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Fear struck through the inhabitants of Westhampton City located on the west coast of the United States. Up until a year ago the city had the usual kind of troubles that any normal city would have such as crime rate and raising funds for various necessities such as hospitals and schools.

That all changed when the first giant monster loomed from the deep. Its sudden appearance had completely caught everyone by surprise and many felt that they had barely survived the encounter. A few good citizens were killed and there had been much property damage caused during the event.

Unfortunately for those who called Westhampton home this was not the only time that this had happened. Over the course of a year several giant monsters arrived and terrorised the city. Each of them were around three hundred feet in height and looked much like theropod dinosaurs that would be seen in a text book. However these monsters were much more dangerous and deadlier. Some had the ability to breathe fire while others could fly, there were even some that had two heads. They looked very much like the monsters seen in old Japanese Kaiju films.

One strange fact was that it was only Westhampton City that affected by these Kaiju monsters. Every other city up and down the coast didn't see a single attack, many had begun developing their own defences just in case an attack did occur. It was a mystery why Westhampton City was the only target, a mystery that had yet to be solved.

This night seemed to be like many other nights with a Kaiju monster arrived from the Pacific Ocean. This one looked similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex but like the other Kaijus were much larger. It had several spikes along its back along with powerful forearms and sharp claws. Its teeth were also easily strong enough to tear through steel. It was making its way through one of the many streets in Westhampton City while the citizens ran for their precious lives.

Many of the citizens made their way to underground shelters that had been constructed since the first attack. They were getting frequently used although many had moved out of the city some who couldn't afford to leave were forced to remain. They had to live with the constant fear of Kaiju attacks.

The Kaiju on the surface was wrecking through the streets, it would swing its tail which would strike nearby buildings causing much damage. It roared from time to time which produced a sound that was loud enough to shatter windows and damage the eardrums of anyone who was unfortunate enough to be close by. It almost seemed like nothing could stop this monster.

"Hey you!" shouted a female voice. The Kaiju turned its head and saw a woman standing in the street. This was no ordinary woman however as she was big, not just big but extremely large. She matched the height of the Kaiju and then some as she stood at three hundred and fifty feet tall. She had long black hair that was looked somewhat spikey and she had grey eyes. She wore what looked to be a white tank top along with plain black trousers that were complimented by a pair of white sneaker like shoes. She also had a slightly muscular frame which showed that she worked out and exercised regularly. She had a fairly pretty face but right now she had a generally annoyed look on her face. She stood there with her fists up and seemed to be ready for a fight. "I'm giving you three seconds to turn your dino ass around and waltz back to the sea, three...." She saw the Kaiju turn around to her. "Two..." The Kaiju roared at her but she stood there unaffected. "One."

Before she could make her next move the Kaiju charged at her. She considered moving to one side but instead she stood her ground. She felt the impact of the blow as the Kaiju's skull came into contact with her chest and the force did make her move back a few feet. However she still remained on her feet. She chuckled as she respected the courage of the Kaiju but now it was her turn.

With one quick movement, the giant woman was able to grab onto the Kaiju's side and she began to lift it off of its feet. It was heavier than she had expected but she was still able to throw it behind her. As she threw it part of its body did strike a couple of buildings which damaged them significantly.

As soon as the Kaiju struck the ground it got back up to its feet and unleashed a deafening roar. The giant woman had somewhat hoped that the throw would be enough but at least now she had a decent fight on her hands. She saw it charging towards her again and she stood strong. This time rather than strike him in the chest it leapt into the air and landed on top of her.

This attack did surprise the giant woman and it caused her fall down to the ground with the kaiju on top of her. She could feel it scratching her which caused her some pain and it tried to bite her head. She could smell its terrible breath and she lifted her arm up so that she could protect her face.

The kaiju didn't hesitate in biting onto her arm and the giant woman gave out a small scream of pain and she could feel it biting into her flesh. Her confidence was beginning to wean but she responded by repeatedly punching the kaiju with her free hand. The first blow didn't seem to do much damage but the next several seemed to daze the kaiju enough to release its grip on her.

Not wasting any time, the giant woman pushed the kaiju off of her and got back up to her feet. She gave a small chuckle as she knew that this one was putting up a better fight than the previous few kaijus. She was about to move forwards when she felt a strong whip like strike to her jaw. It took her a few moments to realise that the kaiju had struck her with its tail but it had moved so quickly that she didn't have any time to react.

