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Story Notes:

As the title says, a response to one of Stephen1000's challenges. Super short, I wrote it in like forty minutes while exhausted. But it does fulfil the req's. Hope you like it Stephen!

Eric should have known that trusting a brand new alarm clock app for his phone was a terrible idea. Under normal circumstances, his older brother would have just roused him from bed in order to get to school on time. However, his brother was off on vacation for the time being, leaving Eric to wake himself up.

Of course, that meant showing up a full three minutes late to Miss Alison's class.

Now, three minutes was not exactly a lot to most teachers. A verbal warning at most. But Miss Alison was in no way most teachers. She was the very definition of the word 'disciplinarian'. To make matters worse she took a sick glee in her most unusual form of punishment.

The moment Eric stepped into the classroom, and all eyes fell on him, particularly the piercing gaze of Miss Alison, he knew he was screwed. He simply bit his lip and prayed that she would simply overlook his minor tardiness. Miss Alison's twisted smile told him otherwise.

"Mister Eric, you're late to class." She said sonorously. Eric swallowed hard as the rather tall dirty blond instructor stood. The clacking of her heels especially poignant considering the otherwise silent nature of the class, who watched the display with trepidation.

Alison looked at them threateningly, inciting them to turn their attention back to their studies. Fishing in the pocket of her tight fitting dress shirt, which had a few buttons undone to show off her prodigious bosom, she produced a small vial. In it was an ounce or so of a deep purple liquid, which bubbled lightly.

She held it out to Eric, who was sweating bullets.

"It doesn't taste that bad, I'm told." She said seductively. "Just a sip, honey."

Eric considered running out of the school and not looking back. But if he valued a future attending college, he had no choice. With a shaky arm he reached out and took the vial. Popping off the lid, he held it to his quivering lips.

Taking a deep breath, he drank.

The taste was not what stood out to him, but rather the texture. With the light, almost airy nature of a wine, but the disgusting aroma of unflavored liquid medicine one might expect to take as a child. The effects were almost instantaneous. Breathing hard as he felt his body begin to contort and contract, Eric yelped as he shrank to a meager four inches in height.

Everything around him was positively gargantuan, but none more so than Miss Alison, who towered above him a like a malevolent roman goddess. Her open toed high heels betrayed her fixation, as her white painted digits twitched ever so slightly. Evidently she found his new stature to be to her liking.

Kicking off one of her shoes, Miss Alison proceeded to reach down for Eric. Her thick, tree trunk like fingers wrapped around his waist, and lifted him into the air very quickly. He was unprepared for the sudden ascent, and became queasy. Fortunately it was not a long rise, as Miss Alison brought him only to the hem of her nylons, near the top of her slender thighs.

Pulling the nylons open, she unceremoniously dropped him inside, allowing him to roll down the length of her smooth, shapely legs. When he became caught on her ankle, she plucked the fabric up, allowing him to slip under her sole.

Sighing contentedly, Miss Alison flexed her toes around the head of Eric, who struggled to get his bearings against the unyielding wall of flesh that was Miss Alison's underfoot. Her toes playfully squeezed him, rubbing back and forth across his face like a lover caressing a cheek.

Placing her foot back into her heeled shoe, Miss Alison proceeded to take a quick walk around the classroom, ostensibly to both experience the pleasure of Eric's helpless, invincible body beneath her foot, and to see to the progress of her normal sized students.

Each step was painful for Eric, to him it was the equivalent of several trucks being stacked on top of him. His only reprieve came from the moments when her foot was airborne, but even then Miss Alison seemingly took pleasure in very quickly and deliberately planting her leg into the ground. This way she spent a maximum amount of time standing on him.

In the few moments when she was not walking, she was standing on him, leaning most of her body weight into the leg that Eric had the misfortune of being beneath. She leered over one of Eric's friends in the class, giving him a saucy smile that sent shivers down the boys back. She walked back to her desk with an exaggerated sway of her wide hips, before mercifully sitting in her desk.

She sent a message to the class of her power, casually putting her feet up on the desk. The few who dared look at her feet could just make out the light wriggling of Eric, whose head was sandwiched between her biggest and second toe. She made a game of squeezing him, scrunching her toes aggressively. A low chuckle escaped her lips as she felt him squirming in her nylons.

The class went by painfully slowly for all but Miss Alison, who pouted when the bell rang. As the class left, and her planning period began she removed her shoe once more.

Speaking to the still trapped Eric, who looked at her hopefully, expecting to be freed, she spoke.

"The class is over, but I think you still haven't learned your lesson." She said coolly. Nonetheless she still removed him from her nylons, and held the slightly sweaty boy in her fingers by the ankle.

Miss Alison pulled forth the hem of her skirt, revealing her glistening pussy. She blew Eric a kiss before dropping him within her panties, and then sealed him inside. She moaned audibly as she felt him feebly fighting against her womanhood.

It was a shame he'd also have detention for not paying attention during this class. And she had special plans for how he would spend it...

Chapter End Notes:

Still working on my other one-shots. They'll be out eventually.

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