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Jake was a freshman in college. He got invited to a pretty big house party on Saturday and wasn’t sure if he’d actually go. He’d only been at school for a week so far. All day Friday he contemplated going, but hadn’t decide for sure until he heard that Jennifer was going. She lived in his dorm just a little down the hall from him. She was just under 6’ and had naturally blonde hair that was typically done like a retro pinup model. Jennifer always wore fairly heavy makeup, think winged eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, bright red or black lipstick (depending on her mood), and pulled it all together with an outfit to match that was always mostly black. She wasn’t really overweight, but she wasn’t skinny either. Her breasts were more than a handful, her stomach was not quite flat, and her hips were fairly wide with pretty thick thighs and a big butt too. Jake had a crush on her since he first saw her in his 9am English class and thought that this party might be his chance to make an impression on her.


At 6pm on Saturday, Jake got ready for the party. He showered, brushed his teeth twice, and messed with his hair for 45 minutes. He wore ripped jeans, a pair of Vans that were falling apart, a black t-shirt and a necktie tied loose around his neck. He was ready by a little after 7 and waited in his room until 9 when the party actually started. As Jake stepped out of his room and headed to the elevator, Jennifer called to him, “Hey, can you hold that for me?” He tried to hide his excitement for seeing her and only let out a small smile as he shared the elevator with her. She was wearing knee high boots and very tight jeans with a black tank top and a choker.


“You going to that party?” She asked.

“Yeah, you?” Jake replied, already knowing her answer.

“Yeah, should be fun. I like your tie.”

“Thanks, I really like your outfit too.”


            She smiled at him as they stepped out of the elevator and walked to the party together.


“You’re in English I with me right? I’m Jennifer.” Jennifer asked.

“I’m Jake. Yeah, I sit in the front usually.”

“Cool, well maybe we can hang out at this party tonight.”


            The two of them separated for a little while at the party to catch up with their friends on their own. Jake shimmied through a sea of people apparently either oblivious to him or unwilling to move very much to let him by, but he made it to the kitchen and grabbed a drink. He took it out the back door to have a cigarette too, where he found Jennifer talking with her friends on the porch. She invited him over to sit with them and they all talked for a while before heading inside. Feeling kind of lightheaded and sick, Jake made his way to the bathroom, but it was in use so he went to the one upstairs. As he opened the door and stepped in, he suddenly shrunk to about 6 inches tall. Still feeling a bit odd and unable to fully grasp what just happened to him, he stumbled out of the doorway near the toilet. He collected himself and started to take it all in. He was nervous and unsure what to do, but somehow remained relatively calm, at least to a functional degree. Just as he became aware of himself and his new surroundings, he heard footsteps on the bathroom tile. He looked up to see Jennifer walk into the bathroom. He wanted to yell but became frozen with fear at her immense size. She unbuttoned her jeans and sat down in the toilet. He now felt embarrassed as he heard her pee. He knew he had to get her attention somehow though, so he used the side zipper on her boot to climb up. As he got to a pint where he was about to try to get her attention, she stood up and started pulling up her pants. He held on to the waist as he was pulled up and in an attempt to get more stable, fell into her panties. He braced himself as he laid there being brought closer and closer to Jennifer.


            He was pressed into her tightly, between her ass cheeks. She felt a little odd, but figured it was just a wedgie from her tight jeans that she couldn’t be bothered to fix. Jake was pushed as deep as he could be into her cheeks and his face was pressed firmly into her asshole. Having showered regularly and maintained good hygiene, it was as good as it could be. It still certainly smelled like an asshole, but not to the extent that you might assume. He was stuck there all night until she got back to her single room and got ready for bed. She put on some music and stripped down to just a bra and underwear. She laid in best on her phone scrolling through Instagram for a while, but soon switched to something else. She started massaging her clit as she looked through the stories on giantessworld.net for one to get off to. Once she found one that she liked, she stuck her hand down he underwear and started fingering herself. She felt something though and stopped for a minute to figure out what it was. She pulled Jake out from her panties and looked at him stunned for a moment as he looked back at her, realizing once again just how small he was as her giant hand held him while he stared at her enormous face and breasts.


