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Updated: 12-02-2017. More imapctful beginning thnks to a suggestion.

*Poor Tommy Boy*




I'm Tom. Or at least, I used to be.




I'm sure I'll explain my rather pessimistic self-image problem I have shortly to your satisfaction.




My story starts in June. I was enrolled in summer school. Suffice to say, graduating with the rest of my class had become threatened by my own inability to focus my junior year. I had become… distracted.




The morning of the start of my problems I should have been in class. There had been a party the night before and-




Well, I got punished the next day. My task was to weed the family garden. Then wash the cars, who knows what else my "mother" would have tasked me with had my day continued normally.




I didn't despise my mother. She just wasn't my mother, that's all. My mother, my real mother passed away when I was ten. My father, a smart and successful entrepreneur, had gone through a seemingly endless string of women once the loss of my mother had finally become tolerably distant.




My father was quite bright. When he had begun dating again he was at the point in his life where more of his past had been spent as a successful businessman than as a starving, humble post-grad.




I think the age and means he found himself at clouded his judgement. It was so typical. So disappointing from my point of view as his son, but somehow lately I've turned into a nihilistic cynic. I think my father wanted to marry again with a much different set of... priorities... qualities... in place for choosing his ideal bride.




I remember the women he would bring home to meet me made me feel uncomfortable. They were always either closer to my age than to his or right in the middle between both of us. He never even once brought home someone that might be his equal in experience, in stage of life. It was, to me, an endless series of potential trophy wives. Each of them, it seemed to me, was younger than the last.




Then there was Nancy. I found out later that she was captain of the cheerleader squad in my own future high school when I was in seventh grade. She was not some late-twenty-something ex-model that my father had brought home. Nancy was different. This was shameful. If I would have graduated and had some amazing, perhaps stupendous luck I could have been dating Nancy. That's how close she and I were in age. Five fucking years. Just five.




Nancy could never replace my mother. Of course, I'm sure that's obvious to you. That wasn't the problem. Not at all.




Well, my father and "mother" got married last year.




There were problems between Nancy and I immediately. Shit was wrong, just wrong. She immediately made it clear how she would deal with her new "son". She decided to compete with me for my father's attention. Nancy had her place, a great place to be! After all she was my father's wife. There was no reason to try and drive a wedge between my father and I. But, I know how Nancy is, she just didn't think about her behavior.




Vain, preening, arrogant, selfish Nancy. She was all of that. But she was more than just that. Oh, gorgeous Nancy.




I was wrong. I knew that I was in the wrong, you would have to be an unethical monster to not let it bother you. Don't judge me. You don't know Nancy. You've never even seen Nancy.




When I think back on it, think about my stupid lust, I realize now that it wasn't my fault. Not entirely.




Stupid, thoughtless Nancy. It was just like her, really. Of course she was going to flirt with me. The adoption papers she signed off on, hell, all of it I guess was just as messed up for her as for myself. Nancy couldn't say the word "son" in reference to me without either an amused smirk or an uncomfortably quiet moment of introspection right after her utterance of that awkward term. Nancy was just a party girl at heart, I guess.




Nothing happened between us, of course. Instead, I kept it to myself as much as I could. Nancy entertained herself with picking where, picking why she would hesitate close to me. When she would let me see a bit more than I should. Choosing just the right time to let her face hover there, her eyes consumed with a mirth-glutted sparkle of sexuality as my father droned on about television, or cleared off the table's dinner plates a mere ten feet away, oblivious.




My grades slid into the gutter as I grew more and more unhappy. I thought I was trapped. I didn't know what trapped really meant at the time.




So now you know. Shame on my father. But, moreso shame on me. I couldn't help but fantasize about her. There was a constant disquiet in my mind and it was palpable in how she and I would treat each other.




We were like siblings, Nancy and I. I didn't hate my father for my situation. That same insanity which had quickly infected me had first fully ensnared my father.




Nancy was just like that.




So, I had skipped out on summer school's class that morning. I was hung over. I was sent by Nancy to begrudgingly weed the damned garden.




Sunspots. It must have been the sunspots. I remember earlier in the week when I was driving home from school something on the radio about sunspots due to break out.




