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Mira is a young woman with a curse to bear unlike any other. Faced with a dark craving that she's long since lost the battle against resisting, Mira preys upon her fellow college classmates in an effort to satiate her specific desires. That is until, she targets an acquaintance named Anthony, a good-hearted and genuine man who she knows from her psychology class. When powers that be determine that Mira can no longer control herself, they step in and place both the woman and her new friend into an impossible situation. One is at risk of losing their life on a day to day basis, while the other is constantly reminded of a relentlessly approaching deadline that if not met, promises a fate worse than a trip to Hell.


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Published: October 10 2017 Updated: October 10 2018
Story Notes:

Hello and welcome everyone, to We Fall Together!

This is officially my first submission to the site, and I am very excited to be submitting my own work instead of just exclusively continuing to enjoy everyone else's great pieces! I have written as a hobby for many years, and while this is not my first foray into GTS fanfiction, it is my first time sharing it with anyone!

I appreciate any feedback or comments, I sincerely hope that everyone likes the story and that I am able to entertain your imagination through the products of my own! The story may or may not be an ongoing project from here on out, that just depends on the reaction I receive honestly, but fear not! The outline is written out for a long ways, and if a good amount of people have a good time with it, I'd love to go further down the rabbit hole!

So thanks again, and enjoy!

1. Chapter 1: Decisions And Consequences by BlackAnt [Reviews - 15] starstarstarstarstar (7847 words)

I love slow burning stories, so sorry ahead of time for this guys!
This chapter simply lays some basic groundwork for character interaction and narrative. We are introduced to the universe, the fantastic world where monster and all manner of awful seem to exist in the shadows of everyday life! I usually draw inspiration for writing from music, videos, other books, or at times pieces of art, and this project is no exception. I got the idea for not just chapter, but the entire story from a song (the instrumental version) in this case, titled:

Welcome Home by Coheed And Cambria



2. Chapter 2: The Food Chain by BlackAnt [Reviews - 1] (8241 words)

I especially enjoyed writing this chapter because of all the characters, I like to explore Mira's personality and mannerisms the most. She's based on a few things, most of which come from my own personal experiences. Her appearance, threatening demeanor, and personality is the result of several people I've known in real life. I certainly hope I never meet a woman like her, who happens to have all of those various qualities wrapped up into one, because I might have to marry her.

This chapter's inspiration is based on another song, I've been on a new music binge as of late:

Imagine Dragons - Monster


Thank you.


3. Chapter 3: Muderous Guilt by BlackAnt [Reviews - 1] (6811 words)

Welcome back guys and gals, newest chapter is up, and I have to say this chapter was all about confronting the difficult conflict the pair have been so far avoiding. Taking a small bite of the overall issue, we explore what its like to acknowledge that you hurt someone you now care about, and that life experience is something I'm sure many of us have faced before.

We also dive more into our resident, dark character, and this newest addition to the story is inspired almost entirely by my boy Negan from TWD. I was never really a fan of the show, but my girlfriend has been making me watch it, and he's the only thing I like about the show. Cheers everyone!



4. Chapter 4: The Red by BlackAnt [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (6762 words)

This next chapter is a conflict device I have to admit I am a total sucker for, especially when it comes to the female in the scenario having the power. I've always been captivated by people who overcome struggles that may decide the fate of a loved one or friend, and this chapter was, and I know I say this to myself a lot, my favorite to write so far. This honestly may be my favorite thing I've ever written, probably not the best thing, but my favorite.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The inspiration for this piece, oddly enough, comes from a device called the Butchers Nails. They make you do things, terrible things, because if you do they promise a purity of peace that is complete and total. The trade off? Absolute madness and uncontrollable rage.


5. Chapter 5: Accidents Happen by BlackAnt [Reviews - 2] (7183 words)

This one was particularly fun to write because of the character interaction and the absolute fun of diving into both main personalities. As the outline I keep referencing has finally produced our situation resolving/addressing the quickness of attraction a few have mentioned, I hope everyone now sees the direction I've been intending to take the story in. I myself believe in instant attraction between two people, and given the circumstances, which will come into play A LOT more later, you can probably understand my decision-making process now.

The overall theme of the entire story is trying to control yourself for someone you love, in many more ways than just the obvious, and as this chapter plays out fully, you'll probably come to find that more understandable.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys! I love writing this story and I always appreciate feedback and nice things everyone leaves me in the review section!

This chapters inspiration comes from a song I've enjoyed since I was a kid, and really personifies having to adjust to a new world.

Senses Fail - Cant Be Saved




6. Chapter 6: Let's Compare Scars by BlackAnt [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8940 words)

I couldn't help myself, the ending of this chapter was probably one of my best attempts at humor I've ever tried to write, so I hope its funny. The main chapter subject matter, however, is quite a bit deeper than my dry shot at portraying comedy.

