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Story Notes:

This is my first story so be gentle, though constructive criticism is appreciated.


Chapters every Monday. Probably. No promises.

Author's Chapter Notes:

No action, just setup.

As Jake approached the house he checked his pocket for the vial of green liquid. Feeling the smooth glass on his fingers he takes a deep breath and jumps up on the windowsill. Just as he thought, she is not home yet, he closes his eyes and downs the liquid. Despite the fact that it is colored, it had no taste; the only indication that something happened was a subtle buzz. As he opened his eyes he saw the latest object of his affection entering her room. He has had many crushes on the girls at school. No one wanted to be in a relationship with him (only God knows why). The only girlfriend he ever had was only with him for a week, although granted, that was in middle school, so it was only going to last so long. He sees the now empty glass vial in his hand and throws it over his shoulder, just as advertised, everything on him shrunk with him. The fact it is consumed gives the impression That it is a biological change, when in fact it is atomic decay, how shrinking doesn't cause a nuclear explosion is anyone's guess. The two-inch-tall stalker sat on the windowsill for just under an hour, not staring at anything private, just watching her surf the web. when his time was up he jumped from the windowsill and calmly floated down into the grass, just like a feather dropped from a table.     

     After he jogged to the sidewalk he was no longer checking how much time had passed, he must have been waiting there for twenty minutes. No. more like ten. Fifteen? Either way, he was getting worried. Just as he was about to have a panic attack he saw a shape in the distance. Emma! He started to frantically wave his arms about like a retarded air dancer from a car dealership. She seemed to be spacey, as usual. Just as she was about to step over him, her green marbles latched on to him. She stared at him. From jakes perspective, it looked like she was looking straight into his eyes, even though she couldn't possibly see them. They stood still for an entire second until Emma reacted.

"What the fuck?" she muttered almost too quietly for Jake to hear. she bent down, her face now one of disapproval as her brown hair draped over him.

"What the hell did you do now?" Jake was shocked that she knew it was him before she even took a closer look.
"How did you know it was me?" 
"It is always you!"
"No it's not!"
"Yes it is! You are always getting into trouble doing some weird shit but I didn't even know shrinking yourself was physically possible!"
"You know what, it doesn't even matter, can you just help me please?"
"Oh yes it does matter Jake!" Just as this was happening the girl peeped out her window to see Emma Baker yelling at the pavement. She wasn't even surprised.

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