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This story takes up where Bubblegum Bitch leaves off. If you haven't read that story, it will make this one more meanininful and enjoyable if you read Bubblegum Bitch first. At least read the Epilogue.

An erstwhile friend of Dr. Munday''s from high school days has moved into a vacant house a few miles from where the Munday's live.

It is Helen Jones, a girlfriend that Lisa wants nothing to do with.

Helen had a perverse attraction to other teen girls, and from rumors Dr. Munday has heard, still has it now, as a forty-two year-old woman..



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Published: November 21 2017 Updated: January 12 2018
Story Notes:

I do not want to make too many more remarks than are in the summary -- it tends to spoil the fun.

I will only say that things get interesting.

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This story is violent and sexual. If you are under 18, please exit now.


1. Chapter 1: Prologue by TheShadow [Reviews - 67] starstarstarstarhalf-star (858 words)

It is now early June and Melissa has gratuated from high school.

The bulk of the chapter concerns an incident that occurred twenty four years earlier, when Dr. Lisa Munday was a senior in high school.

It concerns a one time friend with a strange fetish --  Helen Jones.

2. Chapter 2: Mother Daughter Fight by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (2963 words)

Dr. Munday comes home from work early, finding the house in a mess and her daughter frittering her time away on porn.

She confronts Melissa, they get into a horrendous argument, during which Melissa taunts and abuses her mother sexually.

Then Dr. Munday throws Melissa out of the house, and the girl leaves in a huff.

In an attempt to make my stories as realistic as possible, I try to make reactions, emotions and so on consistent with what I think would happen in real life, given the characters' personalities and the circumstances. 

For those of you who read this story when it was on giantess world before, I'm introducing some variation, and wil try to add new scenerios, as I go along.

It's be several chapters until we get to the shrinking, so have patience, dear reade.


3. Chapter 3: The Visitor by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (1810 words)

Dr. Munday receives an un-welcome visitor, and the two get into it.

Melissa hears the whole thing, but doesn't let her mother know -- because it gave her an idea. Which led to a plan.

If there is one thing you might not want to know is Melissa's ideas, even less her plans.

Melissa dresses up and goes to meet a lady. 

And unwittingly makea a prophecy, when she meets her.



4. Chapter 4: Helen's Dream Come True by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (4132 words)

As Helen brings her coffee and treat out onto the porch for her fantasy girl, which she does daily, she is thunderstruck when she finds the girl standing before her there, in the flesh.

The masochistic Helen is going to be delighted with the filthy, domineering and sadistic Melissa. And Melissa will enjoy abusing Helen.

If you've ever had a fantasy come true, as I have had, you know something of the thrill this is for Helen -- and for Melissa. 

There is nothing like it, on this earth.


5. Chapter 5: Little Helen by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (3384 words)

Melissa continues to "punish" Helen.

She slips some of the shrinking solution to her.

Then Helen sees a side of her Mistress that she hasn''t seen before, and it scares her.

However, the woman nevertheless is delighted by the things Melissa does to her.

But something new has been added, which Melissa pretends to deny.



6. Chapter 6: Melissa Abuses Her Shrinking Slave by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] starstarstarstarstar (2650 words)

Meliissa continues to abuse her slave as the woman continues to shrink.

But something unexpected is developing - affection.

Not that that will slow down Melissa's sadism, or Helen's desire tio be abused -- in fact it is a circle, the two, abuse and love, feed on each other.


7. Chapter 8: Helen Is "Punished" by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (5272 words)

Curious about some tantalizing things she has overheard, Jessica returns to the house to eavesdrop, on purpose this time.

Jessica hears more than she bargained for. After thinking it over, she decides to lie in wait for Melissa, along the all purpose trail.

Meanwhile, Melisssa punishes Helen for saying Jessica is better looking than her, and for defying her.

Helen enjoys some of her "Punishment" -- but not all.

Jessica continues to wait for Melissa.