The giant woman found herself kneeling down on the ground and holding her jaw. The pain lasted for several moments but it did begin to subside. The kaiju roared at her again and began to approach her. She looked up to it and she saw something glowing within its mouth. Her eyes widened as she knew what was going to happen next.

The kaiju suddenly unleashed a stream of flames from its mouth. It was like someone had placed a giant flamethrower within its mouth and unleashed it upon the giant woman. Thankfully for her she realised what was happening and rolled out of the way before the fire could strike her. She could feel the heat and she was glad that it hadn't struck her. In the past, she had been burned by a couple of kaijus and both times they hurt her terribly.

As soon as she rolled out of the way she waited for a moment for the flame stream to end. She knew that it couldn't keep the flame stream up for long as she knew that it could only do this in a few short bursts. As soon as the flame stream ended she darted towards the kaiju and struck at the spot where its neck attached to the chest.

The kaiju began to wheeze and when it tried to unleashed another stream of flames it discovered that it couldn't. it was confused for a moment and this was the opening that the giant woman needed. She darted to its side and wrapped her arms around its neck. The kaiju began to struggle as it tried to break free but the giant woman had too strong of a grip. With some effort, she was able to twist its neck and it was soon followed by a very loud cracking sound.

There was a deafly silence that fell upon the city and for a few moments the giant woman stood there with the kaiju. It wasn't moving and when she did finally let go of it, it fell to the ground with enough force to shake the earth for a moment or two. The kaiju had been slain and the giant woman stood there in silence as she knocked it with her foot. It still didn't move and she was more or less convinced that it was dead.

The giant woman could feel something rattling around in her mouth. There was an object that was causing her a small amount of discomfort and she was able to spit it out. The object was a tooth that had been knocked out and it landed on the ground near a destroyed car. She was a little annoyed by this but she had lost numerous teeth fighting the kaijus and this was just going to be another one she gave to them.

She did take a look around so that she could see the damage that the battle had caused. The street was badly damaged along with some of the buildings. However in comparison to some of the other battles that she had taken part in this one was actually fairly tame. At least this time no buildings were utterly destroyed.

With some effort she was able to lift the dead kaiju and place it over her shoulders. Almost like a hunter picking up a small deer. She was sure that the citizens would be coming out of their underground shelters soon and she didn't want to be around when she did. Whenever she interacted with people it didn't seem to go down very well and so she just walked away from scene of the battle.

For a few miles, the giant woman walked before she eventually reached a very large warehouse like building that had been hastily put together in a shorter amount of time. It was five hundred feet tall and was easily the tallest building in Westhampton City. It was actually just outside of the city in a region that was more or less a wasteland. For most people, the building was a bit of an eyesore but to her it was home.

The giant woman didn't even need a key to open the door. She was the only person in the world who was strong enough to move it without any form of vehicle assistance. She didn't say a word as she opened the door and walked inside. She quickly shut it behind her and for a couple of moments she was in complete darkness.

Seconds later the lights began to turn on and she found herself in what seemed to be a small room. It didn't have many features but it have another door that for now wouldn't open. She got a little annoyed as she thought that the next part wasn't necessary but it had been insisted to her and she gave a sigh.

"Zero open the door," said the Giant Woman with a small amount of annoyance in her voice.

"Greetings Ms Samantha," replied a voice. It spoke in a British accent and it seemed to be coming from all around her. "I can see that your last encounter with a kaiju has been as successful as the last few." The door in front of her suddenly opened allowing her to walk through. "I have already contacted General Williams on your success."

"Whatever. And how many times do I need to tell you that it is Sammy? Samantha makes me feel old."

She walked through the door and she found herself in what seemed to be a living area. There was a sofa, TV, kitchen along with a table and chair that were all scaled up to her size. For now she walked passed all of these and went into another room. This room had nothing inside but it was much cooler than the other rooms inside of the building, it was at least minus twenty degrees inside and she placed the dead kaiju on the ground. Here it would remain until her superiors came to pick it up.

"I am glad to see that you came through your encounter in relatively good health," said Zero. His voice was coming from all around again but Sammy couldn't see him. The truth was that he had no physical body, he was an artificial intelligence uploaded to the building. He acted as her personal assistant as well companion and someone to keep tabs on her. "Although my scans do detect that you've lost another tooth."

