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Story Notes:

My first upload in like a year, I think.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The main character here is actually based off of a character who was intended to be a primary antagonist for Vacation Abroad 2, a story I'm sorry to say probably won't ever be coming out.

Furthermore I decided that the three chapters I originally wrote were too short to be independent and lacked enough gts content by themselves, so I combined them into this one. Let me know what you all think, if this is too long, or if this is fine.


"Marissa... why?" Kristi managed as Marissa's toes clamped down on her pitiful, battered body. "I thought we were friends?" Kristi pleaded.

Her left eye was blackened and bruised, her legs swung uselessly from her torso. She was being fondled indelicately between Marissa's big and second toe, each digit almost as big as she was, and was being relentlessly squeezed as her former friend laid back in bed comfortably, clad only in a black bra and panties, as she held her friend way above her with her leg extended at a 90 degree angle.

Marissa furrowed her eyebrows, as if deep in thought.

"Please..." Kristi pressed, as she felt the toes begin to crunch down her ribs some more. "It's been hours... just say something, anything!"

Marissa cocked her head to the side, considering the request. She finally spoke.

"What was the promise the giant made in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'? Make bread from your bones, or jelly from your bones?" Marissa asked curiously. "I'd love to see if that could work."

Kristi began crying.

"It's you, isn't it! You're behind everybody vanishing! Why?"

Marissa leaned back on her pillows. Shifting her foot to the side, she began rubbing Kristi's face with her second toe rather affectionately, soothing the girl in her own perverse way. Making she had a good view, she pulled down her bra cup, exposing her large, firm left breast. Her nipple was firm. Licking her finger, she kneaded it.

"Is she... turned on by this?" Kristi thought, appalled. It hurt to speak. Her torso was badly damaged, her lungs were probably next. Breathing was becoming more difficult as well.

Tears kept flowing freely from Kristi's eyes, but Marissa betrayed no emotion of her own, just that sickening, emotionless face of the only person in her class she thought of as a friend.

"We made scarves together in Mr. Johnson's class, braided each others hair together, you were nice to me when everybody else laughed at me because I had a period at gym... we..."

As Kristi kept blabbering, Marissa reached to her side, her fingers grazing the weathered handle of a violin case, which lay next to the bed.

Opening the gap between her toes, she let Kristi fall a hefty distance, before the girl smacked face first onto her taut belly, with a resounding smack.

"That's enough groveling. Don't you think?" Marissa asked, with no hint of sympathy, poking Kristi's tiny, limp body. She got to response. Marissa shrugged, and opened the violin case.



A few hours later, Marissa woke up groggily in the living room. She had no idea what time it was, but she felt woozy. She was sprawled on the floor, face first in her fuzzy slippers.

She picked herself up, wiping away a strand of saliva her mouth to the slippers. She shivered, she naked, and it was very cold. Once on her feet, she wobbled a little, stumbling. The bare skin on her back had it worst, having been right under than fan. She cursed to herself. That would be very expensive on her electric bill.

Slowly, she strode into her bedroom, and to her surprise, her bed was an absolute mess. The sheets were haphazardly tossed about, and the mattress was skewed from the frame, pillows everywhere. Her violin case was wide open, the instrument missing.

Reaching for the open case, she discovered her violin was under it, but not her bow. Checking the compartment within the case, it was not there either. The bow was not as expensive as the violin itself, but it certainly wasn't anything she could afford to replace at that very moment.

Going over to her bed, she felt around the sheets, feeling for anything hard enough to be the bow. She grasped it after a few seconds of searching.

Marissa realized something was wrong from the very moment she touched the bow. The strings were sticky. Pulling her hand away, she realized her finger tips were stained crimson.

Her heart went cold. Pulling the bow from under the sheets, she discovered a sticky dark substance coated the strings of the bow.

She threw off the sheets all the way and cried out in horror as she discovered a tiny, defiled corpse. A sick imitation of a dead human being smaller than her finger. An amalgamation of entrails, smeared on the bed sheets.

Faint, she fell onto her butt, next to her violin. When she tried to catch herself, she felt something sticky once more, upon the violin itself which she hadn't noticed earlier.

Marissa felt her heart go cold, and she began to shake violently. Laying on her back, she began to cry.



Kristi gasped in pain as she was roughly placed atop the strings of the bow. It was smooth, and dry as a bone. She coughed up a disgusting mixture of blood and saliva. Doing so caused massive pain in her chest and even more discomfort in her throat. It felt as though someone had taken a sledgehammer to her torso. Her body wanted to cough again, in order to clear her throat of the blend of blood and bile buildup, yet she willed herself not to, instead hiccupping, letting the vile substances drain out of her mouth, running down her chin.

She sucked in as much air as she could, but it felt like she was suffocating, the flow of oxygen to her lungs was obstructed by her shattered ribcage.

She closed her eyes, all she could hope for now was that she could at least die peacefully. She felt tired. She felt as the pain in her chest began to subside, and breathing slowly became possible once more, returning color to her face. Closing her eyes, Kristi felt herself begin to slip away into a bliss... the peace of afterlife was right there, she could feel her vision begin to brighten. Slowly, she was easing into a peaceful sleep that would never end.

"Huh!" Kristi yelped as she found herself gouged from Death herself. The brightness, the prospect of a peaceful death vanished, as she found herself cold, in a world of pain and misery. Mint, she could smell mint.

She found a strand of floss that with the girth of a rope compared to her being wrapped tightly around the hair of the bow and her, tying her to it, about a quarter of the way to the top. She looked around her, and began shaking as she realized what was happening.

"No... not like this!" Kristi cried, upon realizing just how gruesome this was going to be. "If you're going to kill me- not like this! Please!"

Marissa took both her bow and violin into the living room, where she sat down on a chair, gracefully placing one leg over the other.

"Marissa... step on me, sit on me, eat me... but please... don't do this!" Kristi begged. She wanted so very much to die at that moment. To vanish from life like an apparition in order to spare herself the suffering. She tried squirming out of the floss that bound her to the instrument. Not like this... not like this.

