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The seas were not as calm as they should have been but this was to be expected thanks to the weather conditions. The wind had picked up and rain was pelting down on the world below. There didn't seem to be anything in sight for miles and miles save for a small boat that was trying to stay afloat in the weather.

The boat had seen better days and wasn't too far from being sent to the scrapheap. It was staying afloat however which was a godsend for the only occupant on the boat. This was a young woman named Marie who was doing everything that she could to stay alive. She was an experienced sailor thanks to her late father who originally owned the boat. Many had told her that she should have replaced it long ago but she had stayed attached to it due to her memories of her father.

Marie was a Hispanic woman with long brown hair and tanned skin. She was around five foot eight with a normal build. One distinguishing feature that she had was a tattoo of a rose on her arm. She wore a tank-top with some black shorts and flat shoes but more importantly she wore a lifejacket as well as she knew that it was always safe to wear one while out at sea on such a small vessel.

The boat itself couldn't have been more than fifteen feet long and had a small cargo hold. There wasn't really a place for someone to take shelter or even sleep. It was definitely not the best boat to be using on such conditions but for Marie it was the only one that she would use no matter what others told her.

She had been out in this part of the Atlantic as she was delivering some supplies to one of the islands owned by a wealthy person. She had been able to take a fair amount of essentials as well as numerous luxury items. She knew that the man who owned the island was a very wealthy man who owned a billion-dollar corporation. He wasn't on the private island that often but there was always someone there either as a guest or merely minding the island. They would often give her a list of items that they needed which she would pick up and transport to their island. She would be compensated for her efforts and it was what was keeping her afloat.

Marie had been taking her normal route when the weather suddenly changed out of the blue. It had caught her completely by surprise and it was taking all of her skill in order to keep the boat from sinking. She had already dropped the delivery off to the island and was just making her way home when the weather suddenly turned. There had been no reports of such weather and she was sure that whoever distributed weather warnings was going to get an earful from her when she was done.

"Come on you old rust bucket," said Marie in Spanish. She was more than capable of speaking English fluently but when she was by herself or in a manner of panic she would speak in her native Spanish. "You never failed dad and you won't be failing me any time soon."

She was turning the boat so that it faced the waves that were coming towards her. She knew that if the boat was hit from the side it was likely to capsize. This was something that she couldn't allow to happen as she thought that she would drown before anyone could find her. She had lost her father at sea some years ago and she didn't want the same thing to happen to her either. She could steer a ship better than most men and she had proven that time and time again.

However this storm was probably more than Marie could handle. The winds were constantly changing direction which she didn't think was possible. This annoyed her as she when she thought that she was finally in control something else would happen which would throw a spanner into the works. She wanted to call for help but each time she tried another wave would rock the boat and she would have to take her time getting everything back to normal once again.

Her thoughts did turn to home as she thought about the person who was waiting for her. This was none other than her wife who she had only recently married. They had been dating for some time before Marie eventually proposed to her, the ceremony of their union had been a beautiful one to say the least.

Marie could only hope to see her beloved once again but with how this voyage was going she wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen. She just hoped that she had the skills to successfully navigate through the treacherous conditions. She was a talented sailor but sometimes Mother Nature could throw things at a sailor that no amount of talent could help them with.

Over the horizon Marie began to notice something that she hadn't expected. There were flashes of purple light that caught her by surprise, she looked up and could see that they were coming from directly in front of her. She could see what seemed to be some kind of orb of energy that was purple in colour with lightning bolts firing from its surface. She had no idea what it was but one thing that she knew for sure was that she didn't want to go anywhere near it.

Marie attempted to steer her boat away from the orb but the wind and the waves seemed to be pushing her closer and closer towards it. It was as if they were somehow being drawn towards it. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't steer her way from it and she found her boat being drawn closer and closer towards it.

Despite how doomed her efforts seemed to be Marie kept trying nonetheless in hopes of actually succeeding. This didn't go too well for her as the bow of her boat came into contact with the orb. She suddenly felt a surge of energy and pain shoot through her body, she screamed at the top of her lungs before she felt her body becoming heavier.

