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Story Notes:

This story takes place in a Queendom called Robertanari, by the way. (Yup, a Queendom. where lands are ruled by a Queen...)


Disclaimer: This story is not to related to any real persons or any places in the world. This story is entirely fictional as it has no relations to any ethnic, racial or religious groups. This is entirely for entertainment purposes only! All places, people and thing are the property of their respective owners. I am not involved with these. No copyright infringement is intended. All Rights Reserved.

Author's Chapter Notes:

DISCLAIMER: Okay, this story contains some offensive stuff, so if this offends you, stop reading. If this doesn't bother you, read on! This is my very first giantess story, so go easy on me.

This story is similarily based on an RP that I did with a friend on Google+ (Also, I wrote this story long ago, but didn’t have the time to upload it, so I’ll show it off here)

NOTICE: All characters and locations are original and made up by me (aside from Robin, a friend) 



 One day, Queen Roberta Giantess was sitting on her throne reading her favorite comic book when the guards came in with a prisoner. Your Majesty! Your Majesty! The guard shouted. We have caught an intruder in the royal treasury!




What?! No one was supposed to enter the treasury with all my precious valuables, bring the vile criminal to me at once, yelled the Queen. The soldiers agreed. “Yes, your Majesty.” Then they bring the prisoner forward to the Queen Roberta. Queen Roberta then rises from her throne and walk toward the prisoner, who was cuffed. “So, you're the culprit,” Roberta angrily spoke to the prisoner. “How dare you steal from my sacred treasury! You shall face punishment! Tell me your name, thief!” Roberta demanded from the prisoner.



“I-It's Robin, ma'am. I didn't know what I was thinking, majesty. I'm sorry. I just wanted to see what they looked like...” cried Robin. “Please forgive me, I'm sorry! Give me another chance! I won't do it again! Honest!” Robin pleaded and begged the Queen to spare his life, however Queen Roberta was not pleased and said, “You should know better on what you did was wrong, but you clearly defied my rules and you will be punished for this misdeed.” One of the guards said, “Hmm, what shall we do with the prisoner, your majesty? Shall we throw him into the dungeon?” “No, that won't be necessary, I have a better idea to handle this one... Hmhmhm... I am a sorceress after all, so leave him to me,” chained up. “Why don't you guys get some lunch and leave the rest to me, thank you dears. Roberta said and smiled.”




“Very well, your majesty. We shall take our leave then. Be careful, my Queen,” said the guard. As the guards left, Queen Roberta was left alone with the prisoner. “Well, well, so you thought you can get away from stealing from me, huh, you worthless thief?” Said Queen Roberta angrily as she fiercely kicked Robin in his stomach. “For your punishment, I will shrink you to half an inch tall and place you in my pretty jewels and no one will be able to hear you or see you except me, you got that, you bastard?”




Robin, still hurting from the Queen's kick to his stomach cried out and said, “-sniff- I'm sorry, my Queen, I didn't mean to steal from you, honest. I-I just wanted to... cried Robin.”



“SILENCE, you scumbag!” Roberta angrily spoke. “You will speak when I want you to. Plus, it is too late for you, thief! “Now it is time for our talk to end and your shrinking to begin,” Queen Roberta forcibly said.


“Noooooooo,” cried Robin. “I won't steal from you again, I promise! Please, have mercy on me!


I'm so sorry! Pleeeeease! Don't do this, your Majesty! I'll be good!!!”




Queen Roberta Giantess, ignored his whining and starts chanting a mysterious spell on Robin, causing him to shrink. Smaller and smaller he got, he got scared as everything in the throne room began to get bigger than him, including the Queen herself. He continued to shrink until he was half of an inch tall, when the Queen kneeled down and reach in his empty clothes and picked the tiny naked thief up with her white gloved fingers and brought him to her face at eye level. Robin cried out and said, “You're a cruel witch, you are so mean, why you make me tiny?”




“Because you went in my treasury and attempted to steal my sacred jewelry. Now, what do you have to say for yourself, little man?” Queen Roberta forcibly said, “Please, have mercy on me, my Queen. Please do not be so cruel to me, Majesty,” Robin cried out.




