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A male student named Gary is standing in front of his locker pretending that he's doing something till the bell rings. Then Gary blinked and when his green eyes opened his vision blurred, and Gary fell on his back in the hallway. Gary has no idea what's happening, but thinks that the lockers start to grow. Then the kid faints.

10 minutes later-

Gary wakes up to his ears ringing, and a huge figure towering over him. The ringing was the bell going off for everybody to leave for home. Students over stuff the hallway as they head to their lockers to go home. Gary was started by the figures as now he is only the size of a quarter. Gary was frightened by the over sized sneakers and flip flops that he ran under a door to get away.

The classroom was empty, except for a single teacher staying behind a bit to do paperwork. The fat English teacher in her mid forties wore a long purple dress that exposed a huge amount of her fat breasts. Gary had no other choice then to get her attention.

Gary shouted to the teacher from below, but she continued to stare at the papers on her desk. Gary shouted "fat bitch" in frustration. Gary then used the energy of his youth to climb the desk. At the top of the desk he shouted again but no response. The English teacher dropped a pen, and reached down to the floor to grab it. Gary stood on the edge just shouting out of frustration. Then the teacher hit her head on the desk, letting Gary lose his balance.

Ms. Robinson lifted her head rubbing it to sooth the pain. Ms. Robinson then leaned back in her chair making it make a small creak. She was just glad no one saw her. Ms.Robinson worked for a few more minutes till she started to head home. She then scratches an itch down below, and heads off in her car.

Gary lost his balance and fell right into a crack. The crack being Ms.Robinson's cleavage. The cleavage felt unsanitary, and glistened with sweat. Gary's body flattened a slight bit just from the shear weight of the flesh mounds and the right bra holding them in place. Even though the space was tight Gary still managed to start slipping deeper from the boob sweat that coated the boobs like a wall would be with paint. Gary then sunk so far down that he ended up at the bottom of the bra. Gary was forced to grab the bra in order to stop from slipping, but sweat had soaked into the bra's material making it hard to hold. Then Ms.Robinson stood up.

As Ms.Robinson gathered her things Gary noticed his hands slipping. She finally stood up fully, and he finally slipped, falling all the way down. When he landed he landed in a bush of sorts that tangled his leg. As Gary was untying himself ms. Robinson was walking out the door. Gary untangled himself and fell, grabbing onto a lump that he could catch himself on. Ms.Robinson then scratched herself causing Gary to be knocked off his ledge farther down. Then she entered her car.

Ms.Robinson started driving home in her little silver car with the car vibrating from all the movement. The vibrating started to shake Gary farther into his little prison. He tried to grab on, but a sticky liquid made it hard to move. It covered the whole place which he now figured out was inside the front of her panties. The vibrating getting Ms.Robinson excited sexually, but has to infinite the intense urge till she gets home. She hits the gas in impatience to get home.

At home-

Maybe.Robinson quickly unlocks the door and runs onto her leather sofa covered in sticky panties and sweaty bras. She arched her back up on the sofa, and pulled up her long purple dress. She pulled down her panties to reveal a wet pussy, along with Gary but she was to excited to notice. She shoved her fingers in herself. Gary was pushed by the chubby fingers and then got constantly thruster in and out over and over again. All that surrounded him was Ms.Robinson's warm flesh walls contracting and squishing his tiny body. Finally, Gary is spit back out, covered in juices that covered her untangled pubic hair.

Ms.Robinson pulled up her wet panties concealing Gary back inside. Without getting up she took the dress off throwing it on the coffee table, and picking up tight gym shorts that were small for her three sizes ago. She picked her panties and put them on. The tight shorts struggled to not rip, and held Gary tightly on her ass cheek closer to the center.

Ms.Robinson turned on her tv. She took out a piece of cold pizza out of a box, with her juices still between her fingers, and rubbing herself with her free hand. Her but indenting the sofa with her full weight. Gary got flattened like a sticker to her ass. The skin on her as was darker, but not from a tan, instead from layers of old shit that stayed on her ass from not watching."pppppffffftttt!!!" A huge blast of gas shook her fat jiggly cheeks. Gary getting a face of it as Ms.Robinson laughed about what was on tv. Gary then got a face full of fart, but this time shit oozed out of her hole as she did. The stuff sprayed on Gary as he was helplessly stuck on her ass. Sweat still continued to drip down as well along with the wet farts almost completely concealing the male student.


Ms.Robinson then removed her clothes as she likes to sleep naked. She then walked to a mirror as her ass sloshed with shit and sweat oozing out onto the hardwood floor. She separated her cheeks to look In between. She thought she felt something other then the usual brown shit, and the soaking sweat. Gary wondered if he would have been discovered if she wasn't so disgusting. Then Ms.Robinson sprayed some deodorant in her ass and walked to bed.
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