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Story Notes:

Entirely lesbian, some feet action at the end, if your not into that the middle of the story is more conventional.

"What a cute toy car." Karen said with a smile, as she examined the vehicle in her hands. Had it been roughly fifty or so times larger, it would have been a rather nice four door, perfectly functional. She was incredibly careful with it. It would look bad if a police officer dropped a suspect's car.

Or her father's car, considering she had found the driver, a nineteen year old girl taking the thing for a joy ride, whilst buzzed. The girl had sobered up quickly after the mountainous police officer had gently placed her shoe atop the vehicle, demanding she get out.

"Please, I can't go to jail! My parents will kill me!" The driver begged. She was cute, for a homunculi. Despite her youth, she was very well endowed, much more so than Karen herself, who leaned on the slender side. Long, fiery red hair that extended to her wide hips in a braid, and bright green eyes that shone with desperation.

"Please, this will go on my permanent record, I might have my scholarship revoked!" She cried. "I'll never do it again officer, not ever!"

Karen raised her eyebrows. Getting on her haunches, she gently placed the car back on the ground next to the tiny girl. Karen couldn't help but feel a hint of pity for her. A few years ago, before she had joined the police force, Karen could see herself in this situation. Just a kid who made a mistake, a single mistake that could ruin her life.

"Listen, this is a serious crime. I can't just let you off the hook that easy because I feel bad for you." Karen said. She could almost hear the girl's heart drop. Tears slowly began to form under her eyes.

Karen was quick to stop her.

"Hey now, don't cry. I wasn't finished." That got the redhead's attention. "There is a way you can make this right. I won't report you if you do something for me."

The tears vanished, and they were replaced with a massive smile and look of relief.

"I'll do anything!" She said, holding her arms together, almost as if she were praying to the towering brunette police officer.

"Anything?" Karen asked suggestively.

It took a few moments for the girl to go through the phases of confusion, to shock.

"Ever been with a girl Hayley?" Karen asked as she placed the young woman on one of her pillows. She'd taken the redhead home, and after a little coaxing, convinced her to go through with it.

"A year ago, I had a girlfriend." Hayley replied. "But she was... um."

"Your size." Karen finished. Hayley nodded. "Well, that means you're in for a real treat. I'm probably a lot bigger in the chest region than you ex."

Hayley laughed a little, but it was a nervous, uncomfortable sound.

"You sure you won't hurt me? I mean, you're so big, and-"

"Not my first time sweetheart." Karen said as she slipped out of her uniform. "You'll be more than fine."

Karen took a deep breath as she undid her bra, her nipples hardened from the colder air of her apartment. Her breasts were small, yet perky. But for what she lacked in her bust, she more than made up for in her ass. Years of squats, jogging, and working out to maintain her body for police work had gifted her with a sculpted, well-toned and sizable rump.

Hayley looked up at the massive police officer in awe. Officer Karen was an incredibly beautiful woman indeed. What she was doing in law enforcement was beyond her.

"You might wanna strip too." Karen said. "Don't want to ruin your clothes."

Hayley obliged, and began to take off her jeans and shirt.

"Slower. I want to watch." Karen requested. Hayley nodded, and slowly began to remove her clothes. She was the opposite of Karen. Proportionately, Hayley's breasts were far bigger, large orbs of lovely flesh that bounced and jiggled with her movements. Her ass was equally nice, large and full.

Karen licked her lips.

"You're so cute."

Bending down, Karen placed a kiss on Hayley's chest, flicking her tongue up and down over the female homunculi's ample bosom. Karen mounted the bed, so she laid down, kissing Hayley as she began to touch herself, working herself into a frenzy.

Hayley for her part couldn't exactly reciprocate the kiss, but she could simply revel in the feeling of Karen's tongue exploring her body. The moist, pink organ lubricated her breasts in a thin coat of saliva, before turning its attention south.

Hayley gasped in surprise as Karen masterfully began performing a vigorous bit of cunnilingus on a woman smaller than her finger. The police officer had not been lying- she had done this before.

Karen pumped her tongue between Hayley's legs, tasting the redhead's juices on the tip. She smiled at this, happy her little troublemaker was enjoying herself.