This is something that was bound to come up, and we've only just barely scratched the surface into what this means for each character in both their situations. But, I challenge the reader with a question here, in this chapter and personally; What would be too dark of a past, in your mind, that would keep you from loving someone?

We've all done terrible things, some worse than others granted, but as I specifically mention in the piece, there is no such thing as innocence, only varying degrees of guilt.

This chapter's inspiration comes from a tattoo, in fact, the only one I have ever wanted to be truthful, in my own life. It would, of course, be placed just as you'll come to find something else is in the story, and I've imagined in my mind what having to explain something like it would be like to a partner who only knew me for what I appeared to be on the surface.

Enjoy, and thanks so much as ever for reading: https://i.imgur.com/eaeLWgQ.jpg



7. Chapter 7: Panic Tests by BlackAnt [Reviews - 2] (8700 words)

Heyo awesome viewers/followers of the story! Been a very long work week coming up on the holiday parts of November, so I sincerely apologize for the wait! Thanks for hanging around and being patient, I really appreciate it!

This is basically a big 'ol pile of character interaction and plot progression, something I've wanted to write for a while, something that really draws on emotion and less on a need to cater to specific impulses. I hope you enjoy my passion for the characteristics of the soul, and bear with my slight divergence from lewd GTS content. 

I drew inspiration for this chapter from a single word, one that is a major theme for not just this section, but the story: Panic.

Panic stems from fear, uncertainty, but also regret and turmoil. Panic is one of the most basic forms of emotion in nature, and it can, if you allow it to, control your actions for a second or for the rest of your life should you allow it.



8. Chapter 8: Shout at the Devil by BlackAnt [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8101 words)

We're back on boyos! (And Girlos)

After an exhausting winter season of holidays, I'm happy to report were back in business for story writing! I thank all of you who hung in there during my slight hiatus, it happens every year, but man does it seem to take forever. I say we usher in the new 2018 year with some storytelling!

This chapter, probably unsurprisingly, come from another song, in fact its the cover of a very popular rock song from back before my time, and I'm sure a few others'!

The cover takes the song in a whole new direction, and if you've ever heard the original, I encourage you to listen to this new take on the track.

The chapter is about reaching the precipice of a situation and being propelled onwards despite the great odds placed before you. I hope you all enjoy, and again I really appreciate everyone who waited for me to get back to my normal schedule. This is for you guys, for always making me feel awesome.


Shout At The Devil (Cover) - By Julie Belle




9. Chapter 9: Compatibility by BlackAnt [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (7545 words)

Next chapter is up and I bid you, welcome readers!

This was, if I'm honest, the first time I have ever done something like this, and this chapter particuluarly, if you could leave some feedback I would really appreciate it. I dont want to get into too much about the submission, but I do want to direct you to the Chapter END NOTES, where the majority of info will be located. As such, this will be short here. 

Enjoy the chapter!


10. Chapter 10: Appetite by BlackAnt [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (7903 words)

Hello again at last friends and eager readers! I have returned from my long sleep which may or may not have consisted of fighting in the great meme war of 2018!


But seriously, I've been gone a long time, and I really do apologize. I started a non-gts related story and have taken a lot of time writing that among living my normal, busy life. I am, however, excited that I have more time now to get to my favorite story, the newest addition to the adventure coming now.


Thank you so much for waiting, and all the positive messages I've gotten while I've been gone, I read each an every one of them!


Without any further delays, enjoy the latest chapter, which is a little longer than usual!


Song inspiration is a short blurb from a manga trailer! No name, other than for the story called: Appetite.




11. Chapter 11: Predator by BlackAnt [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (7836 words)

Next chapter is up fellow readers!

Here in this additon, we tease out a bit of what's to come, and what the potential for both characters has to offer in their own individual situations. I've been putting a lot of emphasis on the main characters' interactions, purely because I want the payoff for what I have planned to be awesome.

I hope you all enjoy, and stick around for more!


This chapter gains it's inspiration from a song called, "Horns, by Bryce Fox."

Enjoy the song and the latest part of the story!




12. Chapter 12: Death of Hope by BlackAnt [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (7046 words)

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to the next chapter in our adventure! Here, we get pretty serious, about as serious as we've gotten thus far, in fact. We're going to confront a lot of problems, a lot of difficult situations, and a lot of violence we've always heard of, but until now, have never seen.


This chapter came from a whole slew of different emotions, songs, images, and themes, but I think it's best summarized with the song called. "Out of the Dark, by RBYN."

Do please enjoy, and please try to squeeze in a review for this one, if you can. I'd really appreciate it, as this chapter has the most giantess content out of I think any other part of the story so far. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it!

Gimme dat review booty bois.