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Story Notes:

This is supposed to be a one-shot, but I really liked the two characters, might add more later if you guys want. It has been months since I've written a relationship that was more romantic than sexual. But there is still some smut in here. So far, only F/m, featuring the Amazon category. Might turn into other categories, depending on what people want, if people want more of the story in the first place.

Bellona gasped in relief as she tasted the first water to have hit her mouth in several hours. It wasn't very high quality water, what with grains of sand in it as well as the temperature of the liquid being almost hot. Nevertheless, as far as she was concerned this water had come straight from the pools of the greatest oasis in this desert.

She had drank almost all of the water in the pouch, and there was very little left when she finally pulled it away from her lips to hand it back to the man who had provided her with the refreshment.

"Thanks." She managed over heavy panting. Her voice was hoarse, and she was clearly exhausted. Yet even with this in mind, she was rather loud to the man who took the water from her. Not surprising considering he was not even eye level with her crotch.

The little slave grunted under the weight of the pouch, which to him was less of a satchel of water for a quick drink, and more of a very heavy leather bag that had once contained over ten gallons of any liquid. Bellona noticed him struggling, and sighed.

This probably meant the man wasn't capable of lifting her armor, or her weapons. A shame, considering she had been fighting non-stop for so long and her equipment was beginning to feel cumbersome. She nodded at the slave, and the man dutifully walked away to go get more water for her sisters in arms, who were also returning to camp slowly but surely in the aftermath of the battle.

Leaning back, Bellona dropped her shield, which by now was becoming incredibly heavy in her grasp. The great circular disc, which was in all almost as tall as a man, while being considerably wider made little noise as it fell into the sand. Upon impacting the ground, it kicked up some sand which sprayed all over her sandals and greaves.

She was already covered in sand and blood however, and she was too tired to care. She just wanted to slip into her personal tent and relax for the rest of the day, and get something to eat. Forcing her eyes open, Bellona knelt to grab her shield as well as her xiphos, which she had dropped earlier to accept the water the slave had offered her.

Feeling the weight of her sword in her hand once more, Bellona marched back to her tent, passing by several other Amazons as she did so.

For the most part, they were just like her in terms of how tired they were. Most of the troops seemed more than ready to collapse into their bunks and sleep well past the expected time to wake up for drills and practice. But they had earned a bit of respite in Bellona's opinion.

Few were actually injured to the point of needing desperate medical attention, most of the wounded were probably on stretchers and would take longer to get back. The worst injuries she saw included one Amazon missing her left eye, most likely from an arrow hitting her there. Other than that, everybody just looked exhausted.

As she got deeper into the camp, she found her tent. Being a Taxiarch, and also the daughter of a war hero, Bellona had her own private tent that was of a pretty decent size. It was a perk that she had thought frivolous when she had first received news she would have her own quarters, but now she was grateful for it.

She stepped through the flaps of the tent, and blinked a few times to get accustomed to the sudden darkness. As she found herself able to see, she took note of the interior of the tent to insure no slave had gotten bold and stolen any of her already sparse selection of belongings whilst she had been away.

She had a rack to store her spare armor and weapons, as well as any trophies she had taken. A small table with a quill and some parchment, a bed with far too thick sheets for this desert, and a large basin for her too wash herself.

Deciding to first take her armor off before anything else, Bellona set down her sword and shield to undo her sandals. Peeling them off her sweaty feet, she wiggled her toes in delight, happy to be free of the restrictively tight shoes. She then undid her greaves, and set them next to her weapons. Striding into the center of her tent to where her table was, Bellona began to remove her muscled cuirass.

She was just about to remove the armor entirely when she became aware of rustling behind her. Turning, she was just in time to notice a slave entering the tent. A male, and like all of their kind the size of a child compared to her.

But this one was taller, coming up at about her crotch were he to stand next to her. He had a head of bright, golden hair cut short very neatly. His skin was a few shades lighter than her own, and unlike her he was very slender in terms of his build, more bone than muscle.

However, this did nothing to detract from his rather handsome features. Bright green eyes on a youthful face that was clean-shaven, giving him a more boyish look. He was slender indeed, but not to the point of lankiness, with what little muscles he had clearly defined.

