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Story Notes:

Really quick one-shot. I wanted to see how hard it is to write giant woman rather than shrunken man/woman. Turns it is way harder imo. Story features F/F and destruction. Not that story focused. Also have another one-shot in progress.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Not my usual vein of work, I think it shows that this is really out of my comfort zone. Destruction is hard to do, but I tried. Not much editing, just a test really.

"You weren't kidding when you said the city was abandoned." Miranda noted. "How long ago do you think they evacuated?"

"Not too long ago." Norah, a slightly older woman replied. "See the stores? No shutters, near full inventory, shopkeepers didn't have time to pack up. So they must have been in a rush."

Miranda nodded, following Norah's logic. She wondered if there was so much as a dog wandering the streets of what had once been a bustling metropolis. It was eerie in a way. She might have been spooked had it not been for the little detail that she and Norah were the reason for the ghost town's desertion.

She couldn't exactly blame the city dwellers. If she had been in their shoes, and heard that in a few days time two women as tall as skyscrapers would be coming to town, most likely with rather destructive intentions, she probably would have grabbed a pair of clothes, her wallet, and bailed.

It made her smile to think she had that much power. To force what had to be millions of people to stop with their daily lives to flee in terror, lest they feel her might.

With each step she took, Miranda's bare feet widened the streets. Cars that had been left behind in the chaos of everybody's sudden departure were crushed like soda cans as she stepped on them. She could hear the very faint sound of their alarms going off, right before she destroyed them.

It was oh so satisfying.

"I must admit, I was hoping we would find some people." Miranda said with a bit of regret. "Have some real fun."

Miranda walked about town, casually destroying a small café as she found a building bigger than she was. An enormous skyscraper that towered above the rest, with glistening, mirror like windows. She could see her full body reflection.

The mirror like building reflected back the image of a woman who stood at over 560 feet tall. The skyscraper itself was one of the largest in the city, and itself only forty or so feet taller than Miranda. She admired herself, taking in her flawless, pale skin and full pink lips. Fiery red hair cascaded past her shoulders, complimenting her piercing blue eyes.

Completely nude, she wished the tower was full of people to admire her body. A flat, toned stomach led to a pair of thick, heavy breasts that heaved with her movements. She smiled at herself, reveling in her own vanity as she placed a kiss on the building. The marks from her lips stretched vertically across two floors and part of a third.

Peering inside with her huge eyes, Miranda searched the building for any signs of life, disappointed that nobody was around.

Norah for her part decided to find some place to sit. She had been walking all day, and could use a break. A parking garage next to the towering skyscraper Miranda was currently enamored with did the trick. Or so she thought.

The garage didn't even come up to Norah's knees, and she should have known it would not take her weight. As she placed her massive ass down on the top of the parking garage, it creaked, and cracked. For a few moments, she could breathe easy as she enjoyed a few moments off her feet.

That all changed when the garage gave way, and collapsed into a pile of broken concrete. Dust and debris from the collapse of the flaky mineral created a large cloud of black dirt that caked the air itself.

Miranda, startled by the sudden bit of destruction turned to her left to see what had happened. She laughed audibly as Norah coughed and sneezed from the thicker, polluted air.

"Turning this place into rubble already?" Miranda said, as she crossed her arms and chuckling. "Thought we were supposed to wait until the government didn't meet our demands."

Norah sputtered, losing her balance on the pile of the former parking garage.

"Oh shut up!" The brunette managed. "That was an accident. And besides..."

Norah managed to stand, and faced her red haired friend.

"I'm not the one who destroyed a football stadium by having sex on top of it." Norah said with a smirk.

"Come now, that was both of us." Miranda retorted.

"Both of us who destroyed the stadium? Yes. Did both of us come up with it? No." Norah replied. Miranda chuckled, and stepped towards Norah, embracing her.

"Mmmm, but you did enjoy it." Miranda said placing a few kisses on Norah's neck. Norah moaned in delight, enjoying the feeling of Miranda's soft lips exploring her skin. "Admit it."