How could sunspots? Nevermind. I'll get to it right now and you'll know.




I wanted to at least listen to the radio that morning as I worked in the garden. It was already hot and was going to get hotter as the sun climbed. The radio was garbled at first. I remember that the signal quickly degraded to static. I switched it off.




I think that was when I felt dizzy. Right after that, right after giving up on the radio. Fucking sunspots. They're to blame. They've got to be.




Anyways, one minute I was weeding the garden, the next I was laying on my back. I realized that I had passed out for a moment, I thought it was probably from the heat and the hangover. I stood uneasily and decided to go and get a drink. That was when I realized that something was terribly wrong. The climbing tomato vines towered over me on their wooden stakes like skyscrapers! I was perhaps an inch tall! I had to get out of the garden and get back to the house.




My clothing was a huge mountain next to me, lying partially over the next row's beginning. At least this impossible thing had happened at the garden's edge. I suddenly realized I was completely naked. The ground stretched away from me in a dark, rough patch of unplanted soil. In the distance I could see the slightly blurry wrap-around driveway, a large swath of grey and white gravel.




I suppose my reaction to all of this was a bit stupid.




It was an incredible shock to realize that I was only an inch in height. I should have been instantly aware of my physical shortcomings, of my… vulnerabilities. But, this realization was followed up an unstoppable savoring of the majestic, truly magical vista of the garden I now found myself in.




All of the insecurity and fear I should have been feeling was swept away and postponed as the rare, almost fairy-like reality of the garden washed over me.




I was mesmerized by the deep, earthy scent of the soil beneath my tiny feet. This rich fragrance was heady, wonderful and yet combined with notes of decay which I found to be almost vile. I blinked in wonder at the towering plants in their well-tended rows, riotous in color and scent yet reminiscent of ancient oak trees lining the drive of some country estate.




I began to giggle as my eyes traced the distant tops of zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower and kale. I wanted to sprint to the dirt-mottled trunks of these gigantic plants. I want to dance like a happy child in the dappled light beneath their densely vibrant foliage.




Without realizing it I had began to walk, inexorably drawn towards the verdant rows of brobdingnagian vegetables. I began laughing at the sight of dragonflies zipping far above me in the sky overhead.




Walking was difficult. I was so small that the ground itself was rough, it seemed more like what walking through the backstreets of London during the blitz might have been like. All manner of detritus littered and made up the ground, rocks, broken up decaying twigs and the fibrous remnants of rotten straw. I spent too much time with my eyes to the wonders in the sky rather than carefully mapping my route.




After a small stumble I tore my eyes away from the sky and what I saw in front of me caused me to shriek and tremble.




Hulking like the wreckage of a gutted battle tank lay a recently dead garden spider. There had been a scent in the air to warn me away, but it was so foreign to my nose that I discounted it. My stomach hurt as I took in the massive alien beast. I was grimacing in disgust and I hugged my arms to myself. The frightening black eyes of it glinted at me like large obsidian rocks found in a mineral shop. Wicked black-tipped hairs covered it's revolting form and it's curled legs…




This was hell. I had been shrunk and thrust into hell in my own backyard. All of those things which I had taken for granted, shoes to protect my tender 21st century "civilized" feet, my body's physical leverage, my own intelligence wielding the factory made technological luxuries of the past 200 years. All of that was ripped away from me and impossible to re-attain at my size. I was not cast back through time to compete as my ancestors had done with clever-made spears, hard-won bows and the ultimate prize of fire.




I was simply prey here. That was all. End of statement, no reprieve possible, no edge to gain, nothing at all to exploit and no rescue coming.




I was simply a defenseless container of sweet, pure moisture and rich nutrients. I was not even capable of fleeing an attack.




I began to back away from the immense corpse as heaving sobs choked my panicked gasps. What should I do? I turned slowly round and round as I backpedaled towards the mountain of my own clothing, my eyes wild and darting as I shook in a palsied terror.




It was just a matter of time. I was now finite, my life measured in minutes or hours if I was lucky. Some insect, some monster would bumble by, churning across the fragrant topsoil and it's tiny inherited instincts would be triggered by my movement or scent.