"Yeah but don't worry," replied Sammy who walked into another room. This one was her bedroom but all it featured was a bed, some drawers and a smaller TV. There was also a closet located by one of the walls but for now she walked by it. "It'll grow back, just like the others."

"Indeed, your body not only gives you great size but many healing properties. I've seen you survive injuries that could easily kill a man." Sammy didn't answer for the moment as she changed her trousers and sneakers for a pair of black shorts and matching flip-flops. She did walk over to the enlarged fridge and took out a custom sized can of beer. She opened it and began to drink it before she sat down on the sofa. "Did you pick up any other injuries during this battle?"

"No, I'm fine." She took another sip from the can. On the wall behind her were the heads of around half a dozen kaijus that she had slain herself. They were mounted on the wall like they belonged to a big game hunter. For Sammy, they were her trophies from her battles against the kaijus. "Have I gotten any messages?"

"You've had three messages since you left the building. Would you like me to play them for you?"

"Tell me who they're from first." She took another sip from the can. She didn't think it was very tasty but it was from the only beer company that was willing to make cans her size. Unfortunately she couldn't really choose the beer quality.

"Ok then, the first is from Westhampton Local News. They seem to want another interview from you."

"I'm not in the mood to listen to any of their crap, delete it." She gave an annoyed grunt as this wasn't the first time that they had tried to get an interview from her, or the second or even the third. She had no patience for them and wanted nothing to do with them. "What's next?"

"You're mother has sent you a message, shall I play it?"

"Go on." There was a small amount of reluctance in her voice but she watched the screen in front of her. She saw an image of a woman who looked similar to her but was somewhat older than her. She had Sammy's black hair and eyes but her face was a little different to her own.

"Sammy sweetie it's your mom," said Sammy Mother. Since it was a recording Sammy knew that responding wouldn't make a difference. "I know that we haven't really seen each other face to face since you've changed but I've been talking to your superiors and they said that we could meet around Christmas Time. Your father and I get very worried about you whenever you fight those monsters, we just hope that you're still fine and that we can talk again soon. Bye for now."

With that the message ended and Sammy sat there for a few seconds in silence. She took another sip from her beer but she felt a little sad. She knew that her mother truly loved her although at times they didn't see eye to eye. Since she had grown she hadn't met her mother face to face but had spoken to her through these calls. She thought that the part of her life as being a normal person was well and truly over.

"What's the last message?" asked Sammy.

"It is from a company called Injury Claims Limited and they're wondering if you've been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault," replied Zero. He went to continue on but she quickly stopped him.

"Delete!" There was an annoyed tone to her voice as like most people she was greatly annoyed by these call. "God damn it Zero, you're supposed to filter those calls out. How do they keep coming through?"

"My apologises Ms Samantha, they keep slipping through my filters. Whoever created them must be evil geniuses."

"Or just someone who wants to rip people off." She took another sip of her can and she realised that it was almost empty. "Have any of the clothing companies got back yet? I'm sick of having to wear either sneakers or flip flops." It was true that since she had grown she only had two pairs of shoes since all of her clothes from before her change were now much too small for her.

"I'm afraid not ma'am. I believe that a new pair of boots are being manufactured for you as we speak. Of course, because of your extreme size it is taking longer than expected to complete the order."

"They better hurry up, I've accepted that I'm not going to be getting any smaller in the near future but I'll be damned if I only have two pairs of shoes." She did take another sip from her beer but this time there was none left. With one long throw, she threw the giant can from where she was sitting all the way into an equally large bin. There were other cans inside the bin as well. She did begin to feel her jaw a little as it was still sore from the fight, she didn't want to admit that it hurt.

"Your jaw seems to be giving you some discomfort, should I arrange for a dentist appointment?"

"No, I'm fine. It's just that those God damn Kaijus are getting tougher. I used to be able to take one down with ease. Now it's getting harder and believe me I'm as strong as I ever have been."

"And the attacks are becoming more frequent. According to my data when you original achieved your current stature you were fighting them once every couple of months. Now you have fought three in this month alone. My data doesn't allow me to understand why the encounters have increased or even where these kaijus are coming from."

