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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay, hope you guys like it.



The fires burned chaotically around the gigantic throne as a demonic woman impatiently sat on the chiseled seat. Her face leaned on her left fist as she waited for something to happen. Her right hand, which laid upon the arm rest, began to restlessly twitch as her fingers rhythmically tapped on the dark basalt stone. Eventually, her eyes caught someone walking upon the long, narrow path to her throne. Her blood red irises locked onto the tiny creature that continued its march towards her.

“Who dares enter the chamber of the Demon Queen?” Her thunderous voice bellowed out to her minuscule visitor, who did not flinch. Instead, the tiny intruder seemed to spout wings, which it used to quickly fly towards the annoyed woman. It stopped just mere inches away from her left eye. “Dominic, why did you not announce yourself?!”

“I’m sorry my Queen, but I’m too excited to do our standard introductions,” The tiny flying demon responded as he bowed his head in shame. “What news can possibly be this important?” The Demon Queen dismissively rebottled. Dominic looked into the now angry eye of the Queen. Her blood red iris stayed perfectly still in the middle of a sea of jet black that was the rest of her eye. Dominic lifted his head and stared directly into the glowing ball of fury with a smile on his face.

“The humans are celebrating Halloween in one of your favorite universes,” he calmly said. The Queen’s eyes widened as her irises expanded in pure delight. “Today’s a good fucking day,” The Demon Queen happily added as she began to stand up. The tiny demon watched as the massive woman’s eye moved away from him; her large cheeks came to view as her body continued to rise. The plane of red skin covered Dominic’s view briefly as the rest of her head elevated passed him.. Dominic continued to watch as the Demon Queen’s neck came into view. His mesmerized gaze faded as he realized that he was in danger. With a powerful flap from his wings, he pushed himself away from the Queen’s body; narrowly missing her gigantic breasts that flew passed him. The wind that was displaced by her colossal chest caused Dominic to tumble in the air; all the while the gigantic woman simply continued to stand up. She did not care for the demon’s struggle, as she was focused on the small path ahead of her.

His wings moved chaotically as he desperately tried to stabilize himself, but he was soon thrown into another loop. The Demon Queen’s exposed midriff came towards Dominic as she took her first step forward. His body slammed onto the side of her abdomen, which caused him to spiral out of control towards the nearby pit of flames. The turbulence caused by her moving body made it nearly impossible for him to take flight once more. Just as he felt the warmth of the flames, Dominic came to a violent stop midair. His head and legs snapped forward which caused him to gasp for air.

“No playing around Dominic,” The Queen calmly said. The demon looked down towards his chest and saw that the gigantic woman had wrapped her red tail around his tiny body, preventing him from falling. “Thank you my Q—“ before Dominic could finish, the giant woman continued her stride, which caused her tail to wag in the air, disorientating the small demon. All he could see was her giant rear, which was covered by a black bikini bottom as the sound of her thunderous foot steps echoed in his head.


At the end of the small path was a gigantic metallic red colored door, or at least gigantic to anyone other then the Queen herself. With a light push, the metal entrance opened; revealing a mountainous land of dark brimstone and flames. Right next to the door was a huge line that was composed of demons and the souls of the damned. The tiny red creatures immediately flew off of the ground when they the realized that their Queen has no interest in them; leaving behind the tiny mortals at the feet and mercy of the uncaring Queen.

She took a step forward without even so much as a glance towards the ground, which caused the tiny humans to scream in terror as they ran for their lives. Her looming foot swung forward, causing a blast of air to sweep over the moving crowds. The gusts were powerful enough to cause some of the damned to be thrown into the wind in every direction. The shadow of her foot caused fear within the hearts of the people, who continued to blindly flee as they were not brave enough to look up into the sky. With one quick motion, her right foot slammed onto the rock floor below; which pinned hundreds of mortals beneath it.

Their muffled cries of pain were ignored as they felt their body’s slowly being crushed beneath the weight of the Queen. The warmth of her body combined with the hot rock below her foot caused many to faint as their bodies continued to be flattened. Many were hoping for the sweet release of death, but that luxury was no more, as they were already dead. The pressure increased dramatically as she took another step. Her whole body weight was briefly on her right foot, causing their bodies to expand, but they did not burst.

Their screams continued to build as they felt their inners move and shift around as their bodies were warped by the pressure and heat. Until suddenly, the weight was lifted. Suddenly, a cool air ran through the group of people that were stuck on the bottom of her right foot as the weight was lifted off of them. They could feel themselves being lifted up into the air. A majority of the people stuck on her sole hoped that their ordeal was over with, but that hope was dashed as they felt themselves being pushed back down towards the ground at breakneck speeds.

They crashed onto the rocky surface once more; their bodies were crushed but they were all still alive. They all felt the pain of their bones shattering as the pressure on top of them increased once more. Sweat started to accumulate on the sole of the Queen, which caused many of the people drown in pockets of liquid. The hot, salty water filled their mouths as they desperately tried to breath.

Their torment was nearly over, as the giant foot slowly started to grind backwards on the rocky floor. The tiny humans stuck on her sole were rubbed off of it by the extreme friction. Their bodies were twisted and contorted as the giant foot quickly moved back. Her heel started to lift off from the ground, which caused the unfortunate souls stuck on it to be thrown off of her unforgiving skin along with droplets of sweat. With one sharp motion, she she flicked the ball of her foot into the air, causing any of the stragglers to fly off of it.