All traits of a love slave. He lacked the hardy, burly strength required to be a more common slave who did everything from clean to carry what they could. And from his revealing outfit consisting of only cloth wrapped around his pelvis, with what appeared to be lightly oiled skin, he was certainly meant to please his Amazon owners whenever they felt a hint of lust for something rather base.

Ordinarily, a slave simply walking into the quarters of a high ranking member of the Amazonian army, especially as she was disrobing and not announcing himself would be met with severe punishment. Rather than chastise the slave for his insubordination however, Bellona smiled at seeing him.

"Worried I died in battle Argus?" She asked with a grin. "You'll be sorry to hear that your master is still alive and would like your services."

"You shouldn't joke about that!" Argus replied, rushing over to meet his master. She knelt, and the two embraced, her massive lips enveloping most of his mouth in a kiss for several moments before they broke apart. "I was worried sick!"

"I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye before I left. But the Tarsians attacked sooner than we expected and I had to go." She said, her grin turning into a regretful frown. "But I'm fine, truly." She assured him, returning the smile.

He appeared unconvinced by her words, so she leaned in, placing sensual kisses on his neck, creeping her way down. He didn't react, but noticed her current state.

"You're injured." Argus said quietly. He carefully reached out to touch her arm, running his fingers over a deep cut. She winced at first, but gradually let him feel it. He looked her up and down, looking for any other injuries.

"Only scratches." She said. "Nothing major."

"They could get infected." Argus insisted.

"Amazons don't get human infections, remember?" She said, trying to get him to stop worrying.

"What if they used poison? What if one of your veins are nicked? At least let me treat them, they must hurt." Argus plead.

"It takes a lot more to hurt me, little man." Bellona snapped. She tightened her grip on him, asserting her dominance in the only way she knew how. Her powerful muscles bulged, and the look in her eyes turned predatory. She was a warrior, and one who took pride in it.

Yet Argus was nonplussed. He had long since gotten used to his masters shows of force and they no longer phased him. Calling her bluff, he caressed her bicep ignoring the cut. He then leaned forward to kiss her, gently slipping his tongue into her mouth.

Her stern demeanor quickly evaporated as she felt his efforts. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled him in closer, opening her mouth to accept his tongue. She ran her hands down his back, her palm almost as big as the upper part of his back.

Argus broke the kiss voluntarily, pulling away. She didn't want to let him go, but respected his wishes and faced him once more. He cupped her cheek.

"Please Bellona." Argus said, his voice full of longing and concern. "Let me help you."

She sighed, but eventually nodded, placated by his use of her name. With his master's permission, Argus got around her in order to undo the straps of her armor. His little fingers expertly undid the knots keeping her cuirass on her, and much better than she could ever dream. After undoing one side, he moved to the other in order to undo the whole thing.

She raised her arm, giving him easier access. It didn't take him too long, considering he had two years of practice in removing armor.

Argus knew from experience however that he was not strong enough to carry her armor, so Bellona took the initiative and did the rest, leaving her clad only in her dark red chiton. The cuirass, which was designed with and imposing six pack of abs and also very large breasts didn't do Bellona's body justice.

As she slipped the cloth off of her, Argus marveled at her nudity. She was reminiscent of one of the many statues of goddesses he had seen before being taken a slave. She appeared chiseled from the most solid rock in existence.

On her knees like this she still had to look down to see him. She noticed him gawking and smiled. She had come to love Argus. But that didn't change him being a man and being so obvious with his desire. She didn't mind however. She also liked what she saw.

"Where's your helmet?" Argus asked, noticing it was not in the tent.

"I lost it." She lied. When he gave her a knowing look, she relented. "A bolas smacked me in the side of the head, bending the metal. I couldn't see out of the helmet afterwards so I just took it off."

"You were hit in the head?" Argus said, quickly putting a hand on her temple, checking to see if she might have a concussion.

"It wasn't that bad. The man who threw it can't say the same though." She assured him.

After Argus finished looking over her, he decided the slash on her back needed the most attention. Retrieving some supplies from the corner of her tent, Argus went about cleaning the wound.

"This is going to sting a little." He warned, as he prepped an alcohol to disinfect the cut.

"It won't hurt at all." She assured him. "I'm a big girl Argus."

He carefully poured some of the alcohol onto the wound. Bellona didn't even flinched, merely breathing deeply as she felt the burning on her skin.