Norah found her hands reaching for Miranda's crotch, playing with the little red bush. She didn't respond to Miranda's words, but responded to her actions, choosing to bend over to tease Miranda's breasts with her tongue.

It was Miranda's turn to moan in pleasure now as she felt the slimy wet organ running over her sensitive breasts. She leaned back against the skyscraper she had previously been using as a full body mirror, giving Norah a bit more leverage.

Norah took the opportunity to begin making her way south, getting on her knees and running her lips down from Miranda's substantial cleavage and to the redhead's pelvis, leaving a thin trail of saliva along Miranda's torso. Norah ignored the bit of pubic hair in her way as she extended her tongue into the cleft of Miranda's vagina.

Miranda gently began to gyrate her hips into Norah's face, wanting to feel Norah's tongue deeper inside of her. Norah obliged this desire, and wormed her tongue as far into the moist pussy in front of her, going in as far as she could.

Miranda groaned as she felt herself being penetrated by another woman's tongue. Norah's tongue may have lacked the firmness and hardy nature of a cock, but it more than made up for this shortcoming with being a good deal more maneuverable. The tongue is a muscle after all. And Norah could wield it like it was an extension of her self.

Carefully breathing through her nose, Norah made Miranda squeal as she shoved and twirled her tongue inside of the redhead's cunt. Using her fingers, Norah traced her hand along the back of Miranda's powerful legs. She let her palms cup the powerful, muscled thighs of the ginger giantess, enjoying their underlying strength.

Miranda, determined for more stimulation grabbed Norah's hand, bringing it up to her buttocks. Norah, sensing what her lover wished of her, squeezed one of Miranda's huge ass cheeks, before slipping her middle finger into Miranda's anus.

This really got Miranda going, who immediately grit her teeth to keep herself from screaming out in euphoria. She could feel herself reaching climax.

Just as Miranda was about to cum, a massive explosion rocked both women to their foundations. A burst of fire sent shattered glass and shards of metal flying and hundreds of miles per hour as a missile struck the building Miranda had been leaning on, missing her by a few inches.

The shrapnel did nothing to either giantess, whose skin was tougher and more resilient than diamond. But the sudden sound did shock both of them, and the force of the blast knocked Miranda, who had already been leaning against the building for support off of her feet. Norah, who had been kneeling at the time simply covered her ears, more surprised than hurt.

It took Miranda a moment to realize what had just happened. Looking up, in the distance she could just make out the source of the missile. Helicopters approaching the city. Over a dozen. She twitched in rage.

The firsts signs of her orgasm were just showing, and the milky liquids meant for Norah's mouth were instead dribbling down her leg. Her hair was a mess, filled with shrapnel. It took away from her beauty.

"You little pieces of shit." She cursed, as she slowly began to stand once more. "You fucking ants."

Her voice dripped with anger and malice. She had just been about to finish. The military couldn't have shown up literally two minutes later?

She was a sight to behold for the men in the helicopters. They had seen her go down after the first missile, and assumed they had killed the towering woman. They had heard of their durability from other countries also under threat, and other states. But they had never seen it up close.

And now, upon realizing she was alive, and aside from being covered in soot, did not appear to be even slightly dazed, their cheers quickly turned into gasps of disbelief. The commander of the helicopter fleet ordered all choppers to fire on the two.

A barrage of smoke and fire from their missiles all leaving the helicopters loomed in the distance.

Norah, who had just recovered took note of the incoming explosives, and chuckled.

"I guess this is equally as fun." She said, sitting down next to Miranda, who looked on at the helicopters in fury.

"I'm going to murder everybody on those fucking things." Miranda muttered.

"I can finish you off later." Norah assured, more amused by Miranda than anything. She looked on at the missiles that were rapidly approaching. She smiled as they approached.

It was like a atomic bomb went off in the city. Over thirty missiles impacted the same area at roughly the same time, uniting to form an enormous smoke cloud. Not quite a mushroom cloud of a nuclear strike, but still, pretty damn massive.

They knew the city had been evacuated. And were trying to take advantage of the giantess' apparent sexual intercourse to hit them while they were distracted.

