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Author's Chapter Notes:

EXPERIMENTAL STORY - This story focuses on a male Giant


"I lived between the buildings within the slums... I was the viewed as the dirt beneath the dirt. We were all the same... but our inability to be compassionate caused us to fight among ourselves,"

Soft, booming thuds echoed throughout the cityscape as hundreds of people looked at the southern sky. Their view was mostly obscured by the gigantic foliage that surrounded the large metropolitan area.

"I almost died on the streets several times. Even though the people who walked passed me were just slightly better off, they felt leagues higher."

The earth beneath the citizens began to shake with every, now thunderous, thump. They looked at one another with grave concerns while hundreds of people slowly made their way out of the buildings and into the streets. Voices filled the air as people spoke to one another about these mysterious explosions that were now even louder then before.

"We were all slaves... slaves to the 1% who had tricked us all."

Screams started to ring out as chunks of buildings fell upon the citizens as the violent earthquakes rattled houses and buildings. Skyscrapers seemed to almost hop with every thunderous, earth shattering doom. A shadow loomed over the city as a figure slowly came to view from behind the foliage.

"I was granted an escape... an opportunity to avenge all the wrong doings that I had endured."

A massive shadow loomed over the four cities that lay just past the large bushes that hid them away. The massive humanoid body was obscured by the green leaves that swayed in the light breeze. The citizens below could only look up in terror as the colossus before them slowly moved its foot forward. The sound of shifting leaves and branches roared across the concrete jungles as a massive bare foot sprung from the natural barrier. Screams rang out from the people in the streets who ran for their lives as they saw the peach colored sole of the colossal foot effortlessly fly throughout the air

The bare foot swung forward into the cityscape; the air that followed destroyed weaker buildings in its wake. As it made it to the end of its swing, the foot seemed to stand still in the air for just a split second until the huge appendage quickly fell upon the tiny downtown area. The citizens continued to run for their lives as those who were still within the once towering skyscrapers tried desperately to run out from within their prison. The gigantic sole slowly turned black as it blocked out the light that radiated from the sun. The street lamps quickly turned on as the darkness descended upon the downtown area. The wind that was pushed towards the ground caused people to be blow away. Cars effortlessly flew into the air as small houses near the metropolitan area were destroyed by the gale force winds. The once mighty skyscrapers swayed chaotically within the harsh winds as chunks of their form shattered off. Debris rained down upon the citizens who held onto dear life down below in the streets.

The wind howled as the massive foot came closer and closer to the ground. The screams of the people were completely muted by the sounds of destruction that echoed all around them. The once imposing office buildings collapsed as the colossal foot touched their highest point. The screeching metal came towards the crowds down below as a wave of devastation, quickly followed by the incredible weight of the foot. As it slammed onto the downtown area, a burst of wind exploded from all around the massive appendage.

Buildings dissolved into nothing more then dust as the powerful gale annihilated anything in its path. People were launched into the air, high above the now grounded bare foot as the wind continued to push them higher and higher. Those nearest the toes were launched into the peach colored skin of the titan. Debris pelted these clingers half to death as they hung on the sides of the massive toes. The thunderous explosion roared across the other cities; their infrastructure began to collapse due to the powerful earthquake that rocked the whole plateau filled with tiny cities.

The other foot quickly came from behind the bush and gently landed next to its comrade. The ensuing earthquake caused thousands of little fissures to open up around each city. Crowds of people fell onto these bottomless holes, never to be seen again as other debris from buildings collapsed into the trenches. The two cities that stood farther away from the giant could see its massive frame. His slender legs rose high above the air, ending at a huge pair of blue and black shorts. His bare upper body seemed flat, with no noticeable muscles mass. His face looked angry as his hands were firmly placed on his hips. His brown eyes scanned the tiny cities below them as the surviving crowds of people near him slowly began to run.

His left hand moved towards his head; his fingers gently combed themselves through his black hair. "It's not my old city," his thunderous voice echoed throughout the cityscape, hundreds of people fell onto the floor in pain as their ears trembled in pain, "but it's a start."

The uncaring young man picked up his left foot and swung it towards the nearest, still standing, downtown area. People screamed as they were stuck within the shattered streets of their now doomed city. The foot easily blocks out the sun as it slowly descended upon the tiny people.

"I will find my old city. And I will make them pay."

The foot slammed onto the soft ground below it, shattering the city into millions of tiny, unnoticeable dust particles that rose into the air. The clouds of dirt contained cars, chunks of buildings and even people who tumbled in the air. They all went unnoticed by the vengeful god above them who quickly turned around and slammed his right foot onto another city. Those within this once glorious area were obliterated in an instant; their bodies, along with everything else, were smashed into unrecognizable slabs of grey dirt between the grooves and crevices of the colossal foot. The earth seemed to open up as the force of the impact caused the ground to violently split. Two other cities were destroyed as the ensuing gust of wind obliterated them off the face of the earth.


The final two cities that stood just a foot away from the giant did not want to go down without a fight. Their infrastructure was damaged but most the citizens rallied behind the now moving tanks and jets that flew high above them. The military force stationed with the tiny metropolis had final mobilized and were quickly moving towards the giant, who was unaware of their presence. His gaze was firmly placed down upon his bare feet. With a sadistic grin, he wiggled his toes, which smeared any survivors who clung on to his colossal digits into a fine, red paste on his peached colored skin. The rumbling thuds of his toes hitting the ground echoed throughout the now devastated plateau with powerful earthquakes cracking the earth into pieces.

