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Story Notes:

I plan on turning this into a series, several of the libraries I go to and type stories on computers don't allow me to go to Giantessworld.net because it's considered an adult website, so I need to get this up because my junior college computers currently allow us to go here, but I don't know when that might change. I can add chapters I've written on my iPad, but it won't allow me to get all the details like the age of characters and the different sub-categories of the giantess genre such as vore when I first upload a story, so I needed to get this uploaded onto this site so I have the story started.



Latina seventh grader Lacey Brolin and her eighth grade sister Piper are at Piper's friend Victoria's home on California's central coast, in Victoria's bedroom. Chloe and Victoria are also in the eighth grade, and were both blondes; Victoria had long hair, while Chloe's was shorter. They all have small cubes, each cube containing a captive. The girls are crowded around Victoria's desk. The three older girls are all dressed in their blue and gold cheer uniforms, while Lacey is wearing a pink tank top and purple shorts. Victoria has a twenty sided icosahedron die in her hand, and rolls it onto her desk. Victoria rolls a 12, followed by an 8. The other girls have less luck, until it's Lacey's turn; she rolls twenty on the first roll.

"Wow, Lacey!" said her sister Piper. "A natural twenty!"

"You win one of our captives," said Victoria. "I have three, so maybe you should take one of mine."

Lacey took one of Victoria's cubes, which contained a convict who had been miniaturized down to about an inch tall in height. Lacey dumped the shrunken captive out into her palm and smiled.

"I'm your new owner!"

"Swallow him!" said Victoria. "It's part of the initiation!"

"I don't want to kill him," Lacey pleaded.

"He won't die," said Victoria, holding up a hand held device. "This is a neural stimulator, it can make you puke. Now, if you want to be in our club, you have to swallow him or we'll kick you out!"

Lacey held the shrunken man above her head, and licked her lips. The other girls in the bedroom began chanting "Swallow him!" in unison as Lacey slowly lowered her captive toward her lips. "Prepare to surrender to the belly of a sovereign seventh grader!" Then Lacey let go of her captive, and he dropped onto her waiting pink tongue. Lacey closed her lips, and forced him to the back of her throat, then swallowed.

When he glided down her gullet, Lacey stood up and opened her shirt just enough to reveal her belly button, and stroked it with her other hand. Lacey and the other girls began laughing. 

Lacey thought back to the events of earlier that week.

Chapter One:

Two Hispanic girls were seated on a bed in a bedroom. The older girl was wearing her blue and gold cheer uniform, while the younger girl was wearing a miniskirt and tee-shirt. The older girl said to the younger one: "Now that you're starting junior high school, I need to give you some pointers."

"Like what?" Lacey asked.

"At school, you should drink bottled water." said Piper.

"But if I brought a re-usable water bottle to school," said Lacey, "I could fill it up and save money."

"Then you'd look like a bum. Don't embarrass me, Lacey. I'm on the cheerleading squad, and all my friends are really popular. Mom was given a million dollars for volunteering for that apex athlete experiment, and she gives us a lot of money. Do you still have that hundred dollars you got on your birthday?"

"Yes," Lacey replied.

"Then get it and let's go to Zucky's. There's something you need to get before you start seventh grade today."

They walk to Zucky's, a licorice and pop shop that sells other amenities. The girls walk in, and Lacey notices a cuspidor.

"Why would they have a cuspidor in a licorice shop?" Lacey asked.

"You've never been in here before?" Piper asked.

"No," said Lacey.

"This is the hang-out where they sell shrunken convicts. With a hundred dollars, you should have just enough to afford one."

The girls looked through the window of the display area, and observed at least a dozen shrunken men who stood about an inch tall wandering around.

"Pick one!" said Piper.

"I'll take that Hispanic guy right there," said Lacey. The man behind the counter used a vacuum device to suck the shrunken man Lacey selected, and he was forced into a transparent cube. Lacey handed the man the hundred dollar bill, and he gave her the cube. It had a bed, chair, and a cupboard to store food inside.

"Can I take him out of the cube?" Lacey asked.

"Of course!" said Lacey, "He's your property now."

Lacey dumped out the shrunken captive onto her open palm, and he walked across to her wrist, and up her forearm.

"How cute!" said Lacey.

"Now swallow him!" said Piper.

"No!" said Lacey, "I just got him!"

