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A long-suffering teacher decides to make detention a chance for revenge against one arrogant student and his gang of loyal cronies.

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Published: October 24 2017 Updated: January 04 2018
Story Notes:

Guess who's back.

I know I've been away for a while- since the conclusion of Jo's Mouth, actually- and I've wanted to write, but I've had little motivation to, despite having quite a few ideas bubbling away. So, this little tale is (hopefully) my Grand Return to the stage! Originally envisaged as a one off, I've since decided to make it a longer affair, as I've had more ideas on writing and plot and whatever. It won't be nearly as long as the near-seventy thousand word epic that was Jo's Mouth; it may not even span ten chapters; but I hope you enjoy it all the same. Now I've written the first chapter, I know I'm looking forward to trying to write the bastard. So, for now, enjoy the first chapter, and I hope to hear your feedback very soon. :)

1. Dethroning A King by Lord Aj [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (2484 words)

Intros are always fun. And by fun, I mean tedious. I mean, sure, you get to set up your characters and your world and what's important for the good stuff later on, but that doesn't mean you don't want to just skip to the good stuff immediately. There's a reason Jo's Mouth's first two chapters are slightly shorter than moat of the others, y'know.

Anyway, customary ramble over. On with the show!


2. No Sense Running by Lord Aj [Reviews - 1] (2811 words)

And we're back! On the menu today is.... more set-up, more descriptiveness. Yawn, I know, but at least it's action, right? I mean, not the kind of action you want and I want to get to, but it's something...? Anywho, once again my penchant for overdescribing everything has meant that my two chapters will have to become three, and then I PROMISE you the good stuff can begin. I can't see the setup extending any more than that, unless I r e a l l y lay it on thick- thicker than is even normal for me. It's hype build-up though, so I'm considering it a good thing.

Hope you enjoy!


3. Death With Pride by Lord Aj [Reviews - 2] (3332 words)

And heeeeere comes the action! I mean, after a whole lot of plot and really it's more description than action but it's LIVING UP TO THE TAGS! Huzzah. Anyway, I've finally got the 'intro' section done- and I almost did split it into two chapters again, but I stopped myself and just pressed on, hence the longer than usual chapter. Got to fit everything in somehow, right?

Anyways, enjoy!


4. The Jaws Of The Lioness by Lord Aj [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3437 words)

Fair warning: there is some gore at the end of this chapter. If that's not your thing, I'd recommend you skip the very last paragraph. 

Finally, we get to the action! It feels good to be getting back to my roots, the old Jo's Mouth-style stuff that I made my name off of. That said, I've been experimenting with some new stuff as well, so hopefully it's turned out alright. 



5. Hard to Swallow by Lord Aj [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (2913 words)

I'm not dead! I know, surprised me, too. Real life's just caught up with me recently. Nothing bad, just a combination of work and social engagements leaving me drained every evening, too tired to stay up until godawful hours of the morning to be writing. Sorry! Here's the long-awaited next chapter, and a promise that the next one (probably, maybe) won't take a month to get out. 

Oh, also, another gore warning. Probably more so than last chapter. You have been warned. 



6. Cat and Mouse by Lord Aj [Reviews - 2] (4408 words)

Hey, this one didn't take as long as the last one! Hooray...!

Well, only marginally. In all honesty, I sort of prefer the pace I've been shunting chapters out recently. It gives me time to think them through and get an idea of what I'm going to write, and then take several days to actually write it. I feel like cramming myself into small time restraints just makes me rush, and I want to try and make these stories as high-quality as possible. So, bear in mind that updates will still be semi-regular, but not as regular as they were.

With that in mind, here's Chapter 6; my first true foray into foot and crush territory. Hopefully I've not done a botch job of it; I certainly am pretty happy with it; but let me know what you think!