Before Marie truly knew what was happening she fell to the ground as she drifted into unconsciousness. Her situation seemed to be doomed as she couldn't protect herself from the elements around her. The boat seemed to be on the verge of sinking and she was going to go down to a watery grave.

After a short time Marie's eyes began to open again and she had a headache as if she had been struck in the head. For the first few seconds she was confused as she had problems remembering exactly what had happened. Slowly she rose up to her feet and found her balance to be off, she needed to put her hand on something solid in order to stabilise herself. This came in the form of the column that the boat's wheel.

As Marie's senses and especially her vision returned to her she realised that she was still on her boat which she felt was a miracle. She also noticed that it was very sunny and the sea around her had become very calm. There seemed to be no evidence of the storm that had just struck which she found to be odd. There wasn't even a cloud in the sky but there was still miles of open waters all around her.

Before Marie could decide what to do next she knew that it was important to find out where she was, the last thing she wanted was to start travelling in the wrong direction from her home port. In the past this would have been a problem but thanks to the wonders of modern day technology she was able to use a GPS device in the boat's hold in order to figure out where she was.

The boat was off course but not as much as she had expected, it would only take a small detour and she would be able to return to port. This was a relief but there was something else that was concerning her. She feared that the boat could have been damaged during the storm and she didn't have the money to repair it. Not at least for another few weeks and she couldn't be out of action.

One thing that Marie also tried to do was to contact the coastguard with her radio in order to inform them about the storm. However she discovered that her radio wasn't working which was annoying for her. She did have a friend who was good with electronics and she thought that he could likely fix it.

Slowly but surely Marie steered the boat back to port but she wasn't sure what she had experienced was real or if it had just been some kind of dream. She had been working a lot recently and hadn't had much time to sleep. She thought that she might have fallen asleep and the storm had merely been a dream. Out of the two scenarios she thought that this one was the most likely. She did feel a little weird but once again she put this down as fatigue and carried on regardless.

After around two hours of sailing Marie began to make out what seemed to be a very familiar landmass just ahead of her. She smiled as she saw her home island rapidly approaching, like most of the islands in the Caribbean it was a warm tropical place which seemed to be perfect. It was the sort of island to be featured in a postcard or someone's imagination of a tropical paradise.

The island also had a rich history thanks to the fact that it was frequented by pirates during the Golden Age Of Piracy which left a few landmarks which was popular with tourists. With a surge of popularity in pirates the island had seen a sharp rise in tourism within the last ten years or so. For Marie this didn't matter at all as all she wanted to do was make her way back to port and get some much needed rest. If she was falling asleep at the helm and experiencing such vivid dreams it meant that she was very tired.

Carefully Marie navigated the boat to the island's port which would often see cruise ships and ferries. There was a section that was purposely built for small ships and this was where Marie docked her boat. Hers was one of many that were already docked there, many of them were fishing boats while some did take tourists out to dive into the crystal waters surrounding the island.

She couldn't just park her boat and walk away, she had to go through the routine of finding the port master and signing her boat in. If she didn't do this she could face a fine and this was something that she couldn't afford at this moment of time. Even if she was fairly wealthy she didn't want to pay unnecessary fines.

When Marie was finally done she made the short walk from the port all the way to the small house that she shared with her wife. The walk did take her passed a few small stores and local homes. If she saw any of the locals she would wave and say hi to them and more often than not they would say hello back to her as well. It made the island feel like a tight-knit community where most people knew each other. It was just a little something that made her glad to be living there.

Marie used her key to open the door to her two storey home and when she walked inside she was instantly greeted by the squawks of her pet parrot Chappie. His feathers were bright red with white tips. He was flying around the house but if it ever flew out it would always fly back inside eventually. She said hello the Chappie which he said hello back. It was the only word that it could say and he had no idea what it meant. He merely repeated it whenever he felt like it.

"Are you home honey?" asked Marie as she slightly raised her voice so that she could be heard clearer. She had to wait for a few moments before she finally got the response that she was looking for.

"Just in the kitchen," replied a female voice. "I'll be with you in just a moment." There was the sound of something being put down before Marie turned to see her wife approaching her. Unlike Marie her wife was Caucasian and had blonde hair which was tied in a ponytail. What was most striking about her though was her height which was an inch shy of being six and a half feet. She wore a beautiful flora dress with flip flops and she bent down to give her wife a kiss. "How was the voyage then today? Was it as boring as the rest of them or did my brave sailor have to steer her way out of danger?"

