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Alexander woke to the sound of children playing in the park. He was very dazed and confused, he remember being sleepy and falling asleep on a park bench but nothing after that. He looked around after the Children but saw nothing.

He then tried to find the road but realized that the sand he was standing on was giant.

- holy shit, have i shrunk? What the actual fuck happened to me? How?

Alexander just realized he was about 2 inches tall in a child park.

He instantly started to run to the nearest hiding place to hide from any children whom would see him as a ”toy”.

As he was running around the park bench Leg he was grabbed by a 3 year old girl about 15 times his current size.

The initial shock made him almost piss himself. The girl used him and a barbie doll to play house,

After 20 minutes he was almost dead of exhaustion but luck was on his side… maybe…

it was time for the girl to go to daycare, so she couldn't play with him any more. But that doesn't mean hes in the clear.

 The girl stuffed the barbie doll and him in her pants to hide them from her parents. It was dark, stuffy, and very smelly in her diaper. It took 15 minutes to walk to the daycare but for Alexander if felt like years. As she had walked he had gotten twisted around and landed with his face right upp against her Vagina.

 As she started to run around with other kids and falling and crawling he slowly got pushed into her vagina. He struggled and struggled while slowly getting eaten by it. eventually he gave up and accepted his fate. All of a suddden when he was completely taken in he was pulled out and thrown onto the floor.

 - oh thank god im save.. d….

he thought he was saved but nope, she had just gotten a bit hungry and was now staring at her new ”Toy” as if he was a bottle of milk. She was in a well hidden spot and Alexander couldn't see any other people but her. He thought to himself ”Well fuck”…

she then picked him upp and slowly started to munch on him and slowly pushing him farther and farther into her mouth.

 It only took about 2 minutes for him to be completely placed in her mouth and covered in her saliva and vagina juce. She tried to chew on him bot he was slightly to large. But that dint stop her from trying to swallow him. He started peeing himself when his left leg started getting pulled down her throat. He almost thought she would choke on him but somehow she swallowed him hole. It was the worst place for a claustrophobic person to be. He couldn't move a muscle going down. He couldn't plopped down in her stomach and for about half a minute he just laid there in her stomach asids. Then when he Realized his cloths were about gone and that he would make it out alive he Decided to make her life a living hell by punching everything he could.

 While doing so his foot went thu the hole Decided the stomach and it made him slip. He was stuck there under her stomach asids… Drowning.

 After that the girl went on shitting him out little by little. She had enjoyed his taste.

The End

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