Deciding to turn things up a notch, Karen opened her mouth fully, using her tongue to scoop Hayley inside. The homunculi found herself sealed inside a warm, dark wet cave. She laid on top of Karen's tongue, which was like a twin-sized bed to her.

She faced a row of teeth, and looking behind her, she could make out the faint outline of Karen's esophagus. One misstep, and she'd plummet into the police officer's belly.

But that made things so much more arousing for the young homunculi. She lived such a sheltered life, this little bit of danger drove her wild.

Suddenly, the tongue beneath her began to undulate and writhe, hungrily attempting to gain access to Hayley's neither region. Realizing that the gargantuan police officer was having a bit of trouble on account of the size of her tongue compared to Hayley's body, she spread her legs, straddling the tongue as best she could.

As soon as she did this, Karen took the opportunity to really taste Hayley's pussy. The undulation slowly transitioned into being more of a steady thrust, as Karen gently lifted Hayley to the roof of her mouth. Curling her tongue so that the tip poked between Hayley's legs, Karen would then thrust her tongue forward out of her mouth, before drawing the organ back inside, only to repeat the process again.

Each thrust elicited more moans of euphoria from the little redhead. When it appeared as if Hayley was going to come, Karen slowed her thrusts. Instead, she expertly placed the tip of her tongue on Hayley's vagina, and began to draw circles around it, keeping her from orgasm.

Hayley, for her part had been enjoying the mouth play quite a bit, and was a little frustrated at the tease. She impatiently began to hump the tongue, trying to get the wonderful thrusts and licks to return.

Karen suppressed a chuckle. She continued to tease Hayley, moving from her pussy to her breasts, licking each of the fleshy orbs. As she moved her tongue to do this however, Hayley's legs now straddling her tongue. She used this as a chance of getting herself off, furiously grinding her cunt into Karen's slimy tongue, which by now was covered with a bit of Hayley's cum.

Karen responded by slamming Hayley into the roof of her mouth a few times. Not to hurt the girl, but more as a means of showing dominance. Hayley was thrashed a bit, and gasped as she was roughly dropped and raised, over and over into the harder top of the maw she was currently in.

She then found herself being blinded by the light that came from Karen opening her mouth. Long, delicate fingers reached in, and carefully lifted Hayley from the mouth.

Karen held the naughty redhead in front of her face.

"You come, when I say you come." Karen teased with a smirk, as she licked Hayley head to toe. "That clear?"

Hayley nodded. As much as she was enjoying herself, she still had to remember she was at the whim of the police officer. She would have to do her best to please Karen, and if that meant several minutes of agonizing teasing, so be it.

"Sorry, Officer." Hayley said.

"Mmm, I love it when you call me that." Karen said. She rewarded Hayley with another lick. Only this one was slower, like licking an ice cream cone. "You taste lovely."

Karen opened her mouth once again, and this time, targeted Hayley's substantial breasts. It was faint, very faint, but Karen could feel Hayley's nipples. Hard little nubs that rubbed stubbornly against her taste buds.

Karen's own nipples were equally as hard. They begged for attention. But so did Hayley...

The smirk still on her face, Karen placed Hayley on the bed. Confused, Hayley attempted to stand, only to have a fingernail gently placed atop her chest, urging the little girl to stay still. Her face full of mischief, Karen used her other hand to open the flower, using her fingers to spread Hayley's legs for her.

"You have a beautiful little pussy. The guys must love you." Karen said, as she examined Hayley's womanhood. "You said you had a girlfriend, you gals ever fuck?"

"No. We kissed a lot. But never... you know."

Karen nodded.

"So I'm your first?" When Hayley nodded, Karen beamed. "Lucky me. I better make this count then."

Getting in bed herself, Karen placed a hand on either side of Hayley, so that her firm breasts hung over the homunculi. They swung like pendulums, heaving with every movement.

It was Hayley's first time seeing a hominem naked up close. At this difference in size, she could make out subtle ripples and jiggles in the mountains most others would miss. Despite being a little small proportionately speaking, Karen's tits were plenty big for Hayley.

Lowering herself, Karen chose her left breast. Taking the breast in one hand, and laying parallel to her tiny lover, Karen held the breast over Hayley. Deftly, she wielded her nipple, which was hard as stone, like a sex tool.

"Open your legs a little more." Karen ordered. Obediently, Hayley did so. Now with ample room, Karen placed her nipple between Hayley's legs, using the nub as a means of penetrating the girl.