But it was hopeless, as she found herself face first with Marissa's lips, still attached to the bow, as the cruel giantess made herself comfortable, getting the violin in proper position.

"Marissa, whatever I did to deserve this... I'm sorry. So sorry!" Kristi pleaded, becoming truly desperate, she thought she would lose her mind... if Marissa would just tell her why, or at least say something she would go into the next life easier.

But of course, Kristi found her heart shattered further when Marissa opened her mouth, but no words came out. Instead, a giggle. A malicious sound that was like nails on chalkboard to Kristi, as the enormous college student finally decided she had grown tired of playing. She moved the bow into position, far below Kristi, the hairs at the bottom of the bow, made contact with the rough, hard hairs that made the violins fingerboard.

Kristi in prime position to be ground to mincemeat between the fingerboard and bow. Marissa had told her the strings on a violin can make your fingers bleed. What would that kind of material do to her fragile, weakened body?

Kristi screamed bloody murder, made pleas to become a slave, to tell her every secret, when Marissa began to play a simple note. Slowly, the bow grinded downwards, Kristi would be going feet first apparently.

As the Kristi slowly, ever so slowly cascaded down, she found her ears bleeding from the sheer volume of both her own screaming, and the very high volume of the violin.

Above, Marissa bit her lip, and suppressed a moan of arousal, as she heard Kristi's cries. A bit of wetness formed between her thighs, and her breathing became increasingly ragged.

But she was not finished yet... she still had to finish the note.



The news stations were abuzz over the next two days. Beyond just local channels, even the national stations were beginning to comment on the disappearances in Green Hills.

The story and all the information was the same as it always was for the past three months. A student at Greenwell University had failed to return home, and not a trace of them was anywhere to be found. The police were baffled, not a single security camera, nor any bystander had seen anything happen, anywhere in the city. Police were baffled, the University was staving off accusations, and the mother of Kristina "Kristi" Cooper was hysterical.

Meanwhile Marissa could not tear herself away from watching. She felt sick, her eyes burned from crying, her skin was cold and clammy.

It was a Monday morning. Kristi had vanished last Friday night, and after her mother grew worried and called campus security, who could find no trace, the police were immediately informed that the Ghost of Green Hills had struck once more. Despite claims by the authorities that it was far too early to assume the worst, that Kristi would never be seen again, everybody silently accepted Kristi was probably either dead, or gone for good. Sold into human trafficking. Whatever logical explanation it took to satisfy their curiosity.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that Marissa Manoa, a twenty one year old art major at Greenwell had shrank Kristi down to a few inches on Friday, taken her home, and tortured the poor girl to death that same night.

That made it eight. Eight people in three months. Eight people whose lives she had brutally taken. Marissa was fortunate enough that she didn't really remember what she did. She could only piece together what her other side had done. Through bloody, broken bodies the size of her index finger she found.

She found herself staring intently at her coffee table. A worn and battered little thing that was the best she could afford. Atop was a small bottle of pills. She imagined herself a hero. Overdosing and ridding the world of a monster. A sociopath, a serial killer, a sadist, a sufferer of dissociative identity disorder for as long as she had breathed.

She could feel part of her brain, a sadistic and powerful force urging her to do so. Goading her into taking a life of her own volition. But she would not give that evil thing inside her the pleasure.

"You're just a coward." Both sides of her said. "That's the only reason. You just don't have it in you."

An alarm clock ringing snapped Marissa out of her thoughts. Reacting quickly, she reached for the pill bottle. In it, were a few dozen small, bright red oval shaped pills. She produced one, and without hesitation, swallowed it. They kept the monster away for a few hours till her next dose, but it was not a true cure. Too much of the stuff and she would have a heart attack.

The clock also meant she needed to get ready for class. She wanted desperately to skip today, but that would probably garner some measure of suspicion.

And her other side was right. She was too much of a coward to want to be caught.



Marissa's hand quivered, the paintbrush she was using as a result smeared dark green paint all over her canvas messily, instead of the delicate stroke she had intended. Drawing her hand back quickly, she accidentally tipped over a bottle of paint, which thankfully was full of dried, caked paint.

She received a few amused glares from her peers, who were focusing at their own projects.

"Sorry." She whimpered under her breath, she kneeled in order to pick it up.

The substitute for the day strolled over. A rather overweight man, with a moustache so artificial looking she had painted more realistic ones. With the room being at a higher temperature, he was also sweating.

"Making a mess?" He asked, in a patronizing tone.

"I didn't mean to." Marissa replied. "It was an accident."

She spent far more time than was necessary putting the paint bottle back on the stand. As if it needed to be in a perfect position.

"I'm sure it was. You're Miss Manoa, correct?"

"Yes sir." Marissa said, now focusing on hiding her bloodshot eyes, pretending to find the floor very interesting.

"You have not made any progress whatsoever on your assignment."

"Yes sir."

"Half the class has finished sketching.

"Yes sir."

"Then get to work, now." He said, before storming off. The class looked at Marissa with mixed feelings. The substitute had no clue, but she was Professor Bradford's favorite student. She was quiet, never spoke to anybody, and was above all else, a magnificent artist, and an equally skilled violinist. Bradford was so impressed that he allowed her to listen to music using her headphones, as it helped her concentrate. Truth be told, they somewhat liked seeing the lonely girl with no friends taken down a notch by an unruly substitute.

The rest of class went by rather uneventfully. They had two more days to finish the assignment. Unable to come up with any inspiration, Marissa found herself doodling more than painting.

When the bell rang, she was all to eager to leave. Unfortunately for her however, one young man bumped into her as she was sitting on his way out the door, intentionally or unintentionally it caused her to drop yet another paint bottle. Only this one was open, causing a spill.

She gave the boy a dirty look. To his credit he did say sorry quietly, but upon seeing the substitute angrily marching over, and with the clock ticking to get to his next class, he hurried out.

