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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Zach was ready to have some fun today at school. A normal Monday to most but to him was another day in paradise. You see Zach has the power to transform but also the ability to create clone of himself. So a clone goes to school normally while Zach enjoys asses and tits.
Zach had a look at the popular girls sitting around in his first period class. They may be stupid and rude, but they sure are hot. He looked at Dona for today. Dona was only half bitch, and a 8.5/10 on the pretty scale. Her boobs were c's and her butt was ok. Her brown hair was short, only to her shoulders and she had hazel eyes. She wore a revealing tank top(against dress code) and some jeans.

"Time to get to those titties hehehe"Zach chuckled silently to himself from the back of the class. Dona sat two seats in front of Zach in class. Zach saw her texting under her desk again. Perfect! He grabbed her phone and placed it on the floor quickly, transforming into a sticker to go on the back of her phone case, and a clone of him sat at his desk with hands folded.Dona gave Zach(clone) the stare as she picked up her phone. She then put her phone away in her bra to avoid any suspicion from the teacher.

Zach was in! He then went to peal himself off of the phone. Zach then floated down to where her nippled laid now pushing Zach against the bra. He was hoping to change in a more 3 dimensional form, but unfortunately Zach had no room to do so. So he sat there letting himself rub against the nipple, but this has a deeper meaning then you think.

Dona was trying to at least half focus so she could pass with a c, but her right nipple was getting hard making her uncomfortable. Dona then quickly snuck a pinch and rub at her nipples while the teacher was focused on another students assets.

Zach was pressed against her nipple as his temptations had an effect on her. Zach was stuck well to her nipple as he still was in sticker form.

Through the classes-
As Dona sat through her morning classes her nipples were hard, and she started to stress from it. It was getting to the point where Dona started to feel excited down below. Once gym comes she can let off at least a little bit.

Locker room(gym)-

Dona was getting horny so she went in a stall in the locker room to change. She removed her tank top and her bra. Dona then pinched them and pulled on them roughly. Dona rubbed a bit more then started getting to get ready to grab her sports bra, but she saw it in her hand. She figured she forgot she grabbed it and put on her blue sports bra.

Zach stayed on the nipple as long as he could but once Dona stopped he knew it was his queue. He dropped into her hand and changed against into a c cup, dark blue sports bra. Zach now held on tight and did his job of supporting the girls breasts. If Zach was in human form he would have bit his lip in excitement.

Dona stretched but knew her plans were to hide in the back of the gym with her friends as the boys(and some girls) played basketball. The problem was the gym was going to be used so the class had to go on the track.


Dona was walking and talking to the other girls about which guy had the best hair.

"Hey no walking, Jog!"

Dona didn't want to jog, because then her friends go to slow. When she walks she goes slow, but any faster is all or nothing.

Zack felt minor shakes as Dona walked, but Zach didn't really know about the class being on the track until he heard,"Jog!" Dona started to speed up past her friends. Dona's boobs shook like crazy trying to keep up with her fast pace. Since Zack wasn't a normal bra he didn't shake as much, but her boobs felt as if they vibrating. Her small rear also shook as well as it could, but all Zach could see was the black gym shirt that was over top of him. The dark color of the shirt didn't help the sweat that came from her armpits and under boobs that started to soak into Zacks material only making him heavier and harder to hold up the behemoth breasts.

Locker room(again)-

After the run Dona exhaustedly removed her sweat stained shirt. The bra though soaked up most of the sweat she accumulated.she removed the bra and with two fingers tossed it into her locker.

All Zack could think is," is this karma."
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry for not uploading anything for like a month. And please let me know whatcha think:)
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