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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy this new story of mind while i think of how to continue my secret life
Hi im joseph. I was a normal boy till i shrank down to half an inch, but this has lead me to a friend that i never payed attention to. Her name is gina. Gina is a very sweet girl who is only 13 which is 3 years younger then me. She has taken care of me out of the kindness of her heart, and have become great friends after having some issues, but being as small as me i end up coming upon a few troubles.

Joseph was playing with gina in her room. He was acting as the mayor sweetville preaching to a bunch of stuffed animals for gina's amusement. She giggled as Joseph continued his stupid speech about butts. Then the doors lock clicked and the door started to swing open. Gina took action and placed a stuffed animal on top of me. Joseph stood still, as he knew the drill. When her mother comes in joseph stood perfectly still even if he was in the open.

"So Gian having fun there" her mother asked with a kind smile on her face.

"Yes momma"

"Well by this mess i hoped you would at least be having fun"

"Yea" Gina responded "by the way whens dinner"

"I'll order pizza is that fine"

"Yes mom" said Gina with a big grin on her face filled with joy

Gina's mom then left the room, closing her bedroom door behind her. Gina then lifted the stuffed bear from on top of Joseph. I then sighed. Me and Gina have done this so many times it has keened my senses to be able to hear a pin drop through the door and all the way down the stairs. Gina then put her hair into a bun. She then placed Joseph into her bun, and walked out into the living room. She then sat down and turned on the tv, and her mother sat down beside her.

The pizza arrives-

The pizza arrived and the two girls sat on the couch enjoying their pizza. Gina then placed some bread crust from her pizza into her bra in order to feed Joseph later on. She then chatted with her mom as the background noise of the tv played. They sat like this for a few hours.

Couple hours later-

Gina started to have her eyes grow heavy. Her body toppled over, and her head supported by her mothers shoulder. Joseph fell out of gina's bun, and toppled down her mothers right shoulder. Joseph then fell down between the cleavage of the middled age woman. He fell down to the bottom of the woman's bra. Joseph then breathed in to prepare to scream in instinct, but held back the danger of the normal sized woman.

Gina's mother found her daughter asleep, and felt dreary herself. She lifted her daughter off of the couch and carried her to bed. Joseph felt the flesh jiggle, and be shoved into him. Gina's mother felt something between her breast other then the crumbs and sauce from her pizza. She laid her daughter down on her bed, yawned, and left into her room. She then undressed down to only her purple worn bra. She stuck her hand in her bra and took out a small action figure. Assuming that it was her daughters she laid out her clothes and placed it down.

Joseph took the chance to hide, as she placed on her bra. He wanted to stare at her breasts, but instead hid under some light blue fabric. As the fabric folded over him he was lifted from the ground. He looked up the top which had a huge gaping hole. Joseph saw Gina's mother's face, but her mother didn't see his. Instead he was lowered even further down. Two long pillars of flesh were on either side of him, and a jungle of dark purple hair that seemed unnatural. Soon he came face first with the hair and was insnared in darkness.

Gina's mother was so fatigued she didn't feel the movement going on within her panties. She then turned out the lights, went under the covers, and drifted into deep slumber.

Joseph vigorously denied being trapped. He tried moving but couldn't, until his host did. When the mother moved onto her side Joseph some how became untangled from her hair. Then looking up to her left thigh that laid upon the other, Joseph thought that he should climb. When he finally reached the what he saw was more flesh. Joseph knew the size of her butt very well, but this was a whole nother level. He then slid down avoiding his fear to find a crack. For a second he stopped to think about his situation, but was cut short. Gina's mother moved onto her stomach and the momentum lodging Joseph right between the mounds. The clenched compressing joseph, but the smaller size left him impervious to almost all crushing attacks. Then the woman's stomach rumbled.

Gina's mom is known for overdoing her meals. She has eaten 10 slices of pizza, a big batch of fries, and had 32 ounces worth of soda. She let out a small pppffff of gas, and Joseph smelt the stink that emanated from her whole. Her eyes then opened, and her head jerked up in a instance. She unclenched her cheeks, then reclenching them causing Joseph to fall a bit deeper. The woman's butt was big even for a normal sized person, the the crack is like a bottomless pit to someone of his stature. She ran into the bathroom with her cheeks held tight. She quickly pulled her pants and panties off, and sat on the throne. She then released a stream of piss. She didn't even have to poop but she acted as if she did. The stream poured down in front of Joseph's eyes. Joseph then sighed.


By morning Joseph finally had found a way out, but now he had to signal Gina, but then someone knocked on the door. Joseph was shocked and ran to hide, but when he saw Gina he stopped. Gina walked in right near the bed, but instead acted puzzled. Gina then remembered what she came in the room for, and grabbed the shirt her mother took by mistake and walked out.
Chapter End Notes:
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