8. Chapter 7: The Interview by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2076 words)

With Melissa hiding so that she can see and hear, Helen conducts her interview with Jessica Luv.

When Melissa sees what a bombshell Jessica is, she becomes insanely jealous.

Melissa gets into it, badly, with Helen, and Helen says the worst thing that can be said to Melissa Munday.

Parts of their arguement are overheard.

In a rage, Meliiss shrinks Helen down fast to the size of a dildo.

December 6, 2017. Jessica's apperance has been enhanced with a little make-up.



9. Chapter 9: Melissa and Jessica Meet by TheShadow [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4586 words)

Melissa finishes punishing Helen, for saying that Jessica was better looking than her, and for defying her.

Then Melissa changes into her riding clothes and goes back the all purpose trail toward home.

Along the way, someone steps out in front of her.

Honestly, some people will do anything to get a job. I tell ya.



10. Chapter 10: Jessica Secures Her Job by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (3997 words)

Melissa goes over to Helen's place, again at eight am.

They share coffee and cookies, then Melissa tells Helen about Jessica seducing her.

Then Jessica arrives -- she gets the job.


11. Chapter 11: Shrunken Jessica -- Part 1 of 3 by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2480 words)

Helen and Melissa shrink the horrified Jessica, Melissa's new "friend" and start to have fun with her.


Khachaturian: Sabre Dance / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker



12. Chapter 12: Shrunken Jessica -- Part 2 of 3 by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3961 words)

Melissa "keel-hauls' the defenseless Jessica.

Then has fun with her in other ways.

Helen takes over, but is too brutal.

Then there is a surprise for Helen.


13. Chapter 13: Shrunken Jessica -- Part 3 of 3 by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (3110 words)

This chapter might be subtitled "Shrunken Helen."

Jessica gets her revenge on one of the two who hurt her.

Big time, for Jessica is on her period -- and she is pissed.



14. Chapter 14: Jessica vs Melissa by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (3594 words)

Jessica gets into Melissa's formulae and makes herself normal size.

She picks up a red botttle of shrinking solution, intending to shrink Melissa, and make her pay for all the things the girl did to her.

But she gets caught -- and then:

Vicious girl fight. 

But that's not all.

After all of that, two more characters, boding no good, appear on the scene.



15. Chapter 15: Jessica's Trauma by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (4687 words)

This chapter was written at the request of a reader -- Giantess Jessica.

Helen's house is cased by two scoundrels.

Jessica feels uneasy and spikes some wine.

Alone at the house on Monday, Jessica is attacked and raped.

But Jessica gets back at her attackers -- in a terrible way.

That same day, Dr. Munday makes a shocking discovery.


16. Chapter 16: Momma Investigates by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] (2210 words)

Seeing what looked like her daughter's car entering Helen's property, Dr. Munday determines to investigate.

Lisa reconnoiters Helen's property.

Then she makes plans to catch Helen and Melisaa in the act.

If her suspicions are confirmed, Lisa fully intends to make good on her threat she made to Helen.

Helen also is making plans.


17. Chapter 17: The Night Intruder by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (4012 words)

Dr.. Munday sneaks into Helen's house by night, with the intent to catch Helen in the act, with Melissa.

Lisa is fully prepared to make good on her threat she made to Helen.



18. Chapter 18: Lisa's Revenge by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] (2478 words)

Dr. Lisa Munday, having snuck into Helen's house and had her worst fears confirmed, that her old high school friend had been having sexual sessions with her only daughter, confronts the woman in a rage.

Lisa is intent on carrying out her threat. She had said, "Helen, if you ever try anything with my daughter, or even come near her, I swear I'll kill you."



19. Chapter 19: Melissa and Jessica's Grief by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (2024 words)

Dr. Munday has become literally sick over what she has done and so Melissa takes care of her.

Melissa, fretting over not being able to contact Helen, goes to her house and cannot find her friend.

Jessica calls and cuts short her trip.

Melissa and Jessica are grief-stricken.