"I expect you'll clean that up?" She heard the sub say from behind her.

"I really need to get to class." She said.

"Well in that case hurry up." He told her.

The large park that separated her art class from her next class was usually relatively pretty easy to cross, as long as she moved quickly and kept her head down. But being forced to stay back to clean up complicated things.

A few of members of the football team playing with a game of catch in the grass, a few cliques studying in the outdoors, or just some people wandering about the extensive campus. But most notably was the memorial to the previous victims of the Ghost of Green Hills.

The university would really rather keep any mention of the ghost or any of the disappearances as quiet as possible. So instead of a proper organization running the memorial, some students were running the group. Attempting to offer help and comfort to the friends of the missing.

Marissa kept her eyes trained on the ground, and bit her lip. She didn't realize, but her pace quickened. This caught the eye of one of the memorial organizers, who caught up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're Melissa, right?" The young woman asked. "Or, Marissa?"

"Yeah that's me." The raven haired girl responded. She recognized the woman immediately. Keisha Johnson, one of the more popular girls in the school, who if memory served was valedictorian in her high school. And more pertinently, a close friend of the third victim, Marcus Finch. Against her better judgement, Marissa did not claim she was in a hurry to get to class and walk away. Instead she chose to hear Keisha out. "Can I help you?"

"We're organizing a party, for one of the victims, Michael Smith?"

Michael Smith, Marissa recalled her other side had cooked him in a frying pan over a low flame. He had lived through that ordeal, only to find himself in a microwave. She'd decided not to cook for herself for a little bit afterwards.

"A... party?" Marissa asked.

"I know how it sounds, but it's not just an excuse to get drunk or anything like that." Keisha assured. "Michael loved college parties. He went to as many as he could, and was really funny when sauced apparently."

"So we figured we might as well throw one huge party for him. As a celebratory goodbye. His friends told me he didn't want to be remembered in a funeral, where his whole family and friends are crying. He wanted to be remembered as a party animal." Keisha explained.

"That sounds great but, I never knew Mich-" Marissa began, only to be interrupted.

"But you did know Kristina Cooper." Keisha said.

At that Marissa went silent. Her heart jumped into her mouth and she felt a chill run down her spine. She swore she could hear whispers in her head. Keisha began explaining how she had been a bit of a bully to Kristina, and she knew Marissa had been one of the very few people seen in Kristi's company before.

"You don't know that she's dead." Marissa said, her voice trembling slightly. More with guilt than with fear. "You can't."

Keisha looked sympathetic. She could see Marissa and Kristi had a history.

"Look, I know it's soon. But... it's been two days." Keisha said. "You don't have to come to the party, but please, there are people there you can cry with over a beer if you need. Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on."

Someone called Keisha over to help them with something.

"Please, come to the Kappa Nu Theta frat on Friday at eight. For Kristina." Keisha said, turning around to help whoever had called her over, leaving Marissa at the brink of tears. It was one thing to kill a friend. It's an equally terrible thing to mourn for that friend.

After an emotionally trying first class, Marissa decided she needed some time to herself. She skipped the rest of her classes, not caring about the possible repercussions. She found herself feeling empty, save for the lump in her throat.

She knew it was a bad idea. She needed to take her pills at very exact times. Even the slightest error could throw off her schedule in a disastrous way. And if the party began at eight, she'd need to make sure that she excused herself at 11:30 on the dot. She had to stay away from alcohol as well, not that she was a drinker, but a spiked drink from someone could spell death.

Issues further arose when she considered she knew not how she shrunk people. Only that it worked. And that her other side was fully capable of doing it to anybody, it seemed.

When spelled out like this, it was a terrible idea. She endangered not just the partygoers mourning the death of a student, but she also risked getting caught.

"And yet here we stand." That sickening, perverted version of her own voice echoed in her head. "All dressed up for a night on the town."

Marissa gulped as she heard herself speak. She eyed the clock on her bathroom counter, just fifteen more seconds and she could take the pill. Too early and her other side wouldn't feel the full effect. Too late and she'd lose herself. The pill only lengthened the time one personality was dominant.

"Get out of my head." Marissa told herself, looking into the mirror. She could feel her voice cracking. She was terrified.

"We are the same person. Fight reality all you want, it will never change what we are. You are a killer, whether you accept it or not." She hissed. "Our prey is here only to satiate. To pleasure. You will-"

Thankfully, the alarm sounded, and Marissa wasted no time in placing the pill on her tongue. She reached for the glass of water on the counter. She had it on her lips when she felt her hand tremble as she lost a tincture of control of her body.

"We're the same." Marissa said, in a evil, demonic sounding version of her own speech. Her arm quivered as she wrestled with control. A little sloshed out of the glass, spilling down her breasts.

In fear, Marissa simply swallowed without water. Immediately the voice vanished. And she regained control of herself once more. Her mind felt clearer, purer. Whole.

Exhausted, Marissa collapsed onto her bathroom floor, panting. She was sweating, her limbs weighed tons.

She noticed her clothes were a rather wet. She'd need to dry them before going to the party, she realized.


That Friday, Marissa strode up the steps of Kappa Nu Theta. Her dress had shrunk a little from the dryer. She had initially thought it appeared to form fitting, and had worried about appearing inappropriate, as the dress hugged her curves very tightly. Any thoughts of that dissipated upon seeing what other girls were wearing. Tank tops that showed off the midriff, with shorts that were so high the bottom of the butt were revealed, etc.

She was one of the most moderately dressed people out of close to a hundred other students, she realized as she entered the building. After this realization came her realization that despite the intention of the party, it was in the end, a party run by college students at a frat house.

Beer pong, jello shots, topless girls, very loud music, messy floors and general chaos was the name of the place.

Marissa couldn't deny it, but she was grateful the party wasn't how she imagined it, a mass of students tearfully sharing stories of their times with Michael and his drunk antics, having a drink as they sobbed. This made her feel less guilty at the very least.

