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I met Catherine when we were 8, at that time she was almost 5'6 and still growing. We're both in college now and what do I do when she begins to grow more quickly and ask me for help?

Rated: R
Categories: Giantess Characters: None
Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft), Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
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Published: August 21 2017 Updated: August 26 2017
Story Notes:

My first story hope you enjoy :) lancealot has given em great story ideas and I thank them!

1. Chapter 1 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (632 words)

Just thought of this story while having a terrible migraine, tell me what you think!

2. Chapter 2 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (522 words)

Maybe something interesting will happen? 

3. Chapter 3 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 0] (613 words)

I'm just rolling with my thoughts on the story right now 

4. Chapter 4 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 0] (846 words)

Leave a review! Criticism is welcomed!

5. Chapter 5 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 0] (1033 words)

You have the user known as lancealot501 to thank for this! Go check him out and show him my appreciation!

6. Chapter 6 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 0] (842 words)

POV = point of view. Enjoy!

7. Chapter 7 by Kellerkid11 [Reviews - 0] (864 words)

POV means pint of view, now that's out of the way, enjoy!