“You think I will have mercy on you? After trying to rob me of my jewels? Not a chance, you little bastard.” Queen Roberta said angrily to him. “First, I need to go on my Jog and you will be coming with me, IN MY SNEAKERS! Hahahaha...” Queen Roberta laughs evilly, as she transports the tiny thief and traps him in her diamond ring which she is currently wearing on her finger. Robin, still scared, is bouncing around in her gorgeous diamond ring as she walks to her chambers to get her jogging clothes the maids left for her on her bed. Then she goes to her personal showers and washes herself up as little Robin looks up at her in fear and gets shook around in his diamond prison as his Queen cleanses herself up.




“Ahhhh, that felt great, heeheehee,” giggled Queen Roberta as she got out of the shower and returns to her chambers and puts on her jogging gym clothes. Then she looks at her ring and taps the ring, causing little Robin to stumble over in the ring. “Hey, you little loser, get up! Have you forgotten that you are going to be my foot slave as I jog in my platform sneakers? Get up or I will make you even smaller.” Queen Roberta demanded. Robin recovers from his dizziness from being shaken and begged for her to spare him. “Nooooo, please no more torture, my Queen! I beg of you! Don't put me in your sneaker! Please, no!”




“Shut up, thief! Be silent or I will reduce you to an atom!!” Queen Roberta said angrily. Queen Roberta's words struck his heart and he got a lot scared. “Y-Yes, Majesty!!!” Roberta chants a small spell to transport him from the ring to the palm of her hand. “Good and remember, slave, don't bother calling for the maids or anyone else for help, because they cannot hear or see you in any way. Only I can see you and hear you, no matter what tiny size you become Now kiss and lick my feet while I do my jog or I will crush you into paste. Understood, bug?” Robin let out a whimper, “y-y-yes, my Q- Queen...” Robin cries in fear. “Good!” Roberta says proudly and drops him in her left shoe.




After falling such a long height, Robin fell into the bottom of her shoe and fell unconscious for a bit. As Queen Roberta was putting her left foot into the shoe, tiny Robin quickly got up and ran to the toe section of the shoe with all of his strength until he fell out and was tired, and couldn't move as the Queen slid her foot all the way in her sneaker, nearly crushing little Robin.




Roberta finished putting on her shoe with the little thief inside and then she put her foot in the right shoe and grabbed her wrist pads and headed out of her chamber and before she headed out to the courtyard to jog, one of her maids walked up to her and said, “Your Majesty, shall I prepare your dress for tonight's ball?” Queen Roberta said, “go right ahead and make sure you prepare some of my really fancy jewels and makeup as well.” The maid bowed down and proceeded to do her task as Roberta headed out to the courtyard to begin her exercise routine.




Meanwhile, the little thief was bouncing around and kept bouncing around in the shoe, getting a bit crushed every powerful step the gigantic (to Robin) Queen took. He even passed out even more than after the drop from the air. He ended up getting sick and almost began to vomit in the massive shoe. “Ugh...M-My Queen...please...show me....urrk” he said sickly. Bouncing around wasn't the only thing making him sick, but the stench of Queen Roberta's foot made him even more ill. He was shallowly breathing as he was getting extremely sick from exhaustion until the gigantic Queen stopped somewhere, but where, he had no clue. Then as he saw the foot come out of the shoe, he looked at the ceiling, which was the blue sky.




As Queen Roberta finished her jog, she went to sit on a nearby bench and took off her platform sneakers, and picked up the sneaker tiny Robin was in and reached her hand inside, and carefully pulled the tiny thief out of the sneaker and placed him in her hand. Roberta giggles, “Did you enjoy your trip in my sneakers?” Queen Roberta tries to sniff the little thief and begins to get jokingly disgusted, “Heeheehee, you are covered in my foot stench, you little stinker! Oh, but I'm not done with you yet, you little morsel! You see, I'm going to make your life a living hell, so prepare yourself, my little speck! Hahahahaha!!!!”




