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Author's Chapter Notes:
Enjoy this story.
Today a normal day. A Monday in the middle of 10th grade. Today was boring but that was all that was to it, and i am just a normal student. Im 16 now at average height, and average life. Things changed though on this day that I'll never forget.

Last period-

I just sat at my desk watching the clock as the day came to a close. I counted down by the minute, and currently it was 28. Just 28 minutes till i can go home to relax. I tried to focus on the lesson, but all i could think about was going home.27. My head was hurting from the long day, and my vision was blurry but i knew i could make it.25.

24 minutes. Now just 24 minutes. Then it started to happen, almost all at once. My body started to feel rubbery. My legs and arms became stuck together along with my mouth. All the other students were working quietly not noticing a thing as my body became smaller as well. 23. Then it happened all at once. My body made the final shift from human to object. My new body appeared to be a .... an eraser.

A girl knocked on the classroom door. She had gone to the bathroom(probably just to text her friend), and when she came back she sat done. But she didn't sit in her seat. There was a seat now open for where she can talk to her friends during class. The girl just assumed i had gone home early or went to the bathroom myself. Not questioning it further she sat down and got to work wiggling her butt a bit to get comfortable. 22.

A girl had come back into the room. I just figured she would just pass by my seat, and sit in hers but i was wrong. She came to a stop at my seat and proceeded to seat. I tried to scream in fear, but not even a squeal came out. Then the butt had landed right on top of me. She must had decided to sit here in order to talk to her friends. She then wiggled her butt in order to get comfortable and got to work. I felt the weight of her butt, and the move of her wiggle. They didn't hurt, but much rather bothered me that this could happen. 21.

She then felt an urge. The girl had to fart. She lifted her cheek a bit, and let it out long and slow to ensure the fart could not be heard. She blushed a little as the last of it came out. She then got back to work. After a while though she felt something. The girl could feel something under her butt, but because she was to lazy to grab it she just wiggled her butt a little more returning to work.

A grumbling sound was heard from above. I knew that sound couldn't mean any good. Lifting up one cheek she allowed some light to peer in under her ass. Then a loud explosion of gas came bursting out. Surprising though the fart didn't smell so bad, until she lowered her butt back down. Her fat ass closing in the space trapping the gas inside making me smell every last bit of it. After a while the smell went away and temporary relief came over me. Then the girl wiggled her butt again. This time with the attention of making my life miserable. 16.

The girl couldn't take it any more. The object was irritating her. She then picked it up and examined it. The object was a little eraser for the end of a pencil. She thought she might need it later so she went to go put it in her pocket. Then she realized that she had none. The girl then made sure no one was looking, and placed the eraser in her bra. The girl then smirked about what she just did, and whispered to her friend in front of her.

I then got a bad feeling as she lifted her left cheek. She placed her hand under, and grabbed around my whole body. I felt weightlessness as my body was lifelessly dragged up into the air and placed in front of her face. I was then dropped down next to her pants, and she attempted to put me in the pocket she didn't have. I then got lifted back up close to her bust. The girl seemed to glance around a bit and i only wondered why. She then pulled out her t-shirt, and dropped me in her bra without even second thoughts and returned to work. The space was small, and her huge bust was crushing me against her bra. 14 minutes.

The girl then continuing to work without even putting much effort to it. She decided to just guess the rest and turn her paper in. She got up, placed down her worksheet on the teachers desk, and sat back down. The girl then went back to whispering to her friends every now and then.

All there had been was silence. Dead silence. All of a sudden the girl got up. As she walked her huge boobs jiggled causing constant motion going on for me within the bra. The motion after a while died down till it was all still again. 30 seconds.

Shewas glaring at the clock. She was just waiting for class to end and thats what she did till the class ended. 10 seconds.

0 seconds. The bell had rung. The girl then ran out the door not even bothering to talking to her friends, she just wanted to go home. She hopped in her moms car and went home. Once at home the girl went straight to her room to do homework. She didn't enjoy it, but it had to be done. She grabbed her pencil, and the eraser that was in her bra and got to work.

After the bell rang it was all just constant motion. It then stopped all at once without warning, and inertia took effect hitting me hard. I then was pulled out in one swift motion. She took my eraser body and placed me at the end of her pencil. The feeling was like having a dick three times her size shoved forcefully into your mouth, and that feeling wasn't pleasant. After that, it was erase after erase. My body slowly diminished, and broke apart as i was continuously used. The pain i felt was numbed by the thought that i was never being human again.


The next few weeks happened. I was used and borrowed by many girls on many papers for many reasons. Soon i was left with pretty much nothing. The girl was about to use me till she realized how small i was. Instead of finished me she threw me out. I then was thrown in a garbage truck to be taken to a junkyard, but i wasn't. Instead i came to a recycling center. I went through a machine. The machine had changed me. Now i was a new eraser, and i still lived on in order to live my life again as a new eraser.
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry if it isn't exciting like my other stories. Still hope you can enjoy it
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