She must have rubbed the redhead's clitoris first try, as she was rewarded with a yelp of ecstasy from Hayley the moment her nipple contacted the homunculi's vagina.

"Fuck!" Hayley cried. It was a rather tight fit, but part of the nipple was penetrating her.

Karen grinned.

"Okay, you asked for it." She teased. Gently, as not to harm to her, Karen began to fuck Hayley with her nipple.

Hayley writhed in pleasure, laying back and enjoying the feeling of the nipple entering and exiting her pussy. It did hurt a little. It was her first time after all, and she'd never had something as big as the nipple of a woman over a hundred feet tall compared to her be used to fuck her.

It was very pleasurable for the police officer as well. The feeling of Hayley's smooth, soft legs rubbing against her nipple, the delicious warmth and wetness enveloping her nipple was enough to drive her mad with lust.

After a few minutes of this, Karen decided it was her turn. She sped up, thrusting in and out of Hayley much more quickly. Cries turned to shrieks as Hayley came, and a spray of milky fluid coated Karen's areola. In her excitement, Hayley convulsed uncontrollably, tweaking the nipple that was inside of her suddenly and without warning.

Karen, who had not been expecting the sudden stimulation actually cried out, and nearly lost her balance, almost crushing Hayley with her breast. Fortunately, she stabilized herself last second, avoiding a potentially gruesome end to what was otherwise a very pleasant experience for both parties.

Her breast instead simply covered Hayley like a massive, sexy blanket. It helped soothe Hayley who was still in the afterglow of the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Hayley, now trapped between the soft sheets of Karen's bed, and the warm, inviting flesh of the police officer's left breast, couldn't resist, and began licking the flesh imposing itself on her face.

It was almost unnoticeable to Karen at first, who was about to lift herself off of the girl, and apologize for the close call. She stopped when she felt Hayley's miniscule efforts at pleasing her. Whereas Karen's tongue was almighty; a dominating lover all by its self, Hayley's tongue was much more subtle.

It felt good, admittedly, to have the redhead lick, kiss and worship her breasts. Shifting upwards, Karen placed her nipple, fresh with Hayley's own secretions in front of the homunculi's mouth. To Karen's delight, Hayley immediately gave the nub a bit of love, a thank you for the pleasure it had given her.

Hayley could the nipple into her mouth, but couldn't get it all the way in to fellate it. Instead, she licked and kissed it. When she received no audible response from the brunette, the younger woman chose to delicately bite the hard flesh.

Pleasure and arousal shot through Karen's whole body, starting at her breast and spreading all around, before reverberating back to her chest.

"Fuck! Where the hell did you learn that?" Karen admonished, impressed by the homunculi's resourcefulness. Unlike so many of her previous lovers, Hayley had a genuine interest in pleasuring the behemoth. She was doing a good job on top of that. Looking down, Karen noticed that Hayley's eyes were shut, and her mouth wide open, as she switched between sloppily licking her own cum off of the nipple, and biting.

Karen clenched her teeth as Hayley began to chew on her nipple. The girl was causing a minor bit of pain, but the intense euphoric sensations she was getting far outweighed the discomfort. Besides; the homunculi seemed to be able to sense when the nipple was getting a little sensitive to her teeth, and soothed it with enthusiastic licking.

"You'd probably give a great blowjob." Karen thought. In her experience as a cop, she knew that prostitutes were often judged off of how good they were with their mouths. If Hayley wanted, she could probably be the best hooker in town, with the way she used her tongue. Plus there were a lot of hominem who would pay top dollar to have a homunculi like this.

This whole time, Karen had been idly fingering herself, giving her loins some much needed attention. As much as she loved this, she wanted something more.

Lifting Hayley away from her pussy, Karen rolled over, so that she has lying back in bed, her head propped up by a pillow. Placing her lover back on her tit, Hayley made to go back to pleasuring it. She was stopped by Karen, who placed a hand in her way.

"I want you to do what you just did to my nipple-" Karen reached past Hayley, placing her fingers in her vagina, where she casually began to masturbate. "to my clit."