As the Queen looks down at him, Robin weakly begins to stand on his knees and get scared and cries, “You are a mean witch! You do not show me mercy, You torture me to death in your shoes and nearly kill me. -Sob- Robin continues to shed tears, but the Queen was glaring down at him. “Hmhmhm, you can call me whatever you wish but threatening me won't reverse your condition, Sadly, my shrinking spell on you is permanent, so you will remain that size for the rest of your miserable life! Hahaha!!” the Queen laughed at him and dropped him in her other shoe, and put the shoe back on, got up from the bench and continued her jog.




Robin, who is in the Queen's right sneaker, gets even more dizzy than before that he now has to endure the same torture from the Queen's giant toes. “Ugh, not....again....no, I don't want to go to this again...my Queen....u...g...h...” Robin says as before he completely passes out from the Queen's jog.




After a half hour of jogging, the Queen returns to her chambers and removes her shoes and reaches into her right shoe and reaches for the tiny unconscious Robin, who's deep in the toe section of her sneakers. “Hmm, this one is completely unconscious.” Roberta said happily and casts a revival spell to bring the tiny thief back from his unconscious state, and begins to poke him. “Wakey, wakey, little man. It's time to make yourself useful to me.” Roberta says forcibly.




Robin recovers from his unconscious state and wakes up in Queen Roberta's palm after feeling the Queen's enormous poke. “Huh? How am I still alive? I thought I was dead!” Robin says in his surprise. Queen Roberta giggles evilly, “I have brought you and I have made you immortal, hmhmhm... I don't want you to perish, I want you to suffer! You are my personal toy and I will do with you as I please, heeheeee.” Robin cries out “W-What are you going to do with me?” The Queen then flicks him and says to him, “Silence, you worthless filth! You will only speak when spoken to, you little worm!


Also, I am going to get ready for the ball tonight and you are coming with me, so stop your complaining, You worthless idiot!” Robin felt Queen Roberta's flick and whimpered, “Y-y-yes ma'am,

-sniff- I'll be good.“ Queen Roberta says in a sassy tone, “Hmph, you better be, or you will be shrunk even smaller.” Robin then gasped at Queen Roberta's words. “Y-yes...My Queen.” Queen Roberta then casts a spell to teleport him from her hand and into her favorite diamond ring the maids left for her before her exercise run. “I'm going to take a shower and while I am showering, you better not escape...oh wait, you can't!!!” she said while evilly laughing at him at his mishaps as he fights to get out of her diamond ring. Then she heads back into the shower and washes up, leaving the tiny thief trapped in the beautiful diamond ring on her dresser.




Meanwhile, Robin, trapped in the Queen's necklace attempted to free himself from the ring, but no matter what he did, he was completely trapped inside. “How am I gonna get out of here? My Queen refuses to listen to me ~sob~ I'll never escape.” the tiny thief cried to himself. A few minutes later, one of the Queen's maids come into the chamber and bring in the Queen's Jeweled Dress and Jeweled platform heels as well as picking up her dirty laundry, and take the clothes to be washed. Robin called out to the maid as she enters, but the maid couldn't see or hear him, due to the Queen's shrinking spell, which permanently effected him, and a few minutes later, the young maid exited the Queen's chambers, leaving the tiny thief to give up hope.




