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Author's Chapter Notes:

Another pilot that I have written. if it is successful it'll become a full story

In the world there are many mysteries, some that humanity are desperate to know while others are not worth pursuing. One particular mystery was of a supposed tiny race of people who also called Earth home. Very few people thought that they existed as many felt that they had more important things to worry about such as paying bills and making sure that they did well at work.

It was true that there was a race of people who were much smaller than humans. They were only a few inches tall and looked much like humans. However, there were some differences such the fact that they had pointy ears and most of their hair colours could not be attained by a human. They were also stronger for their size than humans were and they still had one thing that humanity had lost many centuries ago. They were still in touch with magic but it had been growing weaker over the years. They thought that in a few short years they would lost touch with magic altogether.

These people called themselves Thaliad people and they could trace their history back to the beginning of recorded history. At one point, they had even considered interacting with humans but after they saw their war like nature and how much they damaged the environment that. They lived in they felt that it was best to stay away and live separate from a race that they considered to be monsters.

Many years ago, the Thaliad people had been very numerous with small villages scattered all across the world. However in recent years their numbers had begun to dwindle. Many of these villages merged when their population became too low. Because of this only a few villages still remained and they were so far away from each other that none of them stayed in contact with the other.

There was a particular village that stood outside one of the small towns in the centre of the United States. It had been there for many years and the Thaliads had been using magic to keep it disguised from humans. Unfortunately in recent years the village had come under hard times.

The crops that they depended on failed leaving the villagers with very little food. It seemed like all might be lost if they didn't risk adventuring into the human world. Many were outraged by such an idea and demanded that another solution be found. Unfortunately one didn't seem to present itself and with some reluctance they agreed that one of their own would have to journey into the human world and find food.

The Thaliad who was nominated to go on the dangerous journey was a man named Mattion. He was in his seventies but thanks to the fact that Thaliads lived longer than humans he looked to be in his early thirties. He was still in good shape and if anyone could go into the human world and return it would be him. He had black spikey hair which was pretty unusual for his race but

Mattion like the rest of his people had learned much about humans in school. Much of the information was relatively out of date since they preferred to stay away from them. However they did have enough information for what they needed. All that Mattion needed to know was that food that was essential for the survival of his people.

After receiving all of the provisions and equipment that he needed Mattion said goodbye to his wife and children before venturing off towards the human world. He was not travelling alone as he used a small horse like creature to help him trek the distance. These creatures were called Kelons and had been essential for farming for many years. This particular one was called Tulip and was Mattion's faithful companion.

Now they were going on a journey that both of them thought that they might never return from. Mattion knew what was at risk. If he failed to bring back food for his village they were almost as good as dead. It was why he knew that he couldn't fail. He just climbed onto Tulip and began to ride through the field that separated his village from the human settlement. There was a lot on his mind and he was doing everything that he could to remain calm and collective.

The ride was pretty nerve-wracking for Mattion as he had never been this far away from home and if he died out here no one would know what had happened to him. He tried to put these fears into the back of his mind as he remembered his mission and what would happen if he failed. His village would be no more and he would only have himself to blame for its demise.

After a few hours of riding he eventually found himself looking at what he thought was some kind of fortress. The building looked huge in comparison to him and it was bigger than any building built by Thaliad people. It was a single storey building and he didn't realise that it was actually someone's home.

This particular home looked like it needed a little bit of cosmetic work but other than that it looked to be a decent place to live. It was just on the outskirts of the town and it was some distance from the next house. It looked to be relatively small but to Mattion it was still the largest building that he had ever seen.

Slowly he and Tulip approached it and he expected a human to pop up at any moment and stomp on him. He was constantly on the lookout for them and he knew that the only real thing that he could do in a situation like that was hide. In his history classes, he had been taught that no Thaliad had ever defeated a human.

Instead Mattion discovered a small hole in the building that he was sure would allow him to gain entry. He knew how dangerous the situation was but for the good of his people he needed to go on. He also thought that it would be best if he left Tulip outside, if he was to meet his end here at least his faithful companion would survive.

With some care Mattion made his way through the hole and found himself in a very dusty place. It was quite a dark place, thankfully like his people he had excellent night vision so he was able to traverse his dark surroundings with ease. Wherever he was he didn't think that he was going to find any food. Instead he just carried on walking in the hopes that he would find something that would be of a value to his people. It was not long until he saw a light in the darkness, he was curious to where it would lead but he was still cautious. He continued to walk towards the light which he discovered was another hole in the wall. This one was smaller however and he had to squeeze himself through.