As their bodies slammed onto the rock hard ground, some of them were able to catch a glimpse of the gigantic woman that stood over them. Her face that stood high above in the sky looked down upon them with utter disgust. They were a nuisance to her, and she had simply brushed them off her foot like one would do on a doormat. Most of the people simply laid their, even after her gaze departed away from their broken, shattered bodies.


The Queen stood in-front of a volcanic mountain which reached up to her chest. With a snap of her fingers, fire erupted from the top, but these flames were different then the surrounding ones. It glowed a strange blue color as it formed a vertical circle near the top of the mountain. Eventually, this circle displayed a pitch black image with scattered white dots to the Demon Queen, who smiled in delight. Her tail finally released the tiny demon which allowed him move closer to see the image within the blue circular flame.

“Tell me Dominic... who resides over this universe?” She asked, even though she knew the answer. “It is governed by your friend; Goddess Abigail,” Dominic answered as a loud moan escaped between the Demon Queen’s lips. “I love fucking with her so much... which planet is celebrating this festive holiday?” The Queen asked. Dominick flew towards the image and manipulated it with hand gestures. He quickly zoomed into a planet cluster, then onto a blue planet that was the second celestial body from its sun.

“Here it is... they call it Planet Jub... their dominant species is a variation of the human template,” Dominic informed the Queen who smiled in delight. “Good... got anything interesting for me to look at?” She asked as different malicious thoughts raced in her mind. “Yes...” Dominic replied as he zoomed into the planet’s surface and onto a small town, “there is a young woman named ‘Karla’ who loves to torture those beneath her... she can be a perfect vessel for you to commence your chaos my Queen.”

“I’ve done this many years... maybe I’ll do something different then possessing a human to fuck with Abigail... and besides, possessing a human makes me vulnerable to Abigail’s attacks” The Queen said as she began to think, “let me see how cruel she is... and I’ll see what I can do with it.” “Roger that,” Dominic said as he zoomed into Karla’s location.


“Wow... even when I’m not trying I still beat you,” a young woman snickered our towards another woman who sat alone in a table within the large, empty lunch hall, “maybe if your lazy family got up and worked you wouldn’t be as poor as you are.” “Shut up Karla,” the young woman barked back, “I didn’t do anything to you... why are you treating me like——“

“Trash? Because you are,” Karla interrupted the young woman, “face it, Liz, you’ll always be beneath me.” The young woman who sat near the table simply lowered her head. “Yeah that’s right... accept your place,” Karla added as she walked towards the silent Liz. Her foot steps echoed in the empty lunchroom as she made her way towards the now, silently, crying Liz. “What are you suppose to be? Garbage? With that stupid cardboard box that you’re wearing and those stupid silver flex ducts that you put on your arms?” Karla added as tears flowed down Liz’s cheeks, “beep boop, I’m the trash compactor.” She mockingly added.

Cruel laughter filled the room. After a brief moment, Karla continued her assault, “Or you can be my service bot... or my slave bot... naw you’re too stupid to do that right.”

“HEY KNOCK IT OFF!” An unknown voice roared from across the lunch hall. Both Karla and Liz looked up to see another young woman standing near the entrance way; she had a stern look on her face as she glared at Karla. “What do you want piggy?” The cruel woman immediately responded, “don’t you see that I’m busy?”

“So what if I’m a bit chubby?” The young woman said as she made a b-line towards Karla, which caught her off guard, “I’m comfortable with that... I would rather be a bit chunky than be a fucking bitch like you.” “Oink oink,” Karla simply said as she tried to stand confidently against the now charging woman. Karla watched in horror as the woman seemed to almost prep herself up to tackle her.

Instinctively, Karla took two steps backwards, but the green onesie she wore got caught underneath her foot, which caused her to tumble down to the ground. “Don’t eat me!” She shouted out as she tried to get the last laugh, but it failed. The woman stopped her charge and simply looked down upon the now sitting Karla, who had a angry look on her face.

“What are you suppose to be anyway?” The woman asked Karla. “I’m the Kaiser of the Monsters, Baronilla!” Karla shouted as she triumphantly shot back up to her feet, “do you not see the onesie? Green, tail, and this!” Her hand swung to the back of her neck in order to grab onto a green hoodie that was attached to the onesie. With one swift motion, she placed the headwear over herself. It was decorated with two googly eyes, one on each side of the hoodie, as well as two separate portions of an opened mouth with white razor sharp teeth.

“Cool... so did you dress up like it because you can relate with that cold heartless lizard?” The young woman asked as a smile formed on her face, “or is it because pretending to be big is better then facing your... shortcomings?”

“I’m not a gigantic monster like you!” Karla barked back as she looked up towards the woman, “you butterball! You hideous giant!” “Last time I checked, being five foot four was normal,” The woman added as Karla angrily stared into her almond colored eyes. “F-fuck you,” Karla shuttered after a long, silent pause. The defeated woman turned around and walked away from the pair of ladies all the while she mumbled insults under her breath.

