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Seth stood in front of his television, his girlfriend Anna behind him.  Both watched in horror as reports of devastation poured in from World War III.  Anna stood up and held Seth's arm tight as they waited for a list of the cities that had been destroyed.  As the list went by, Seth started to shake.  Why did his parents have to leave two months prior to their original plan?  Their vacation to New York should have been in December.  Now, Seth feared, they may be dead.  As the list ended, Seth saw major cities flash by.  New York City was one of them.  He sobbed loudly and dug his face into Anna's shoulder as she rubbed his back.  


Dr. Harvey Quill rushed into the oval office, his heart beating from both fear and excitement.  "Mr. President!  I've done it!  I've got the thing that will give us the edge over the enemy!"

"Quill.  I like you, but the last time you came in her with something like this, we nearly all died.  Now didn't I tell you that you weren't allowed to barge in anymore?"

"Yes sir, but this time I'm telling you the truth.  I can show it to you if you follow me..."

"You can show me it here."

"But sir-"

"Get out or show the it Quill!"  Harvey hesitated for a second and then obliged as he called his assistant in.  Penny, a red- haired girl standing at 5'5" marched in, wearing baggy clothing.  "And who is this?"

"This is Penny.  Her entire life, she has been the shortest sibling in the family.  She was bullied in school and was rejected from joining the military due to her frail form.  Watch this."  He pulled out a syringe, injected the contents into Penny, and stepped back.  His heart nearly leapt out of his throat as Penny grew to 5'10" in a matter of seconds, filling up the shirt she was wearing.  

"You got her to be taller.  How does this help?"

"Because the more of a dose you get, the bigger you can get!  I've done the math and I've worked a way where this will work despite the square cube law.  You see normally, she would buckle under the weight of herself because her bones would be too frail.  This formula keeps her properties constant no matter what the size."

"You’re saying we could have, and this sounds crazy as I say it, giant soldiers on the battlefield?"

"Exactly.  Anyone can take it.  We could use our entire population if we had to and the enemy would never be able to put a scratch on us."  The president thought for a bit, and finally nodded as he called in his cabinet.

"Call an emergency meeting.  I need to get something mass produced and administered to the entire country."  


Dylan Jones raced home in his car, leaving behind his job so he could be with his family.  He knew in his heart, sooner or later, Chicago was bound to be hit.  He blew every stop sign and light in his attempt to get home, and nearly smashed their mailbox down as he reached home.  He slammed the door shut on his car and raced into his house.  "Jenny!  Rosie!  Sharon!"  No response came, and he rushed out the back door.  He ran to his shed and found what he was hoping for.  The trapdoor to his bunker was uncovered.  He pulled it open, struggling slightly, and found his family huddled together.  

"Daddy!" his daughters, Jenny and Rosie, said in unison.  

"Come here you two!  Daddy was so worried!"  He hugged them tightly and then kissed his wife passionately.  "Did you get the disaster kit in here with you?"

"Everything we need is here.  How long do you think we have before the war hits here?"

"New York is down.  There's no doubt that the air force is doing all they can, but this attack is huge."  Dylan walked over to their handheld radio and tuned in to hear the updates from the war.  

"This is a list of fallen cities so far, for those just now tuning in: Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  Fighter jets carrying more bombs are en route to other major cities, including Chicago.  Anyone in the area is advised to seek shelter in a bomb shelter, if possible.  Now for a special news update: The president has announced a vaccination that all citizens are required to take.  They say it will help us gain the upper hand in this war.  The vaccine is being distributed at this time and medical centers will be open at 5pm tonight.  For anyone who can, get this vaccination.  Now onto reports overseas..."

"That's enough for now.  I wonder what that vaccine is," Dylan said as he turned the radio down.  


Seth and Anna were excited when the heard about the vaccine.  Anything that they could do to help was exactly what they needed.  Seth wanted vengeance for his parents' death and Anna was supporting him wholeheartedly.  5pm rolled by and the two set off for the nearest vaccination site.  Seth pulled in and led Anna in.  The wait time was two hours by the time they signed in, but once their time came around Seth was more prepared than ever.  The nurse called them in and sterilized the spot where the two would be injected.

"Ms. Anna Hawthorne.  You're first.  The effects aren't supposed to take place for an hour is what I'm told.  No drinking or eating anything until then."  She injected the vaccine into Anna and she winced in pain for a second.  Seth got his next and they walked out together.  

"Let's hope this will do us some good," He said.

"Yea.  I'm really hungry now though."

"She said you can't eat."

"Seth, I'm so hungry it hurts!"  She fell to her knees and held her stomach.  "Please, I don't care what they said, get me some food!"


Dr. Quill matted his hair, attempting to get its frizzled look away, yet to no avail.  He gave up as he looked at Penny.  "You're taller."

"Well duh.  I'm 5'10" now."

"No, I mean.  See, I'm 5'11".  I'm looking slightly up at you now."

"Maybe I got another spurt.  Could be a slight side effect."

"That might not be good.  Shouldn't be a big deal though."  He checked himself one last time before he stepped out to a patient crowd who desperately wanted to know what his vaccine did.  


Dylan called the hospital closest to them and convinced them to send an ambulance to bring the vaccine to them.  After an hour of waiting, they heard a knock on the trapdoor.  He pushed up and was met with a friendly looking man in his twenties.  He administered the vaccine to the girls first, and gave it to Dylan last.  "No eating or drinking for an hour.  That's when the stuff kicks in.  Good day to you."  He closed the trapdoor behind him and Dylan secured it once more.  He rubbed his arm where the needle was injected and turned around to see his family fighting over the food in their bunker.  

"No!  Girls, Honey!"  It was too late to stop them.     


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