As they patiently waited for the smoke to settle from a series of explosions that were heard in a city several miles away, there was a collective cry of anguish from the soldiers on board as the silhouettes of the two giantesses became visible.

Norah stood with her arms crossed, standing behind Miranda. Both had taken numerous hits from the bombs, and neither so much as flinched. It was hard to make out, but from this distance, some pilots could have sworn the brunette was smiling.

But most were terrified of the redhead, who looked to be enraged. There were cries from several on board the helicopters to turn, as clearly these women were invincible. But the commander had his orders, and his damn pride.

He ordered his men to prepare closer range weapons, like mini-guns and aircraft mounted 50. Caliber machine guns. Most opposed the idea, but soldiers being soldiers had no choice but to follow.

"They're still coming." Norah said, watching as the helicopters grew ever nearer. She counted them, reaching a total of eighteen.

"Good." Miranda said. The beautiful building she had been using as a mirror was shattered, broken and falling. As it burned behind her, Miranda took a few steps forward. Looking down, she found a few cars, each much smaller than her finger. She picked up a handful of almost fifteen cars. The alarms beeped and roared as the giantess lifted them into the air.

The helicopters finally reached the borders of the city. As soon as they were in range, Miranda threw her handful of cars.

The automobiles spread out over a wide area, and flew through the air at over a hundred mph each. The pilots panicked. Several swerved to avoid being hit by the cars, with only one actually suffering a collision. This helicopter immediately went down, swirling. The men who could bailed out, and Norah noticed little men struggling to open their parachutes at such low altitude as their aircraft plummeted to the ground.

A few moments later, an explosion reverberated through the city as the chopper exploded, taking the lives of anybody inside who had not been fast enough to jump.

The remaining fleet of aircraft reeled in confusion, trying to reassert order amongst their ranks. The commander barked orders over a torrent of his comrades voices over the microphone, trying to get them to re-focus on the task at hand.

One pilot, so scared by the loss of one of the other vehicles didn't realize he had drifted within range of Norah, until the helicopter stopped moving with a loud crash and clank. To the terror of everybody inside, Norah had simply reached up to grab the little thing out of the sky, examining it.

Desperately, the pilot attempted to escape her iron grip, to no avail. Instead, he found himself face to face with a giantess, who held the cockpit up to her eyes. Each pupil was almost as big as he was, and the pilot actually pissed himself.

The co-pilot, slightly braver than the pilot managed to scream into the cabin for everybody to bail out of the aircraft. Several open the doors of the helicopter, only to find a wall of feminine flesh there. Norah's powerful fingers blocked their exit.

She could barely feel their pitiful attempts at escape, and simply kept looking at the pilot, who was enraptured by her gaze.

She smiled. He was kind of cute, she thought. Terrified of course, but that didn't take away from his muscular build and strong chin. She was thinking of keeping him for later, when the cockpit lit up from the muzzle flash of a gun being fired.

The co-pilot was trying to shoot her with his side-arm. A dinky little pistol. She almost laughed at this. If missiles couldn't even make her flinch, what hope did a pistol have?

Deciding it wasn't worth the hassle to get the pilot out of the helicopter, Norah decided to make them squeal, to kill their little show of bravado. She began to apply pressure to the helicopter, slowly crushing it. The co-pilot immediately dropped his gun as the metal of the helicopter began to crinkle like tin foil.

She continued to squeeze it until she heard the breaking of bones and rupturing of skin as she crushed their tiny, insignificant bodies into mush. Few were alive still inside. Deciding they had had enough, she dropped the helicopter, which plummeted to the streets below with a loud crash.

She briefly entertained the idea of bringing a foot down on top of the little thing, and ending them all right then and there. But she decided against it. She gave them a chance. Little as it was.

Turning her attention back to the rest of the fleet, she noticed Miranda was showing them why you don't fuck with a giantess. By making them fuck a giantess.

Miranda was using one helicopter as a dildo, ramming the vehicle into her pussy, shattering and breaking the military vehicle with her powerful pussy.