I could not…




There had to be some way to…




People die, that's true, but I…




If I could only…




What do I need first to…




I have to get off the ground, I need to…






I heard a tremendous, air-splitting crack to my left. The sound was definitely distorted at my tiny size, but I knew it to be the back door of the house. I started to slowly trot across the ground in that direction, heading out towards the jungle of grass that delineated the garden from the driveway.




I heard a loud distant voice sound, as of a throat clearing. “Tom?” shouted my "mother", away to my left. Nancy! She was looking for me! I had to make her see me! I ran in the direction of her voice. Suddenly I saw a distant moving pillar of colors, too far away yet to make clear. It moved towards me, accompanied with the thunderous sound of crunching gravel.




As I watched, the distant moving mountain became ever clearer and solidified into the form of towering, impossibly sized Nancy. She was wearing her typical skimpy shorts and a tiny tee shirt, her hair was pulled up messily behind her head. But, there was a problem, Nancy was a mile away from me, if not more to my scale. She was absolutely enormous, even from this distance. As she approached she loomed over me, now her tanned bare legs were in view. As I watched Nancy rose upwards evermore as she approached. My penis was tingling now, and I instinctively crouched as her terrifying scale began to sink in as she lumbered ever closer and larger.




My point of view and my experience was very bizarre. This could be a normal scene, one in which Nancy walked out to the garden. Except the focal point was terribly wrong- her body was skewed vertically to the extent I almost couldn't see her head. Accompanying my mother's walking figure was incredibly loud, even thunderous noises, like explosions mixed with the sounds of rocks crunching together. Each terrible sound was generated as Nancy put down each lovely foot, just walking normally.




Now I could see Nancy's face, her blue eyes locked on my pile of discarded clothes. She was now at the edge of the grass, the railroad ties which hemmed in the raised garden plot obscured only my view of the tops of her tanned ankles downwards. Still I could clearly see every other bit of her, though I had to crane my neck back to do so.




Nancy was a veritable goddess, rising upwards impossibly high. She was still a quarter-mile away from me. She waved away an insect from her face and her long nails glinted in the sunlight.




My penis was stiffening quickly. Gigantic, gorgeous Nancy, now realized, was turning me on. I was trying not to start digging into the ground beneath me to hide, her immense physical presence was almost too much to bear. Then she stepped over the garden's boundary. One huge, long leg lifted upwards slightly as she rotated on her hips. A huge, sandaled foot rose upwards, I thought for a moment that she was going to crush me. Then I realized that she was much too far away to do so. That realization, that Nancy was even larger than what I already knew caused me to shudder. This was all in an instant as her huge sandal-clad foot lowered and then was planted onto the raised garden bed with a quake that shook me. Suddenly, both of my mother’s sandal-clad feet were planted on the tier, at a distance but level with me.




I was screaming as Nancy's body was now almost too close to take in entirely. She towered over me like a thunderhead. She kept moving, coming even closer. Her gigantic feet rose and flew through the air before slamming down, revealing a split-second glimpse of the underside of each raised big toe and it's smaller siblings before they slammed home onto the sandal's niche. Nancy was thundering ever closer to where I cowered. I felt an incredible sense of dread as if I were watching a tornado approach. Except this was much, much worse. Her shadow fell over me as she towered up over my heap of clothes.




The enormous, sandal-clad feet crashed down, growing larger with each gigantic stride. With each of Nancy's explosive steps I was filled with a dangerous panic that I would become squashed into jelly in the black rubber tread which inevitably swung forward to slam down once again.




It took only a few seconds for my mother's yacht-sized feet to blot out my view of anything else. I fell to my knees as the unstoppable feet crashed down and became still. The tops of Nancy's feet and her huge ankles dominated my own personal sky. Beyond this her endless legs towered straight upwards. I craned back my neck but all I could see was her distant shorts and gorgeous hands, the combined bulk of these distant things were almost like taking in a blimp flying over a sports stadium.




My terrifying "mother" then bent over and picked up my clothes. Nancy stood again and scanned the yard, looking for me. “Tom!” she thundered directly overhead. Semen trickled out of my rock-hard penis upon hearing the low roar of my name. As I turned towards Nancy's huge, insane feet I came. I couldn’t worry about it, and I couldn’t stop it. I just had to be saved by her.