The view that greeted Mattion's eyes was something that he had never thought that he would see. He found himself in what seemed to be a giant bedroom, it was messier than he would have liked but it's sheer size really took him aback and he could see things all around that were completely alien to him. There was a device on the wall that was flat and rectangular, it was several times larger than him and he had no idea what the item could be. There was another object on the ground near where he was standing, it looked to have several buttons on them which included numbers, the words VOL and Ch written on it and one particular button had a square printed onto it.

Mattion had to take a few moments to fully process what he was seeing. He had heard that humans were gigantic but to live in a place of this size meant that they were truly humungous. But the main thing that went through his mind was that their size meant that there must have been plenty food around. More than enough to feed him for the rest of his life. He could even see what looked to be a bag filled with food that that were pink in colour. He had no idea exactly what it was but as long as he could eat it he didn't care.

Carefully he made his way across the carpet and when reached the bag he made his way inside of it. He looked at the food inside and it felt soft, he expected it to be heavy but when he picked up a piece he found it to be surprisingly light. Without considering what might happen he took a bite out of the piece and he flavour that he experienced was out of his world. He had never tasted such a food like this and almost instantly all he could think about was eating more. As he looked further into the bag he saw that there was more than enough to last him for a good long while.

Mattion's joy quickly turned into fear as he heard loud thuds. His mind snapped back into reality as his survival instincts started to kick in. He knew that the thuds were the footsteps of an approaching human. He had been taught to always hide from them and he had no desire to go back on these teachings. He decided to run underneath a large piece of furniture that he figured was a bed and he hoped that he would survive the encounter.

Suddenly the door to the room swung open and from his hiding spot Mattion could see a pair of giant feet clad in boots walking along the ground. He saw them stop and the human that they belonged to turn and sit down on the bed. He heard the human sigh and from the tone he figured that it was a woman, he didn't care what sex the human was, to him and his species they were all dangerous.

"These boots are killing me," said the Human as she raised one of her feet. Mattion could hear her straining a little as she took off her boot and placed her barefoot down on the ground. "I knew I should have bought the next size up but no, I had to go with these." She repeated the process with the second boot until both her feet were bare and she placed the boots near her bed. "At least I've got the weekend to myself now."

Mattion stayed quiet but curiosity was beginning to get the better of him. From where he was he could see that the human had tanned skin thanks to her feet. He also saw that her toenails had been coloured black and he thought that this was normal for all humans. Every fibre of his being was telling him to run and return home but he couldn't without food, if he left now he would surely doom himself and his people.

He heard the human woman talking to herself about things that he didn't fully understand. He just hoped that she would either go to sleep or leave the room soon. Then he could steal some of the pink food and return to his home. His train of thought was interrupted when he heard her moving from her bed. He noticed her lowering herself and reaching under the bed. He didn't know what she was looking for but for the moment she hadn't actually looked under the bed. He began to back away from the giant hand that was not far from where he was standing. He was close to panicking but for the moment he kept his cool. Suddenly he saw the giant face of the human lower into view. Almost instantly he froze in position, it had been rumours that a human's sight was based on movement.

"What the hell is that?" asked the human woman as she looked directly at Mattion. He knew instantly that he had been found out and he did the only thing that he could. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

Mattion was fast but he wasn't fast enough to get away from the giant hand that quickly grabbed onto him. He tried as much as he could but he found himself lifted off the ground and brought out of his hiding place. In the clear he could see the human in full view for the first time. She had tanned skin and her hair was a dark blue with an orange streak. Her eyes were brown and she looked to be quite young, he guessed that she was in her early to mid-twenties. She was wearing a multicoloured t-shirt along with some blue jeans. He had been taught what to do if he was captured but right now that was going out of the window as pure panic overtook his body.

"Please don't hurt me," begged Mattion. He was screaming in panic and the human was trying to speak to him. She couldn't get a word in as he was continuing to scream and he couldn't tell that she was getting annoyed.

"Shut up!" shouted the Human. Her voice was loud and it hurt Mattion's ears he did what he was told and kept quiet. He heard her give a sigh and she looked at him again. "Finally, I can actually say something. Are you done screaming now?" She waited for a few moments before he finally nodded his head. Her voice had become much quieter and she seemed to be calm. "Ok, I'll start by saying that I am not going to hurt you so you don't have to keep screaming at the top of your lungs." Mattion was still scared as he was completely at her mercy, her hand was completely wrapped around his body and he could hardly move. "Now what in the world are you and what are you doing in my house?"

"I-I was hungry, please I'm sorry, I promise that I'll leave you alone as soon as I'm done. I won't ever bother you again." His voice was at a very fast speed and she was having problems fully understanding what he was saying.