Hayley looked down to Karen's nether region, which seemed like a football field away. The massive fingers entering the vagina glistened with pre-cum. Her eyes grew wide with lust. Karen, getting a little impatient used her free hand to nudge the woman into action. It was all the incentive Hayley needed. She jogged down Karen's body, a task made much easier considering Karen, as a cop kept herself very fit, with a firm, toned belly.

When she finally reached her destination, Hayley was stepping over a bed of small, somewhat spiky pubic hairs. Karen shaved, rather than wax apparently. Not that it mattered, Karen still had a gorgeous pussy. One that Hayley was determined to please.

As the girl placed a foot near the opening her vagina, Karen moved both of her hands to her bedframe, clutching the wood. She knew from experience that if she got too worked up to think straight, she might end up taking a more forceful approach, and simply use Hayley like a dildo till she came.

That would probably result in an injury, or worse. Instead, she decided to let the redhead explore her first ever pussy on her own.

Hayley found her footing becoming a little bit more slippery as she went on. The hairs became slick and stuck to the warm skin beneath her feet. With every step, Hayley found herself being jolted a little, as Karen instinctively began bucking her hips ever so slightly.

One step, the first one to touch Karen's vaginal walls seemed to particularly please the police officer, who sent Hayley flying up in the air. To a hominem, it was only an inch, maybe more, but for Hayley, it was six or seven feet. The landing might have hurt a little, has she not landed directly in Karen's hungry pussy, which seemed to try swallowing her up.

Karen gasped in pleasure as she felt Hayley struggling against the walls of her vagina. She really was just trying to get her balance, and stand up, but to Karen, it was far more sexual. Every miniscule movement made by Hayley was magnified several times over, and her delicate little body squirming in her vagina was easily the best thing she'd felt in a long time.

Hayley found breathing becoming a little difficult, and found herself being forced to simply wipe away the fluid from her eyes. A lot got into her mouth, but she simply swallowed it. Despite the sweet smell, it was rather bitter, with a hint of salt, she thought.

Her ass was hanging directly over the true entry to Karen. She reckoned she could probably fit inside. But Karen wanted a bit of pleasure to her clitoris. So that meant she needed to get her bearings and find it. Reaching upwards, Hayley grabbed the outer rim to the vagina. She managed to pull herself up, timing her attempt with Karen's bucking hips, using the upward momentum to drag herself out of Karen.

Free of the wet prison, Hayley crawled upwards, until she found the nub in question. Wasting no time, Hayley began to really rock Karen's world, biting and licking Karen's clitoris with vigor. The affect it had was instantaneous.

Karen for her part, went from moaning to crying out. She couldn't help herself. Desiring more, the hominem used her index and middle finger to stimulate herself as well.

The two limbs positioned themselves behind Hayley, and entered the pussy, diving down into their dark depths.

Hayley, with the aid of Karen's fingers, renewed her efforts, tiring her jaw as she did her best to make the police officer scream in pleasure. It felt good. Her people, the homunculi rarely had so much of a physical impact on hominem. She may be at the mercy of Karen, but she felt powerful. Impactful.

Karen shuddered, as with a final buck of her hips, she came.

A geyser of cum shot from her pussy, coating Hayley, who got a free shower from the whole ordeal. It reminded Hayley of turning on a fountain in a park or something. Opening her mouth, she let some of the fluid rain into her mouth.

Her hair was now soaked with Karen's love, but that felt good.

She thought things were calming down, but Karen wasn't done, just yet. She wanted to come harder. Much harder, and she needed to use Hayley, to take her.

Ignoring safety for a few glorious moments, Karen grabbed Hayley, and roughly placed the redhead on her bed once more. Opening her own legs, Karen performed a split, smothering Hayley with her cunt. With Hayley being a little toy on the bed to grind herself on, Karen began thrusting, grinding her needy pussy into Hayley as hard as she could.

Karen cried out, as she did so, cursing and swearing. Deciding Hayley wasn't propped up enough to really get her off, Karen stopped for a moment, grabbing the pillow she'd been using, and straddled it so that she trapped Hayley between her vagina, and the thin part of the pillow. This gave her much greater leverage, and let her really go to town on Hayley's body.

Cum began to stain the pillowcase as she grinded into it, until eventually, in a much more powerful and dominant force, Karen came. She did so right on top of Hayley, who got another free shower.

Karen, now truly spent, collapsed, panting for air.