“T-thanks Lucy,” Liz softly said as she wiped her tears from her face; Karla’s echoing footsteps faded out. “Don’t mention it... that bitch needs an attitude adjustment,” Lucy stated as she sat next to Liz, “you know... going from high school to college usually changes people... but guess some people change for the worse instead of the better.” “Y-yeah... I guess you’re right... but call me naive... I just wish that we could be friends,” Liz mentioned as Lucy looked towards the young woman. “She’s not worth it,” she said as she ran her hand through Liz’s long brown hair, “come on now.”

“Yeah, but everyone makes mistakes... everyone gets a second chance,” Liz responded back. “Yes... but not when they’ve tormented you for the past year!” Lucy shouted out which caused Liz to lower her head in shame. Lucy let out a heavy sigh, “I’m sorry honey... I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t want you to get hurt, is all.”

Liz sat silently at the table fir a bit, which caused Lucy to worry. Eventually the young woman looked with a frown on her face. “Let’s go trick or treating later... I know that that would cheer you up,” Lucy proclaimed, which instantly cheered up Liz. “I’ll love to... since this is probably my last year to actually go out and do it,” The young woman remarked as she stood up from the table, slightly damaging the cardboard box that she wore.

“Why? You can always do it next year too”

“Yeah but a twenty year old asking for candy is pushing it,” Liz responded which made both women giggle in delight.


“Oh she’s perfect! A self-hating bitch who unleashes her insecurities as hurtful rhetoric to those around her,” The Demon Queen said to Dominic, who was flying next to her left ear, “Dominic, you’re in charge while I go and talk to our little, tiny woman.”

“Yes my Queen... but tell me, what are you going to do?” The Demon asked as he flew in front of her face. “A simple deal will work... these humans are simple, you know?” The Queen unleashed a hearty laugh. Dominic was thrown into the air once more by the powerful jet of warm air that was released from the Queen mouth. “Anyway, take care of the place,” The Queen added as a fiery portal appeared in front of her. With one quick hop, the massive woman went through the gateway and into the unfortunate planet’s surface.


Karla angrily walked down the lonely paved path in the middle of the nearby woods as she headed home. Her small black leather book bag bounced around, which caused her keys that were attached to it to rhythmically jingle with every step she took. The scattered multicolored leaves cracked and popped underneath her light blue sneakers. All was fine until something strange caught Karla’s attention.

The natural sounds that were all around her had suddenly stopped; shrouding the woods in a veil of uneasy silence. Karla immediately stopped in her tracks as she looked around herself. She could no longer see any animals nearby, nor could she see anyone up ahead or behind her. She heard her heart pounding in her chest as a strange panic started to set in. Suddenly, she heard leaves rustling near her left side, behind some trees. “Who’s there!” She shouted out in complete terror as her gaze locked onto the nearby tree trunks. Sweat raced down her face; her breath was heavy and sharp as she awaited for an response.

“Don’t be afraid,” a ghostly voice clearly said. Chills ran down Karla’s spine as quickly realized that the sound came from behind her, directly next to her right ear. “Listen up blonde,” The voice rang out, again next to her ear, “don’t be scared... I won’t hurt you. In fact, I’m going to give you what you always wanted.”

“Please... I don’t want anything. Just leave me alone!” Karla yelled out. Her mind was screaming at her; saying to itself to run away but her body refused to move. A cold hand landed on top of her right shoulder, which then gently made her body turn around to face whatever was standing behind her. She felt like her heart was going to stop as her vision locked onto a set of black, otherworldly eyes. The blood red irises seemed to pierce through her very soul.

Karla stood there, paralyzed with fear, as the creature before her formed a sinister smile on her face. “What? Is something wrong~?” It playfully said, however the creature’s smile was replaced with a frown shortly afterwards, “didn’t your mother teach you any manners? Don’t stare.” Karla slowly nodded in agreement. “Did I break you? Or are you just rude?” The creature added. Karla let out a faint whimper, as her mind slowly collapsed in on itself.

“Nah, I’m just joking... you’re just losing your sanity... don’t worry, the living always do that,” The creature contently dismissed as she wrapped her arm around Karla’s shoulders, “here, let me fix that for you.” The creature snapped her fingers, which caused Karla to suddenly feel empty inside. Her fear, her anguish, everything seemed to just disappear. “What’s going on?” Said Karla, coldly as she looked at the strange creature with an empty expression on her face.

“Let me introduce myself,” it happily responded back, “I am the Demon Queen! The Mistress of the Underworld! My true name cannot be pronounced using your mear mortal words. So that is why you, my lucky little lady, can simply call me, affectionately... Lily.” The Queen triumphantly grabbed onto her black leather mini vest as she walked away from Karla, who watched emotionlessly. “What do you want from me... Lily?” Karla asked, this time with a bit of anger behind her words. “Simple, little human, this is Halloween! The one night of the year were my powers can heavily influence your reality,” Lily happily said while she ran her left hand through her short purple, “I love causing chaos and destruction... but this year, I want to do something different... I want to get myself an Agent of Chaos.”

Karla could feel her emptiness being replaced with pure rage. “I don’t want to do it,” she said, all the while her left eye twitched with anger as she held her tongue. A sadistic smile formed on Lily’s face, “Oh, I should have known,” she shook her head in disappointment, “I knew I shouldn’t have asked someone like yourself.” The Demon Queen happily walked up towards Karla, who’s closed fists trembled in anger as her arms hung freely on her sides. Lily stopped right in front of the young woman and placed her hands on her hips. Karla, completely unfazed, continued to stare straight ahead; her vision was covered with the underside of the Demon Queen’s large breasts, which were covered by a black bikini top.