"Something weird did happen but I don't know if it was just my imagination." She looked up and smiled at her tall wife. "You know when I work myself too hard I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere."

"That's why I married you." She bent down and gave Marie a kiss on the cheek. "Come into the kitchen so we can decide what to have for dinner."

Marie was more than happy to follow her wife into the kitchen and decide what they were going to eat for dinner. Her wife's name was Anna and they had met online through a dating website. On Anna's profile it had stated that she was six foot five but Marie had thought that it was a typo and merely five foot five. It wasn't until they met face to face that she realised just how tall Anna was.

At one point Anna had been working towards a professional volleyball career but those dreams had been shattered thanks to an ankle injury. It was while she was recovering that she met Marie and eventually married her. She was originally from the United States but she loved the beauty of Marie's island so much that she decided to move there, although she missed her family she didn't regret the move whatsoever.

After a short while the two women found themselves sitting down at the table and eating a fish dinner that Anna had been able to cook. She had bought the fish earlier at a market and had been able to cook it properly. They mainly ate in silence and Marie really appreciated the food. The table that they were eating at was old and they really needed to buy a new one. It was on their buy list but they thought that there were other things that they felt was more important to them.

"So you said that something weird happened when you were on your voyage," said Anna between her mouthfuls of food. "What happened exactly?"

"I don't know," replied Marie. "I found myself sailing in a storm that seemed to come out of nowhere, then I go through some sort of energy field that you'd see in a science fiction film and everything went black. When I woke up the waters were calm and there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. It was one of the oddest things I've ever seen but I think it was only a dream."

"Sounds like a dream, I don't know much about the sea but things like that don't really happen. Maybe you've worked yourself too hard again, you remember what Doctor Ring told you."

"I know but if I stop then we won't have a roof over our heads, the thought of being homeless scares me."

"Then don't think like that." She smiled at her for a moment. "You know I have an idea for something that'll take your mind off of it."

"What's that?" Marie was confused at first but when she saw Anna's grin she was more than capable of taking the hint.

After dinner was finished and everything had been cleared up the two women made their way to the bedroom to retire for the night. However they weren't planning on getting any sleep right away. Instead Marie found herself sitting on her bed as she watched her wife taking off of her dress. Underneath she was wearing some bras and panties but she seductively began to take them off. The bra was the first to go and Marie could see the breasts of Anna. They were not as small as one would think for a woman of Anna's stature and she was happy them. In her mind they weren't too small or too big. She had seen women with enormous breasts thanks to surgery and she just felt that it wasn't natural beauty.

Marie admired the tall frame of Anna, her legs seemed to be endless and she took good care of her body. She made sure to stay in shape and in Marie's mind she had the body of a Greek goddess. However her attention seemed to shift focus once Anna removed her panties revealing her vagina. She kept the pubic hair around it nice and trimmed just the way that her shorter wife liked it.

"So do you like what you see?" asked Anna as she took a couple of steps towards Marie who was sitting on the bed. She had a pleasant smile on her face and this made Marie smile in response.

"Of course," replied Marie. "If I didn't I wouldn't have married you." This made Anna chuckle as she sat down right next to her.

"You know we can't really get down to business while you're being restrained by those clothes." She effortlessly helped Marie take off her top revealing her bra underneath. She soon unhooked her bra to reveal her own breasts which Anna seemed to like. She placed her large hands onto them and she could feel that they were warm. "You've been looking forward to this, haven't you?"

"All day."

After Marie removed what remained of her clothes, she and Anna got down to business so to speak. The two women began to kiss passionately and it seemed that the world around them didn't matter as they just concentrated on what was going on between the two of them. Marie could feel Anna's long arms wrap around her and she couldn't help but feel like she was being protected. Never in her dreams did she think that she would be with a woman as tall as Anna but she was more than happy that she had.

Soon enough Marie felt something entering her vagina. It took her a moment or two to realise that it was two of Anna's fingers that had been able to penetrate it. The pleasure that she could feel was almost too much for her body to handle. She went to scream but she was able to keep this within. However when she could feel Anna moving her fingers she couldn't help but release a scream of joy.