The only downside, she had nothing to do. Kristi had been her only real 'friend', and she wasn't exactly keen on playing any games or chatting someone up. She was far too nervous. Looking at her watch, she made sure it would vibrate when she needed to find a bathroom. In the meantime, she decided it would be best to find a place to sit for the night.



"Come on dude, you gotta do it." Sean said to Jeremy Myers, his long time friend as the two held drinks and scouted the crowded living room of Kappa Nu Theta. "There are dozens of girls here! Half of em' are drunk, tonight is your night!"

Jeremy was incredibly nervous about the entire situation. The two were freshman in college, who managed to sneak in to the 21 and older party. They had never know Michael, but they weren't about to miss a chance to party. That is, Sean wasn't about to not drag Jeremy with him.

"I don't know. Every girl is in a fucking group, with a bunch of jacked football players and basketball players-" Jeremy said, scanning the room. "Let's just drink, ok? I don't need to-"

"Lose your virginity at nineteen years old?" Sean said with a smirk, causing Jeremy to ashamedly look into his cup of beer. Sean boasted that he lost his virginity back in tenth grade behind a movie theatre with some floozy. Whether it was true or not, it gave Sean near permanent bragging rights or... whatever over Jeremy.

"There's no girl alone, okay? At least-" Jeremy began, only to be interrupted by Sean, who pointed as subtly as he could to a girl in the corner of the living room.

"What about the chick in the dress?" Sean suggested. "She's been alone all night, just waiting for you to take her home dude."

Jeremy gulped as he looked at the girl.

She did stand out, with a very tight fitting black dress that looked painted on her, the same color as her hair, contrasting from her pale skin. She was indeed alone, although once in a while she would sneak a look at some people before averting her eyes. She was clearly as out of her element as he was. It took him a moment to recognize her.

"I think I know her. We have art class together." Jeremy said.

"Well that's good. You can ask her about-"

"I bumped into her, caused her to spill paint, and then walked away because the bell rang." Jeremy said with guilt in his voice. "She had to stay after class to clean it up."

Sean whistled.

"That's a shame buddy. But still, you have to admit she is hot." Sean said. "Hey look, if you don't want to see what she's hiding under that dress, I'm more than-"

"No!" Jeremy said, quicker than he meant to. "I mean... I'll apologize. That'll get a conversation started."

Sean nodded in approval. He patted Jeremy on the back.

"Sounds good. Go get her."

Jeremy took a deep breath. He slowly began to march towards to girl. It was a fairly large room, yet he felt like he was flying towards her in a space ship. He was off balance, and he stumbled, bumping into a few people.

Ignoring a few disgruntled remarks, he eventually found himself within speaking range of the girl. Who had noticed him approaching. He felt especially nervous when she herself appeared to be a little surprised. She had been largely minding her own business for a while, without any real interaction all night.

Then again it was better than her being very confident and utterly rejecting him for being unsure of himself. Realizing the silence between them was beginning to form, he spoke as quickly as possible.

"I'm sorry for bumping into you in art class and getting you into trouble." Jeremy said very quickly and robotically. He realized he was sweating bullets.

She appeared lost for words for a few moments before realization lit up her face.

"Oh! That was you, I- it's no problem."

"I should have helped you clean up. You got in trouble for me." Jeremy apologized. He quickly realized he couldn't keep apologizing. He needed to make a move before things got more awkward than they already were. He realized that he had never actually introduced himself.

"I'm Jeremy." He said, "pleased to meet you." He held out his hand, albeit very stiffly. He was shaking slightly, and his legs were locked. He could feel nervousness and tension binding his body making him wooden in movement. He struggled to maintain eye contact.

She hesitated for a moment, before she reached for his hand.

"Marissa." She responded.

Her hands were as small as they were delicate. His own hands by comparison dwarfed her own. He overcompensated for his fear that he might squeeze to hard by barely grasping her. She actually had to most of the work in moving his hand up and down.

"C-can I get you a drink?" He offered.

"I can't drink, sorry." Marissa said, truthfully. Any alcohol could potentially muddle her mind, and bring her other self out.

Jeremy felt his heart fall. He had nowhere to go from here. No way to transition into talking without sounding as desperate as he actually was. He got the message, he decided. She was not interested. He would turn around, and face Sean's smugness in defeat.

"W-why are you taking an advanced art class?" Marissa asked, trying to salvage Jeremy's sloppy attempts.

Jeremy was shocked. He realized that despite her being so pretty, she wasn't impossible to converse with. She was just as nervous as he was. But as the person who just had to decide whether to accept it or not, she didn't really need to talk much.

"I um-" Jeremy thought. "Mind if I sit down? It's hurting my neck looking down."

She nodded, and gestured to the windowsill next to her. It wasn't much, and he had to move a couple of pots to sit, but it was worth it. As he sat, he noticed Sean in the distance, nodding with approval and giving him an earnest thumbs up.

Regaining his composure, Jeremy began to talk.

Over the next hour or so, Marissa and Jeremy spoke about whatever the conversation drifted to, not sticking to a single subject.

Jeremy was following in his father's footsteps and taking several pre-law classes. He took art as a means of self expression. Despite him not being the very best at it. He was a local of Green Hills, unlike Marissa.

Marissa was hesitant to share a large amount of information with him, understandably. She was purposefully vague in her response to any question about her personal life.

The most he was able to get out of her concerning her past and family, was that she was from out of state, and her parents were too busy with her other siblings to care for her at the moment. He senses that she grew uncomfortable talking about herself, and decided to stick to talking about the present.

"So I was thinking," Jeremy began, after he felt a reasonable amount of time had passed to the point where he could seal the deal. "You wanna come to my place for a bit after the party? We could work on that project for art."

Jeremy hoped he wasn't laying it on too thick. It was a pretty obvious invitation to an event that was in now way related to art.

