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From 1990 until some time in 1995, in Grover city, a community on California's central coast, my friend Scott and his family rented a home on Mentone street, one house from the corner of Mentone and Seventh street. It was a yellow house with a small windmill in the front yard. Scott lived in the garage that was to the left of the house if you were facing the front of the house, and the garage was separate from the house and further back in the backyard.

The garage became a hangout for high school kids and young adults who were too young to drink. An older person who hung out there would buy beer, and everyone would party on Friday and Saturday nights.

A lot of weird things happened there, on at least a dozen different occasions time travelers showed up there. Apparently, thousands of years from now, time travel will be as common as chartering a bus is now. Young people could choose to travel to other centuries and visit historical figures. Not all encounters with people from the future involved miniaturization, so I'll refrain from mentioning those other encounters, in order to follow the rules of this website where this story will be posted.

On the occasions that I met time travelers, I asked what brought them to Scott's garage in the late twentieth century, and I was told the same thing by different visitors from the future. According to them, I am still alive thousands of years from now, because at some point I will become immortal. My main claim to fame will be to become known as a comic book artist specializing in giantess fiction. Of course, I had done (or will do, from our perspective) other things, such as acting and producing and typing teleplays and screenplays, but all they cared about was my career as a comic book artist. I know I will never be worthy of shining the shoes of Jack Kirby, despite how skilled an artist I become some day, but for these travelers from the future I kept running into, it wasn't my skill as an artist that brought them to the twentieth century, it was the subject matter of my comics that interested them: miniaturization.

They live in a time when miniaturization is a reality, and they saw me as prescient for accurately predicting shrink-rays and how they would be used in the age of miniaturization. The tale I am about to write about is when I encountered two of those travelers, some time in the year 1991, when I was 20 years old.

I showed up at Scott's garage one afternoon and encountered a teenage girl with dark hair, and a teenage boy with blonde hair who was with her. I usually recognized everyone who hung out there, unless they were from out of town, but I didn't recognize these two. The boy took a shrunken man and shoved him into his mouth and swallowed him. Because these weren't the first time travelers I had encountered, I instinctively knew the shrunken man was real, and that they were from the future.

"You can't just swallow someone like that," I pleaded.

"To him, I'm nothing less than a god!" The boy replied. Both the girl and the boy were about fifteen or sixteen years old.

"Some people are gods," the girl told me, "and others exist to serve the gods. Which one are you?"

I've always been submissive, and my primal sexual fantasy was to be miniaturized and swallowed by a beautiful woman. I was overwhelmed with emotions so I begged her to shrink me. As she pointed the shrink-ray device at me, she asked, "How small do you want to be?"

I instantly blurted out "An inch tall!"

The girl punched in that ratio into the sizing scope, and fired. I was instantly reduced to an inch tall, looking up from the carpet below. She scooped me up and set me on the rectangular wooden table that dominated the front portion of Scott's garage.

"How would it feel to end up inside the belly of a titan?" The beautiful girl asked.

"It would be an honor!" I shouted up to her.

She ended up swallowing me, but she puked me back up within a minute or so. She said something about not hurting historical figures. She asked me what I wanted her to do with me next, because she and her boyfriend were about to leave. I mentioned Scott's blonde blue-eyed 12-year-old sister Crystal, and said I would like to be owned by her for a while.

The girl tracked Crystal down, and brought her to me. Crystal was excited at the prospect of owning a shrunken man, and one of the first things she did was to swallow me, just as the older girl from the future had done. She also vomited me up, and before the time travelers departed, the girl gave Crystal some items that would help her care for me, such as furniture built to my tiny scale, and a device that could only be used to miniaturize food and water down to my scale. Shrunken men can't process normal water or food without it being reduced down to their scale.

After the future teens left, other people began showing up, which was normal for Scott's garage on a Friday night in the late afternoon. One of the people who showed up was an 18 or 19 year old chick, I can't remember her name all these years later, but she had dark hair, brown eyes, and was either Native American or Latina. She had a burly physique that turned me on, and at normal size I had always wanted her to be my girlfriend.

Some of the other people in the garage were aware of me, and I got her attention, too. She commanded me to march onto her left palm, and I complied with her command. I can't remember everything she said to me, but she swallowed me. This is the third time I had been swallowed that day, but I neglected to describe to the reader the sensation of being swallowed alive.

It's like traveling down a waterslide at a water park, and there is enough air in the stomach for someone who is an inch tall to survive for several minutes. For a short time I was in her belly, and the next thing I knew, I was plunging into the bathroom sink which had been stopped up so I wouldn't glide down the drain. My sultry captress addressed me.

"You belong in my belly permanently!" She said. She went on to explain that I would probably be safer with Crystal, because she (the sultry Latina) wanted to digest me. She picked me up and rinsed me off, and took me back to a Crystal. If the Latina had been less homicidal, I would've chosen to be her property for a few days, instead of Crystal's.

At some point, I'd had enough, and wanted to return to normal size. When I was eleven, my stepfather wanted to kill me and my sister, and a man from the future had climbed through my bedroom window and told me he was giving me superpowers. I took my shirt off and put the shirt on that he gave me, and it absorbed into my skin.

When I uttered a certain word, I transformed, and had the strength to hurl a car a dozen yards. I took my stepfather's gun and bent it into disuse. Before he left, the man said my powers would protect me from neutrino dissimilators, otherwise known as shrink rays. My powers were stripped from me when I was 21 because I had misused them by hurting people who had started fights with me. But at age 20, I still had them.

So that day, after being miniaturized and swallowed three different times, I uttered the word and returned to normal size, and went about my life. My only regret on that day was not staying shrunk for a day or two, instead of just an hour or two. The girl from the future who had miniaturized me showed up at Scott's a day or two later to let me know the shrunken man her boyfriend had swallowed had survived, she chastened me for being unconcerned about his welfare. In their future time, they could be prosecuted for digesting someone who had been shrunk. They were just a couple of innocent teenagers who happened to be into vore, and meant nobody any harm.

To Be Continued!

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