I trotted closer to the front of one of Nancy's Birkenstock sandals. It was a chest-height wall made of leather, the hard black rubber tread was sunken and hidden in the hot earth of the garden. Just beyond this thick leather wall rested my so-called mother's enormous toes. Her long second toe was directly in front of me, the tip of it was wide and massive, absolutely vast. It was beautifully shaped, very pretty though this toe could cover me, pin me beneath it, crush me into paste. Resting next to this toe was Nancy's intimidating big toe. It dominated her other, smaller toes, and me as well with it's mere presence. I could not see the top of it, only the bulging wall of it and the underside of her jutting toenail.




My hair stood on end as I stared at Nancy's big toe. It was beautiful, even from this angle. It was sexy and frightening all at once. I could plainly see the dark crevice beneath her toenail, with a terrible chill I realize my entire body could fit there. The enormous toes shifted in front of me and the sandal's great bulk sunk even further into the soft earth.




"WHERE DID YOU GO?" Nancy thundered far above me in the sky overhead.




I had no choice. I could not be left out here! It was much preferable to be crushed beneath my mother's feet than to die by insects. I placed both palms on the top of the sandal's rim and hoisted myself over the side.




As soon as I landed next to the great bulk of Nancy's gorgeous second toe's tip the sandal beneath me rocked. The gigantic second toe reared upwards and I cried out in sheer horror as I beheld the underside of the plump toe pad. It lowered quickly to the shiny leather sole again with a bone shaking thump. With a yelp I tumbled into the space between her big toe and second toe.




The smell of Nancy's feet was everywhere around me and I found myself between walls of ridged, grooved bulbous flesh. The body heat from Nancy's awesome anatomy bathed my vulnerable, naked body in luxurious warmth.




I had no choice. I had to make my presence known in order to survive. I made my way through this canyon of hot, ridged flesh to the webbing between Nancy's big and second toes. I looked upwards at the perspectively distorted blonde leviathan and beat my fists against the tacky wall of skin.




A violent twitch rippled through the vast musculature surrounding me as Nancy reacted. Before I could move the surface I stood on bucked violently. I was catapulted into the leathery wall of webbing and hit hard. My tiny naked body slammed into the bulging wall that formed the inside of my mother's big toe. The huge toes writhed in the air for a moment and the entire foot rose off the ground as it slightly shook. The air was knocked from me as my tiny body was slammed across the grease-shined leather of the sandal's sole.




I ricocheted off of a wall of rough skin and I was thrown backwards. I lay on the hot, sticky leather sole, my diaphram struggled to take in a breath. My vision swam with black spots and my ears buzzed with the rush of impending unconsciousness. The surface I lay struggling on grew dark as a shadow covered me. A ridged ceiling of flesh lowered quickly onto my helpless body.




I could only grimace in agonized, breathless silence as the bulging pad of Nancy's monstrous big toe touched down. I became trapped beneath the immense “trunk” of her toe. I was pressed into the waxy leather beneath me, but thankfully I was not situated beneath the mighty toe's pad. My tiny frame was ground into the sandal as the giant bulk came to rest. I could still see, I was not crushed, merely brutally held in place.




"Godammit, where is he? Tom? Where are you? Tommy? Tommy boy? Yoohoo!"




The toes wiggled and I was taken upward with the big toe as it reared, plastered like a bug to just a tiny piece of Nancy's incredible body. The mighty digit compressed, scrunching downwards against itself. I squealed as my mother's fragrant, ridged flesh closed around me. I became trapped and dangerously compressed in the gigantic creased wrinkle where the fat toe pad ended and the long trunk of her big toe began. As I cried out I vomited, my breakfast splattered tinily below me on the sandal's sole.




Vast, beautiful Nancy had felt me. Her big toe straightened but remained arched in the air. I only had a moment to groan before her mighty toe scrunched around me once again. I was lost in a rapidly darkening crevice, trapped and tortured in Nancy's dense, ridged toe flesh. I shit and pissed simultaneously as the gorgeous, colossal toe has it's way with me.