“You’re lucky that I’m barefoot,” Lily cooed as she looked down upon the angry woman, “if I was wearing my high heels I would have accidentally stepped on you.” A brief silence enveloped the pair; Karla continued to glare into Lily’s upper abdomen while the Demon Queen simply looked down upon her with a smug smile. The silence was crushed as Karla exploded in anger “FUCK OFF YOU HORNED BITCH!” She screamed as she looked up to her face, all the while Lily had a grin on her face. That cocky, arrogant smile was like wood to the flames, “I’M NOT TINY! I’M NOT SMALL! I DON’T CARE WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE BUT ALL I KNOW IS THAT NOW YOU’RE DEALING WITH ME!”

Lily continued to look down upon the young woman, completely unfazed by her. “DON’T YOU IGNORE ME! I—“ Lily gently placed her index finger on top of Karla’s lips, silencing her. “Shhhh, it’s all right. I see that you’re frustrated but don’t worry... I can fix that... permanently,” Lily gleefully said as Karla glared at her, “You just need to accept my offer. Be my Agent of Chaos for today, and if all goes smoothly... well let’s just that you’ll be in a much higher position; forever.”

Lily removed her finger from Karla’s lips and extended her open hand to the young woman. “Shake my hand and accept,” Lily confidently said. “And if I refuse?” Karla angrily asked.

“That little outburst you did there was nothing compared to what I can do. I’ll reap you’re soul and truly show you how tiny you really are compared to me,” Said Lily, who was a bit annoyed, “now, you don’t want that to happen do you?”

“No, I don’t,” Karla defeatedly responded back as she brought her open hand towards the Demon Queen’s. With one quick motion, they shook hands. A strange feeling flowed throughout Karla’s body as she looked at Lily, who smiled gleefully. Her hand was locked in the Demon’s grasp; red sparkles started to appear all around the pair as a strange glow enveloped them. A ringing noise manifested inside Karla’s mind. The pitch increased as the glow became brighter and brighter. The sparkles became small bolts of lighting that cracked all around them. All the while Karla desperately tried to take her hand back, but Lily had a firm grip on it.

A sudden, white flash enveloped them as a thunderous explosion rang inside Karla’s ears, which disoriented the young woman. Eventually, Karla regained her composer, and was finally able to free her hand from the Queen’s grip. She looked around herself and saw leaves falling all around them; the bark on the nearby trees seemed to have been burned by an unknown force. “Now, take this,” a small cupcake materialized on top of Karla’s head, “go to the most populated area in your town and eat that treat.”

“It’s blueberry,” Lily added as she turned around, “my favorite.” A portal made from flames suddenly appeared in front of the Demon Queen. “Also here’s your humanity back,” Lily snapped her fingers. A rush of pure terror enveloped Karla once more as she looked at Lily entering the portal. Once her whole body had disappeared through it, the flames that made it instantly subsided. The area was enveloped in darkness, as the sun had already set.

“What happened?” Karla asked out loud as she tried to clam herself down. “It wasn’t a dream, by the way,” Lily’s voice echoed inside Karla’s head, “now go and do what was asked of you. You don’t have much time; she’s probably felt that little power spike. Anyway, go forth and do the task that you were told to do, or be sent to the hellfire.”

Karla started to frantically run in the direction of the town. The sun was gone and the full moon was slowly peering out from the cloudy Halloween night sky. “Fuck me,” Karla whispered to herself as she held the mysterious cupcake in her hand.


The small downtown area was alive with the sounds of children laughing and screaming, all the while their parents and older kids were chattering among themselves. The streets were packed with people, so much so that cars had to slowly creep forward into the six lane intersection that was in the middle of the town square. A giant pumpkin was stationed in the middle of the crossroads; a symbol of the Halloween spirit that was entrenched in the hearts of the citizens.

Liz and Lucy walked around in the crowded sidewalk, collecting small treats that businesses were handing out. Liz was ecstatic as she looked down upon her bag which was filled with candy. “You feeling better?” Lucy shouted out over the murmurs from the crowd around them. “Yeah, thanks!” Liz responded as she grabbed a small piece of candy from her bag. Before she could eat it, the crowd started to stir as many of the people around the pair started to look towards the pumpkin. “What’s going on?” Liz asked, unable to see pass the group of taller people in front of her.

“People of Anibel Park, do not fret!” a voice echoed over the crowd, “I’m here to make this Halloween a bit more... Chaotic!” “Is that Karla??!” Liz asked as Lucy tried to stand on a nearby bench to get a batter view. “Sounds like it but I can’t see anything,” she answered back. The crowd started to angrily yell, however, these voices of disapproval were quickly replaced with screams of terror as an unreal sight unfolded before them. “I could see her now...” A shocked Lucy said.

Karla’s body came to view as it rapidly expanded over the cloudy night sky. People started to run in confusion; adults slammed onto one another as children cried out for their parents. Cars were abandoned on the road by their drivers, all the while thunderous laughter echoed from high above them. “HAULT!” Karla’s voice boomed in the ears of the now tiny citizens below her. Majority of the people stopped in their tracks as they feared harsh retaliation from the colossal woman.

