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Author's Chapter Notes:
The sleeping revenge

Tyler,14-the nice guy-6 foot

The cute girl,15- the cute girl that looked like a kindergartener-4 foot

Another day in school Tyler thought as people walked by him heading to their classes. Tyler walked in the class right when the bell rang just avoiding gaining another detention. Next to Tyler was a cute girl sitting next to him that now hated his guts. This was because back in elementary school in 5th grade his hand missed her hand in a high five, but it just hit the edge of her hand and went right on her right boob. Nobody saw, but since then this cute girl hated me. Which sucked cause I really wanted to date her.


Stephanie glanced at Tyler when he was looking at the teacher, and whispered to herself,"revenge will come soon... very soon."


Tyler had been invited to many sleepovers, but now he was invited to a girls sleepover. Sometimes boys will bring girlfriends, but a all girls on was a little unusual. Tyler being the nice guy he was was going to attend even though he will regret it. And he did.


Tyler showed up in front of the girls house. It was a normal middle class family home He only knew the address, but thought it was a girl he relatively knew. He opened the door to see a cute girls face looking up at him.


Stephanie grinned when she saw him. She then made herself look cute and innocent which worked perfectly. Without even saying a word the cute little girl slapped on one of those metal bracelets. Tyler looked at her for a bit. Stephanie then tapped on her butt pocket that contained a button that activated. The wrist band on Tyler glowed till he disappeared from sight. The giant now not so cute girl looked down at Tyler and said "lets play a game"


Tyler at first was scared to see Stephanie, but when she slapped the bracelet on his wrist he felt relieved. She must have forgive me now. The bracelet then suddenly glowed, and Tyler had his vision blurred. Then Tyler heard a loud sound from above saying the words," let's play a game!"


" the rules are simple," exclaimed Stephanie " don't die, and get to all the checkpoints and grab the flags. Just need to get 3/5 by Sunday afternoon when the parties over. You'll know the flags when you see them.Also just letting you know I have a few friends over to make the game... more interesting." She then smiled and threw Tyler across the hallway on the hardwood floor.


Tyler was half focused on the rules and half focused on his utter disbelief. How could be possible. He made sure he knew the rules for his own survival. Stephanie then smiled at him. She picked Tyler up off the ground clasping him in her fist jokingly. Then she raised her hand over her head, and threw him across the hall.

The words "let's play a game" echoed within his skull.

Chapter 2
Chapter End Notes:
This was heavily referenced from a superdude9 story
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