"Wow, slow down there. I've told you that I'm not going to hurt you." She lowered him onto the bed and let go of him. He still couldn't escape but she hoped that this would calm him down. "What exactly are you and why are you so small?"

"I'm not small, you're a human, you're humongous."

"I'm five foot three, humongous is the last thing you'd call me." She gave a sigh as she could see that her attempts to calm him hadn't succeeded. "Ok let me start again, now tell me your name."

"M-My name's Mattion." His fear was beginning to subside but he felt truly small in comparison to this colossal woman.

"Ok do you mind if I call you Matt?" He shook his head indicating that he didn't mind. "Ok good, my name is Alba, nice to meet you." She lowered her finger down towards him so that they could shake hands. Unfortunately, he didn't fully understand what she was doing but he did touch her finger. She took this as the equivalent of a handshake. "Ok Matt, tell me what you are and why you were hiding under my bed."

"I-I was hiding from you." This was the only answer that he could say and for a moment he felt a little stupid.

"Ok maybe that was an obvious question." She paused for a moment as she thought of a better question. "Why are you in my house?"

"I-I was looking for some food, my people are starving and I was sent to find food for them. Your home just happened to be the first place I discovered. I apologise greatly for intruding but I was desperate."

"It's fine." She was making sure that she didn't sound aggressive as she didn't want to scare the small creature in her hand. She still couldn't believe that there was actually a tiny race of people living in the world. She did feel like a giant for probably the first time in her entire life. "Why are your people starving? Are they suffering some kind of famine?"

"Yes, our precious crops have failed and if I don't find food then we're going to starve." He was beginning to see that Alba wasn't a monster but someone who seemed to be kind. He knew that what he was going to do was going to be a risk but under the circumstances he was willing to take it. "Can you help us? If you do I will forever be in your debt and so will my people."

"Help you?" She seemed a little confused by this and she was trying to think if the best words to say. "How can I help your people?"

"You could give us some of your food, we won't need much. Just enough to last us until we can grow some more crops. I would not ask you such a thing if we were not so desperate." He didn't think it would do him any good begging to a human. He thought that he would have more chance of getting food from a wall.

"Ok sure."

"Wait what?" He was completely caught by surprise, enough to almost make him fall over. Alba's hand was also a little uneven so it made standing on it a little more difficult than he had expected.

"Sure, I'll help you, judging from your size it won't take much to feed you and for the rest your people I'm guessing that it is only one village. Am I right?" She watched as he nodded his head. "Then I have enough food for your people to last you a little while at least, it's not like I'm going to let a race of little people starve."

"T-Thank you." He still couldn't believe what he was hearing. For as long as he could remember he was told that humans were monsters who knew nothing but destruction. The fact that there was one who was willing to save his people made him think that there was something more to humans. "Words can't describe how thankful I am for what you're doing." He quickly went into the pouch that he was carrying and pulled out what looked to be a small head of cabbage. It looked a little different to cabbage that Alba was used to seeing. Not only was it much smaller but it was also mainly white. She looked a little confused as Mattion held the food towards her.

"What are you doing?" She seemed very confused and even lifted an eyebrow as she tried to figure out what the tiny man was doing on her hand.

"It is Thaliad tradition, you have offered to give me and my people food in order for our survival. That makes me honour bound to give me some of my food as well. It isn't much but it is all that I have."

"Nah, you keep it." She didn't think that it was best to take away his food but she could see the disappointed look on his face.

"Please, you sully my honour by not accepting my offer." He went to one knee and dropped his head in order to try and show that he was honourable. He heard the giant woman holding him sigh and then take the food from his hands. He looked up and he saw her looking at it for a few moments.

"What is this anyway?"

"It is our main crop. We call them Tanulas and we have been growing and consuming these vegetables for generations. Before you say anything no it is not the only thing we eat, or grow."

"Err ok." She looked at the Tanula that was between her index finger and thumb. It didn't look very appetizing but she still placed it into her mouth before she chewed and swallowed it. She didn't get much of a taste for it but with how little she had actually eaten she wasn't surprised. "That was interesting, now." She brought Mattion closer to her eye level. "What do we do?"

"You can start by taking some much-needed food to my village. If you would be kind enough I think we'd like to eat that pink food that you have on the floor there." He pointed down towards the opened bag that was on the floor. Alba looked down and she realised what he was pointing to.

"Err Matt those are marshmallows, you don't want to be eating a lot of those or else they'll make you sick."