A few moments later, Queen Roberta comes out of the shower wrapped with nothing but a towel wrapped around her hair and body and some flip-flops, comes up to the gorgeous necklace and taps the diamond on the ring, and glares down at Robin. “Hi loser, did you miss me,” Queen Roberta said seductively as she blows a giant kiss towards him. “I hope you were behaving while I was showering, hmhmhm...” The Queen said as she made an evil smile towards the little thief... Robin then got scared as she smiled down on him as he began to shake out in fear of her on torturing him again. “No, my Queen, please don't leave me like this, I'm so sorry. Let me go! I have a family and they are very worried sick about me. So please find it in your heart to forgive me, I'm begging you!” he cried out to her. However, the Queen refused to hear his bickering and angrily pointed out, “Oh please, not this goddamn complaint again, Quit your whining, you wimp! You think your family can see or hear you in your condition?! My spell prevents anyone from seeing or hearing you, my dear have you forgotten?” Robin was very scared at hearing her words and balled up crying about his situation. Meanwhile, another maid came in and said, “My lady, the ball preparations are completed, as you have requested.” Roberta was pleased and said, “Excellent, darling. I shall be ready in an hour and make sure to evaluate everything, thank you for letting me know” Roberta smiled and tipped the maid. After the maid left the room, Roberta went back to the dresser and told the little thief, I'm going to the ballroom and you are coming with me again. Robin gasped and asked, “Why, my Queen? I do not like this kind of torture, being this small. Please, I'll do anything!! Why I must suffer like this?” But the evil Queen ignored his cries from above and picked up the diamond ring he was trapped in and put it on her finger. From there, she began to get dressed by putting her dress on as well as her accessories, including the beautiful diamond ring her captive was sealed in. After getting fully dressed, she was finally able to leave her chambers and she proceeded to the ballroom along with her maid escorts.




Still trapped within the Queen's diamond ring, Robin continues to get bounced around, getting cut up by the sharp edges of the diamond ring with every movement Queen Roberta makes. “Nooo, what did I do to deserve this? I...never should have broken into my Queen's treasury. Then I wouldn't have to suffer as I am now.” Robin cried to himself.




Later that evening, Roberta arrives at the ballroom and sees all the noble guests and waves at them as she walks to the stage. She makes an announcement and opens up the ball and everyone bows down and applaud her. A few minutes later, everyone begins dancing, including the Queen Roberta, herself to enjoy themselves with dancing with their partners, while Roberta danced with the Duchess of Ariabaum, a small village that lies within Robertanari. Meanwhile, within the ring worn by Roberta, Robin saw all the giant guests and got completely nervous as he began to wonder if the Queen will ever let him go free. He then got bounced around as the Queen's movements made him dizzy throughout the night.


Later on that night, a few hours after the ball had ended, Roberta was getting ready for bed when she decided to summon the tiny thief from the ring to the palm of her hand. “Hello, my little tiny prisoner, did you enjoy the ball? Oops, I forgot, you were in my ring the entire time, suffering and bouncing around while I had a ball,” giggled Roberta. “I hope you are ready for some more fun, cause I definitely am!” Roberta chuckled evilly. Robin yelled, “Noooooo, please, my Queen, no more! I don't want to suffer, please, I'm begging you majesty!” Queen Roberta just ignored his pleas and began to poke him with her massive finger, which made him stumble backwards. “Silence, you little flea. I can do what I want with you, because you are my property and there is nothing you can do about it.” she said evilly. “Now, are you ready to suffer for me, little morsel?” she said as she was licking her lips.


First, she began to lay in bed and lower the tiny thief into her mouth and start to lick his tiny body while pushing him around in her mouth with her tongue until eventually she spat him out onto her hand. Covered in her saliva, Robin felt slimy all over body and was a bit disgusted from being licked. A little bit afterwards, Queen Roberta then grabbed his body and rubbed him on her smelly foot carefully without killing him and covering him in her foot sweat, all while laughing evilly. “Submit to me, you little worn, beg me not to cover you in my smelly foot,” Roberta said while rubbing the tiny shrunken thief with an evil tone. Robin got scared so bad he was no match against her torture so he finally obeyed her and follow her as her slave. Roberta senses the tiny man's submission from rubbing him on her smelly foot and decided to bring him to her face, “It seems you have finally submitted to my torture, little man, so I have decided to spare your worthless life...for now, hmhmhm... said Roberta.


The little thief's face overcame with joy and he expressed his love for the Queen...until he was thrown in her mouth and was swallowed by her whole where he sat in her belly until she took her next bathroom break. “Mmmmm, so delicious,” Queen Roberta bashfully said as she rubbed her tummy.


She finally turned off her lamp and happily went to bed, with a sinister grin on her face.


The End



Chapter End Notes:

If you like this story, let me know, but if this story needs a little or a lot of improving, tell me and I'll correct it...

Anyway I thank you for reading! Until next story...

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