After he finished, he moved on to her other cuts, disinfecting the gashes.

Bellona had to kneel the whole time, and after she expressed the desire to stand up, he judged that he had already done all he could and allowed it.

Bellona rose to her full, towering height. She stretched, moaning in delight as she felt refreshed from the cleaning. Looking down, she noticed just how close Argus's head was to her womanhood. Desiring his affection, she reached down, pressing his head against her pelvis affectionately.

"I do love you." She said quietly. "You know that right?"

Argus looked up, peering into her eyes from below.

"I am. And I love you too." Argus. "But that doesn't change the fact that you smell a little fresh." He said.

She chuckled.

"It's my feminine musk!" She teased, pressing his face against her exposed crotch. "It's supposed to get you aroused."

Argus pulled his head away from her.

"It's not that, it's how sweaty you are." He replied. "You have been fighting for hours."

"It's just sweat."

"You need a bath." Argus told her. She raised an eyebrow. Leaning down so her face hovered above his, she spoke.

"I think you just want to rub your hands over my naked, wet body." She challenged.

"I do. But I think you also would like a bath." Argus said.

She had to give it to Argus, he knew her pretty well. She didn't exactly like the feeling of being grimy, or sticky or dirty. She had been to caught up in seeing him to have realized just how filthy she really felt. Deciding to oblige him, she gave him permission to her down, sending him to collect water to draw her a bath.



"... I must have shattered his jawbone into a thousand pieces. He flew through the air, before landing in a heap at least ten feet away." Bellona boasted.

"With one uppercut?" Argus said in disbelief.

"With a shield-bash! Anyways, he was in too much pain to stand. I strode over and looked down at him. I can only imagine what he must have felt. Or what he must have thought." Bellona said, reveling in the glory of her battle earlier that day.

"He was probably happy he got to see your beautiful legs towering over him before he died." Argus said, as she stroked her thick, powerful thighs lustfully.

"I was thinking of leaving him there... a broken mess of a hoplite, unable to move. However I thought it was cruel to leave him like that. So I put my sandal on his chin." Bellona smiled, as if she were reliving the experience. "Extended my leg, and snapped his neck."

Argus knew Bellona loved telling her stories. He found them gruesome, but this was when she seemed incredibly giddy, genuinely happy. For most men, war was a terrible affair. A time when brothers and friends were slaughtered for the sake of some reason they barely understood, something to be avoided at all costs. For Amazons, war was a thrilling, joyous time during which Bellona said 'an Amazon feels truly alive... like she is home'.

He didn't doubt the veracity of her stories, but he did wonder sometimes if she exaggerated some details. He could easily believe that she threw a javelin the size of a pike and nailed a horseman with it; but he had a harder time believing that the impact of the javelin hitting the man was so powerful that he flew off of his horse, going back at least eleven feet before the tip of the javelin hit the ground, leaving her quarry impaled on the shaft.

Or her claim that once she had kicked a man so hard in the chest that his torso separated from his arms and legs, leaving a body with no limbs to fly into the ground. The fact that she claimed she had jumped into the air and brought her foot down on his head, causing it to burst 'like a duck egg' was a little far-fetched. But then again, with Amazons and their incomparable power, Argus could never know for sure.

Currently he was massaging the Amazon's feet. She had marched all the way to the battlefield and back from it, and her feet had suffered from it. Bellona took good care of her feet, understanding the dangers to having difficulty simply walking if she was a warrior.

As she was telling him about how she had lifted a chariot over her head and thrown it at a war-elephant, stunning the beast, he decided to cut her short. Opening his mouth, Argus placed a delicate kiss on Bellona's foot.

He had washed her thoroughly, and her feet were completely clean. Working his way up, Argus placed more kisses along her leg, working his way up the muscular limb. She gasped as he didn't skip her vagina, placing kisses there as well.

"Guess I'll tell you how I killed the elephant later then..." She moaned, writhing as his tongue darted out to tease her clitoris. Using his hands, Argus ventured began to finger Bellona, looking for the spot where all woman loved to be touched. As a love slave, Argus was well informed on how to please women. And he was happy to say Bellona was no exception.

