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Story Notes:

A big shoutout to 3l33thax0r, for creating the brilliant setting of this story, as well as my previous work.  Also, a major thanks to Odysseus, for suggesting the inital premise of this story. 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Danika was, by any stretch of the imagination, an ambitious person.  Never content to rest on her laurels, always wanting more.  It started early for her, graduating top of her class in high school, earning the honor of valedictorian and receiving an offer to study computer science at a prestigious college.  This technical know-how, along with her grit and determination, would ultimately pay off tremendously, in ways Danika herself couldn’t have even dreamed of.  Navigating her way through the trials and tribulations of the tech industry, Danika eventually found herself in command of Vivaldi, a major tech firm that rivaled the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.  This on its own would be an amazing feat of accomplishment, however, even more astounding was the fact that Danika was only 24, and had no plans to slow down anytime soon. 

Unfortunately, the good times couldn’t last forever.  Just as the young CEO’s life had seemingly reached an all-time high, the world seemed to begin falling apart around her.  Danika had barely turned 25, when the shrinking epidemic swept the globe.  While Danika herself was fortunate enough to remain the same size once the dust settled, the epidemic would ultimately shift the company in a direction she didn’t agree with.  The overwhelming majority of her progressive, open-minded colleagues made the push for accommodation of shrunken, or “affected”, individuals, arguing that they not only had a civic responsibility to do so, but could also cash in on the sales of numerous devices specifically designed to assist those stuck at three inches tall.  While Danika considered herself to be open to new ideas, she, like many people outside Vivaldi, simply couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that someone who could be flattened under her foot could contribute to society.  She wasn’t even sure if these so-called, affected people, should even be considered people at all.  While she tried to let her views be known in an attempt to steer the company back in the direction she wanted, it was a herculean task, even in her position of power.  Eventually, in what she would later describe as a form of mutiny, Danika was forced to resign, after receiving non-stop flak for alleged discrimination against affected individuals. 

While many people with Danika’s level of technical knowledge and wealth would try their best to move on, possibly start a new company or simply retire early, as with all other chapters in her life, Danika decided to take things one step further.  However, the constant stress, hate mail and accusations had taken their toll on Danika; something had changed in her.  The dark side of the young woman’s ambition and creativity had finally been unleashed, and there was no stopping it. 

Not long after leaving Vivaldi, Danika became involved in the “black market”, an underground network of illicit shops that trafficked affected individuals, who were often bought as pets, slaves or living sex toys.  As with any modern-day illicit market, these underground shops weren’t merely limited to brick and mortar stores, with affected individuals also being bought and soled on illegal dark-web sites, paid for in bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.  It was this online sector of the black market where Danika became involved, making a name for herself through her riches and technical skillset, as well as amassing a sizeable collection of affected individuals for her own pleasure.  This collection of affected pets would ultimately lead to the young woman’s next great breakthrough.  As her collection continued to grow, the more she noticed a major online market that had yet to be tapped.  The online market in question, was porn.  Sure, anyone had the ability to sit in front of a webcam, an affected person against their clit or shoved up their ass, but few had access to the sheer multitude of shrunken people that Danika did, along with the funds to buy high-quality recording equipment and countless accessories and sex toys. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where our story should have began, the day of Affected-Tube.com’s launch.  Because, to the three inch tall individuals that filled the numerous boxes in a small room in the basement of Danika’s mansion, none of this backstory mattered.  As Danika chose a box from one of the shelves, most of the affected people inside had no idea where they were, let alone who was staring down at them through the clear glass lid of their makeshift prison.  Once the box was set down on the floor of the next room, the lid was opened, and Danika’s powerful, yet well-manicured hand began advancing toward the terrified crowd, the only thing on these peoples’ minds was survival.  People ran in every direction, a desperate panic to escape the hell they found themselves in, but It was all in vain.  Danika’s long, slender fingers soon coiled around the miniscule frame of one unfortunate man, lifting him out of the box.  He was brought toward Danika’s face, a sight the young man would have been more than happy to take in, had he not found himself in this waking nightmare.  Instead, he continued to beg for mercy as Danika’s icy blue eyes intently locked onto him with an approving look.  The desperate man’s terrified cries went unnoticed, as Danika simply remarked,

“You’ll do.” 

before lowering the three inch tall man toward her bare feet.  

Around Danika’s left toe, was a gold toe ring.  However, this was no ordinary accessory.  With her free hand, Danika opened the toe ring, placing the affected man in the gap between the two sections.  Letting the toe ring snap shut, Danika could faintly hear the howl of excruciating pain from the man, as the two pieces of the ring clamped down on his body.  With the affected man now securely bound to her big toe, Danika walked across the room to her makeshift studio, where a camera and lights were already set up.  Placing the camera on the floor and hitting record, the unaffected CEO, now turned model, paced back and forth in front of the camera, ensuring to give the tiny passenger on her toe a bumpy ride in the process.  She then stopped to flex her toes in front of the camera, making sure she got a closeup of the affected man’s face as it grew further twisted and contorted in agony.  Finally, once she decided the show was over, Danika turned the ring 180 degrees, so the man was now on the underside of her big toe.  Then she brought her foot down slowly, first touching the ground with her heel, shifting her weight to the ball of her foot, and ultimately, balancing on her tiptoes.  The resulting sound could only be described as a crunch and a squelch, as the affected man’s body was gradually crushed into a mere red stain on Danika’s big toe.  

After some simple editing, the video was uploaded to the dark-web, available for purchase through bitcoin on Affected-Tube.com.  The response was overwhelming, even surprising Danika herself.  Hundreds, then hundreds of thousands of downloads, and the video hadn’t even been up for a week.  It would ultimately become the first of countless videos uploaded to the site, and the first of the many great successes for Danika’s new empire.

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