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Author's Chapter Notes:
Please enjoy this new story as i try to change up my style of writing. Sorry it is a short first chapter
Hi my name is john. I am a kid who is 15 but has to act as a 3 year old due to my small size. Currently i am only three foot tall. So i can only play video games or look at porn when i am home alone, but i can't all the time. To keep up with the act my mom has little kids from my preschool class come over every once and a while. The only one who know the truth is my mother. Here are my stories.


Today i had a playdate with a kid named mike. My mom and his mom were talking to each other. I thought i would bug the parents instead of play with a toy truck with Mike. I went to go to them, but they went in the other room to talk. To keep the act going i decided to play on the couch. I picked up the cushion and placed my legs under to allow only my upper body to be exposed. Mike's mom then came back from talking to mom and she was texting while she walked. I sat there and waited for her to see me, but she didn't. She was so focused on her phone she ended up sitting right on my legs, and she leaned back on me as well. She was fat so her butt consumed me, and i saw her butt crack touching my chest as she crushed my body.

My mom then walked back into the room. She looked at mike and saw i wasn't there, thinking that i could've just snuck off to the bathroom. Mom sat down next to Mike's mom and continued their conversation.

I heard very little on the conversation as the fat of the lady blocked out most of my air. The mass of this lady had to be 8 to 10 times as heavy as me. She then even decided to shake her but in order to further crush my legs. The woman also leaned back farther which only allowed me to only gasp for air as my oxygen intake was low. The woman then felt flatulence grow inside her gut, and realized it as one big rumbling fart. My legs were shook causing me to focus on my pain, and all the air from the fart blasted through the opening in the back of her pants allowing it to come straight up at me, almost suffocating me.

Mom was starting to get worried. Her son hasn't shown himself in a while, and who knew where he was. Mike's mom also had to be an idiot if she hadn't noticed either, and i bet she wouldn't know if her own child disappeared. Then the woman had to get up the use the bathroom, making the crouch creak from the sudden removal of weight. Looking at the couch john's mom saw a fat indent in the couch, and a scarred boy. That fat ass had crushed the teenager. Here is where his story starts.
Chapter End Notes:
Please review this new story and give me plenty of ideas as i only have so many. Thx
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