Judy and Liz stood shocked as they looked up towards the now gigantic Karla’s face. Her giant green eyes scanned the ground below her as a sinister smile formed on her face. “Am I dreaming?” Judy asked herself, “she’s gigantic... she’s like 50-feet tall.” “Well guess she really wanted to be Baronilla,” a shocked Liz answered back.


Karla was ecstatic; she placed her hands on her hips as she took a deep, long breath. She felt the tail attached to her costume sway in the wind as she continued to scan the crowds below her. She felt the cool ground beneath her now bare feet, which surprised her at first, but that feeling quickly faded away. She was in charge of everything; she was gigantic. Everyone was now looking up to her instead of it being the other way around, and she loved every moment of it.

“Do what I say, and no one will get hurt,” she stated to the crowd below. Windows in the nearby buildings started to wobble while the panic stricken people tried to cover their ears. “Now, let’s do a friendly trust exercise... kneel,” The crowds stood still; paralyzed with fear as they continued to look up towards the giant woman. This annoyed Karla to no end. She quickly raised her right foot into the air, which caused the crowd to let out a audible gasp as some of the people near her stumbled backwards.

With one powerful motion, she slammed her foot into place. The road cracked as her foot sunk deeper into the ground; a powerful quake rattled the downtown area, which caused windows to shatter all over the crowds. People helplessly fell onto the ground as their scream of horror filled the night sky. “KNEEL!” Karla thunderously commanded, which caused people’s bodies to physically vibrate.

Without any hesitation, all the people around the woman got up to their knees and held their heads down in shame. Karla let out a booming chuckle as she looked down upon the tiny creatures before her. “I’m in charge now!” She yelled down to them before she cruelly laughed. “Please stop!” A faint voice rang out from the ground, which caused Karla to stop her celebration. Her eyes scanned the crowd below her, “Who dares disagree!”

Karla saw a person running in between the lines of kneeling people. She seemed very boxy from her perspective, “Really?”

The person passed through the final row of people before entering a large circular clearing that Karla was standing in. “I know that you’re not truly this bad!” The woman yelled out. “How dare you defy... wait what?” Karla stopped mid sentence as she looked down upon the tiny person near her right foot in complete shock. “I know that you have a good heart... even though you don’t show it to me,” The woman shouted out. “You’re so stupid Liz,” Karla yelled out, her thunderous voice caused many of the people to flinch in fear.

“I’m not stupid... I just have hope... that one day, we can be friends... I’m not sure what I did to provoke your anger for the past year, but I’m willing to forgive, if you’re willing to be my friend,” Liz yelled out. Karla took a small step back, which caused many of the people behind her to scurry away before her bare heel slammed onto the street. “W-what,” Karla stuttered. “I want to be your friend!” Liz shouted out, “I know hat world can be though sometimes, but it’s easier to go through those hard times with friends.”

“S-stop it,” Karla said as she looked down upon Liz with a confused expression on her face.


“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” Lily yelled at the fiery portal in front of her. In the portal, she could see Karla, who was frozen in doubt as she stared down upon the tiny human before her. “I shouldn’t have given her humanity back... look at this, she’s like a deer in headlights,” Lily angrily said to Dominic who was perched on her left shoulder, “now, *I* have to do something about it.”

The Demon Queen snapped her fingers, which caused the screen to zoom into Karla. She then jabbed her right arm forward, causing it so sink into the portal.


Karla looked down upon Liz in complete shock. She expected some resistance, but she was not prepared for this. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her torso which caused her to lean forward. She clutched her chest and closed her eyes as she let out a painful moan from between her lips. The crowd of people nearby started to run away once they realized that she was unable to retaliate, all the while Liz helplessly looked up at the woman. “Are you ok?!” She shouted towards Karla.

The giant woman’s eyes opened wide, which caused Liz to jump back a bit as she realized that Karla’s usual green eyes were now more ruby red. Liz felt uneasy as she realized giant woman’s gaze was locked onto her. “Yeah I’m ok,” The Giant callously said, “but I need examples... and you’ll be the first one.” “What?!” Liz yelled out as she watched in horror as Karla lifted her right foot over her. “Liz run!” Lucy screamed out from the crowd, unable to advance forward due to the swarms of people running away from the giant woman.

The dark shadow that was casted by Karla’s bare foot loomed over the frightened Liz. “Please don’t!” She yelled out as she collapsed onto the floor. Liz raised her hand in an attempt to stop the massive foot from crushing her. But this did nothing once it fell towards her.. Liz’s vision was briefly enveloped by Karla’s sole before it violently rammed her to the ground. She could feel the crushing weight instantly set in as her bones snapped. Liz felt her body tear apart before she lost consciousness and eventually her life as her body exploded underneath Karla’s unforgiving foot.


A muffled pop echoed from underneath Karla’s foot, which caused Lucy to begin hysterically crying. “You bitch!” She yelled out as she ran passed, the now stunned, crowd of people. Lucy launched herself at Karla’s right foot and slammed her fists into her soft skin. She continued to kick and punch Karla’s pinky toe, but her hits barely registered.