With a single hand, she pushed his head deeper. Moving his tongue from her clitoris to her slit, he pushed his tongue inside, licking the interior of her vaginal walls, with contracted and shifted. Bellona raised her legs, wrapping herself around him, squeezing his tiny head between her thighs, trapping his mouth against her pussy.

With no other choice, and happy he did not, Argus tasted every inch of Bellona's cunt. He himself became hard as he tasted her milky fluids, which she force fed him as he went down on her. Argus's hearing was impaired from her shapely thighs pressing against his ears, but he didn't care. Bellona was everything to him, his master, his lover, his world. He was happy to be surrounded by her.

As the Amazon became more and more aroused, her thighs began to squeeze a bit more. Realizing she was losing herself to the euphoric sensations of his cunnilingus, Argus gently used his teeth on her pussy, just enough to get her to realize she was in danger of crushing his head, nearly adding him to her stories of brilliant kills.

Noticing, Bellona loosened up. Now able to hear, Argus became aware of her moans. Deciding she was wet enough for him, Argus proceeded to crawl up the expanse of her body. Placing more kisses on her powerful, rock hard abs, Argus kept going until his own pelvis was level with hers.

She needed not wait for him to do the honors. Bellona slipped her fingers under the cloth that made up his only bit of clothing, before ripping it off. Taking him by his ass, she shoved him downwards, pressing his throbbing length into her pussy.

Groaning in pleasure, Argus began to pay attention to the massive tits that were currently acting as pillows for him. He took a nipple into his mouth, chewing, sucking and licking it. As he did so, he began to thrust his cock into Bellona, who wrapped her hands around his hips. Being much stronger than him, she boosted the process along by lifting him partially out of her, before using her full strength to thrust him back into her.

She typically preferred him on top. When he questioned her as to why, she informed him that she had killed a few love slaves before, losing herself in the throws of passion, turning men's hips into mush. So he took the top. Albeit, she was still in control.

Argus's member was large, but not so much as to fully satiate the colossal woman. He used her fingers, sliding them between Argus's ass, down past his testicles to join his penis in penetrating her. This also served to further stimulate Argus, who had to share her vagina with a finger than was not only about the same length as his dick, but also almost as thick.

So this served to make Bellona's cunt tighter, and feel better. Furthermore the feeling of her finger on his cock, in perfect rhythm with his thrusts drove him mad, and with aid from her hand on his ass raising him to fuck her, both were in ecstasy.

Bellona surprisingly came first, mere moments before Argus, who kept thrusting into her limp body until he too came. He screamed into her breasts, covering up the sound it made.

"T-that was..." Bellona panted. "I really needed that."

Argus was too tired to respond, merely resting his head between her massive tits. After a few minutes, she gradually stirred. Rolling Argus off of her, she playfully bit his ear, before heading south on him. Argus, who was expected to be able to perform several times for an Amazon, or in some interesting cases several Amazons sprung to life as Bellona placed her finger on his cock.

However she wasn't on top of him, or with her face next to his to draw him into a kiss. Instead, looking down his body, he discovered her head next to his erection.

"What are you doing?" He asked, confused as to her intentions. She smiled.

"You always go down on me... I wonder how you'd like it?" Before Argus could protest, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his shaft, eliciting a shocked gasp from Argus.

An Amazon doing this to a slave was very taboo. He was to pleasure her. His own needs were not important. If he came, he came. If he didn't, tough luck for him. But then again, having such a personal relationship was also taboo.

As Argus felt her blows, and her tongue drawing circles around the head of his erection, he swore to every god in Olympus to worship, serve, and love this Amazon for the rest of his days. He finally came, and she decided to swallow. She considered the taste, wrinkling her nose at the taste, but laughed at his reaction .

"My ancestors would spit upon me for letting a man's cock touch my lips." Bellona mused. "Too bad their not here to see this."



"Leaving so soon?" Argus said, as Bellona got dressed in a fresh suit of armor.

"I need to get the girls ready to march home. I shouldn't be long." She told him.

"What will we do when you return?"

She smiled, kneeling down to place a kiss on his lips.

"Whatever we want."

Chapter End Notes:

Let me know what you guys think, I really want to continue, but I do have like four other one-shots in the works which I also want to finish and post. Like always leave a review if you liked it or hated it, and hope you enjoyed it.

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