"Wait you eat something that you know will make you sick? Why would you do something like that?" In his mind, it sounded like something that was completely insane, he couldn't believe that someone would do that.

"Well it is something that we call sweets. They're not healthy but as a sometimes food it is very delicious. Let's just say that you've been eating healthy, well you treat yourself to something that is small and sugary. It tastes really good and in small doses it's not harmful, well mostly."

"I still don't understand how you can eat something that you know is harmful to your body. To my people that would be considered to be insane."

"Maybe it is but it is something that is just human. Now, shall we go through my pantry and find something that is more suitable for you?"

Mattion didn't get chance to answer as he felt what he was standing on beginning to move. This was because Alba was standing back up to her full height. She still thought that it was odd that she was carrying a creature that looked much like a human but was much smaller. She thought that she might have stepped into some kind of science fiction film or that she was in some kind of dream.

With some care Alba walked out of the room and she took a few steps towards the kitchen. Mattion continued to look around and he was still amazed with how large everything seemed to him. He just had to keep reminding himself that humans were much larger than his people, he hated to think what would happen if a human did enter his village. The destruction that they could cause would be astronomical.

There was one thing that Mattion did notice as he continued to move. There was another room that was just before the kitchen and as he looked inside he could see something that was very colourful. He was able to get the attention of Alba who by his request entered the room for him.

Mattion for the first time could see the colourful item in full. It looked to be a field with the sun rising behind it. There were a few trees that he could see and the mist that was common with early morning. It was one of the most beautiful things that he had ever seen and he stood there staring at it for several seconds. He eventually looked up at Alba who was looking down at him.

"What is this?" asked Mattion. He still didn't know exactly what he was looking at and he hoped that Alba would be able to fill in the blanks.

"Oh this, this is a painting," replied Alba. "I painted it myself."

"What do you mean by a painting?"

"What you don't your people have any art?" This sounded ludicrous to her, a world without art was a world not worth living in. That was her opinion."

"Of course we have art, we just don't have this thing that you call a painting." He looked on the ground near the painting and he could see all the paints on the ground that Alba had used. "You said that you made this yourself?"

"I sure did." There was some pride in her voice since she liked it when people talked about her work. "This is more of a hobby than anything else, with all the stress of work I sometimes like to unwind by doing some painting. It might not be the best in the world but I think that I did a very good job."

"It's beautiful." His words were completely genuine and there were some tears in his eyes. "You created something of such beauty, you truly have a gift."

"Thank you, that means a lot." She could see the tears in his eyes as he looked up to her again. This caught her by surprise. "Matt, are you crying?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just that besides my wife and child I thought that I'd never see anything this beautiful."

She smiled at him and wiped one of the tears off of his cheek. She wanted to chuckle but she didn't think it was for the best to laugh at him like this. She had just started a friendship with him and she didn't want to do anything to spoil it. She did walk out of the room and continued to make her way into the kitchen.

A few moments later they did arrive in the kitchen and Mattion was placed on a table inside. The kitchen itself looked very metallic and new since it had only been installed a few months ago. He did watch as Alba went into what he thought was a very large and rectangular box. It wasn't until she opened it that he was able to see that it was packed with food. A couple he recognised such as some of the vegetables but most of it was alien to him. He saw her pick up a knife and begin to cut something.

Within seconds Alba had turned back to Mattion and had something in her hand that was small and yellow. She lowered it towards him and the object was small enough for him to hold onto. It felt cold in his hand and thought that it was soft, for now he had no idea exactly what it was.

"W-What is this?" asked Mattion as he looked at the giant woman. She had pulled up a chair and she was sitting at the table.

"It's cheese," replied Alba. "It's very tasty and I'm guessing that you're hungry after your long journey."

"S-Sure." He looked at the small piece of cheese in his hand before placing it in his mouth. He began to chew it and he could taste it, he admired it for a few moments before he finally swallowed it. "T-That was delicious."

"I'm glad that you liked it, did you want anymore?"

"If you would be so kind?"

Alba turned around so that she could cut him another slice of cheese. This only took her a few seconds before she turned back to him so that he could grab the small piece that she had cut for him. No sooner had she done this he placed the cheese in his mouth and quickly ate it. He had never tasted food like this and he couldn't believe that humans were capable of creating it.

He looked up at Alba who sat there and smiled at him. If he hadn't seen it himself he wouldn't think that humans were capable of such kindness. All he had been taught was that they were capable of nothing but destruction. He felt incredibly lucky that he had met her, she would be essential to saving his people. The only thing he needed to figure out was how he could get the food back to his people without terrifying them with Alba's sudden appearance.

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