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Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter is probably gonna be longer then the rest. I just kept writing till I felt tired of writing it
The sun was shining, birds were singing. It was a great day. I walked along the sidewalk with a few dozen other people that I didn’t know. Then I started to get dizzy, and all I heard was cruel laughter ringing in my ears. I fell to the ground, and as I did I saw nothingness where parents and children and seniors all walked among me before. darkness.......

I woke who knows when to a loud voice over me. I couldn’t understand it, but I knew it was a voice. I then felt weightlessness, as I fell face first into a soft fabric. Glancing around I saw pink and toys the size of me. My mind focused allowing me to see straight but everything still seemed huge. I then heard booming noises coming closer.

I saw a woman walk into the room. The normally short woman seemed tall to me, and also seemed beautiful. Her hair black, eyes of green that sparkled, and her thin body. Her short shorts, and tight shirt. Her small but amazing breasts, wide hips, and huge ass made her spectacular. The beautiful, mature woman came closer, and I woke up from dream land to run without looking back. She dropped a pile of laundry right near me, and the force of its landing sending me flying.

I rubbed my hurt, but surprisingly not bruised head. The beauty of my dreams just walked out of what seemed like a gate way to heaven.

Looking next to me was a still face that laid beside me. A doll? Then I heard the booms again. This time a girl around what I could tell eight or nine walked in. She had black hair and green eyes to, but she had no curves and was wearing all pink leggings and loose fitting shirt. Looking up all I saw was up her shirt(not pervertivly), and a hand reaching down.

The hand grasped my small body firmly and I ways brought up to her face. The girl never saw this doll before, but she wasn’t going to complain. She grabbed another doll and laid on the carpeted floor to play. She banged me against the plastic doll making kissing noises, and made impressions of our voices. In her impression of me she spoke in a deep voice saying,”oh Veronica love me.” I’d both laugh and cry at this if I wasn’t already busy enough staying as still as possible as she “played”. The a ear splitting voice calling the little girl echoed throughout the huge room the girl through me and “Veronica” at the wall, and ran out the room.

When I rammed into the wall I stuck there. My former flattened, sticking to it like a sticker. My body reformed and I dropped onto the bed. I was already done being int the open, and I just wanted to hide. In the distance I saw what looked like a small stuffed fox. Perfect, I can hide inside protected by the cotton stuffing. I then ran up to it.

I checked the fox for a way in, and I found one. A small zipper on the butt and I opened it to climb inside. Climbing in I felt safer already. Closing the zipper behind me, I was now secured within the fox. Looking through the foxes eyes(see through only from inside) I saw a girl coming in the room. The girl then let out a loud laugh that sounded the same as the one from when I was walking outside.

A teen walked in who looked pretty goth. She wore black eyeliner, black shirt, and black leggings to go with her black shoes. Her boobs were small like b’s and her butt small but firm. She then turned her head looking all around. She was probably looking for me, maybe to see if I had died. She looked under the bed, behind the dresser, in the closet, and in her toy box. She then looking defeated finally laid eyes on the fox. She started walking towards me, sending shivers down my spine. She then grabbed the fox which contained my small doll sized body. I thought she was going to look inside, but all she did was check underneath of where it sat and placed it back on the bed. The goth teen girl then proceeding out the door looking more depressing then before.

The little girl returned to her room looking almost like she was skipping. She looked around the room and finally laid eyes on me. She picked me up like her gothic older sister, and took me out of the room.

Living room-

I saw through the foxes eyes the mature beauty again. I approached closer to the woman. The little girl snuggled up close to her mother on the couch to watch tv, and held her fox tightly in her arms. I sat there with the only thing to do was watch the movie that the fox stared so keenly at. Over time I realized the grip on the fox weaken.

The little girl dropped her fox into her mother’s lap. She looked to her side to see her little girl fast asleep. The mature woman got up and stretched with me clenched in her hand. She threw me and the fox on the couch where she sat. The mother picked up her daughter, and carried her to her room.

Couple minutes later-

I had sat the patiently waiting for the mother, as she left the tv on. She then came back to the living room. She saw the fox, she stared at me. I thought she would bring me to her daughter again, but her daughter was asleep and she didn’t feel like going back, so she left it. The woman then dropped her rear right on top of me. I felt pressure but her soft rear, fluffy cotton, and the couch underneath all I could do was enjoy this woman’s ass.

Around 9 o’clock-

The woman tired from a long day was ready for some sleep. She lifted her ginormous ass off the couch, and the foxes tail stuck between her thighs. The woman picked up the fox, and carried it with her as she walked half asleep. She then got to her daughters room, and through it inside onto her bed. Her daughter grasped it tight in her arms, and the mother went to bed. With nothing else to do I fell asleep feeling kinda...safe.


I woke up, and I looked through the foxes eyes. Instead of seeing pink through them, I saw a nose ring. I got thrown in with the goth girl. She had drool coming out her open mouth, and she seemed almost....sweet. Then her eyes just popped open, and she looked beside her to see a stuffed fox. She didn’t know why it was in her room, but she knew she had to use it.

The goth removed her covers, and stretched high with a devilish smile glaring down on me. She then removed her black shirt to reveal her small breasts. She stood there in front of me with only a pair of panties, and black socks on(witch don’t help).

The goth picked up the bright orange fox. She then through it on the ground, and jumped to then land her butt into the fox making the carpet seem useless. I felt immense pain, but what I could tell my body was not yet broken. She then lifted the fox back up quickly whipping me around. The goth girl grabbed me by the neck, and put me face first in her armpit rubbing me in. The smell soaking into the foxes fabric making the smell reach me. Her armpits were like rotten eggs within rotten eggs. Her pits well past just unshaven, as she had no need to with such long sleeves to hide her pale skin. She then finished off by shoving the fox down the back of her panties, crushing it between her small but relatively large flesh boulders. The skin down darker from the rest due to hygienic rejection. She lifted the fox by the tail in front of her face. The fox now brown and smelling rancid, sending a smile to the demonic girl and tears to the boy inside. The goth put on her shirt, and ran to the basement. She threw the fox in the washer, placing it on high. The goth girl stood there depressed her hard work has to be washed away. She looked down to see her nipples tightening her shirt due to the shear hardness of them.
Chapter End Notes:
Please read my other stories and hope u liked this one
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