"You fuckers wanna interrupt me when I'm having sex?" She said hatefully as she had her way with the helicopter and all its inhabitants. "You're going to have to pay for that."

Norah watched with a mixture of arousal and amusement as Miranda masturbated with the chopper. They were very poor fits for their vaginas, but this was about domination, rather than any legitimate sexual pleasure.

As Miranda fucked the helicopter, several more in the fleet were firing the machine guns at her. They were so ineffectual the redhead didn't even notice. Bullets didn't just bounce off their skin, they broke. Deciding to indulge Miranda, Norah strode over and grabbed another helicopter from the air. It gave a pathetic bit of resistance, but she simply crushed it, quickly ending the lives of everybody aboard.

Rolling the chopper between her fingers so it was semi-round and phallic, Norah inserted it into her own vagina, and got behind Miranda. Using the thinned helicopter like a strap on, Norah began pegging Miranda's ass with it.

Miranda cried out in pleasure as she felt it go in. Norah urged her to bend over, giving her greater leverage on Miranda, who let Norah fuck her with the helicopter.

"They're really sorry about interrupting us." Norah said with a smile between thrusts of her hips into Miranda's ass. "They want me to apologize on their behalf."

Miranda, always needing more grabbed another helicopter from the sky, and bringing it between her massive breasts, slowly began to crush it between her tits.

For the few choppers remaining, the whole display was horrifying. It was clear now. This wasn't a battle, or even a fight for these two giantesses. It was fun, pleasure. They had literally just started having sex whilst under attack.

Of the remaining fleet, everybody begged the commander to call a retreat. Enough blood had been spilt. They should return to base and go see their families before these women destroyed the world, or conquered it.

But the commander wasn't about to do that. He threatened court martial to any who dared ask him to retreat. His own helicopter flew high above the rest, circling the battle raging below as he watched. He leaned out of the door to the vehicle, watching his men being massacred, and used as toys for the pleasure of these two beasts.

He refused to listen to reason.

He instead demanded his men bail from the aircraft, and get on the streets to fight. This would make them harder targets to hit, and they could use their assault rifles on the ground. His second in command, who was sitting behind him in the chopper had enough. As the red haired giantess enjoyed a successful orgasm, the man behind the commander shoved him out of the vehicle while nobody was watching.

He immediately screamed into the microphone that the commander had fallen after using his hands to cover his ears due to Miranda's screams. As the second in command, who now was promoted in the battlefield, he quickly ordered a retreat.

Three helicopters slinked away from the battle.

Or tried to anyways. Unwilling to let bygones be bygones, Miranda grabbed a heap of debris and destroyed bits of building from the ground, as much as she could fit in one hand. She tossed the handful at the retreating helicopters.

To the men in the vehicles who were relieved to finally be out of the hornet's nest, they were totally unprepared for the swarm of debris thrown at them. Like a wave of little pieces of garbage moving faster than bullets, two more helicopters perished, with the third being severely damaged.

Norah watched the last one slinking away. They would have to make a crash landing somewhere. If they lived, nobody would come for them. Nobody was going to rescue anybody whilst they were in the area.

"Well... that got a little out of hand." Norah said as she looked around the now leveled city. What buildings that were not rubble were falling apart. And fires were spreading. "How will we explain this to command?"

"We tell them the truth. We were waiting in downtown for the government to peacefully surrender and they attacked us. So we answered back, and unfortunately the city was destroyed in the ensuing battle." Miranda mused.

"Think they'll buy it?" Norah asked as they began the long walk back to their home base.

"We'll be fine Norah. Besides, this really does cover up for that parking garage. You should be thankful."

Chapter End Notes:

I'll mostly be doing one-shots from now on. Too many ideas, not enough time to make proper stories out of them. Better to get them on the site than keep them locked in Microsoft word.

My next one is probably going to be the complete opposite of this. Very gentle, heartwarming without much sexual content or violence. Expect that some time this week.

Hope you guys enjoyed this for what it was, leave a review if you liked it or hated it, always nice to hear feedback.

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