"Fuck... that was good." She kneaded her nipples, soothing them as they became a little less swollen. She was sweating, and her hair stuck to her face as a result.

She then became aware of a little bit of squirming under her gootch. Looking down, she noticed that Hayley's was still trapped underneath her vagina, trying to crawl out. It felt nice. Karen looked down at the girl for a bit, and right when Hayley though she could slip out, pressed a bit more weight down, leaving Hayley sticking out from beneath her from the waist up.

Confused, the homunculi looked up, and made eye contact with the hominem through the gap in her breasts. Chocolate brown locks framed Karen's face, and her bright blue eyes were still full of mischief.

"You look really sexy down there..." Karen said playfully, grinding herself into Hayley. Despite the size difference, their vaginas were still making contact with each other, and both found the gentle action to be very pleasurable indeed. "I probably should have told you, I'm-"

A spray of cum shot out of Karen's pussy, right into Hayley's face. More came, and made a tiny little pool around the girl. Hayley wiped her eyes of the stuff as Karen giggled.

"Sorry about that. I'm multi-orgasmic. And you really turn me on." Karen said. She watched intently as another spray, less powerful than the previous one jettisoned onto Hayley. She squealed like a girl being chased by a brother who had a bug or something, and was trying to put it on her.

"I could keep this up for a while. But we do have the rest of the day to ourselves." Karen said. "You could probably do with a nice shower. Get the smell of me off of you."

Hayley nodded.

"Probably wouldn't do to go home covered in this stuff. And it's getting sticky." Hayley said. Nodding affirmatively, Karen finally got off the girl.

Hayley stood, only to slip back into the pool of Karen's juices on account of how slippery the bed was now.

"Let me help you with that." Karen offered, extending a hand. Hayley smiled, and clambered into Karen's palm, where she sat Indian style. Curling her fingers slightly to ensure she could not fall, Karen took Hayley into the bathroom, the pair of them still naked.

"So... Officer Karen?" Hayley said nervously.


"About my joy ride from earlier... are you going to report me?" Hayley asked. "I said I was sorry."

Karen stopped, and held Hayley up to her face. The police officer's features hardened a little, and Hayley was quickly reminded that she was still dealing with law enforcement.

"I'm not, because I understand that you're sorry, and quite frankly, I don't want to see your life being ruined because of one mistake. I read you record. Never had so much as a parking ticket. I don't want to be the person to destroy everything you've done so far." Karen stated. Hayley looked relieved, and sighed happily. "But, that doesn't mean that you're invincible. Don't think that this means you can get away with anything. Just because I'm a really horny person, and I because you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age, does not mean you get a free pass. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am!" Hayley exclaimed, grateful for the second chance.

Karen smiled.

"You're a good kid. I just..." Karen trailed off, and set Hayley down on the bathroom counter.

"What's wrong?" Hayley asked. For the first time, the officer looked sad.

"It's nothing."

"Doesn't sound like nothing." Hayley replied. The brunette chuckled.

"You really do remind me of myself from a few years ago." Karen sighed. "I joined the police force when I was eighteen. Like you, I worked hard in school, volunteered, did my best to get into a good college."

Karen looked down.

"I made a mistake. I was at a party while I was still in high school, there were a lot of pretty girls there, and someone brought beer. I had two, and another girl had three." Karen leaned against a wall. "She wasn't exactly thinking straight, what with the booze. I was in the closet about being gay at the time, she was straight, but in her drunken state... well, we began making out."

Hayley furrowed her brow.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Next morning, I woke up half naked draped across her body. Dunno if we had sex, I doubt it, but she was pissed. Or, scared I guess. She told her parents what happened, they told the police." Karen recounted. "They wanted to put me on the sex offender registry. Issue is, nobody could prove anything, we were both drunk, so I just got given warning."

Hayley was still confused, not understanding what this meant.

"I don't get it, it was just a warning."

"Yeah. It was. Didn't matter to the college I was applying to. They heard about the whole affair, and revoked my scholarship."

Hayley's eyes widened.

"That's ridiculous! All because of what, two teens kissing at a party, that happens all the time!"