"I'm showing you what the cuspidor is for," said Piper. "I have a neural stimulator that can make you puke by activating the areas of your brain that control the gagging reflex. He won't be hurt!"

Lacey lifted him into the air, and shoved him inside of her mouth. She used her tongue to force him to the back of her throat, then swallowed him. The other captives behind the glass counter began shouting and making noise when they saw Lacey swallow one of their own.

"Okay, make me puke!" said Lacey.

Piper pulled the neural stimulator out of her backpack and used it on her younger sister. "Aim for the cuspidor, Lacey!"

Lacey tilted her mouth toward the cuspidor just as she began to vomit, and her captive came flying out and landed inside the cuspidor. Piper fished him out and took him to a sink area that was used to wash captives who had been swallowed and covered in vomit.

"Here," said Piper as she handed the wet shrunken man to Lacey. "I'll buy a change of clothes for him, and some food and water. All food and water for shrunken people has to be scaled down to their proportionate size, or the cells of their bodies can't process it. You could give them normal size water for a week, and they would die from thirst because it would pass right through their system."

Once the girls reached the junior high school, they went to the auditorium and sat next to each other. Piper's friends Chloe and Victoria sat next to her on her left, and Lacey sat next to her on her right. When all the students were seated, a muscular man took the podium at the front of the stage. He spoke into the microphone.

"I'm Coach Contreras, some of the eighth graders know me from last year. I'm going to talk briefly about the stature statute, and how it affects some of the students here. AS most of you know, our civilization changed dramatically not too many years ago when the reality trekkers arrived. They shared technology with us, such as nuclear fusion reactors that can provide power for pennies on the dollar, faster propulsion systems for our rockets that can reach Mars in a matter of hours, and neutrino dissimilators that can shrink people."

All of the students cheered when he mentioned the neutrino dissimilators.

"He's about to explain the theory of miniaturization," Piper whispered to Lacey, "that's what he did last year."

Piper proved correct. Mr. Contreras went on to say: "Shrinking is a lot more complicated than people realize. A dimensional membrane surrounds the elementary particles of the target like a sifter, and the larger component of each elementary particle is separated and tossed into another dimension. To shrink a man down to an inch tall, over ninety-nine percent of the elementary particles composing the atoms of his body are converted into neutrinos!"

"Now he's going to discuss safe handling of shrunken people," Piper whispered to her sister.

"You can't just give shrunken people normal water without reducing it down to their proportionate scale, or they could die of thirst even though you've been giving them water," Mr. Contreras continued, "shrunken cells can't process normal-sized water molecules. The same goes for food. That's why most convicts are reduced to a scale of one over seventy-two, which would make a six foot tall man exactly an inch tall. That makes it easier to ensure that your shrunken captives are receiving the nourishment they need on their proper scale."

"Congress even altered the eighth amendment so that shrunken convicts can be sold as toys. You can swallow them, or do whatever you want to them. But I wanted to mention an experiment that is currently under progress with the mother of two of our students, Lacey and Piper Brolin. Girls, could you please stand up so everyone can see you?"

Piper and Lacey stood, and everyone clapped.

"ADP stands for adenosine triphosphate, and it is a chemical generated by the human body to provide energy for movement. Every activity you undertake requires this chemical. There are currently three methods of adenosine triphosphate production in the human body, but scientists have found another way, utilizing shrunken people as fuel. No shrunken people will be harmed by this process, but their bodies will cause a synergistic reaction that will generate this chemical while the normal-sized host exercises, giving her more energy. Mrs. Brolin, Lacey and Piper's mother, has volunteered to be the host for this experiment, so she is serving our country and humanity! You'll see and hear about this experiment on the news very soon."

Piper whispered in Lacey's ear, "We just became the most popular kids at our school!"

That Friday night, at Piper's friend Victoria's home, the older girls invited Piper's younger sister Lacey to join their pantheon, as the cheerleaders who rule their junior high school. Now that she had swallowed a captive in front of the other girls, Lacey was ready to puke him back up.

"Can you use the neural stimulator on me now?" Lacey asked. "I think he's been in my gut long enough."

Victoria pointed it at her, and Lacey started to vomit into a bowl that Chloe provided for her. When Lacey fished out her unhurt captive from the puddle of vomit inside the big bowl, the other girls cheered.

"You're one of us now!" said Victoria. You're part of our pantheon!"

To Be Continued!

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