I'm not familiar with how patenting works, or if you have to go to Washington, but bear with me. For the plot, its necessary.



20. Chapter 20: And Now the Movie by TheShadow [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4666 words)

Melissa and Jessica find the camera and watch the movie, vowing revenge.

For the dialogue between Melissa and Jessica, while they are watching the video, I put their talk in Italics, to prevent confusion with Lisa and Helen's talk and actions in the movie.


21. Chapter 21: Lisa's Return by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] starstarstarstarstar (2642 words)

Melissa and Jessica formulate their plans to get revenge on Melissa's mother for killing Helen.

They dress provocatively, and even bait Dr. Munday at the airport, publickly, and on the ride back home.



22. Chapter 22: Lisa's Payback Begins by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (2470 words)

The girls forcefully usher Dr. Munday into the den in the basement where they tease her, tie her up, and begin to abuse her, in preparation for forcing her to watch Helen's movie.

Then Jessica wants to be alone with Lisa.


23. Chapter 23: Jessica Works Lisa Over Big Time by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2806 words)

Dr. Munday is terrified, now fully aware that the clandestine video has revealed all to Melissa and Jessica.

Her heart thumps in the chest of the forty-two-year-old woman as her eighteen-year-old daughter and her twenty-year-old friend come at her. Two young ones, one a daughter, coming against a mature straight.

Jessica requests that she be alone with Dr. Munday for a while and Melissa grants it.

Finally alone with the one that abused and killed her friend and employer, Jessica shows no mercy.

Meanwhile upstairs, Melissa gets a call from a lifelong friend, a call that will eventually lead into the third story in the Melissa Munday trilogy:

Bubblegum Bitch

Lisa's Revenge

The Adventures of Eloise



24. Chapter 24: Double Trouble by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2523 words)

Melissa and Jessica continue to take out their anger on Dr. Munday, while satifying their perverse sexual cravings in the process.

Turning her into a sex slave, a replacement for Helen.


25. Chapter 25: Melissa Shrinks Her Mother by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (2550 words)

Using Dr. Munday's own formula on her, Melissa forces her mother to swallow shrinking solution, and the vindictive duo has sensuous revenge on her, at various sizes.                   


26. Chapter 26: Jessica Forces Lisa "Around her World" by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (2563 words)

Dr. Munday now two inches tall, Jessica continues to abuse the woman for her treatment and murder of her friend Helen Jones.

Jessica makes Dr. Munday go around the world -- sexually.


27. Chapter 27: Dr. Munday, The Tiny by TheShadow [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (993 words)

Melissa reduces her mother to a half an inch in size.

The two girls give her a taste of what she put Helen through.

Then they restore her, and tell her she has a break through the holiday.

Melissa receives another call from Eloise.



28. Chapter 28: The Journey -- Part 1 of 2 by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (5174 words)

A full account of the phone conversation that made Melissa faint, revealing what had happened to Helen.

Melissa, Jessica, and Lisa prepare for their trip to Virginia.

They shrink Dr. Munday and force her to give them pleasure along the way.

This chapter turned out to be too long, so I will have to stop and write the second part later.

29. Chapter 29: The Journey -- Part 2 of 2 by TheShadow [Reviews - 0] (3069 words)

On the second half of their trip to Virginia, it is Jessica's turn to have fun tormenting Dr. Munday.

But Lisa unawares makes fetishes of some of the girl's things, and works the unsuspecting Jessica up, even before entering her clothing, neither fully aware of what is happening.

Melissa smiles, for she understands a lot. She watches and knows exactly what is happening.

Then Jessica puts poor Lisa through her paces in her private parts.

At a rest area, Jessica changes into a provocative outfit, designed to knock the socks off of Eloise.

During the course of the week, the things the girls have been doing to Lisa have been gradually having their effect, and she is starting to enjoy, even get turned on, by many of the things they force upon her.

Helen will complete that priocess.

This story is continued in Chapter 4 of "The Adventures of Eloise," after this.