"That's for the eggheads to figure out. If there's a kaiju that needs it's back snapped or head ripped off I'm there, but for anything else that's their problem."

"I don't think that is a very wise stance." Zero went to speak some more but he quickly stopped what he was saying. "My apologies but you have an incoming call of some urgency. It is Senator Gallows and it would be unwise to ignore it."

"Fine." She gave a sigh as she didn't particularly want to talk to him but she knew what might happen if she ignored it. "Patch him through."

The show that she was watching on the TV quickly went black and a couple of moments later the face of a man in his sixties appeared. The little hair that he had left was bald and he had a moustache. Even though only his head and upper part of his chest could be seen she could tell that he was a large man. In her eyes he was tiny though just like every other person in world. He was also wearing what looked to be an expensive suit.

"Hello Miss Grant," said Senator Gallows. "I am glad to see that you had another successful battle earlier today."
"Cut the crap, you haven't called me just to congratulate me. Get to the point or else I'll lose interest."
"Fine, I was hoping to start with pleasantries but I see that you're not in the mood for that. Although you have been a great help with the kaijus I am finding it very difficult to continue to justify the cost of maintaining you. Not only is the cost of keeping a roof over your head and feeding you a huge use of taxpayers' money, but the property damage that takes place during your battles is astronomical."

"Hey you should have thought of that before I became like this. Besides the property damage would be even worse if I just let those things have their way. Admit it, if it wasn't for me this city would be nothing more than a ruin."

"The city is already a ruin, I've watched your battles and you've shown no regard of the environment around you."

"There isn't anyone there anyway so I don't have to worry about them." She knew if there were anyone there during her battles but since there wasn't she felt that she could go all out on a kaiju.

"Regardless of that the cost of cleaning up your mess and maintaining you is far too much. From now on you won't have any more beer, you'll only be drinking water and any non-essential clothing in production has been placed on hiatus. Second you will remain at the scenes of your battles in order to help with the clean-up efforts. Third I will be sending a financial inspector to you in order to find out where money can be saved. Lastly your duties will expand to more than just kaiju situations. You will have to engage in other activities to assist the emergency services."

"You can't do that." There was some anger in her voice as she really didn't like what she was hearing. "It's your fault that I'm like this and now you basically want me to be your lapdog?"

"I know that your situation isn't the most desirable but unfortunately these things are the way that they are. All this will start from the morning when the carcass of your recent kill will be recovered. Like before when we have finished with our research the head and can be stuffed and mounted. Goodbye."

With that the screen went blank. Sammy was very annoyed by what had happened. She got up to her feet and punched a nearby wall. This left a dent in the wall along with some cracks, her hand was uninjured. She disliked government officials and she just wanted to have the life that she had before she grew. Unfortunately she felt that that part of her life was over and that she was doomed to be a towering giantess for the rest of her life.

Before she did anything else Sammy began to hear The Waltz of The Flowers beginning to play. She took some deep breaths and she found herself beginning to calm down. She never liked it when she lost her temper, when she was normal it wasn't a big deal but at this size she knew that she could inflict a lot of damage. She just sighed as she became frustrated but this time it was at herself.

"Are you alright Ms Sammy?" asked Zero. "I played some classical music because my sensors detected your anger."

"I-I'm fine Zero," replied Sammy as she felt like she was calm. "It's just all this political bullshit really gets on my nerves. If I had a politician in my hand right now I'd give them a piece of my mind." She was considering what she would do to a politician if she did have one in her hand but for now she kept it quiet.

"Without them you wouldn't have this place or anything that you rely on right now. I know that you might not like it right now but you need them just like they need you. Now would you like me to put on some other music to keep you calm?"

"No, that's alright. To tell you the truth I'm feeling tired, I think I'm going to go to bed. One more thing before I go to sleep, thank you Zero."

"For what ma'am?"

"For everything, I would have blown my brains out if you weren't here. I don't care that you're a machine, it's just nice to have someone to talk to."

"Indeed, that is why I'm here. Have a good sleep ma'am and maybe we can talk some more in the morning."

Sammy didn't respond and she just smiled. She made her way into her bedroom but rather than getting changed she just took off her flip flops and lay down on her bed. Almost as soon as her head hit the pillow she drifted off to sleep. Her day might have ended but the dangers were still to come.

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