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Author's Chapter Notes:
A sweet new chapter for u folk. Enjoy!!
Gary Fucker was a boy who is now a freshman in high school. Luckily for him school isn’t boring because he has the power to transform. His friend Cameron knew, but sometimes Gary still got away with things with her.

Cameron breasts were b’s, but her big and firm butt made up for it. She only stood at 5’1 and was pale, but her green eyes always seem to draw Gary to her.

Gary sat and stared at Cameron’s butt during first period, even though she wore loose fitting sweatpants her butt still poked through turning Gary on. Cameron noticed, and always knew about his stares in class, and that’s why some days she ops out of wearing sweatpants instead wearing tight yoga pants to be playful.

Gary spent second period as a movable army soldier that walked across the classroom. He could peer at all the girls butts, and Gary showed a huge grin on his face. Cameron Stopped him yet again, this time dropping him within the shorts of a fat ugly girl. He changed before he fell in into a fly.

Gary know flew above everyone staying near the ceiling, and being able to stare into the cleavages of the girls. Second period bell rang and everybody left, even Cameron who was defeated, unable to get Gary. Gary knew now he could watch the next class uninterrupted.

No class came, and Gary was left with the fatty of a teacher. He had to leave. Gary flew towards the door, but the teacher swatted him knocking him down. He bugged out, and changed into into one of the many objects he knew randomly.

Ms.Sugar swatted down the fly, but on the ground stood a little green army soldier. She picked it up, thinking it belonged to another student, placed it between her huge heavy E cup breasts of pure fat in order to stop any students from messing with it. Cameron smiled a little having a gut feeling about Gary.

Ms. Sugar wore her long purple dress the went down the whole length of her legs that hid her unshaven legs. Ms. Sugar was huge. Her butt and boobs were massive, but they are always in to due to the sheer amount of fat that built them.

Gary finally had his head stop spinning. He looked around to see something familiar. Breast. The breasts had to belong to Ms. sugar so he had to get out. Gary grasped some flesh in his hands and attempted to climb, but couldn’t. Her flesh had no firmness to it, and his hands were sucked within the breasts more then the usual big and firm. His climb consisted of just being threatened with falling down to her lower body.

Ms. Sugar felt significantly uncomfortable, and the soldier tingling her sexual drive didn’t help her. She adjusted her bra, shaking her boobs vigorously, and the soldier ended up pressed into one of her nipples. Hard nipples.

Gary feeling his mind calm down after being badly shook once again. This time he could only move his face a little was a nipple. A nipple that was huge, hard, and bright pink with a piercing placed inside. Gary’s face was then pressed within the nipple by the teachers thick thumb, and she tightened her bra to keep Gary in place.”Now time for the next class.”

Ms. Sugar stood, pointing at the whiteboard. Gary was about to cry. Even though Ms. sugar seemed pretty on the outside, hidden within was ugly. She had unshaven legs, stained underwear, and disgusting habits. She also smells horrible. Gary thought she would be fun with her huge breasts and butt, but it was all a lie.

Ms. Sugar kept teaching her lesson with her boobs bouncing taunting unknowing students. She so wanted to keep rubbing the little soldier into her overactive nipples. She was taunted more then her students were with her, and she couldn’t stand it. Her class dread on till finally third period ended and she was by herself.

Fuck me. I am cursed sometimes. Along with my powers of transformation I also cause severe arousal to whoever wears or touching me. Usually it’s a gift to get girls horny, but now it was just a curse.

Ms. Sugar couldn’t let out any fluids while in school. She could at least rub the soldier on her nipples. She pulled down her bra, grabbed the soldier, and rubbed his(my) head on her erect nipple. Ms sugar moaned quietly to herself while drool poured down her body onto the soldier. Then she heard a knock on the door and became frantic.

Cameron walked in and asked the teacher if she saw her army soldier for her project. The soldier who had fell down her dress in panic and was now hanging onto her panties as she stood. I smiled in relief, and dropped on the floor for Cameron to pick me up, but she was gone.

I had to change quick as the shadow of Ms. sugar still loomed over me. I changed into a paper clip. The teacher picking his small thin body, placing it on the desk. She then sat in her desk chair. She looked from her seat for the soldier on the floor, and under her desk. She then stood up, her large breasts resting on the desks as she peered over it. Her one boob slipped out, and caught something.

Ms. Sugar forgot her class waiting in the halls. She placed the boob back inside not realizing the small object on it.

Gary was once again with her boobs as she taught her lesson, but this time he was on the under boob. All the weight was on top of his thin aluminum body. Her fat breasts bending him to form around the giant globes. All the sweat went to the bottom, and helped stick the paper clip to her. Now he started to miss the nipple.
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