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A priest who robs children of their charity is about to become a toy for tots himself as Goddess asnwers their darkest prayers.

Rated: X
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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Published: November 22 2017 Updated: November 23 2017
Story Notes:

Done as a writing exercise to show BucketEngineer. Like all of my stories for giantessworld, if you value your sanity and soul, you should not read these, you have been warned.  Even if this isn't immoral or insane, can you really defend having this interest if your family or co workers found out, particularly when it involves giant lolicons on drugs? Talk to a therapist about why you are masturbating to stories about giant horny cruel children torturing you and whether they'd fund research into this fetish or find that acceptable. May goddess have mercy on the souls of pedophiles.


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Morally disgusting and horrifying, and there aren't even toddlers torturing men to death, yet.

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