My tiny, helpless naked body slid free of my entrapment as Nancy's big toe lengthened again. I fell limply to the leather sole, right into my own excrement and vomitus. I struggled to at least get to my hands and knees but I was too dazed to do so. All I managed to do was to roll over onto my back. The sight that greeted me made me choke as I tried to scream in instinctive panic. I shielded my head with my tiny, pitiful arms. The light around me was blotted out as Nancy's toe settled back into the form fitting Birkenstock.




The enormous toe pad covered me up and then pressed down onto my tiny body. The air was crushed out of me as my tiny bones popped. I was going to die here, my pitiful life snuffed out by one of Nancy's dominant and sexy big toes.




Nancy did not crush me to death, the massive digit stopped just short of squishing me to jelly. I was rolled beneath her big toe like a tiny, malleable worm. I was trembling as the mighty toe explored my helpless body. A thunderous, "what the fuck?" split the air far above me. The entire sandal rose into the air and tilted downwards as the humongous toe lifted from me. The sandal shook, my "mother" was trying to knock the debris of my tiny body out of her footwear.




There was nothing I could do. I flew sideways and collided with the side of Nancy's long second toe. With a slow, smooth flick my tiny body was catapulted off of my mother's toe. I slammed into the massive wall of that monstrous big toe. Then I passed out.




I dreamed of explosions, peals of thunder. It was vague, but I was trapped in a thunderstorm, bodily mired in the hot summer mud upon the vast side of a wet cliff.




I woke slowly, my first sensation was pain. I realized even before I opened my eyes that I lay against something. My vision was filled with flesh. A wall of flesh upon which I had become plastered to. I suddenly realized where I was; adhered by my own vomit to the inside bulge of Nancy's colossal big toe.




The huge surface I lay trapped against bulged outwards and hardened as Nancy's sexy toes shifted. A moment later a muted scraping sound filled my ears and I watched as I was propelled backwards beneath the gigantic bridge-like leather arches of my mother's sandal straps. I grew dizzy as the entire foot lifted free of the sandal. Then there was a colossal quake as the foot slammed down. The flesh I lay against bulged outwards again as Nancy's digits fattened to take her incalculable weight.




Below me, just beyond the impossible digit was an endless wooden floor. I was in my parent's bedroom. Before I really had a chance to even look around my world tumbled into chaos as my skyscraper sized mother pivoted on her feet and began to walk.




The biological glue which adhered me to the inside wall of Nancy's beautiful big toe was pushed to it's limits by the G forces exerted upon my tiny body. I began shrieking in terror, a tiny passenger witness to the terrible might of Nancy's simple action. Each step was hell for me. I would accelerate through the air before slamming to the floor with a bone jarring thud.




Nancy's immense big toes were perhaps the most active component of each of her steps. The one I was stuck to would arch upwards and then hammer down to the floor with each step. I had no choice but to cling with all my strength to the significant ridges pressed against me. I was nothing to her, simply a slender, unnoticed morsel of soft, tiny flesh glued like a piece of trash to her perfect toe.




Nancy's endless body was my world now, her big toe my prison and my tormentor. But it was worse than this. My overly young, in-name-only "mother" was my one and only rival.




At first I had no idea where Nancy was going. Finally the steps slowed and with a final pivot on the balls of her feet she stopped moving. I was panting, my tiny face pressed against the slightly fragrant grooves of her flesh. I heard a deafening noise above me, almost the rustle of fabric, but amplified in volume and intensity to something almost unbearable. The air around me grew dark and I dared to look upwards.




My scalp tingled as I took in the great distorted girth of Nancy's ankle and distant shin. Her huge shorts had been pushed downwards and resided as a crumpled cloud of cloth which wrapped each shin. My mother had pushed down her shorts! Then I heard it, the rushing torrent of Nancy's piss hitting the inside of the cyclopean toilet.




I could not see any part of Nancy other than her feet and shins. Her crumpled shorts and my own sheer tininess and position on her prevented any view. A clap of deep, guttural thunder split the air as my mother absentmindedly cleared her throat. I took the opportunity to check out my surroundings.




