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Story Notes:

I do not want to make too many more remarks than are in the summary -- it tends to spoil the fun.

I will only say that things get interesting.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story is violent and sexual. If you are under 18, please exit now.


Author's Chapter Notes:

It is now early June and Melissa has gratuated from high school.

The bulk of the chapter concerns an incident that occurred twenty four years earlier, when Dr. Lisa Munday was a senior in high school.

It concerns a one time friend with a strange fetish --  Helen Jones.


This story has its beginning just a couple of months after the incidents recorded in Bubblegum Bitch.

Melissa Munday has now graduated from high school, and is scheduled to go to Penn State University in the fall, to study chemistry and physics.

About twenty-four years ago, Lisa Munday, Melissa’s mother, was a senior in high school, and had been friends with one Helen Jones for several years.

Dr. Munday, as she is known today, having earned a PHD in chemistry, is a very attractive woman for her age, and in high school she was very beautiful, ravishingly beautiful. She was, and is, six feet six, and she was, and is, very slender. Back then, Lisa’s golden-blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders in waves, just as her daughter’s does today, she had piercing blue eyes in a heart-shaped face, sensuous lips, a longish, but well-shaped nose, in a face that would make a top model green with envy.


Helen was a brunette with pretty brown eyes and curly hair, a heart shaped face and an enchanting smile, and could have had many boyfriends, for she was very attractive, but she was not interested in boys.

Why? Read on.

It is a mystery how Helen ever developed the fetish that she had, and still has to this day, at age forty-two. Her strong desire was, and is, to be sexually dominated by a teen-aged girl, maybe even beaten in the process.

Well, that last part of her desire was fulfilled, all right, for she was beaten several times, for approaching fellow students, girls of course, and trying to talk them into abusing her. She even would put her hand on their body parts, or up their dress, for she had little self-control then.

Her desire never developed to the point of wanting to be dominated by a woman – it remained a desire for a young girl, even at age forty-two. Really, stronger now, since the idea of being dominated and abused by a much younger female is an even greater turn on for her than it was back then.

Helen very nearly worships attractive young girls.

The first incident happened in seventh grade, and there were many more in the years following. She was beaten, insulted, spent a lot of time in detention, was sent home, suspended, but these things only stopped her for a while – until the next time.

Amazingly, she graduated with honors, for she was very bright. In fact, her only serious character defect was her perversion. It was that which caused her to alienate many of her friends – except for a few that did not appeal to her, sexually.

Lisa was the exception. She was tender-hearted and patient, so she didn’t become seriously offended and break off the friendship.

Until the following incident happened near the end of their senior year:

Lisa and Helen had just come out of a choral group practice session, known as glee clubs in those days, at their school. It was relatively dark in the hallways, the classrooms all being empty of students after school, except for detention class, in another wing.

Looking in both directions, Helen pulled Lisa into one of the classrooms.

“Lisa, I want you to do something for me, something special…”

“What do you want, Helen?”

Helen held onto Lisa’s arms tightly and looked deep into her eyes, “Lisa, I want you to force me down on you, make me eat you…”

“I can’t believe you said that, Helen, after the many times I scolded you for even talking about such things to me. Get out of my face…”

“Please, please, Lisa, I need it so bad, I… ohh, you look so good in your short, grey skirt, your luscious legs exposed.”

“Get your hands off of me…”

Helen dropped to her knees and stuck her hand up her friend’s skirt and seized her genitals through her panties. “Ohhhh, make me, Lisa, please make me, ohh your thighs feel so strong, I bet you could crush me between them. Beat me if I don’t do what you want, make me lick your pussy.”

Lisa looked down, horrified and disgusted, at her friend groveling at her feet and begging her to abuse her. Helen had told Lisa of her fetish many times, but had never, never come onto her before.

She struck Helen hard across the mouth and knocked her away. “Get away from me, you pervert. This ends it Helen, don’t you ever talk to me again.”

Lisa walked away from her erstwhile friend, leaving Helen sitting on the floor, blood coming out of a cut lip.

Even being struck by Lisa in anger lit Helen’s fire and she went home and got herself off thinking about it.

But she was afraid after that to even say hello to Lisa.


This was the Helen Jones that Dr. Munday was certain had moved into the old Mitchel house on Deep Woods Road, in the Epilogue to Bubblegum Bitch. She knew it in her heart, although the name on the mailbox only read “Jones.”

Dr. Munday’s premonitions always came true.



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