers.
It was something about noon. I was bored so I decided to have some fun like everyday.
I saw three humans: two women and a man. They was staying near oil station. When they saw me too, they instantly got shocked. They wanted run away, but I had blocked only way to escape with my big foot. 
I looked down and I smiled, seeing their helplessness.

-Oh my God! She will kill us! - one of women screamed.

I heightened my foot and I made them more. scared. I pushed women to the ground. I was waggling with my foot over their heads, imitating I want kill them. To be honest I  don't kill for the pleasure. However I like imitate. 
Suddenly, man picked up a rod and he hit several times my second foot on the ground.
I looked on him like on idiot. He put down his rod and pet me. He thought it will help in some way.

-You made me angry... 

I picked him very high. He was deathly scared. I was holding him with my two fingers. Man obviously panicked.

-GOD God God God! - man yelled.
-Aren't you so courage like before, hmm? - I said with pity.
-I beg you! Leave me alone! 

I let him be. 
He got my mercy and I put him down without word. Those women have escaped. 
Somebody with headphones was just leaving a store.  I couldn't left him like that. He was not hearing me, so I could make him a little surprise.
When he left I showed myself in front of his face. 


He squiked and fell on his butt, and while he was escaping, he fell next double time. 
I laughed at him. I very like do this. 
I got up. I went to west side of the town. I found a school. I decided to look there.
I stayed in front of building. I brought my head closer to windows. I was clearly seeing everything.

-Hey there! 

People started screaming and panic has exploded in class. Students drew closer to walls. It seemed like doors slammed shut. I was looking at them with keen on what they will do. I noticed one boy who was... other. He came to window and they looked up at me. That boy... he has short brown hairs with funny fringe. He was looking good... Why he wasn't scared like everyone? 
I smiled to him. He returned. Woah. I was surprised.  I tapped twice the window gently. He waved to me. I did it too. Cute boy. 
I put my forefinger on window this time. He put his hand on other side. I smirked to him. I think I made contact with him. 
Teacher get to the boy and he tried to pull him away. Stranger couldn't handle with him so he just get out a pistol and pointed it at me. He shot to my face.

-Ouch... - I have been wounded in cheek. Nothing dangerous. 
-Leave her alone! - boy was trying stop his teacher. 

I didn't heard something. Then stranger shouted.

-It's beast! It doesn't has any feelings!
-It's not a beast!

You can't even perhaps what I felt in that moment. I didn't have any words.
I heard that army was coming. I decided go away. I didn't want to fight. I didn't want slaughter. Anyway it wasn't even big squad.
I thought I have to find him tomorrow.

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