“What happened? Why- Wha- ?” Jennifer frantically asked.

“I don’t know, I felt lightheaded and went to the bathroom, but then I shrunk somehow and you came in and I couldn’t get your attention, but when I tried I fell into your pants and I’ve been there since the party.”

“Holy shit… What are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think any doctor can help me and I’d end up being more of a test subject than a patient anyway.”

“I can protect you, Jake. I promise. I’ll look after you while we figure this out.” Jennifer smiled.

“Thank you-“ He was cut off by Jennifer

“But I need something from you… Okay, so, I kind of have this fetish. It’s unrealistic and impossible, so I can’t really do it, but, okay, so I kind of have a thing for tiny men. Like, not just short, but, you know, your size. I um… Well this might be the only chance I’d ever get to try it and I was hoping you would participate”


            Jake pondered this proposal for a moment and decided if it ensured his safety and he got to be with Jennifer, even if it wasn’t how he imagined it to be, it was worth it. With his permission, Jennifer smirked and took off her bra and panties and Jake undressed as well. Jennifer grabbed Jake and pressed him into her breast, smothering him into her nipple as he began to struggle. She released him and giggled. “What would you like to do to me?” Jake gulped and looked around the vast landscape of her body. “Well, um… what are my options?” Jennifer smiled and said, “Hmm, well how about foot massage?” She lifted him up and set him in front of her feet. Being a rather tall girl, her feet were pretty big. Her toe nails were painted black and the skin was soft and smooth. Jake slowly got closer and began to rub her foot, trying hard to put enough pressure into it, using his whole body. She stretched her feet, spreading her toes and then grabbed onto his head and held it between her big toe and second toe. Jake struggled as she toyed with him before pressing him into the bed under her foot. She released him only to find that he was hard as a rock. “I guess someone has a foot fetish.” Jennifer giggled while he blushed. She then quickly grabbed him up again and brought him inches away from her face. He could smell alcohol on her breath as he looked up into her eyes. Slowly, her bright red lips parted and took him in up to his knees. She slowly pulled him out getting him covered in her thick saliva.


            Jennifer took her free hand and pulled down her underwear and kicked them away. She moved Jake down her body, holding him upside down. With her other hand, she spread the lips of her pussy and bit her lip before slowly inserting her new dildo into herself inch by inch. Jake struggled, but soon exhausted his efforts. Jennifer began to thrust him in and out of her, going much faster than when she first started. By now, Jake had swallowed a great deal of her vaginal fluids. She pushed him in as far as he could go and held him there as her pussy convulsed and contracted around him while she came. She panted heavily before slowly pulling out her toy. Jennifer held him close to her face and kissed his head. “Ready for round two?” She smirked as Jake was once again forced into Jennifer’s vagina before he could even protest. Part of him was enjoying it, but it was far too exhausting for him to get much out of it. As she got lost in her own pleasure, Jennifer made a miscalculation and slipped Jake one hole too low. She breathed sharply and tensed up in surprise, but after feeling his head pass her sphincter, she felt some pleasure and slowly continued pushing him into her ass. Jake was push deeper and deeper into her rectum, feeling a slimy sensation on his body and smelling a foul odor, much more potent than before. Jake was shoved inside of her completely and she began to finger herself with her tiny captive inside her. Jake struggled and squirmed, but it only made her more aroused. She bucked her hips roughly, shaking the bed. As she came, Jake was pushed out of her ass slowly like a string of anal beads and was left lying on the bed panting and gasping for air. Jennifer breathed heavily as she recovered.


“Sorry about that. I missed my vag, but I couldn’t resist once I felt you in there.” Jennifer said as she lifted Jake into the air and held him above her face as she spoke. “You okay?”

“Y-yeah. It was a little scary, but… strangely erotic. I don’t know, I enjoyed it at least a little bit.”

“Aww, that’s good. We should probably take a shower before we go to bed.”


            Jennifer carried Jake in her shower caddy to the bathroom in her dorm after slipping into a robe and flip flops, smiling the whole way.



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