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Author's Chapter Notes:
Please enjoy this new story I wrote
A friend
I was just hanging out at Jill's house a friend of mine when the worst thing happened. You see her mom didn't know I was there so she said to hide if she didn't knock first. You'd think it to be impossible to find a spot to hide in less then a second, but you are mistaken. You see I have the power to change into objects. See here is what happened next...

A middle aged woman in her red and black underwear with a pair of headphones on looking for her daughter, who just left for the bathroom. She saw a huge pile of dirty clothes, but couldn't be bothered with it at the moment. She then closed the door and left the room. I changed back from my form of a stuffed animal. I then got up and just decided to write her a note telling her I was sneaking out for now and that we can hang after school tomorrow. Then someone started to open the door. I panicked this time around, just turning into a object on the bed. I landed softly onto Jill's bed.

The door opened wide exposing Jill to my inanimate eyes. I was relieved that it was her and that she just forgot to knock. I was about to change, but a sudden force of both weight and darkness covered me, flattening out to cover the most it could. Jill sat down on her bed not caring about the one grey sock beneath and instead focused on my note. She then thought that I left to go home, tired from a day of school. I had no idea she thought I had left and that I was now like any normal sock.her mom then shouted" take out the trash!" Jill responded back, got up, and got prepared to take out the trash. I hadn't had the slightest idea of what was happening, all I knew was that the pressure was lifting off of me. Jill stared looked right at me. I was so excited I forgot to change back, and before I could Jill grabbed me. She also grabbed the sock I copied off of.

She then placed the first sock over her left foot, the grey fabric stretching and contouring to the shape of her foot. I was then next. She started by stretching me out to make room for her foot. Then a huge big toe hurtled toward me, and before I knew it she slid the whole foot in. The smell of her feet were rancid. Usually she puts her feet in my lap, and they stink like hell but I endure it in order to be kind. But now I say with her feet being way bigger then me, I think they stink 200 times worse. She then placed me in darkness. Pressure kept coming off and on.

Jill took the trash out and proceeded back in the house. She took off her shoes, and left her socks on for the next day.

Next day-

Jill woke up realizing the socks she wore were a pair she borrowed from me that she forgot about. Jill didn't bother to wash them, but she through them in her backpack for school. She put on flip flops and headed off to school

Later at school-

At school she took the socks out and placed them on her desk. Then I fell off the desk and took my chance. I changed back midair and acted like I just got to school

"Hey" Jill said to me," wow you smell bad
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry for not posting for weeks but I'm lazy
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