This only seemed to make Anna more excited as she moved her fingers deeper into Marie's vagina. Anna could feel the warmth and moisture of Marie's vagina and she thought that it was a very pleasurable feeling. She couldn't wait for her wife to return the favour to her in a few minutes.

Marie found something to be odd though. She was feeling wave after wave of pleasure run though her body but slowly it was turning to pain. Her screams of joy began to turn into screams of pain. Anna at first didn't seem notice but when Marie's screams continued she began to realise that something was wrong. She quickly took her fingers out of Marie's vagina and she could see Marie was still in agony. Anna's face changed from joy to all out fear for her wife.

"Marie what's wrong?" asked Anna. She didn't get an answer from Marie who was still screaming out in pain. For a moment she feared that her wife was dying right in front of her eyes.

Just as Marie thought that the situation couldn't get any worse she felt her body beginning to change. She cried out in pain as she felt her body beginning to stretch. It seemed that every part of her body seemed be stretching but the process was slow at first. So slow that Anna didn't seem to notice. It was only when Anna held onto her wife's hand that she noticed. She could see that Marie's fingers were beginning to stretch. They were elongating before her very eyes and the palm of her hands were also stretching as well.

For a few moments Anna looked at Marie's hand but when she looked at the rest of her she could see that the entirely of Marie's body was also stretching. It almost seemed like she had been placed on a rack and that someone was stretching her. This wasn't the case however as there was no rack or anyone stretching her. Marie's body was doing this by itself and Anna didn't know what to do. All she could do was watch as Marie continued to stretch.

The only part of Marie's body that wasn't stretching was her head which remained the same but the rest of her body was a different story. Even her neck was elongating and she wished that it would stop. Her feet were close to the end of the bed which meant she was practically as tall as Anna at this moment in time and she was still growing.

Anna was more scared than Marie as she continued to watch her wife stretching and she could still hear her screaming in agony. She truly thought that she was going to die but she would have no idea exactly how or even what was happening. What she was seeing was something that she thought was impossible.

Marie's feet were now leaning over the edge of the bed and they were also growing much like the rest of her body. Before Marie had quite small feet for her height but now they were larger, larger than that of her very tall wife and they were still growing as her body continued to elongate. Her head hit the headboard of the bed as her neck had grown even longer. She could feel her heart beating at a very quick rate. She thought that her heart was going to give out at any moment.

Just as the pain had overcome her body it suddenly subsided. She took deep breaths and sweat was all over her body. Her body did still feel tingly all over but as the seconds ticked by this sensation also subsided. She looked over at Anna who was staring at her with some horror in her eyes.

The first thing that Marie did was look at her hands that now seemed to be alien to her. Before she had considered them to be average, not too big and not too small. Now they seemed to belong to someone else as she could see that her fingers and palms had been stretched to what she considered to be inhuman proportions. She looked at Anna who was still in shock.

"W-What's happened to me?" asked Marie with some distress in her voice. Despite her growth spurt her voice hadn't changed. She still sounded like she had before and her voice hadn't gotten any deeper.

"I-I don't know," replied Anna. She did take a couple of steps towards Marie and thought of comforting her as best as she could. "Let me help you up."

With that Anna did the best that she could to try and help her wife back up to her feet. With some effort she was able to turn her so that her feet touched the ground. She was also able to sit her up and Anna could tell that her wife was much, much taller than she was before. She couldn't tell how tall for the moment.

With her feet on the ground and with some help from Anna, Marie began to stand up to her full height. It was then that Anna could see just how tall Marie truly was. Before she had even really stood up she was already as tall as the six foot five Anna and she continued to stretch up as she stood up.

It wasn't long until Marie's head hit the ceiling of the room. They knew that the ceiling was around eight feet high but Marie hadn't even reached her full height yet, she looked down at Anna who now seemed to be very short in comparison to her. They looked at each other in both shock and silence. Neither of them knew what to say to the other as Marie stood there, her body was much longer than it had been before. It hadn't gotten any wider though which meant that she was tall and not bigger. She had no idea what exactly had happened or even if there was any way that she could return to normal.

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