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Story Notes:

My first story hope you enjoy :) lancealot has given em great story ideas and I thank them!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Just thought of this story while having a terrible migraine, tell me what you think!

 I started to remember something from third grade, I was remembering when I saw Catherine for the first time, and oh man was she a sight to see! She was utterly gorgeous even at age 8, blonde locks of lovely hair, plush lips, and a beautiful face, and taller then the rest of us by a significant amount. Whereas only I stood at 4'0 tall, Catherine stood at a miraculous 5'6 and she was still growing.

 I remember seeing her alone and asked her why no one attempted to be friends with her. "Because I'm a freak and a monster!" She said, "Everyone is probably scared I'll crush them." "I'm not scared." I replied, sitting down next to her. "Really?!" She asked with a hint of excitement and confusion, "Why aren't you scared?". "Well you seem nice and you're new here so I don't know how you act or how nice you are yet." I said trying to show her I would like to spark a friendship, "What's your game?" She questioned me. "Well I was wondering if you would maybe wanna be friends?" I questioned her. She had a quizzical look on her face, understanding what I just said, her face lit up with joy. "You mean, you'd want to be friends with m-me?" She asked shyly. "Yes I'd love too!" I replied eagerly as the bell rang we got up to go home.


 Catherine and I are in college now, sharing an apartment together as a couple. I still can't believe she said yes to my question of asking her out last year at prom! She's the most amazing thing in my life, not to mention probably the biggest. Catherine officially now stands at 9'10, at age 19 winning a guiness book of world records spot. Her record spot has brough her much fame and jobs, including some for modeling. She's become a full fledge model today and I don't think she'll stop growing anytime soon. I only stand up too my girlfriends navel at 5'10, just barely.

I was lost in thought when she came home, I barely heard the door unlock, but I know she was home by the looming shadow surrounding me. I looked up and smile seeing my girlfriends gorgeous face, but she didn't smile back. She seemed distressed, I decided to ask her what's the matter. "What's the matter is I'm growing again!" She said angrily, "How do you know?" I asked her, doubting her accusation. "I know BECAUSE they had to measure me today for a custom swimsuit for the modeling job next week and I'm not longer 9'10, I'm 10'4! 6 inches Michael! 6 INCHES!" She said in tears. I did my own little assessment and realised her originally baggy clothes looked a little tighter. I began to try and comfort her, rubbing her backs as she cried in my lap, just now noticing her beautiful face truly was. Her gorgeous emerald eyes and lovely blonde hair, her cute button nose, and her pink, luscious lips, my girlfriend truly was a sight to see! I could get lost in those eyes forever! I began to try and cheer Catherine up, but nothing seemed to work until I remembered she loved it when I used her beautifully, perfectly, and all around miraculous chest as a pillow, and she knew I never got tired of it! I started to may on my girlfriend and kiss her beautiful boobs until she finally looked up and smiled her perfect tooth smile  as she hugged me to her chest. "What are we going to do?" She whispered into my ear. I looked her in the eyes and replied, "Just keeping living for now." 

Chapter End Notes:

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