“Hmph?” Karla looked down towards her foot and saw the tiny creature trying to hurt her. “What? Want to see your friend?” She cruelly asked. With one swift motion, the giant lifted her foot off of the ground. Lucy fell onto her knees and let out a horrified scream once she saw the aftermath. In the middle of the large footprint laid Liz’s mangled, flattened body. Blood flowed from her broken body into the cracks and crevices in the asphalt created by Karla’s unforgiving stomp. The cardboard box that she had was turned into a deep dark brown mush due to all the blood that it had soaked up. One of her arms seemed to have been ripped off from her body, leaving behind an unrecognizable stump.

Lucy cried hysterically as she crawled towards her friend’s body. All the while, the looming Karla inspected her foot. Her face was filled with disgust as she saw the blood that stained her soft sole. The crowd of people around the giant could only watch in total silence; they did not expect this level of cruelty.

Karla took a few backwards steps until she reached a large, flat, two story building behind her. She sat down on it which caused the building to buckle and bend inwards underneath her weight. Window glass exploded into the streets and the outer pillars creaked underneath the extreme weight. Karla simply smiled down at the tiny citizens below. “You saw what I can do,” She triumphantly boomed, “now, if you don’t want to end up as my insole, come near me and do my bidding.”

The crowd inched closer towards the giant woman, who stretched her legs out. She looked down upon the blood stained foot print and saw a tiny woman crying near the bloody pulp that she had made. “You there!” She thunderously said, “come to me! My foot has been stained and needs to be cleaned... unless, of course, you want to be apart of the stain as well.”

Lucy had no other option. She slowly stood back up; her eyes were watery as she walked towards the front of Karla’s right foot. Once she made it there, she nearly gagged as she saw the remains of Liz’s torn arm stuck onto Karla’s bloody sole. “Get some supplies and... actually you know what, clean both of them,” Karla commanded. Lucy lifelessly walked towards a nearby convenient store, all the while Karla let it a deafening laugh.


“Where am I?” Liz asked herself once she opened her eyes. She looked around herself and saw nothing other than the white plane that surrounded her. She looked down at herself and realized that she was completely naked. “Hello, child,” a loud, yet comforting male voice said, which caused Liz to cover up her bosom with her hands. “Who’s there? Where am I? What is this place?” Liz asked as she looked around herself once more. “This is what you humans would call ‘purgatory’” the voice responded back, “were souls come to... wait a minute.”

The voice abruptly stopped. After a few minutes of silence, a new, feminine voice boomed all around Liz. “You’re not suppose to be dead yet,” it said. “Well... that’s comforting... not really,” A confused Liz answered back, “so I’m dead? I.... can’t believe Karla would actually do that... also I can’t believe that it was real too.” “Your... acquaintance... did not really do what she did,” The voice boomed back, “she’s no longer in control of her fate, as she made a deal with the Demon Queen.”

“Let me introduce myself... I am Abigail, a Goddess who looks over you and everyone in your universe,” The voice stated, “I saw what you did... albeit it was reckless, you still tried to help that woman out even though she has been cruel to you. That is why I want to ask a favor of you.”

“S-sure,” Liz stuttered, “I’ll help.” “I will send you back down to earth with some of my power. Make this Karla character submit, or flush out the Demon Queen from within her, in order for me to cleanse her of this curse,” Abigail said, “I cannot do anything at this point, as doing so would kill her. The Demon Queen has a grasp on her, but she does not posses her. Purifying her body at this point would destroy it.”

“I accept. She might have done some horrible things, but I don’t want her to die,” Liz answered back, “but what could I do to stop her?”

“You’re a strange person; honorable but strange,” Abigail’s booming voice echoed in the vast white plane, “You like science fiction... she’s a giant green monster and you decided to go as a robot. Also, remember this; if you can imagine it, it will aid you in this fight.”

A smile crept up Liz’s face just before a flash of light engulfed her.


Lucy’s arms trembled as she use the mop to scrub off the blood and chunks of flesh from Karla’s sole. The mop itself was turned from a clean white to a crimson red. The crowd of people near Karla had moved an opened metal container closer to the sitting giant woman. Kids were opening up candy from their wrapping as the adults were picking it up and throwing it in the large carton. Other people were busy messaging the giant’s left foot, which caused Karla to moan in pleasure as she felt their tiny hands rubbing along her soft skin.

Suddenly, Lucy collapsed onto her knees from exhaustion. She dropped the mop onto the ground before she took a seat on the broken ground below her. “I did not tell you to stop,” Karla roared, “continue slave, or face the consequences.” Lucy tried to stand up but her body was not cooperating. Karla simply scoffed before she leaned forward and grabbed the tiny woman away from her foot. Lucy screamed out in terror as the giant held her tightly between her thumb and index finger. Karla brought the tiny woman in front of her face, and quickly realized who she was. “Oh.... Lucy,” she cooed as the woman squirmed in her grip, “so how does it feel to scrape your friend off my foot?”

“Fuck you, you cunt!” Lucy yelled back as she slammed her fist onto Karla’s thumb. The giant simply giggled. “Remember that thing that I told you earlier today?” Karla asked as her eyes glowed an eerie red. “Yeah... I’m definitely not the monster here,” Lucy told the giant, between her heavy breaths. “No you idiot, the first thing I told you today,” Karla angrily responded back. Lucy thought for a moment; her eyes widened in fear as she realized what Karla was referring to. “No... don’t tell me——“

“The shoe is on the other foot,” Karla triumphantly said, cutting off the tiny, squirming woman. The giant slowly opened her mouth, revealing a large, moist and dark cave to the terrified Lucy. “You’re fucking mental!” She yelled out as she punched Karla’s thumb. A warm wind rolled over the tiny woman’s body as Karla exhaled; she could smell the giant’s minty breath surround her. Karla slowly moved her tiny victim towards her gaping maw all the while Lucy cried out for help.