I was adhered to the vast bulk of Nancy's big toe. It bowed away from me in all directions. I must have only been halfway up the enormous digit for I could not see any of her nail above me. I realized that the drop to the floor was perhaps only my height, maybe seven or eight feet. There was no risk of injury unless I landed wrong and twisted my ankle.




I deliberated silently. Was it better to stay here, trapped and helpless in a place where I could easily be knocked unconscious by the motion of Nancy's steps? But, with that question was another simultaneous suspicion: I could be flung off of her toe in mid step. The vision of my tiny form hurtling through the air to be fatally slammed against the wall paper filled me with trepidation. What was I to do? If I took this opportunity to free myself I would be in equal, perhaps worse danger alone on the floor. There was no guarantee Nancy would ever see me. There was also no guarantee that there were not spiders or worse hungrily watching me even now from the shadows of this huge place.




My decision was made for me as Nancy fumbled far above me with the clattering toilet paper roll on the wall. The act of twisting to peer below me had started a chain reaction. The scant moisture and oils which lined the valleys of the immense toe print were weakening. I could feel a cooling effect on the area my chest had been adhered to. Simple, straightforward evaporation had been rapidly betraying me this whole time.




I attempted to dig my fingertips into the ridges of the vast, curved expanse of flesh as I pressed my chest once again to my mother's toe. The seal which was overpowering while outside in the summer's heat was gone. I felt movement against her toe ridges in my belly and thighs. I was beginning to slide downwards! I cursed under my breath as I splayed my arms wider and futilely felt for purchase with my fingers.




The huge digit shook as a tremor shot through it. There was quick movement sideways and Nancy's long second toe pressed against me from behind. The air was pushed from my tiny form with a groan. She had felt me! The fragrant walls of ridged flesh sealed against me, trapping my tiny naked body from my knees upwards. The massive toes scrunched slightly and I saw stars as my tiny skeleton was pushed to it's limits.




As quick as this happened it was over and I found I had been transferred to Nancy's other digit. I was partially adhered to her gigantic second toe as my mother's intimidating digits spread back apart. I was able to take in a thankful breath and I knew that my nose was bleeding from the force effortlessly applied upon me. But, I had no time to think about this as I pitched forward off of the side of her toe. I fell awkwardly to the floor.




There was a loud, familiar sound above me of my mother's shorts being disturbed. I was on my hands and knees and I sat up quickly, bringing one hand up to staunch the blood from my nose. The enormous walls of Nancy's toes which had surrounded me suddenly flew upwards. Wind whipped around me, ripped upwards by the vast foot's motion, pelting me with large pieces of dust from the floor. Then there was a crash behind me as her foot touched down once again to the floor. A great gust of wind tore at me, accompanying the massive quake and I was physically moved by it. I was tumbled towards my mother's other prone foot.




I coughed and brought my other hand to my eyes, brushing away a flake of dandruff larger than a saltine cracker. In a panic I tore at a pale filament the size of a car's antenna which clung to my chest. It was a blonde human pube, one of Nancy's pubes, my father and I were quite dark haired. As I peeled away the hair which seemed more like some strange fiberglass rod I realized something was wrong. The air around me was churning, pushed downward from above with an unbelievably thick, water-like pressure.




It instantly grew dark around me. Before I could react I was struck. I was hit by something which collided with my entire kneeling form at once. I was thrown sideways, the wind knocked from me. I slid across the floor, gathering detritus on my skin as I skidded. When I came to a stop I could not breathe and I was badly stunned. I lay there on my side and spasmed as I fought to take a breath. I was nearly blind as stars swam in a dark churning cloud of imminent unconsciousness in front of my eyes.




Where was I? What had just happened to me? Had I just been in a car wreck? Whatever it was, the situation was just beyond my grasp. Such a simple, stupid thing to lose track of. I smiled as I realized I was probably in shock.




"What is that?" thundered Nancy's voice.




I was completely helpless as enormous unseen things collided against me. I felt like I had become trapped between two enormous thick-skinned rubber bags overstuffed with hot liquid concrete. I was crushed between these terrible surfaces which were like heated, barely resilient clay.




