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Story Notes:

This story is the reversal of an old theme, where the girl is the villain.

The first chapter is a trial balloon to see how the story is received.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story is violent and sexual. If you are under 18, please exit now.

I got this idea while surfing the internet, listening to music.


Author's Chapter Notes:

I must say right from the start that I know next to nothing about what truant officers do and how they go about their business. I never had any experience with one and I think I only cut school one time in twelve years -- it was a teacher who brought me back, in elementary school. 

What I have this man doing in this story is almost pure guesswork.

So, with that out of the way, let's get on with the story as our protagonist hears about and learns of Melllisa Munday.

And then she goes truant.           



To set the mood, enter YouTube and cut and paste this:

 (2) Bubblegum Bitch – Marina & The Diamonds

Truant officer Bill Williams, thirty-six and never married, sat in his car looking at his notes on the record of Melissa Munday, the next truant student he had to deal with. Her record showed that she was a straight-A student and he knew from her teachers that she was very bright. Eighteen-year-old Melissa had never been in trouble, except for several detentions for “smarting off” to teachers, things like that.

My God,” Bill thought, “She received straight A’s in everything, including chemistry, physics, other sciences, mathematics…and on and on. Several scholastic awards, a scholarship. Never been truant before. What was she doing missing several days of school two months before graduation?”

Although Bill had heard of her, he saw Melissa for the first time when he was visiting one of her classes about another student. Melissa was being reprimanded for chewing bubble gum in class and Bill didn’t like the arrogant look Melissa was giving MS Pierce, the English teacher. He had the impression of a spoiled brat.

That was a little inaccurate. She was a horrible spoiled brat.

Melissa was into girls’ wrestling, had been trained by her father in the martial arts, and was very strong, much stronger than her beautiful body made her appear.

A fact several boys had learned to their chagrin.

After the day Bill had seen her in the English class he had passed her in the school corridors several times, and she always looked at him defiantly. Bill turned briefly to look at the back of her legs as she walked away down the hall. Melissa always lifted the back of her skirt for a moment when Bill did that and once he saw that she was giving him the finger.

Melissa was very attractive. She stood just shy of six feet tall, had beautiful bronze skin, an hourglass figure, and was slightly plump, which looked good on her, for her thighs, which were half-exposed by her short uniform skirt, appeared muscular. Her blue eyes, which caught Bill’s gaze every now and then, seemed to see right through to his very soul. Melissa’s lips were big and sensuous in a heart-shaped face, she had a turned-up nose and long blonde wavy hair which cascaded down over her broad shoulders. Her eyes were set just the right distance apart and had that enchanting, bewitching appearance that men associate with Eastern Asian women.

In short, Melissa was very beautiful.

The kind of girl that most boys, or men, would die for.

She had only one negative characteristic. Her face, which could be charming, seemed to carry a permanent look of impudence and defiance. When Bill caught her eye in the classroom that day, her look seemed to say: “What the hell do you want, stupid?”

That attitude, Bill thought, probably kept her from making it with most boys, despite her beauty.

In that he was right – no one who dated Melissa, ever asked her out again. He suspected that. Bill was glad to get out of the classroom that day and glad he didn’t have to deal with Melissa.


Until now.


This was the girl that Bill might find himself confronting today.

Several calls to the house had gone unanswered, the same with Melissa’s mobile phone. Bill suspected that the calls were being ignored.

The house he was looking at as he got out of his car was not opulent, but it did have the look of people who had money, and it sat on a large, well-attended grounds. Bill straightened his tie and checked his blue suit jacket for hair.

He saw Mellissa in the distance, barely visible, sitting on a yard swing in the back of the house. The girl quickly got up and ran from sight, when she saw him.

Walking up to the front door, Bill hoped that at least one adult was home – one of Melissa’s parents, a housekeeper, anybody. Although he regarded himself as a brave man, there was something about the possibility of confronting Melissa that filled him with fear.

Bill sighed, then rang the doorbell, several times. When no one came to the door, he tried calling both phones again, leaving messages that he was there.

Now Bill was starting to get angry, for he knew Melissa must be in the house. He rang the doorbell several more times and banged on the door.

From inside he heard Melissa’s voice, angry, unintelligible words, then the sound of footsteps, angry footsteps coming down hard, rapidly approaching the door.

All at once the front door was unlocked and opened swiftly.

The next instant, five feet six inch Bill was looking up into the blazing blue eyes of Melissa Munday.


Chapter End Notes:

Next: The Bubblegum Bitch.

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