Lucy could feel saliva falling onto her skin as she was brought closer to Karla’s mouth. The large white teeth glistened in the faint moonlight. The giant’s tongue stuck out from her gaping maw; it trembled in anticipation as a soft moan escaped from the depths of her throat.

“Hey Karla!”

The giant immediately released Lucy as a thunderous gasp exploded from her mouth. Lucy crashed onto Karla’s open lap; the green onesie softened the impact. The ground rumbled as two loud thuds echoed in the air. Karla looked over to the Southern side of the town and was face to face with another giant. “Liz?” The frightened Karla asked, ”I-I crushed you. You shouldn't be alive, let alone standing eye to eye with me..”

Karla started to stand up; Lucy tumbled in the green furry plane until she finally slid off the side of the giant’s large thighs and fell onto the building’s rooftop. The people on top of Karla’s left foot ran away in terror as she shifted her massive bare feet around. “I’ll make sure you meet my foot again,” Karla said, “and this time I’ll make sure that you never come back.”

The crowd scurried in every direction as the two giants looked at one another with glaring eyes. Suddenly, Karla exploded from her position; her left leg snapped forward, catching several people by surprise. Their bodies collided with her unforgiving toes at breakneck speeds, launching them into the air.. The gusts that followed her massive strides blew cars and people off the ground as her giant feet crushed anyone and anything unfortunate enough to be in their way. Liz’s eyes widened as she watched the charging giant come closer and closer.

‘Oh no...’ Liz thought to herself, ‘I don’t know how to fight.’ Karla speared Liz, shoving her shoulder into Liz’s cardboard box and bringing both of them down to the ground with a thunderous thud. The street beneath them cracked as the buildings nearby shook violently. Liz squirmed as Karla got on top of her; the malicious giant raised her arm into the air. Without warning, Karla slammed her fist onto Liz’s cheek. A deafening explosion echoed all around town as Liz let out a painful whimper. Karla did not let up; she continued to strike Liz in the face with another three punches, each harder and louder then the last. The thunderous blows caused many of the tiny citizens to flinch as they watched Karla throw her strikes.

Just as Karla was about to thrown another punch, Liz gathered up all her strength and threw the giant off her chest and into the building besides them. The small office exploded into a cloud of dust as Karla’s body collided with it. The sound of twisting wood and shattering concrete filled the air for a moment as the cloud of dust enveloped the area. Liz tried to stand up; she could feel her warm blood ooze from the sides of her lips. She slowly got up on all fours.

Liz tried to catch her breath, but that cost her dearly. She felt the wind suddenly get knocked out from her lungs as a sharp pain radiated from her stomach. She could feel her body being launched into the air. She crashed onto a set of buildings to her right. She could feel the concrete crumble beneath her weight as she fell through the unfortunate buildings. Dust flew into her eyes, blinding her temporarily as the sound of destruction roared in her ears.. She rolled to her left, bulldozing another building next to her.

Just as she was regaining her vision, she could hear Karla’s steps as she crushed the wood and concrete from the destroyed buildings. Eventually Karla loomed over the grounded Liz, who simply looked up to her. The uncaring giant lifted her foot over Liz’s face; her sole was dirtied with chunks of wood, dirt and blood stuck on it. Liz rolled out of the way, avoiding Karla’s heavy stomp. The ground beneath her foot exploded with dust and debris.

Liz immediately stood back up. “You don’t know what to quit don’t you?” Karla asked as she walked towards the groggy woman, “I know that beating you up won’t help, so...”

Karla rushed towards the city center. “Wait no!” Liz screamed out.


The remaining citizens who were unable to escape from the downtown area watched in horror as Karla ran towards them. Her ferocious steps caused the ground to shake all the while their deafening booms caused many of the tiny people to scream in pain. A dark shadow abruptly loomed over them as the giant woman stood high above them with a cruel smile on her face.

“Surrender Liz,” the loud voice of Karla resonated in the tiny people’s ears, causing them great pain, “or these tiny little shits are going to get it.” One of the citizens looked up and instantly fell onto the ground in horror. High above him and the group was Karla’s bare foot; ready to crush them into oblivion. “Please no!” The man screamed out, “my child is with me!” His pleads fell onto deaf ears.


Liz could hear the faint screams of the tiny people all the way from where she was standing. She felt completely helpless; she knew that if she charged forward, Karla would crush the group without mercy. She thought long and hard, thinking about the prospects of surrendering to the cruel giant. Her lips twitched as she was about to tell Karla that she gives, however, a thought came into her mind. ‘If I remember it, I can use it,’ she thought to herself.

Karla started to laugh as she slowly lowered her foot. The tiny crowd of people screamed in terror as they watched the massive sole come closer and closer to them. “Hey Karla!” Liz yelled out, causing the giant to halt her laughter. “I hope that onesie is missile proof.”

Out of nowhere, ports started to open on Liz’s bent cardboard box. “What the fuck is that?” Karla asked. Suddenly, missiles erupted from these tiny port holes and flew towards Karla. “What the fuck!” She screamed as the bombs exploded on her body. She waddled backwards for a moment, until she started to fall.


