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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you all enjoy.
The day had started. The clock said 6:30. School. started at 7:00. When i sat up I had a headache almost bursting out my head. My vision blurred. All i knew is that bad was becoming worse, and i passed out right then and there on my bed.


My sister had finally woke up, and so had I. My head still hurt a bit, but it almost felt like nothing happened. There was a knock on the door and i responded. The knock came back this time i shouted go away. Then she a third knock was heard, but this time she just barged in. She came in and looked around looking for something, but i knew before she even entered what had happened. I... had... shrunk. My sister just shrugged her shoulders, and went to sit down, right on me! I tried to run but nothing happened. Her action was complete.

Let me fill you in. My sisters name is Stacy. She's 16 and sense we are teens we are the same age( im 2 minutes older). She's a normal girl for the most part. Black hair, blue eyes, cute.. I guess. She is skinny, athletic, small but nice ass, and a flat chest so nothing special. But at her current height even her skinny body hurt a fucking lot.

Her full weight was put onto me, and it hurt. A lot. My body ached but for some reason didn't break. I also realized i wasn't breathing, and i wasn't suffocating. At first i felt great joy till i realized where i was. I was under my sisters huge ass being crushed feeling all of the weight that she can put on me.

Then Stacy started to stand. Her body's weight lifted off of me. The only problem though is i went with it. She stood to her full height, and walked down the hall. Unfortunately for me she was already dressed so i wasn't getting off soon. My face was pressed hard against the material of her yoga pants on her left cheek. She then proceeded to walk to school, with me as a passenger.


My sister had entered her class. After her long walk in all that heat i felt exhausted. My body was already going to give out. The sad thing is i knew what all her classes are, and lucky for me gym is first. Now i had another problem on my hand.

My sisters teacher let her into the locker room. Stacy went right to her locker. She bent down to her locker which was below her and grabbed her uniform. When she stood up she felt an object fall off her butt(me). She picked it up off the ground and examined it. She figured it was probably at toy, but she couldn't tell it was me or even see me move due to my small size. She got a devilish smile on her face, and made her move. She pulled out the waist band of a girls underwear, and geranamo.

Hello everyone. Here is the catch. You choice how the story will go at the end of each chapter. If no one responds the story ends there. So please choice a character for me to be dropped into.

Silvia- a overall fat girl. She is somewhat attractive but would probably look better skinny. She isn't a very nice girl, but by no means mean.

Lisa- a muscular girl. She does track and basketball, and is always participating in gym. She also is sweaty all the time cause she can't be bothered with showering daily. Her muscles are toned, and she has a pretty big ass.

Lucy- a character in one of my challenges. She is a shy girl with black hair, green/blue eyes, and really pretty. She always wears a purple sweatshirt, and maybe may only wear a bra under it. She also has abnormally huge boobs and butt. If picked will follow the story line of my Lucy challenge

Please choose carefully
Chapter End Notes:
Hope everyone places a comment to keep this story going. I am pumped
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