She paused for a moment. Opening her mouth to speak, Marissa realized something was buzzing on the inside of her thigh. Her phone she realized. Jeremy noticed.

"Oh, is that a call?" He asked as she fumbled with removing the device absentmindedly in order to dismiss whatever it was.

"No, it's my-" Marissa stopped cold. She turned to him quickly, the slightly nervous ice that had been between them after Jeremy asked the question shattered into full blown panic as she turned desperate. "I'm sorry, I need to go to the bathroom!" She exclaimed, standing and practically sprinting away. A few people wondered what had happened, and a few confused glances were sent Jeremy's way.

"Jesus dude." Sean said, walking over to him. "What the fuck did you say to her?"

As Jeremy struggled to explain he didn't think he did anything wrong, Marissa was searching for a bathroom in the rather large fraternity. She busted into a few closed bedroom doors, and walked in on a few people sharing rather intimate moments before finding the restroom. After ensuring nobody was inside, she locked the door.

Frantically pulling out the pill bottle from her purse, she struggled to open the safety cap. Repeating 'no' under her breath several times she found getting the pills from the bottle rather difficult due to her erratic movement.

When she finally got a hold of one of the capsules, she held it over her mouth in order to take it.

And that was when she stopped. Marissa felt her body go numb. Confused, she attempted to let go of the pill in order to take the medicine. To no avail. She was frozen in place. The fingers on her other hand twitched, yet Marissa herself did not command the digits to move. In horror, Marissa screamed inwardly as she found her body looking at the mirror in front of her in confusion. She was a passenger, watching through her eyes the action of her other self.

Marissa looked around, taking in her surroundings. She did not recognize the bathroom. It certainly was not her own. It then hit her than she could hear very loud music coming through the door. Along with a cacophony of voices, belonging to people her own age.

She then noticed the pill in her hand. It took her a moment to realize the implications of what was happening. Allowing a devilish smile cross her face, she took the pill as if it were candy. That gave her another few hours to play.

"A party?" She said aloud. "How unlike me."

She checked her phone for the time. 11:32. That was remarkably late. What could have caused her to miss the time for the medicine?

Breathing into her hand, she sniffed her own breath. Not a hint of alcohol. So she had not been drinking. She examined her eyes. They were not bloodshot, and she didn't feel like she was under the effects of a party drug. Odd. Was it simply a mistake in scheduling?

"Marissa?" The voice of a young man came from beyond the door to the bathroom behind her. He knocked. His voice was full of concern, Marissa noted. "Are you ok?"

So that was it. A boy. Marissa's smile turned wicked.

"I'm fine." She replied, mimicking the unconfident speech of her counterpart. Examining herself in the mirror, she pushed her breasts up in her bra, making them appear a tad larger. She also straightened her hair.

"I hope I didn't scare you... asking you to go home with me." The boy continued. "I know we just met and everything, but I really like you."

He was love struck, Marissa realized. Pouring his heart out to her. The situation was perfect. She didn't even need to coax him to fly towards the spiders web. He was clearly hoping for a night with her. And he had just provided her with the perfect pretext.

Placing the pills back in her purse along with her phone, Marissa walked out of the bathroom, greeting the young man. He was taller than her by a good bit. Even in heels Marissa found herself grazing his shoulders. He had a goofy, adorable face. Awkward, well to do. Out of his element. She couldn't wait to feel his little body breaking in her fist, and his cries soothing her ears. Perhaps she would eat this one...

She put on a pout, as if she were truly saddened.

"I'd love to go... but I just don't feel comfortable going to a guy's place, y'know?" She said, rubbing her shoulder nervously.

The boy's face fell.

"I-I understand." Before he turned away, she said to him-

"But maybe we could go to my place? It's quieter than here, for sure." Marissa offered. She leaned to the side, causing her sizable bosom to jiggle a little. Combined with her bedroom eyes being full of genuine lust for him, just not in the way he could possibly imagine, he was hooked.

"Oh, sure!" He said enthusiastically. "Um, should we take my car?"

She smiled. "That would be excellent, thank you."

He made to turn, she stopped him. She coaxed him into draping his arm around her, gently nudging his hand towards her sizable backside. When he instinctively moved away, surprised by how forthright she was being, she more firmly pressed his hand against her ass. Accepting it, he walked with her.

Sean nodded in approval on the way out. Giving a lewd gesture when he thought Marissa could not see. She noted this. A potential witness. She memorized his facial features before her victim led her to his car. All the while her other side screamed within her mind to stop.



The moment the two crossed the threshold into Marissa's apartment, she was upon Jeremy. He had no time to comment on her apartment, or even attempt at foreplay attempt undoubtedly awkward chatter. Her lips locked with his own as she embraced him.

It was not Jeremy's first kiss, but it would be his most memorable. Marissa's lips were soft and smooth, and she was far more passionate in her advances than he would have imagined her to be. As they made out, he caught a glimpse of her eyes. There was a hunger in them.

Without warning she jumped into his arms, and before he knew it, he was carrying her by her, a hand holding with a cheek in them each. She maintained her embrace, and he managed to carry her into her bedroom, placing her back on the bed.

He found himself staring intently at her as Marissa slowly pulled of her dress, leaving her clad in her underwear. She smiled, and she slowly pulled off her panties, exposing her womanhood to him. She was moist already, gleaming with anticipation. Marissa spread her legs, biting her lip. She beckoned him with her finger.

Jeremy wasted no time in obliging her. He kicked off his shoes, and began to take off his pants as fast as he possibly could. She removed her bra as he did so. Now only wearing his boxers, Jeremy grabbed the waistband, but paused for a moment. He was about to show a ridiculously hot girl he had just met this night his manhood. He was nervous, a thousand thoughts ran through his head. What if he wasn't big enough? He didn't have a condom, should they get one? He took another look at her. She was licking her lips, she needed stimulation, one of her fingers was teasing her vagina, getting it ready for him.