"Help me, please. Something bad just-" I muttered.




I was unable to complete my plea. I was suddenly almost completely upside down and wind howled loudly in my ears as my own hot blood rushed to fill my face almost to bursting. It was a sudden and unrelenting upwards acceleration that I experienced of a kind suitable for roller coasters, perhaps for jet fighter maneuvers.




The car wreck, if that was indeed what had happened, it wasn't over yet, I thought to myself.




The movement slowed and then stopped. My stomach fluttered as I spun in place. I was still crushed in this vicious, unseen vice. I blinked rapidly, trying to peer through my own daze.




Had I been blinded in my accident? Why couldn't I see, dammit! It didn't seem like extrication by a medical helicopter. This wasn't some gurney on the end of some cable, this was like being trapped between sunbaked boulders. Electric winches don't hoist the injured fast enough to throw them into the whirling blades of the helicopter.




Something inside my mind shifted and regained it's proper equilibrium. I automatically, instinctively replayed my sensations from the last thirty seconds. It suddenly dawned on me where I was, what had happened prior to being knocked silly. I was suddenly equipped with everything I needed to know. I mournfully wished that I could have remained oblivious and desperate.




I knew that Nancy had me. I was between her beautiful fingers, daintily held like an hors d'oeuvre, despite what it felt like. I knew that somewhere around me was my so-called mother's vast face. Nancy was going to crush me and discard me in the trashcan right next to her without even looking at me. I was going to die right now. Deafening and thunderous words erupted off to my left. The voice was unnaturally deep and I could feel the vibrations penetrate my tiny form. Despite the volume and off pitch the voice was intimately familiar to me.




"Oh shit! Fuck! Oh fuck! No way, this can't be… This can't be happening!"




Then Nancy began to laugh.




"Just look at you! Look how-"




"Nancy?" It was my father's voice, unmistakably, "are you in here?"




"Yeah, I… I'm going to the bathroom."




I plummeted and simultaneously I could hear Nancy's shorts being dragged upwards. Suddenly my mother's huge unseen fingers let go of my tiny form. I helplessly fell and collided with a strange surface. I was deafened by the sound of those massive yet skimpy shorts being tugged home.




It seemed all the world to me like I had been dropped into some thicket. Was that right? It was not wheat that I sagged against, nor was it scraggly bushes which had embraced me. Whenever the strange foliage was, it had mercifully broken my fall. I realized that I was gasping, my diaphragm had recovered from the sudden trauma and I took in huge draughts of air. What was it pressed against my naked skin? It was like thin branches, all around me. But, this was not dirt which they grew from.




It was flesh. My mother had… Nancy had hidden me from my father!




The two enormous and deafening voices were talking now. He was late for his amateur softball team practice. My father was leaving now. They spoke about dinner as my vision slowly returned.




My world shifted as the fabric of my mother shorts slid menacingly all around me. There were distant cracking reports like enormous whips as it grew taut here and there.




I was vertical, more than vertical, almost upside down. But Nancy's pubic hair kept me safe from being dislodged from her hot skin. They wrapped protectively over me, a thin shield of curled dirty blonde hairs which held me loosely against her endless skin.




I was weeping as the sound of impossibly thick cloth groaned and slid and cracked, deformed and overruled by the beautiful tanned thighs.




"Alright, you had better get going or you'll be really late. I need to go check on Tom. He wasn't in the garden earlier. I hope he isn't angry that I grounded him instead of you and did something stupid. Go on! I'll take care of it!"




Far above me I heard them kiss and the thunderous footsteps of my father receded into the depths of the house. A moment later I heard the front door slam.




My father had unknowingly left me with her. I was alone with my cruel, beautiful and capricious new mother. I shivered against her skin and my tiny action caused those massive, shapely hips to twitch once. A thunderous, throaty giggle split the air somewhere far above me. The silken barrier of panties collapsed directly across from me. I was shrieking as something enormous cruelly pressed against my tiny form. I was pinned against Nancy's skin by the intervention of an unseen fingertip.




"Oh, Tommy boy! Is that you there? Mmm. Your... mother... well, I want to get a good look at you!"



























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