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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story was based off of a comic by deviantkibate. Please check out the original material
I wake up to the start of a new day. " what does the day hold for me today?" I ask myself. Then i open my eyes wide to realize two giant flesh mounds stood before me. Boobs. I look up above them to see a face, and it's....jen's.she then enthusiastically said,"Today i can take care of you." I then release a heavy sigh.

Jen is a very nice person, and caregiver. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and ginormous breasts. She's wearing her bright pink shirt that exposes alot of cleavage . Along with these she is also very peppy and energetic and happy. The only problem is she is unaware of her suroundings. Now lets continue.

Jen starts walking for awhile, and i am being casually held within her grasp, lously held. She then says" you'll be safe here," as i am placed within her cleavage. Jen then starts walking enthusiastically with me between her large breasts. Her heels making noise as they hit the pavement. Her excitement in her walk makes me start to bounce up and down with her breasts. She walks in long, jumpy strides that start to make me bounce higher and higher, until i fall. I fall right under her left foot as it approaches me and as well as the ground. Her foot makes contact with, me and immediately adds all her pressure onto me. She then picks me up and says" I'm so sorry i can be so forgetful at times." I grin and laugh to her response and she responses back with "how about i treat you," as she states and gives me kisses all over my body in order to express her apology. We then walk into the fast food place with me in her hand.

During the meal-

I stand on the table sharing a meal with jen. Me and jen then start talking and laughing about who nows what. "Hey Jen!, how you doing" a voice said from across the restaurant. The voice belonged to Jen's friend cindy. Cindy is a nice girl from what i know. She has brown hair, green eyes, medium boobs, and a pretty nice ass. She is wearing a black shirt, along with a low green skirt that just covered her panties. Now back to the story.

"Hey Cindy" Jen shouts across the room. Jen forgets all about me, and when she lifts her arm to wave she knocks me down right onto the booth seat. I hit the blue seat hard, but it was soft enough to stop me from getting hurt. Jen then signals for cindy to sit, and she goes to sit down to join her. I think "oh no" as a giant ass wearing white panties and a green skirt coming towards me. Then, it makes contact with me.

Her entire weight is put down on me, and i get a mouthful of white clothe and ass fat. Cindy then wiggles her butt in signs of discomfort. She then tells Jen," you know these seats are really uncomfortable." She slides and wiggles in a desperate attempt to get comfy."something is off with my panties... maybe i can..." she thinks in her head. Cindy the lifts one cheek a little off the seat, and pulls the bottom of her panties to one side. I think she finally is getting up, but i knew she wasn't when her shadow still loomed over me. Cindy then lets go of her panties and lets them go back into place. I ended up having the panties lift from under me trapping me between her ass and her panties with a little bit of one arm sticking out. I start to feel a rumbling in Cindy's stomach.

Couple minutes later-

"Hey Jen how about we go shopping" Cindy suggests, and Jen responds with" oh yeah". Cindy however had a small bulge in the back of her panties from tims body being trapped within. Jen pays for the food, then the two girls walk out of the restaurant. Cindy then asks the question," so tell me about that guy you live with(me)." Oh. He is super cute. He was he was with me a moment ago" Jen then looks around a little and then responds with, "I'm sure he'll turn up eventually." Jen then forgets about Tim. Cindy also forgot about him, in a different way. As the two kept walking and talking and Cindy's stomach starts to rumble again. She looks around and lets a small fart out, making sure to keep it as quiet as possible. The opposite is what Tim felt. PPPPPPPFFFFFFTTTTT. A massive fart that blew out his eardrums, and filled his nostrils. Cindy blushed a little, even though no one knew(except for Tim).
Chapter End Notes:
Please let me know if this should continue
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