From there, instinct took over. Jeremy pulled down his boxers, revealing himself to her. Marissa was a little taken aback by how large it was. He got on top of her, and his cock touched the inside of her thigh. It was rock hard as well. He hesitated for a moment longer. Looking into her eyes, begging permission.

"Take me." She ordered. With that Jeremy thrust into her for the first time. The other side of Marissa, who had seen all of this happen, but could do nothing more than watch as Jeremy thrust into her, over and over again.

She was very warm, Jeremy noted. And extremely wet. Lube was completely unnecessary, it felt amazing. Her folds seemed to melt around his shaft, her nether lips tightly constricting him. Every thrust rocked her entire body, and she was moaning in pleasure, as he grunted in exertion. She raised either of her legs, her thighs wrapping around his torso possessively.

He continued to pump his pelvis into her own, his hands moving to feel her breasts as they jostled about due to their movement.

"Faster!" She panted. He obliged, speeding up to as fast as he could, shocking even himself as his renewed efforts caused the bed to begin creaking.

Marissa, for her part was rather conflicted about the whole ordeal. The one that had no control right now at the very least. On one hand, the sex felt pleasurable, if not a little rough. It was her first time as well, and compared to the ways she played with herself using her own fingers, this was far more satisfying, she supposed. On the other hand, this wasn't really her. She hadn't consented to any of this. She had known back at the party Jeremy had hoped to find himself in this very situation, but she had intended to turn him down when he had asked her to his place. She didn't want her first time to be with someone she didn't love.

"Is this rape?" Marissa wondered. Had that been what her other side had intended? For her to be conscious of what was happening? Speaking of which, how was she seeing any of this? Whenever she lost control, everything went black, as though she had fallen asleep. How was this different? She found herself being snapped out of those thoughts as she realized that Jeremy was close to coming.

He was sweating, and his breaths were becoming ragged. In less than fifteen or so seconds, he'd probably ejaculate into her. It was at the moment before Jeremy finished that something happened.

She felt her vision become distorted and red, and she felt a surge of power course through her body. A torrent of voices filled her head, all in some slight deviation from her own voice.

Marissa opened her eyes, and she stopped moving with Jeremy. As he was in the process of coming, she snatched him, her fingers locking around his throat, with an otherworldly strength that held him in place.

"Crescere me autem minui." Marissa found herself saying in a language alien to her, and Jeremy as well, judging from the shocked expression in his face. He began to become smaller, his legs sliding up her body till he was like a child in her grasp. Jeremy managed a gasp despite her grip around his throat. His hands flew to her own, attempting to free himself, to no avail. Her face was unreadable, but her eyes were full of malice and malcontent. "Du gehörst zu mir. Navzdy az do smrti."

Jeremy was lost for words, unable to comprehend what had happened as his body now fit easily in Marissa's hand. She was enormous, her features magnified several thousand times as her fingers closed around him, forming a fist around his newly tiny body.

"What, no! Please, I don't understand!" Jeremy pleaded as she applied a bit of pressure.

Marissa cocked her head, confused.

"Understand?" She asked, though he could not hear her. "Why need you understand?"

She continued applied a tad more pressure, until she felt him struggle to squirm in her grasp. He was so delicate, so fragile. With less than the smallest of fraction of her strength, Marissa could turn him into little more than a sticky liquid flowing between her fingers. It would pleasure her, but not as much as playing would.

She stopped applying pressure, and simply allowed Jeremy to slowly begin suffocating in her grasp. He had exhausted himself during intercourse. It would not take very long for him to run out of breath. His efforts to free himself turned frantic, as she felt his miniscule muscles tensing.

She raised an eyebrow. He was certainly persistent. But franticness only served to quicken exertion. Within a minute, Jeremy passed out. She kept up her grip for a little longer, to ensure he was not faking it. Satisfied, she released him, dropping him onto the sheets beside her. His chest heaved as his body automatically began to breathe once more.

She wondered if this boy loved her. Or perhaps she loved him? She gently picked him up, her fingers carefully snaking their way under his back in order to cradle him. She lifted him to her face, examining him more closely.

It would be delicious if he loved her. She could only imagine the emotional trauma she could inflict. It was a shame she couldn't know for sure. She did not even know his name, and she didn't want him to realize the woman he was dealing with now was not the same woman whom he had spoken to earlier.

Regardless, this was a rather special occasion. Her last amusement had been a friend, a close one. This little one had taken her virginity. That warranted a kind of treatment she had never done before. Something more personal.

She stroked her chin thoughtfully. What could she do? She had tried a variety of different activities before, she wanted to do something different.

"Perhaps I was onto something with the suffocation." She said aloud, turning Jeremy's limp body around with her fingers. "No, too tame."

She continued to ponder, until she was struck with an idea. Sex had been his intent all along. Who was she to deny him a thrilling time? Besides, she thought as she found the fingers on her other hand exploring herself, he was just the right size.

When Jeremy came too, the first thing he noticed was how rough the material he was laying on was. His head hurt, and he felt groggy.

Groaning, he managed to stand up, only to stumble as an earsplitting boom, followed by a powerful blast of air knocked him off his feet onto his back. His ears rang as though a grenade had gone off, and he found himself unable to hear the scream that escaped his own mouth.

He clutched his throbbing head in agony, thrashing on the floor. Opening his eyes, he looked in front of him to see what had been the source of the sound.

A foot, he realized. A foot belonging to a woman, judging from the black nail polish. The next thing he realized was it's size. Enormous. It dwarfed him. He could fit his entire body under the sole, with plenty of room. When the toes wiggled a little, he snapped out of his trance, and looked upwards at the goddess standing miles above him.

Tracing a path along her pale, shapely legs, he noticed her pussy was swollen and puffy. It gleamed with pre-cum, clearly excited. Further up was a smooth belly, then a pair of massive, car sized breasts, easily enough to crush him to paste as they gently swayed with the movement of her. Finally was her face.

Adorned with a look one might describe as being passive. Marissa did not appear to be gleeful, or particularly violent. She looked down upon him as one might watch an ant crawling around.