Lucy ran for her life as she saw the massive woman collapse towards her. Her shadow darkened the rooftop as her body got closer and closer to the unlucky building. Without warning, the office exploded outward as Karla crushed through the roof. Lucy was thrown into the air along with debris as the building was obliterated beneath Karla’s massive body. The sound of breaking glass and snapping wood echoed in Lucy’s ears while she fell towards the ground. Eventually, she slammed onto the asphalt, causing her to get knocked out cold. Her body was quickly buried underneath chunks of glass and wood.


Liz walked towards the downed Karla. Her black leather boots shattered the equally as black asphalt beneath it. The crowd of people near the downtown area could only stand and watch in sheer amazement as the giant woman came towards them. Her brown hair seemed to triumphantly sway in the wind as the silver flex ducts shimmered in the moonlight. The tiny people cheered their hero as she got closer to them. Eventually, her shadow loomed over them.

Liz simply looked down and happily smiled at them.


“BULLSHIT!” Lily screamed at the portal, “now I have to go and take care of this myself.” “No my Queen! That’s exactly what she would want you to do!” Dominic yelled just as Lily snapped her fingers and disappeared.


Liz walked towards the cloud of dust that lingered around Karla. “Please, let’s stop this,” Liz politely asked, “I don’t want to hurt you.” A bright red glow faintly appeared behind the cloud of dust, causing Liz to back up a bit. Suddenly, a beam of fire exploded from the cloud and flew towards Liz. The flames engulfed her briefly which caused her to fall backwards in terror. Liz rolled on the ground, crushing cars and chunks of buildings as she tried desperately to put out the fire.

Karla appeared from the cloud; her skin was now bright red as her eyes glowed a menacing crimson. “You little bitch,” Karla’s usual voice was replaced with a deep, demonic voice, “I’ll end you, and then I’ll torture you personally down in Hell.”

Karla jumped on top of Liz once more; she grabbed Liz’s throat and started to squeeze it. Liz thrashed about as she struggled to breath. A cruel smile appeared on Karla’s face as she tightened her grip. “Please,” Liz wheezed.

Suddenly, both women were drenched in a white light. “Oh fuck,” Karla roared as the light blinded both of them.


“Lily, get out of there,” Abigail’s voice boomed from high above Liz, who was coughing uncontrollably. The light was filled just a bit, which revealed two imaginably gigantic figures standing over Liz. “What’s going on!?” Liz yelled out as one of the giant’s looked down upon her. Liz shivered in fear as she saw the blood red irises of the Demon Queen staring down on her. “Fuck off you little killjoy,” Lily roared down to the frightened Liz. The Demon Queen raised her bare foot over the tiny woman; it was as if a whole continent was floating over Liz. She could see every single groove and crevice on Lily’s sole. “Stop that,” Abigail commanded; Lily defeatedly moved her foot away from Liz and placed it down upon the ground. Liz’s whole world seemed to shake violently due to Lily’s simple action.

“Release Karla from your contract,” the brown haired Goddess commanded to Lily. “I’ll think about it,” Lily simply said.

Liz watched uneasily as Abigail swung her massive sandal clad foot towards Lily’s bare foot. She slammed her sandal onto the Queen’s toes, which caused Lily to giggle in delight. “Oh, you want to play footsie?” She remarked. After a long silence, Lily let out a loud sigh, “Fine.”

With one thunderous snap of her fingers, Karla appeared next to Liz. “Where am I?” She asked, just before she tumbled onto the ground in fear when she saw the two colossal women high above them.

“I’ll have my fun next year boo,” The Demon Queen said before she snapped her fingers and disappeared. Abigail looked down upon the two tiny women, who were mere specks to her. Liz and Karla watched in amazement as they saw Abigail quickly shrink down to their size. “Thank you Liz,” the brown haired Goddess said, “for your service, I will grand you one wish. Please note that you will be revived, so no, you don’t have to wish for that. Also your town will be restored back to normal and everyone, including Karla and you, if you want, will have different memories of this night.”

Liz looked at Abigail, and then to Karla who simply shrugged. “My wish... is to be friends with Karla,” Liz confidently said. “Really? You have a Goddess who could give you anything and yet you wish... for my friendship?” Karla started to tear up, “after all I did....”

“It’s ok, it wasn’t you,” Liz responded back as she hugged Karla. “Today yeah... but not before... I did and said all of those things... I don’t deserve this,” Karla said sadly. “You really don’t,” Abigail added, “but I guess Liz won’t be back off on this... so...”

With one snap of her fingers, both women disappeared.


The Next Day

The lunch hall was somewhat filled with students; majority of who were chattering with one another. Liz and Lucy were happily talking to each other, until a familiar face walked up to their table. “What do YOU want Karla?” Lucy angrily growled at the young woman. “I just came here to apologize to both of you... I shouldn’t have said those things, especially to you, Liz,” Karla sat next to the pair, “I want to also ask for forgiveness... I’ve been treating you badly for the past year. That’s totally not acceptable, and I shouldn’t have been doing that.”

“Apology accepted,” Liz said which shocked Lucy, “does that mean that we could be friends?”

“Sure, I would love that,” Karla happily responded as she hugged Liz.

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