"You'd be right normally, issue is that I made out with a girl. Back then, before the age of progressive thinking for people like me, that was a huge taboo. Only slightly better than being a dude and gay according to a lot of people. They claimed my homosexuality had nothing to do with it, but I saw the look in the counselors face. Looked at me like I was less than human." Karen said with a bit of venom in her voice. "My parents were disgusted. They thought they raised me to be a god-fearing pillar of the community. I was almost eighteen, had a part time job. They kicked me out of the house."

"That's... that's got to be illegal."

"Who was going to stick up for me? What was I going to do, sue my own parents? I had nowhere to go, so I thought the police would work. Went to academy, and a few years later, Officer Karen Dunn, reporting for duty." Karen looked at Hayley. "I don't want anything like that to happen to you. You were right to be afraid of losing your scholarship. It's worse, as your generation is so much more competitive about college than mine."

Hayley was dumbfounded. She didn't think that this kind of stuff happened anywhere other than on news articles and videos online. Had she been born a few years earlier, what might she have gone through?

"You want a shower, or a bath?" Karen asked, changing the topic. "We're doing it together, so might as you choose."

A few minutes later, Hayley was treading in an ocean of warm bath water. Karen watched her like a hawk, making sure the girl was still afloat.

"You sure you can keep that up?" Karen asked, a little nervous about having Hayley unaided in the bath. She'd been hoping the girl would be perched on her shoulder, not swimming.

"It's fine, better than being in a shower, where you might step on me with those trucks you call feet." Hayley joked as she began to backstroke.

With a smirk, Karen raised her foot from beneath the water, and playfully gripped Hayley with her toes. Lifting the redhead out of the water, she tilted her head to make eye contact.

"Hey, my feet are plenty pretty." Karen said, feigning offense at Hayley's comment. To her surprise however, rather than get into a huff over being held up by Karen's foot, Hayley instead planted a kiss on her big toe. Karen felt Hayley's tiny tongue exploring the gap between her big and second toe.

"Mmmm, I'll say your feet are pretty." Hayley said, clearly enjoying herself. She actually squirmed a bit, enjoying the feeling of Karen's toes on her body.

"You like feet?" Karen asked. "I thought only guys had that."

Hayley ignored her, she was enjoying herself far too much. Her tongue thoroughly explored every inch of her toes, lapping at the soft skin with enthusiasm. When she finally answered, she did so between kisses to the foot that was holding her.

"Can I be honest? I've fantasized about doing something like this since I hit puberty." Hayley said. "You okay with me doing this, don't think it's weird or anything?"

"On the contrary, it feels nice." Karen said. "You know I was joking when I said I have pretty feet."

"I think their hot. I love long toes." Hayley said. As she went back to licking Karen's foot, the brunette decided to spice things up. Tiring of holding her foot up, Karen took advantage of her flexibility, bending her leg so that her knee rested on the edge of the tub, relieving some of the strain. She did the same with the other leg, and with her other foot, sandwiched Hayley between the soles of either foot.

"How does this feel?" Karen asked. Slowly, she began to rub her feet up and down, rubbing Hayley between the soft flesh. She didn't need a response, the immediate moan of arousal from Hayley was more than enough.

Karen drummed her toes around Hayley's head, enjoying the kisses she received.

It didn't take very long, Hayley came very quickly, staining Karen's sole. Flattered by the display, Karen kept rubbing the post orgasm Hayley, coaxing her into staying in the mood.

"I wonder how many times can I make you come?" Karen asked. "I think I could do this for a while, think so?"

A few hours later, an exhausted Hayley lay atop the chest of her much larger lover, who idly played with Hayley's pussy using her index finger.

Hayley had explored every hole Karen had, and likewise, Karen had used Hayley every way she could think of. Karen, despite her size compared to the redhead was also winded.

"Ready to go again?" Karen asked.

"I think I'm done for tonight." Hayley managed. She was beet red, on account of the friction she'd been put through over the past few hours. "I really just want to get some sleep."

"You want me to set up a space for you? Or are you fine where you are?" Karen asked.

"I'll take the pillow next to you." Karen obeyed, gently placing the spent girl down on the pillow. When she got back in bed after turning off the light to the bedroom, the faintest of snoring could be heard.

Careful to get into a good position as not to crush Hayley during the night, Karen also dozed off. Both had lucid dreams of their time spent together, and both looked forward to the next day.

Chapter End Notes:

I did this in like two days after a few minutes of edits. Hope you all enjoy, please leave a review, always appreciated.


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