"You're awake." She said. Her voice was different, Jeremy realized. Unlike the shy, nervous girl or the sultry vixen whom he had already dealt with, the voice he heard lacked emotion. It was utterly terrifying. She spoke at a low volume, even then, it was rather loud for him.

"Marissa I don't understand!" He pleaded, almost his voice fragile. "What did you do!?"

She didn't respond. Had she heard him?

"Marissa please," He begged. "Whatever I have to do, whatever you want me to do, I'll do it! Just change me back, tell me what's going on!"

Still no response.

His terror turned to frustration.

"Do you fucking hear me! What the fuck did you do to-" He hollered, only to be interrupted as without warning, she dropped to her knees, kneeling above him with her legs spread wide. The force of her descent to the ground send a shockwave that only he could feel. The vibration of her knees impacting the floor was enough to throw him to the ground once again.

"Such bravado." She remarked. "I do not understand how groveling turns to ordering so quickly."

He struggled to regain his composure as she continued.

"It does not matter in the slightest whether or not you understand how you reached your current predicament." She said. "All that matters now is what I am going to do now."

Marissa fingered herself, further arousing her pussy. A breach in her unfeeling demeanor appeared as she allowed a slight sound of pleasure to escape her lips, followed by a chuckle.

"You arouse me so much more like this. I suppose it really isn't about size." She said with a sadistic smirk. "It's about how you use it."

Jeremy realized what she meant as she reached for him. She stopped playing with herself as she intended on grasping him, cum dripping from her fingers. With a primal cry he got up and took off running from her as fast as he possibly could, hoping to put some distance between him and her.

This amused her more. Even with adrenaline coursing through his veins, Jeremy could not hope to outrun her. His only hope lay in the living room, where he might be able to hide amongst her sparse selection of furniture. Unfortunately for Jeremy, Marissa was on a timer. She only had a few hours to enjoy using him. She was in no mood for a game of hide and seek.

Instead, she rose to her full height, and opened her mouth.

"Stop!" She demanded, yelling. Her voice bounced off the walls, echoing. Even to her it was rather loud. To him, it was as if lightning had struck the ground all around him. With a cry of pain, Jeremy fell flat on his face.

As Jeremy writhed in agony, she rubbed salt into his wounds by slowly walking towards him, the loud vibrations of her movement causing even more discomfort. Rolling onto his back, Jeremy found himself staring directly into her sole as she hovered her foot far above him.

He was powerless as she lowered it on top of him. The ball of her foot pressed against his chest, with her arch covering the rest of his naked body. He could only see her face from between her toes.

The pressure here was infinitely worse than being in her fist. It was as if a house were laying on top of him. Every breath he wheezed was laborious, he could feel his lungs being pressed against the front of his chest. Thankfully, Marissa's feet were very clean. The air he took in from between her toes was fresh as ever. But it was a small comfort. His ears were still ringing from her initial shout. Jeremy's arms were pinned underneath unyielding soles. He could do nothing to protect himself if she did that again.

Leaning forward, Marissa placed both of her hands on the knee of the leg under which he was pinned. She pushed down, applying even more excruciating pressure by shifting more weight atop of him. All the air in Jeremy's lungs vanished, and he felt a searing heat in his head as his brain screamed for oxygen.

Marissa felt his legs squirming uselessly underneath her arch. His face had gone red. She lowered herself to a single knee on the ground, as though she were tying shoelaces. This did take some of the oppressive weight off of Jeremy, yet at this point it was more his inability to breathe, rather than being crushed that was most dangerous.

"Kiss my feet." She said, as his face turned purple. "And you can breathe."

Jeremy did as she asked, pressing his lips against her toes meekly.

"That was a peck, not a kiss." She said. "Use your tongue."

Jeremy manged to open his mouth. His vision was blackening, his head felt like it was about to pop off. Struggling, he opened his mouth and began to lick the side of Marissa's second toe. Her skin was a little salty, but ignoring the humiliation, it wasn't all that bad. Anything to appease her. Unbeknownst to Jeremy however, this whole display did much more than appease her, as she struggled to restrain herself from touching herself. She had not been so wet for any of her previous toys.

She moaned in delight, and finally took the weight off that foot, but kept him pinned. Jeremy took in as much air as possible, sputtering and coughing as his lungs cried out in relief that he could breathe once more.

Closing his eyes, Jeremy felt ready to pass out. Willing himself to look into her eyes once more, he found himself losing himself unable to ignore just how beautiful she was. Her black hair framed her face perfectly as she licked her lips ever so sexily, before she bit her lip.

"She's turned on by this." Jeremy thought to himself. But looking into her beautiful face brought about consequences. Provoked by the skin on skin contact with his member rubbing against the soft, welcoming skin of her sole, combined with the room being chock full with the scent of her excited musk, Jeremy found himself hardening, his dick pushing up against her arch.

"Is that what I think it is?" Marissa asked, as Jeremy found himself going red once more, only from embarrassment. "It would appear you're just as excited as I am."

She whisked her foot away, leaving him to hastily cover his arousal. She walked away from him, rummaging through a drawer, looking for something.

Jeremy desperately wanted to understand. To understand how this was possible. To understand why she was doing this, or how she had done this. Maybe this was all some sick dream. Perhaps his drink had been spiked at the party and this was the result.

The liquid splashing on his face confirmed that this was all real. He looked up. She wasn't pissing on him, but she was however showering him with some kind of soft drink, intended to keep him from passing out.

It burnt his eyes, and stung at the bruises and small cuts he had received during her play. He coughed up a bit. She picked him up, holding him up to her face.

"Please... stop." Jeremy begged one last time as he was carried onto the bed, where she dropped him. He found himself next to a large, phallic object. A dildo, he realized. She picked him up once more and place him on it, his back pressed against it.