By the time the massive giant had stopped his nonchalant destruction, the mobilized military force was just a few hundred feet away from his massive left foot. The tank commander who led the ground forces was sticking out from the entrance hatch; his eyes were buried within his binoculars as he tried to see what the towering giant was looking at. The young massive man's face was peering to the right, away from the two final cities that still stood and the tiny regiment of artillery, tanks and handful of foot soldiers that were mobilized.

He knew, deep inside him, that there was no way they could stop the onslaught that the giant was doing, but he wanted to go down fighting instead of simply being crushed beneath the cruel giant. He ducked back into the tank, closing the hatch behind him, and ordered all tanks, artillery and soldiers to fire at will. Shells flew towards the massive wall of peach colored flesh that was the giant's left foot. He continued to look trough the commander's hatch as he waited patiently to see the high explosive shells hit the unprotected skin of the giant.

In one huge flash, all the rounds from the tanks and artillery slammed onto the foot. Thunderous explosions roared across the heavy as the heavy duty howitzers and other artillery pieces hit their marks. Balls of fire erupted, briefly, from the skin of the giant monster. "Continue to fire!" The commander shouted into the radio, "we'll see how much damage we can do before the fly-boys get into position."


The commander, completely focused on guiding his men, was unaware of the giant's gaze that now looked down upon his whole army. A sly smile formed on his massive face as he saw the tiny, popping flashes of light that randomly kept appearing on his foot. "An army," the giant said as his booming voice overpowered even the loudest explosions from the artillery. "To stop little old Ren?" He added as he slowly lifted the ball of his foot.


The commander realized his mistake, but knew even if he caught it in time, that it wouldn't have made a difference. He watched as the front of the massive foot slowly raised itself from the ground. The earth cracked and popped as the massive weight was finally lifted from the surface. Dust and debris fell from the sole of the giant foot as the ball of the foot raised itself into the air.

The sounds of shifting soil roared throughout the air as the massive foot turned on its heel. The massive sole of the foot began to loom over the tiny regiment. Soldiers started to run off as tanks continued to shot up towards the blackened sole. Clouds of debris blanketed the area as the shadow of the massive appendage loomed over them. The powerful, gigantic digits, which loomed hundreds of feet in the air, began to wiggle as a rumbling noise bellowed from high above. The giant... chuckled in delight.

Chunks of buildings fell upon the artillery pieces as they were being dislodged from between the giant's toes. The tanks, still being pelted by concrete, flatted cars and even bodies, continued to shot the massive sole if they could. The soldiers, now lost within the clouds of dust, could only wander around the shrouded area. Without much warning, the ball of the foot quickly crashed towards the ground. The commander, and everyone beneath the foot had no time to react as the massive blacked skin of the giant foot came crashing down. The though armored tanks were easily crushed like soda cans underneath the uncaring foot.

The shockwave that radiated from the impact traveled for miles around the massive foot. The jets that were nearby were simply blown out from the sky as the gale force winds tore their planes apart. The ground forces would never know that their attempts to deal damaged had annihilated the Air Force that they were waiting for.


The giant simply shifted his body to face the two tiny remaining cities. "These cities aren't my target," his voice boomed as he looked down upon the two nearby cityscapes, "but this practice will help me for next time" The giant slowly pulled his left leg back; his massive left foot scraped along the devastated floor behind it.


The citizens deep within the city could not see what the giant was doing, but the rumbling ground and the cascade of sounds coming from the distance caused them great fear. Those in the devastated outskirts however, looked on in sheer terror. The massive giant slowly dragged his foot back across the destroyed cities behind him. The soil shifted and parted ways as his colossal bare heel bulldozed its way through everything. Debris and any people still alive were torn into pirates as the wave of dirt slammed upon them as the foot continued. His massive foot suddenly lifted itself into the air as his weight shifted onto his right. The ground rumbled as his lone foot began to bury itself deeper into the soft ground.

Dirt and grime fell from the cruel giant's foot as it descended towards the heavens. Chunks of buildings and concrete slammed upon the broken landscape as the foot reached its peek. "Goodbye" a thunderous statement roared across the final two cities as the giant smiled in delight. The citizens near the edge of the cities quickly turned around and ran towards anything that would save them.

The foot flew down at neck-breaking speeds. It slammed upon the dirt once more, causing a huge earthquake which demolished some of the final skyscrapers that were still standing. His toes were buried within the dirt as his foot bulldozed its way towards the two helpless cities. Screams echoed in the air as his foot and a large imposing wave of dirt headed towards the citizens. Chunks of soil that were sent flying slammed upon the cities, crushing people and small buildings in its wake. The ground shook uncontrollably as the wave of destruction suddenly engulfed everything.

People were thrown into a wave of unforgiving dirt that ripped them to pieces as the cities were quickly bulldozed into oblivion. Those living in the opposite edge of town only saw the huge peach leg of the giant, followed by a large tsunami of debris that instantly killed them. The massive foot quickly lifted itself from the ground, sending a partial wave of dirt up into the air.


Ren looked at his foot as it rose up in front of him. His toes were covered in dark soil as a cloud of dust, carried by the momentum of the kick, flew passed the bare appendage. After a few seconds, his foot joined the other as he looked down upon the chasm that he had created. The dirt was torn and tossed around as the once grey ground was now nothing more then dark black topsoil. "Since I was 5, I was treated like dirt," Ren said as he walked through the bushes, leaving the devastated area behind him, "I thought I would never get revenge... just had to wait 14 years for it."

"When I find my city... they will be the ones under my heel," he looked down at the ground as he continued to walk away, "maybe... maybe my old girlfriend will meet my new one too."

He smiled as he continued to walk triumphantly forward.

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