His arms could not quiet stretch around it, despite her best efforts. He cried out when she forcefully began to pull, nearly ripping his arms out of their sockets. She settled with this, and tied a string tightly, binding his hands. She did the same with his legs, forcefully pulling. He felt the most excruciating pain imaginable as the massive strain was dumped onto his pelvis, where his hips met the top of his thighs. She tied his ankles as well.

She lifted the dildo, with him strapped on. Laying the dildo at a ninety degree angle against a pillow. Carefully, she stood on the bed, het feet on either side of him. He looked up to see that her ass was above him. Taking a massive ass cheek with either hand, she spread them, showing him her anus.

Shivering and struggling, Jeremy began to hyperventilate as she lowered herself. Before taking him in her ass, she shifted last second, allowing her vagina to receive the dildo. She gasped as she felt it's girth. Moving farther down, she came upon Jeremy.

Drops of pre-cum ran in rivulets down the shaft of the toy, showering him in her juices. She slowed as she reached him. The top of his head tickled her clitoris. He tried to move away from her, only to wind up thrashing against her clit, which caused her even more pleasure. Marissa gyrated her hips, moaning loudly as she did, rubbing the rim around her pussy about his head.

Raising herself, she went down once more, further this time. Jeremy's cries were cut off as her pussy swallowed him. She let him stew in there, enjoying the sensation of him squirming against her g-spot. After roughly thirty seconds, she raised herself. As Jeremy himself was not bound to the toy, he was raised up with her. Begrudgingly she raised herself all the way off the dildo, with a little 'pop' from the suction.

The friction had rubbed Jeremy raw. But she was hardly done. For the next fifteen minutes, she continued this ordeal. Until she decided she wanted something new. She raised herself off of him, giving him a playful squeeze with her pelvic muscles as she did so. She then moved forward a tad, so it was her asshole now.

She was particularly pleased to discover that her vaginal juices had thoroughly marinated him. He slipped up her ass very smoothly. She opened her mouth in shock over how good it felt.

"Fuck!" She swore as she nearly lost her balance. Steadying herself, she raised and lowered herself again.

For Jeremy, her butt was far worse. Her pussy at least was rather moist, and a bit roomier as well. Her ass on the other hand was dry, and much tighter. It was much more painful. He dared not remain flush with the dildo. She could break his neck if his head didn't make it in.

She made far shorter thrusts now, less inserting and removing, and more of a steady bounce on him. When she did this, breathing became impossible. He caught a breath every once in a while, before being sealed within her anus shortly after.

Soon, the friction multiplied by a thousand, as her cum caked onto his body, removing any lube that might have reduced the friction. He thought it must be painful for her, but if it was, she enjoyed it, judging from her cries of ecstasy. The only positive, he realized, was that her asshole shielded him from being deafened by her.

It may have been Marissa's first time, but she withheld orgasm for well over thirty minutes. Occasionally she would return to grinding into him using her pussy, before returning to pegging herself.

When she finally came, Jeremy was knee deep inside her bum. She panted. Clumsily, she removed him from her ass as she recovered.

"I should do this more often." Marissa said aloud, still riding the afterglow of coming. After roughly twenty seconds, she lifted him to her face. He was bruised all over, with black and blue splotches dotting his rough skin. He was blistered, and absolutely coated in her cum. He spat some out.

"You look delicious." Marissa said, as she proceeded to lick him. Her tongue explored every bit of his body, lapping her own cum off of him. She fellated him and the dildo simultaneously, tasting every bit of it.

When she was done, Marissa untied him. Taking him to the bathroom, she washed him off thoroughly under the tap. Squirting a generous amount of soap onto him. After a few minutes of vigorous washing, she did the same with the dildo, cleaning it.

Then, to Jeremy's horror, she began to press him against the dildo once more.

"No! Please! You've already-" He began, only for a string to be placed around his head, going into his mouth. Unable to speak, Jeremy was tied to the dildo once more. She held him up to her face.

"You cannot honestly think that a single orgasm was all we were going to do tonight?" She asked. "No, we have so much more."

Jeremy screamed bloody murder as he was carried into the bedroom once more, and she angled herself up for another round.

The next seven hours were an eternity to Jeremy. She was going to fuck him until he died. He was certain of it.

He was rammed, shoved, forced, and ground into everything she had. She eventually forsook the dildo, and only used him. Her creativity was astounding. Going as far as to look up different ways to use a dildo in order to get the most use out of him.

His injuries began to become more and more severe. He went from bruises to three broken ribs and a dislocated arm. What a way to die. Slowly fucked to death by a massive college student.

He had long given up hope, and learned to simply close his eyes when she reached for him, and pretend he was somewhere else. He lost the strength to fight back and cry for mercy, marshalling all of his power into just staying alive. Perhaps she'd get bored of him and simply kill him soon. He couldn't determine whether or not a swift death was horrifying, or attractive.

It was shortly after she came for what had to have been the hundredth time that an alarm clock on her nightstand went off. Upon hearing it, Marissa immediately withdrew him from her pussy, and placed a book atop him, pinning him to the bed. Not that it mattered, even without it he doubted he could've moved.

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, leaving Jeremy to enjoy the break she offered him.

Marissa looked at herself in the mirror. Her time was almost up. Another few minutes and her other side would take over.

"How am I going to kill him?" Marissa pondered. She looked at her reflection, gazing into her own eyes. She entertained the idea of simply crushing him. It would be quick, but a dull way to end such a lovely night.

She then realized that the boy she had seen earlier at the party, the friend of her current muse would be an issue. She had no idea when next she would be able to deal with him. It would be so much easier if she could become whole again.

Maybe it was time for a little test.

She only had a minute left, two at most. Acting quickly, she grabbed lipstick from her bathroom drawer, and popped off the cap. In big, dark red letters she wrote on the mirror:


She had just finished drawing the m when she felt herself begin to recede, and left her other side with the mess she had created. Placing the cap back on the lipstick, Marissa stood still for a moment, thinking about all that had happened.

She then fell to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

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